Customer Reviews: Maytag MVWX700XL Bravos X 3.6 Cu Ft. Silver Top Load Washer - Energy Star
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on January 13, 2013
Just bought this Maytag to replace an aging old style top loader. Our first few loads have been interesting as we learn the in and outs of using an HE top-loader. After reading many reviews (on numerous models) you'd expect your clothes to be destroyed in these things. Let me just confirm that that is not the case in any way. This model is a bit loud as it performs it's numerous clicks and spins but that's normal. Sans extreme soundproofing to the internals I (an engineer) can not think of how you can make something like this quiet. I will say we spent longer leveling the washer than setting up any other appliance in our house. It pays to do this since it spins so %*#@ fast! In fact it reminds me of the movie Thor when he spins his hammer... we halfway expect lighting to shoot out of it at any moment.

Now for the newbies that aren't sure how these HE units are "supposed" to work. On normal cycles they add just enough water as to not detect further water in the drum/tub e.g. all water should saturate the clothing. The washer will spin on occasion as it adds water because the nerds that design these things know that you need to run the dryer portions of the pile under the running water to saturate it. So, accept that your clothing will look almost dry when it's washing on normal. Now, on bulk setting it'll pretty much submerge your pile. All while wasting water that to me at-least is expensive to waste. If your on a well and just like to see water, then leave it on bulk I guess. But the clothes are just as clean as if I had used my old power hungry commercial rated top loader with the agitator clothing torture device.

You really need to define what clean means to you anyway. If you have filthy kids and don't pre-treat your stains then I dunno if this will get them out. But for normal people/families with normal levels of dirt/soil then this is a great money saver! I got my set at Lowes for about $1200. If you pay $2000 and up on a set, you know the ones with TV screens on em, your probably going to expect too much to say the least.

The only complaint so far is that the soap dispenser tray doesn't seem to drain the added water completely (though all the soap is dispensed properly) so I don't know if this will be a mold/mildew issue. Probably not if you use it as often as we do.

Please spread the word if you've learned anything about HE washers from this. Some of the reviews I read when researching makes me think there is a real lack of understanding (uncommon sense) about these units. And those reviews should be removed.

Update: as of 4/02/2015 this set is still kicking butt! I really can't complain. The soap dispenser does collect mold/mildew but it looks like they all do. We leave ours open after a load is pushed through and keep the top up so it all dries out. Otherwise no issues after 2 years. We run the Afresh things once in awhile. Seems to help the washer smell good but otherwise not sure it does much.

Not sure if we just got a great set or the other reviews are just that skewed. You really never know what to trust these days.

God Bless!
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on April 24, 2013
This washer machine is pretty nice, but there are some things I don't really care for. I may repeat myself a little bit because I want to make sure I get some points across. First off, The Eco part of this washer really really sucks. I was excited to conserve water because my community experiences a lot of droughts, and I would like to save some money on my utilities. But I didn't get what I was expecting. So the machine "Senses" how many clothes there are, and how much they weigh, and then it decides how much water to put into that specific load. And every time it is NOT enough water to wash all the clothes I have in the washer. I spent 4 hours watching 4 different washer cycles very closely, to see if the top clothes ever moved to the bottom of the wash where all the water was. They DIDN"T. I hate that. The clothes on the top, pretty much never moved. The clothes got wet, but I feel like they did not get as clean as they could have, by getting completely immersed in the water. Every cycle I chose did not get all my clothes immersed in the water. Which really annoyed me. I feel that if my clothes at least get completely wet, they have a much better chance of getting completely clean. Some people may not care if the clothes get completely wet, but I do!......... I even read the instructions to see if I was doing something wrong; If I was selecting something that prevented the clothes from getting completely wet. But the FAQ in the manuel said the clothes may be dry on top because of the high spin speeds of the washer.. This was not true in my case. They were dry because they missed some of the water poring in, and did not get completely wet to start with. The manuel also says the water amount selected is correct and I should not pore more water into the machine. This is also not true (to me) because there wasn't enough water.

Rest assured, I did find a way to get around the dry clothes conundrum! Only one cycle I have found so far, completely covers all my clothes with water. It is the Bulky Cycle. which works just fine for me. I don't need 11-15 cycle options for my clothes, although it would have been nice if maybe I needed an Express Wash or a wrinkle guard, but whatever. I'll manage. The Bulky cycle is meant for blankets, comforters, or other large items. So the Washing machine makes sure that there is plenty of water to cover the "bulky" items. This is how I get all my clothes to be washed to my satisfaction.

All in all, this could have been an excellent machine. I found a way to make it work for me, but I would rather have a machine I could really utilize. It just wasn't worth moving it back upstairs, putting it back in the box, returning it, and waiting another 2 weeks for a new washer to be ordered for me. I have made my peace with this machine Hahaha.
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on August 22, 2013
To be completely honest... I hate our washer. Yes, it is pretty to look at, but it does a terrible job washing clothes and sheets. First, I have to wash ALL my clothes on the bulky cycle just to actually get them wet... and trust me, I do not over fill my washer. I have washed every different size load possible; large, medium and small, and they still would come out with PHYSICAL dirt on them. Using the bulky cycle for everything is the only way I can get everything clean, and I hate it because that cycle is harder on your clothes. On top of the clothes, washing sheets in this thing is absolutely horrible. One sheet always gets caught and gets stretched across the entire top of the load, so it looks like the top of a drum when you look down on it. The same thing happens when I wash rugs or anything, and it makes me wonder how clean things actually get when it is just floating on top of the load...

I am usually not one to complain, because I take responsibility for my purchases, it was my choice, but I just wanted to cry when I noticed what a bad job the washer does. It was the first washer and dryer set I have ever purchased for our first home, and it sucks, and now I am stuck with it - wasting water and energy with every load.

