Customer Reviews: ASUS MeMOPad HD 7-Inch 16 GB Tablet, Blue (ME173X-A1-BL) 2013 Model
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on August 13, 2013
So, I've been putting off a new tablet purchase for quite awhile. I've been suffering with an Acer Iconia Tab A100 for awhile now, and while it was nice when it came out it simply doesn't cut it anymore. But I am cheap. A year ago, had someone said that I would be able to get a tablet with a quad core 1.2 GHz processor, 16GB internal storage, Cameras, GPS, and micro SD slot with a gorgeous 1280x800 IPS screen, and that it would be running Android 4.2.1 Jellybean - all for $150 - I wouldn't have believed them. I had known for awhile that at some point prices would come down enough and hardware and software would catch up, and was waiting for the right moment. It came today.

Most of the reviews I've read on this tablet have essentially said that it's a solid tablet functionally, but that its construction is weak and it feels cheap. Honestly, I don't see it. While it doesn't have the same ultra-solid feel that the high-end (expensive) tablets have, it doesn't in the least feel cheap to me at all. The back panel, while plastic, doesn't feel flimsy to me. The screen looks and feels high end to me. There's alot made about the newer resolutions like the new Nexus 7's 1920x1200 display, but my eyes can't really tell the difference in most situations. I will say that if you are planning on using this outside on a sunny day, forget about it - it's almost impossible to see the screen under direct sunlight. But indoors it is great, and it has great viewing angles as well. Some reviews complained about the button placement but it doesn't seem like a big deal to me. Some reviews also made a big deal about the back panel extruding slightly past the top screen panel, but I don't feel it's uncomfortable or in the least bit bad looking. The tablet is fairly light and thin, certainly not a burden to hold in one hand for extended periods.

The tab comes with Jellybean 4.2.1 and has a build update that will likely launch as soon as you power on and sign in. Engadget reports that it will get a 4.3 upgrade in the "near future". The OS is thankfully pretty vanilla, with only a few unobtrusive bloatware apps thrown in. Asus has a skin that IMHO is barely detectable; it's there if you want to use it but you can pretty much ignore it if you want to. This is a fairly lean implementation of Android and I for one appreciate that.

Performance seems to be very good so far in my limited testing. I've seen very little lag or stutter, definitely nothing that I find annoying. The screen is very responsive and looks great. The browser (Chrome, I am a Chrome user, and it pays off to be able to sync across devices) seems to run surprisingly fast. I did try a few games on it including Order and Chaos, Shadowgun, Dungeon Hunter 4, Anomaly HD, and Modern Combat 3; all played nearly flawlessly with only the occasional slight stutter, barely noticeable. I'd say this is a perfectly capable gaming tablet, even if not the highest-end, it plays everything I've thrown at it so far. I did experience some slightly long loading times with the games but that doesn't really bother me; waiting an extra 5 seconds to play a level is not a big deal to me. ETA: I just downloaded and played N.O.V.A. 3 on the tab and was surprised at how well it did. I had read that it was nearly unplayable on the MeMo, that is not true. It DID take a very long time to load the first level (a little over 2 minutes), but once loaded it played pretty well. I could notice a little stutter here and there but it's definitely playable. If it'll play that then it'll play anything I am likely to throw at it.

Battery life is quite good. With normal usage I can easily go all day long without having to plug it in, and still have some juice left over at the end of the day. I just got done playing Dungeon Hunter 4 for about 4.5 hours and saw battery life was still at 47%. That is pretty amazing. The battery also recharges very quickly, in my experience about 4-5 hours from a dead battery.

The camera is adequate. It's not bad, just nothing to write home about. It works, but it's not a reason to buy this tablet. Same goes with the forward facing camera - it works, but it's nothing special. If you want a great camera you should probably be looking at camera reviews, not tablet reviews.

I can confirm that the tablet does have its own standalone GPS and does not require a wireless connection to function (although Google Maps and Earth do). Turning off wifi and turning on GPS, I was unable to get a lock indoors, but at my house that has always been a problem (something in the walls or roof); as soon as I walk outside on the balcony GPS Status app tells me I've locked to 7 satellites, not bad. With an offline mapping app like Mapdroyd this will work great as a GPS unit in your vehicle.

The wifi seems to run very fast. I ran a couple of Speedtest trials on it and consistently got over 22-24 mbps speeds, which for my network is very fast, far better than my other devices.

I am finding the floating apps feature to be pretty useful. I can open up a calendar, calculator, video player, internet browser, and a few other "mini-apps" in a window with the touch of a button without exiting what I am doing. Very convenient for a quick check on something, great for multitasking.

I recently bought the Hisense Sero 7 Pro for my son for gaming, and while that is a great device for the money this one feels more solid, and more smooth in operation. Also, the extra internal storage is going to be tremendously important. I trust Asus to have better support for the MeMo Pad HD 7 than Hisense, as well. I would say that if you are really into gaming but don't need a bunch of games on your tablet at once then go with the Hisense, but for everyone else the MeMo is superior. The 8GB internal storage on the Hisense really is limiting.

I thought about going with the new Nexus 7, but two things broke it for me: 1) cost (obviously, paying less is better), and 2) the new Nexus 7 STILL doesn't have a microSD card slot. I have a large collection of music and offline movie files and don't like having to constantly load and unload stuff, so a microSD card slot is a requirement for me. I need that internal storage for apps, and I want an external card for everything else. Maybe the next Nexus 7...

I had wanted a black tablet, but the closest they have is blue. It's a very dark blue and in most light appears black. I got a black TransCover (very nice cover, BTW - makes it look and feel like a premium tablet, worth the money IMHO) for it and it looks for all intents and purposes like a black tablet now, which makes me happy.

My initial impressions are overwhelmingly positive. The more I use the tablet the more amazed I am that something at this price point can be so capable. Generally the old axiom that you get what you pay for is true, but in this case you're getting nearly everything you are going to get with a premium high-end tablet in a slightly downgraded package for ALOT less money. This one gets 5 stars from me not because it is the best tablet out there but because it is a solid tablet AND it's the best value out there in terms of capabilities versus price that you are likely to find. For the price I don't think it has any real competition.

ETA: 09/04/13 - today I tried to play NOVA 3 multiplayer over Wifi. It didn't work. I think I've found the tab's limit. My son's Hisense would load fine, but my MeMo was unable to join without losing the connection... It'll play solo - though it takes a long time to load - but it won't do multiplayer. I am, of course, trying to push it to the extreme; NOVA 3 is currently a benchmark game for Android. The Hisense is definitely a better gaming tablet. But it still suffers from small storage and lack of support. It took an hour to load NOVA 3 on the Hisense and I had to remove half of my son's games just to get it on there. Again, the 8GB storage on the Hisense really is limiting.

So, if you are looking for a powerful gaming tablet, this is not it. It will do everything short of powerful gaming very well, though. I have absolutely no complaints beyond the fact that it won't do networked play for the most graphically intensive Android game out right now... :)

ETA: 10/03/13 - Today a firmware update was pushed out by Asus which fixes issues people were having with Netflix among other things. It always ran fine on mine but apparently some people were having problems with it. But this is one of the reasons I went with this over the Hisense or other tablets; I trust Asus to support the device. It has apparently been listening to users' issues and is responding. The fact that the tab already got a firmware update so soon after launch to address issues is a very good sign for support in the future.

I am still very happy with mine.
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Color: Blue|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
UPDATE: 23 Mar, 2014: Well I sent the 2nd MemoPad refurb replacement back to Asus in February. Weeks went by and I heard nothing. When I called Asus they told me that had not received the tablet... even though they had provided a trackable FedEx return shipping label. So I went to the shipping dropoff point and got the confirmed delivery information and sent it back to Asus. A few days later the 3rd refurb replacement showed up. Finally they shipped one that did not have the NVRAM Warning error. The tablet still has the poor touch sensitivity that I mention in my review. My advice? Get a Nexus 7 if you want an Android Tablet or get an iPad.

UPDATE: 06 Feb, 2014: I've received the second replacement under warranty. Once again when I started up the tablet for the first time, it did not go through the typical first time startup walkthrough. This means that it was a refurb and had not had a factory reset. And again as soon as I went to the Wi-Fi menu, there was a "NVRAM Warning: Err=0x10" in the list and this could not be deleted. Every time I try to "forget" the network the error immediately reappears. Once again I'll be contacting Asus for another return. I will also mention that the Asus website is terrible to navigate for support and unless you are using Windows Internet Explorer, it is basically an unworkable website. I have reduced my rating further. Asus has completely dropped the ball on this. Quality Control is poor. Communication is poor. The website is poor. 3 strikes and you're out Asus. It's sad because the MemoPad HD 7 has a lot going for it but it's like throwing dice... you might get one that works, maybe not.