I should have stuck with the a front load washer. They are way more gentle on your clothes, and you have so much more room than you do with a top load washer.

I hate to say it, but I will not be buying another Maytag product in my life. I was completely disappointed and upset that I let someone at the store talk me into this washer. I have tried every different water, cycle, and speed combination and I just can't get this thing to get my clothes really clean.
I am replacing my washer as soon as I have money to do so, and it will not be with another Maytag product.

-- Love, Very Sad Consumer with Dirty Clothes
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on September 13, 2012
It is better than the Samsungs, LGs, Whirlpools. Why? It has select cycles that use more water, unlike any other washer out there. It gives you a way out if you feel like you could do with more water. All others try to be smart. They know consumers want more water but prefer to give that option in 4.7 cu ft models that cost way more, over $1100/-. For 3.6 cu ft machines, they use so less water that it seems they want to frustrate their customers. This is a belt system but then so are traditional top washers with agitators. The good thing is this uses a smaller belt. What's more the price difference between the best agitator (GE) and this is not more than $65/- So it was clear that Maytag 700XL was a rare bonanza.
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on June 25, 2014
I don't even own this machine (it is in the house I rent) and i felt compelled to leave a review. The only way to get the clothes wet is to run it on the bulky cycle. Any other cycle doesn't wet the clothes - I know I know - it's not supposed to right? I have two toddlers and their clothes always come out extremely knotted and twisted (to the point of destruction) oh and did I mention none of their simple stains come out?? My old washer would easily remove watermelon, carrots, chocolate, dirt, and the occasional poop stain on my kids clothes. This machine doesn't touch stains - even ones I've pre treated and scrubbed by hand before the wash. And if you use powder soap like I do, be forewarned that you will have residual soap stains on all dark or bulky loads. Only way to fix is to pre dissolve the soap another major annoyance. I get it- economic friendly, uses less water, less energy blah blah. I understand how it is supposed to work. But it doesn't clean clothes. I would equate it to filling a bucket full of clothes, filling it halfway with water and soap and gently moving it side to side for awhile and rinsing. If you are a person with few stains and don't mind getting those out by hand before washing then I guess it would be ok. Certainly not practical for a family with kids. So glad I didn't pay money for this machine!
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on April 29, 2016
Maytag Bravos XL Washer Review

I am an actual owner of the Maytag Bravos XL washer (Model MVWB725BWO). I bought this washer a little over one year ago based on online reviews and have been very unhappy with the performance of this washer. After chatting with someone in customer service and a follow-up with a technician, it was determined that this washer worked perfectly normal. I can only surmise that it has major design problems. I have previously owned two sets of Maytag washers and dryers and was completely satisfied with their performance but this Bravos XL washer is a LEMON. Reasons for bad review:
1) Insufficient water to wash clothes
2) Insufficient water to rinse soap out of clothes
3) Clothing tangles causing unbalanced load shutdown
4) Cannot handle medium or larger loads
5) This particular model evidently has serious design problems
6) Maytag does not stand behind their products

Frustrated Consumer
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on April 29, 2016
I wouldn't give this machine away to a poor family, that's how bad it is. Like the others, only the bulky setting put anywhere near the water needed to barely cover the laundry inside. What good is this big size if you can't wash more than a few items at a time? I went to the hardware store and bought a hose splitter, put it on the cold water hookup and ran a hose to the washer. While the washer is off I wet down the clothes so they weigh more. That helps some. I've also had times when I started the washer, let it "fill" stopped it and added a bunch more water, then swished everything with a wood mop handle. I kid you not, I feel like my mother doing wash in the wringer from 50 years ago.

Pants legs tie into knots, especially my husband's work jeans. I can't lift the wet pile out of the washer. It gets off balance all the time with anything heavy, like winter work clothing. So it adds more water and tries to balance the load, drains and spins again, over and over until it gives up or I open the lid and move everything around. There is NO turn on a load before bed or work, I would never run this thing without being home.

My blouses and knit shirts do not get clean. I put a dark sock on top with my whites to see if it ever went under. No it didn't. just sat on top and on the edge after spinning. My gardening pants that have dirt on the knees actually look worse coming out.
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on February 14, 2015
Thank you, Lowe's, for replacing my stinky Maytag washer! Maytag wouldn't stand behind it. They just sent me some Afresh and told me I wasn't maintaining it properly. My clothes smelled awful and I had to wash them over and over again and spray them with Febreeze. I left the washer open after use, including the detergent tray, ran Afresh once a week (once a month is recommended) used very little HE detergent, and took the clothes out as soon as they were done washing. I followed the maintenance direction to a "T". I had service out and he told me I wasn't using enough detergent. I think a piece of my comforter (which Maytag claims can be washed in the machine) was stuck inside after it was shredded. Shame on you Maytag! I won't be buying any other products from you. You could learn some customer service skills from Lowe's.
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on March 7, 2014
I loved this machine the first year I owned it. But over time, I realized it was NOT REALLY CLEANING my clothes. After 2 years, my towels and sheets began to have a sticky residue on them. I'm getting a new machine. One that actually soaks the clothes instead of just spraying them with water.
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on July 3, 2015
Long story short: after my first Magtag lasted 25+ yrs., we bought a Magtag MVWX500XWI 3 yrs. ago from Home Depot. Good thing my hubby bought the 4 yr. ext. warranty. First, the capacitor caught fire. Now, after 2 wks. without a washer, the serviceman said it's not repairable. After numerous extremely frustrating phone calls with HD, they will reimburse me the cost of the washer. Maytag lost a very loyal, vocal customer. :(
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