UPDATE: 22 JAN, 2014: A couple of weeks ago, I went to use my MemoPad and the battery was dead. I attempted to charge it as usual but this time it would not charge. I tired different cables, different charges and nothing worked. It simply would not accept a charge. I returned it to Asus under warranty. It took 3 weeks to receive the replacement (a refurb I assume) and it immediately had a problem. The problem was that when I turned it on, it had already been set up. In other words, a factory reset had not been done because I was not walked through the normal setup procedure. But more troubling was that when I went to Settings>WiFi to connect to my network, I saw an available network in the list called "NVRAM Warning: Err=0x10". It appeared as an available network but could not be deleted. When I tried to "forget" the network, it would immediately reappear. So I did a factory reset myself in the hopes that the warning would go away, It did not.

I'll be having to return this again to Asus and obviously my opinion of Asus has suffered as a result of this.

I have reduced my rating to 3 stars/

Your mileage may vary

UPDATE: 1/2/2014 - Some bad news. My MemoPad refuses to charge now. Suddenly, I plugged the MicroUSB cable to the MemoPad for charging yesterday and nothing happened. I checked the plug and it was fine but I tried two other cables just to ensure it wasn't a flaky cable. It wasn't. Also checked it with several different AC chargers and on my laptop. NO dice. It won't charge. I then tried a hard reset by holding the power button for 1 minute, connecting USB to power and repeating the procedure. Nothing. My MemoPad is on it's way back to ASUS for warranty repair. I'll leave my rating intact for the time being. I may have to lower it depending on the outcome. I realize that some defects occur so I will give the benefit of the doubt for now.


UPDATE: 10/19/2013 - It is possible to install Flash on this. But you must use Firefox beta browser or the Boat browser. After you install either or both browsers, go to Android settings and set security to allow downloads from unknown sources. Then Google "Adobe Flash Archives Android" and choose the Adobe site result which should be the top result. Go to that site and scroll down the page to Android 4 versions and download the latest version. Once it downloads, install it. if you have Boat installed change browser settings to check that flash is enabled. You should now be good to go.. Change security settings back to the way they were if you want to to continue protecting yourself from downloading from unknown sources.

I've been very happy with my Nexus 7. However the Nexus 7 lacked a few important features that the Asus MemoPad HD7 has, such as a MicroSD slot for additional storage and a 5MP rear-facing camera. Asus managed to add those important features, and increase the resolution of the screen while pricing this quite a bit below the cost of the Nexus 7. Of course the newer Nexus 7 now has a rear-facing camera but still no MicroSD slot for easily adding storage.

Asus did have to cut some corners but the corners that were cut may not mean much to most people. Perhaps the most significant missing feature is NFC. The case material is not quite as substantial as the Nexus 7 case. It's a bit more slippery and somewhat more plasticy feeling. Also there is definitely something different about the display surface itself... it feels more like plastic than glass. I don't know what it is, but it's not as easy to slide your finger over the Asus MemoPad display as it is on the Nexus 7. Using a stylus largely eliminates that issue and also eliminates fingerprints on the screen.

Setup of the MemoPad was easy. I fully charged mine overnight before even turning it on. When I did turn it on, it walked me through the setup process. Only took a couple minutes if that. I added my email accounts, and Google account information and I was up and running in no time.

The Asus table includes what some would consider bloatware. It's not pure Android like the Nexus 7. Asus has created a skin over Android that makes certain things a look and operate a little differently, though not necessarily bad, when compared to pure Android. Play Store is installed so it's easy to install new apps.

I have noticed that the screen does not seem to be quite as responsive to taps as the Nexus 7. I am frequently having to tap a button a second time to get the desired action to happen. Maybe it has more to do with the material that the top of the display is made from (plastic or glass?) but I'm not sure. I also will comment on the case a bit more and mention that the bottom half of the case is not completely flush with the top half of the case. It actually has a lip around the edges that just feels a little unnecessary to me. It's a little uncomfortable to hold and if you never held a Nexus 7, maybe you wouldn't even notice.

Battery life is great... up to 10 hours. The rear-facing 5MP camera is very nice and I think it takes great pictures. The included camera app gives you some great control over brightness, camera resolution and camera effects and filters that we've all become familiar with due to the proliferation of smartphone camera apps (fill light, highlights, saturation, shadows, tint, warmth, vintage, nostalgia, LOMO, grayscale, negative, sepia, vampire, under the sea, night vision goggles). You also can easily change video resolution (1080p, 720p, 480p, CIF and QCIF) and use video effects (like vintage, nostalgia, LOMO, grayscale, negative). I really like the camera app and the control it lets you have.

The quality of the built-in speakers may surprise you. It was much better than I was expecting. I have installed iHeartRadio, Pandora and listening to streaming radio/music is fantastic. I have not run into any apps yet that will not run well on the Asus MEMOpad HD. I have not played many games but those that I have played, such as World of Goo, have worked perfectly.

This is a great value in a 7" tablet with a beautiful display, expandable memory, nice sound and decent performance.
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on August 22, 2013
The only users who may truly complain about the device are gamers, those who need massive computing power (power users), or those who are more concerned about impressing others with their cliquish device (Apple buyers?) instead of the utility of the device.

For the rest of us, the 80%, it is what we need. I own an Asus TF700T 10.1 tablet, so I reviewed the 7" tablet knowing what my larger, performance oriented tablet can do.

The screen resolution is very good. Other devices around the same price have lower resolution screens. I had been looking for a 7" tablet for around $150.00, or less, but none had a decent screen. The screen on this tablet is clear, the pixels are small enough that letters do not look "blocky", and images are smooth. The movies I streamed from my Flixster App looked good. One negative: the screen does not have automatic brightness.

It is powerful enough for everyday use and I rarely noticed a "power" lag; however, I am not a gamer. The only "lag" occurred when rotating the device. The screen sometimes lags when changing from landscape to portrait, but even then, it wasn't consistent and jarring. The apps all run well, including photo editing apps such as Paper Camera and Pixlr-o-Matic.

Battery life seems great so far. The processer and screen probably help extend the battery life. Generally, as the power of the processor increases, so does the amount of power it consumes. The processor in this device may not be the most powerful, but it is energy efficient with minimal loss of use for most users. Screens really suck power. As screen resolution and pixel density increases, power usage increases. The screen is good and could be a bit better, but the tradeoff would be shorter battery life.

The most noticeable difference is build materials. The tablet is entirely plastic, which is not a bad thing per se. Plastic is less expensive and usually lighter. Since I keep the device in a tablet cover, whether the material is metal or plastic is irrelevant. (Table Cover: IVSO® ASUS MeMO Pad HD 7 7-Inch Slim-BOOK PU Leather Stand Cover)

One nice surprise: when I close my tablet cover, the screen automatically sleeps and it automatically awakens when I open the cover. One unfortunate surprise: due to the placement of the power button and sound rocker button (on the top right side, slightly under the device), they are somewhat difficult to use when in the tablet cover.

The cameras/video are OK, not great, and will do in a pinch. There is no flash. There is a front and back facing camera. I enjoy photography, so I never really understood the need for a good camera on these devices. Wi-Fi only - no 3g/4g.

What really drove my decision to purchase this Asus over similar devices was the MicroSD slot. I like the idea of swapping MicroSD cards. I can keep movies, photos, documents, etc... on MicroSD cards and swap them in and out as needed. There is no limit on memory.

I would purchase this product again.
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VINE VOICEon August 21, 2013
Color: Blue|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I already own 2 andriod tablets, 1 palm tablet, 2 kids tablets, and half a dozen old cell phones (mostly android). In fact, just 2 weeks before getting this one I purchased the brand new Nexus 7 2013! So when this arrived at my door listing specs that sounded like my brand new tablet that I spent $230 on and boasting the same screen and manufacturer, I naturally wanted to hate it! I mean, who does it think it is, coming around here acting all cool with it's $150 price tag. Thinking that just because it's cheaper people will love it! I felt like it was taunting me because I spent so much more for my new tablet...

Then I tried it out...

If I ignore the extra apps that Asus includes with this, and if I didn't pick it up (it is slightly heavier and thicker), I would swear it was the same tablet that I just spent $230 for...........

But who can ignore the extra apps?

I haven't tried them all, but I loaded a video and opened the video app, expecting it to give the usual slow loading and then it goes full screen. Boy was I in for a surprise!

Not only did the video load in no time flat (and we're talking about a full length movie converted from avi format using Handbrake, so not exactly designed to run smoothly on a tablet), but it opened in a small box, which stayed right on top of my other app......

Wait, did android just multitask???????????

The one thing that I love about my Palm devices is multitasking, and even the Palm only shows one app at a time. Here I can watch a movie while I surf the net, play a game, or [shudder] work on a project! And then when I am ready, I can hit the full screen button and watch full size on the HD screen.

Okay, I am taking up the entire review and then some talking about video, but you don't understand how rare this is. NO TABLET MADE BY ANY COMPANY ANYWHERE ELSE CAN DO WHAT THIS TABLET DOES!!! I've been saying that Android beats IOS for years, and with good reason (better hardware, better software, cheaper, more upgradable, more configurable, more apps, and all by a magnitude of dozens of times (except the hardware, that one is by a small margin)). But here we have a tablet with true multitasking capabilities, albeit only for video over other apps. This changes everything we know about computers!!!!!

That being said, I've been asking for this feature for years, and it wasn't really a big stretch or anything. And the S4 came close to doing this by letting you quickly switch between two running apps (which, I grant you, is multitasking). But nothing has ever done this!!!

If you are deciding between this tablet and an IOS device, hit yourself over the head, you might start to think straight again!

If you are deciding between this and a random android tablet, look at the specs, you'll see what I mean.

If you are deciding between this and the new 2013 Nexus 7, read my review over and over again until you see why there is no comparison!

And if you are deciding whether to spend the extra money on this versus a cheaper android tablet, trust me on this one, GET THIS TABLET!!!

If you are reading this and comparing with anything on the market today (or expected within the near future, I'm in IT and I keep up on these things), BUY THIS TABLET!!!

Okay, I'll settle down now, I've given my speech, and I feel better for having done my small part to encourage other manufacturers to INCLUDE THIS BASIC SOUNDING FEATURE WHICH I ASKED FOR ON MY NON-SMART PHONE IN THE MID-90s, BUT WHICH NO ONE ACTUALLY LISTENED TO ME ABOUT UNTIL AUGUST OF 2013!!!

Thank you for listening to me rant!
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on October 9, 2013
Got this tablet to replace a Coby Kyros 7" tablet that has served us well for the last year and a half. It was time for an upgrade, and this Asus tablet seemed the best deal for the money.

I was 100% correct!

This tablet has an amazing screen, and is really really fast (compared to the Kyros)! Google play works great, as does Netflix, Youtube, and all the other uses I have for it. I'm not a gamer, but tried out a few simple games which ran fine. Some people commented that it looked "cheap"... OK. It's not a $400.00 IPad (or whatever the marketing geniuses at Apple are pushing this week...) - BUT the proof is in the screen and performance. This is a winner in the 7" tablet class!

Bluetooth is a plus! I have a OOntZ Angle speaker, which the tab discovered and paired with immediately.

MicroSD slot is a BIG plus.. Some of the better known tablets don't have this feature. It's great to be able to load a bunch of music on the SD card and just plug it in. Tablet instantly recognized the card. I did format it FAT32 from Windows before inserting it.

$147.50 here on Amazon - got it in 2 days - if you're looking for a tablet and really want your "bang for the buck" (and wouldn't touch ANYTHING with an Apple logo on it with a ten-foot pole... ) consider this one. Bet you'll like it!

Did I mention the GPS? I did now...
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on August 14, 2013
I got my MeMo hd 7 pad yesterday and the boxing was similar the original Nexus 7. Once I open it, I noticed it was lighter, but the screen does look smaller due to the larger bezel. But I am sure that the screens are the same size as I measured it to be 7 inches. I also noticed that the glass on the MeMo attracts smugges easily more than the Nexus.

Now on to why its a 5 star rating:
-It took about 1 - 2 minutes to set up
-It updated to a newer version of andriod immediately
-I spent 5 hours installing games and apps from google play store and amazon app store and the battery life was still at 57%
-It is light, so very easy to hold on your hands for long durations
-Gaming like captain America and Iron man was great, no hick ups
-Wifi was fast
-Screen is beautiful, and it does not pulses/flickers like the Nexus screen
-No more dongle to read usb device as I can insert a micro sd card on the side
-some useful apps from asus, like app locker and a revised menu system and some cool widgets (a quick launch button on the left)
-Added Camera on the back (I didnt really need this, but it was handy to take a picture to make it as a wallpaper)
-Able to make wide scrolling wallpaper
-And the great price at 150, as I got this as a replacement of the nexus as my son drop it and smashed the screen

Love this so far.
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VINE VOICEon August 14, 2013
Usually I wait for products to be out for a while to have plenty of user reviews before I buy. In this case, I actually pre-ordered this tablet. Why? I've had the 10" Asus MemoPad, really liked it, but it was a gift to the father-in-law. Also, 10" was a bit big for travel and to put in the pocket, so 7" was more desirable.

Here are my first impressions with this tablet:

1. Setup - simple. WIFI connected with no problems. Email setup, including connecting to Exchange server from work, was easy. Calendar, contacts, etc. all sync'd with no problems. Date & Time? Just enter your time zone and let the system sync for you.

2. System update - downloaded system update to 4.2.2 (almost 60 MB file) in less than 1 minute. (fast internet connection with DOCSIS 3.0 modem helps!)

Why update? Improve stability -- one immediate improvement was Netflix. At first, Netflix will load but will not play videos. After the system update, Netflix works flawlessly. Wireless connection to my router also seems to be more stable. Definitely recommend that perform the system update immediately.

3. Screen - sharp! Videos look excellent. Touchscreen is very responsive both to key presses and screen swipe. The high resolution really shows, and the upgraded processor keeps up with the demands of the high res screen easily.

4. Youtube - super fast response, beautiful video. When holding the tablet in portrait orientation, you will see the video at the top and suggestions at the bottom. Turn it sideways (landscape) and the video fills up the screen. HD videos are very sharp.

5. Productivity - As mentioned under setup, email setup (including work email) was simple. Dropbox install was fast and immediately I was able to access both personal and work files in my Dropbox folder. OneNote download/install was fast, and notes from my laptop were sync'd easily.

6. Social - Skype setup was easy. I use Skype for both work and personal communications. Having this in a 7" portable device is a huge plus.

7. Portability - This tablet (without a cover) fits easily in the front pockets of my dress pants, though its profile is easily visible. It fits just as easily in the pockets of your cargo pants. This is great for going out and not having to carry too many gadgets in your hand.

8. Flexibility - MicroSD slot is one of the reasons I bought this. Traveling with kids, it's so vital to be able to load videos on MicroSD cards for long road trips. Disappointed though that there micro USB does not double as an HDMI output (using adapter of course) HTC One phone can do that!

9. Last but not least, for those interested in gaming...downloaded Gun Bro, (which is so graphic intensive that it causes the 1st generation iPad to crash...note that's the iOS version) and it plays with smooth graphics / scrolling. Should work just as well for any game you throw at it.

With all the pros, and considering that it's almost the same price as many ebook readers out there, this tablet can do so much more. Forget the cheap knock-off brands. Compared to the major brands, this tablet is fast, has MicroSD, and is much cheaper. Definitely recommend it.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 7, 2013
Please note update at end of review that changed this from a 5-star to 3-star item.

If you're looking for a 7" tablet and on a limited budget, I'd go with this. At (currently) 150 bucks, it's about twice as expensive as the cheap single-processor Zeepads (which are decent themselves, but slow), and about 50 less than the Samsung Tab 3. I am a fan of both systems and by no means anti-Samsung... great system. But I figure the best way to discuss the Asus is to directly compare it with a known factor-- the quality Samsung Tab 3.
Comparing to the Tab 3, which would be its most direct competitor:
Asus 16 gigs Samsung 8 gigs.
Asus quad core Samsung duo core.
Asus Android 4.2 Samsung Android 4.1.2.
Asus screen 1280 x 800 Samsung 1024 x 600 (both screens are excellent, but Asus has considerably higher resolution)
Asus rear cam 5 mp Samsung 3 mp
Both forward cams 1.3 mp
Both have a battery life of approximately 10 hours-- quite good all in all. Much longer on basic music playing.
Asus minimal "bloatware". Samsung tons of bloatware.
Samsung CAN be used as a remote control, whereas Asus can't. Samsung is kind of unique in this.
Asus stereo speakers-- if having two speakers side by side can be called "stereo".
Both weigh about the same. They're very light and easy to handle.

Regarding the Asus itself. I had an "issue" in screen touch. It can range anywhere from extremely sensitive to non-responsive. I would have to believe this is more an aspect of Android than the Asus, as I've seen this on other quality systems lately. People with dry fingertips will have difficulty using the device and will probably need to resort to finger-covers or a stylus; this is quite common and not limited to the Asus. A stylus is reported to end this problem.

I find the camera app very powerful (it can take panoramic shots) but rather non-intuitive and complex compared to other camera ware. On the other hand, the results are excellent, even in low-light conditions (there is no flash).

Some people have complained about the "plastic back" and "cheap feel" of the unit. I find neither particularly unpleasant and would remind potential purchasers they are not paying 350 bucks for this unit so don't expect a Porche body on a Volkswagen Bug. I think it looks and feels just fine. I opted for white, but it also comes in dark blue, hot pink and lime green. (I was really tempted on the green, but settled for white in the end as it's not as distracting and looks more professional.)

As far as the response, ease of use, quality, performance-- all I can say is QUAD CORE, 1 gig DDR3 ram core,16 gigs flash, plus microSD card up to 32 gigs. Far more than most people need.

I give it 4 stars because of the touch (which may be Android's fault) and only that. I give it 5 stars on "best buy on the market for a QUALITY tablet". If someone is trying to decide whether to buy an 80 dollar Zeepad or invest more and get one of these-- get one of these. I've owned both now, and can promise this is significantly better.

November 3, 2014, a little over 1 year following purchase and initial review. This tablet has continued to work well since I've owned it. Based on its own merits alone, I would still rate it 5 stars. However, extremely poor company support has cost this product 2 stars, dropping it down to 3 in this review. A company failing to support a product that is a little over 1 year old is very poor service indeed.

The tablet worked fine, updating over the months from Android 4.1 to 4.2.2. However at 4.2.2 it stopped updating. I have contacted the Asus company three times regarding this matter and have not received the courtesy of a reply.

A search in their website SUPPORT area for the model number produced zero results. There are no support downloads, no way to upgrade this tablet past 4.2.2.

I purchased the Asus based on the stats and well-known company name, believing they would better support their tablet than an unknown company. Unfortunately that has proved to be not the case. My last email to company support asked once again for them to contact me regarding product support. I also stated: "Based on the lack of support in this matter, I would be adverse to purchasing another ASUS product." Despite obvious customer dissatisfaction, I still received no reply. Such lack of response can only be considered unprofessional.

I would expect such lack of product support from a cheap, no-reputation company. I did not expect such from Asus. Regrettably, I am compelled to reduce my original 5* rating to 3*, based simply on lack of company post-purchase support.

At the current price of this tablet (145) it at best can be considered a decent-quality Android 4.2 device. But buyers should be aware that despite it still being sold near the original price it is a dead-end product that Asus evidently has no intention of supporting further. As a note to the entire Android community, both customers and manufacturers, I would recommend supporting reliable brands with guaranteed future support.

I have personally sworn off purchase of any Android device that fails to guarantee version upgrade ability. Having to buy a new Android device just to get the latest version upgrade is not how this operating system should operate. This is an issue the entire industry needs to re-examine if Android is to be treated as a serious and professional base for computing.
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on September 19, 2013
5 Star Rating is based on total package value. But this isn't the best performer. The new Nexus 7 (2013) holds that honor (I own one of those too; I got it for the superb 1080p screen; I got the Memo Pad HD 7 for the Micro SD slot).

This Memo Pad HD 7 is actually zippier downloading web pages because the WiFi implementation is so good - it's not one of the newer "dual band" chips, but online tests and my own experience confirm that the WiFi downloads are blazingly fast (if you have a good ISP and a good router, of course! I have ComCast and an Apple hockey-puck router).

There is very little "stutter" or "hesitation" in any of the operations. Often I am surprised how zippy the operations (swiping a page, opening an app) are. I'm pretty careful, though, about not bogging down the tablet with too many open apps at the same time. I hit the right hand button to open the page showing running apps, and swipe away the ones I don't want.

I'm also tidy about what IM/telephone apps I have running at the same time. The Asus apps, for the most part, don't "run in the background," so they aren't a problem, but if you have Talkatone or GrooveIP for free phone calls (via your free Google Voice account, which you set up using your mobile phone to confirm you have a "real" number), they tend to want to run in the background to receive and make calls, so choose one but not both; if you have friends overseas, you may have to add or choose from Viber, Line, WhatsApp (the three most popular) rather than installing all three and having all three compete in the background for resources (although I'll give Viber credit for claiming it has a light touch on resources). Then there is Skype, which likes to run in the background. And FaceBook Messenger, which is always active (you can also get apps from within the actual, main FaceBook app, which CAN be swiped away to unload it, but FB Messenger isn't as sparing on resources as FB itself - if you don't use Messenger, you have to manually load the FB app to check for messages).

So I recommend that you take it easy loading apps at first to see what apps start to slow down the device. You are going to need FB for sure (right?). And probably the Kindle app for reading books. I uploaded my music collection to Amazon for free, so I install the Amazon MP3 player. I can't get Amazon videos, yet, since Amazon is favoring its own tablet for videos. So that means I have to use Netflix, which runs great. Kindle and Netflix can be swiped out of memory so they are no problem.

Asus includes their own mail client, but honestly I feel safer with the official GMail app. If you use Yahoo or Hotmail you will need to check to see if they have their own app, or use the Asus client; I'd probably trust the Asus client over another third party client, but you will have to research this one yourself, just remember that the big companies like Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail can devote a lot of resources to security and updates, so try to stick with them.

The included browser is the now probably woefully out of date stock, open source Android browser, the blue ball icon, and while some people say it's pretty fast and slick, once again I prefer the Google branded product, Chrome, in Beta (regular Chrome might be included already; to download Beta, I had to open a browser and Google it, since for some reason a search in the Play Store directly didn't turn it up; YMMV).

My device announced it had downloaded and was ready to install 4.2.2 (vs. the 4.2.1 that came with it) so I authorized it to install and reboot. Surprisingly, after the reboot, the Settings page told me I was still on 4.2.1 but when I rechecked several times over the next few days to see if I could re-download the update and re-install, I just kept getting messages that I was up to date, so I assume the update got installed but a glitch kept the update number in settings from updating itself. Oh well. The service rep at Asus told me that 4.3 should be out soon anyway. And the tablet seems to run fine, unlike my Nexus 7 (2013) which had to be sent back due to frequent random rebooting (which the Asus service rep told me is now an identified hardware problem and not software related). The number of affected Nexus units seems small, and the 3 (!) older gen Nexus 7 tablets I owned were all rock solid

The screen seems slightly better than the old Nexus 7 because it is brighter, though reviewers say the old Nexus 7 was slightly more accurate (and of course it's not as nice as the New Nexus 7), which is to say it's not the best on the block but it's good and is definitely sharper than my wife's iPad Mini, though the Mini seems to have more vibrant colors (the colors on the Memo Pad are still vibrant, the Mini is just slightly better). I think they increased the brightness on this Memo Pad 7 and I have no problems with it. BUT you need to go into the Asus Power Saving settings and turn off the reduced brightness that kicks in for certain apps - until I did that, my Kindle screen dimmed to about 60% and I couldn't figure out why or override the dimming in the generic brightness setting tab in the Settings panel. Yep, the Power Saver "secretly" overrides your brightness setting.

Speaker volume is better than my old Nexus 7, but no different from the new Nexus 7 (what a surprise - Asus makes both). However, the new Nexus 7 has dual speakers located on opposite ends of the tablet. The Memo Pad's speakers are both on the bottom edge, side by side, so the stereo effect is lost. Music quality from plug in earphones is high, I can't hear any difference from my Apples devices although Apple is renowned for audio quality, and reviewers note that some phone companies and tablets have lower grade audio converters or amps.

So all in all a great tablet at a killer price. The rear camera is fine for taking pix of stuff to upload to FB etc. The front camera is 1.2 MP, which is funny because the front camera on the iPhone 4s was actually only VGA level, so this cheap tablet can theoretically take better selfies, and do better video calls, than a pretty top of the line Apple phone. (The new 5c is 1.2 MP as is the 5s, and the iPad Mini, 3, and 4 have all been 1.2 MP for selfies). Asus claims on its website that the front camera is autofocus but I believe that is an error. The rear is certainly autofocus.

What I like least about the Memo Pad is Asus's insistence on making the stock Google Android experience "better." I decided for the sake of unbiased reviewing (LOL) I would give the Asus implementation of "extras" a spin and after a while decided I definitely could not live with their pull-down notifications/settings menu, so I reverted to Android stock in the settings tab. Other stuff isn't as easy to delete or revert, but fortunately it doesn't get in the way. You may, or may not, like the extra menus and the extra home-row key. But at least the don't get in the way. There are some annoying apps that Asus pre-loaded, and unfortunately they cannot be uninstalled. They don't seem to run in the back ground and actually the Memo Pad had more free memory (11gb after initial booting) than I had expected, so apart from being annoying they don't seem to actually hurt anything and I suppose they help pay for the tablet. I just wiped them off the home screens, and ignore them in the screen with total apps listings. Probably the worst thing about them is they will delay the release of 4.3, since all the cr*p Asus adds have to be vetted to run properly on any version update, which slows down the vetting process (and may stop it altogether if an app doesn't spend the money to update, but its contractual terms with Asus forbid removing it). But we have been promised 4.3 and quite frankly from 4.1 up the OS has been pretty slick, for any game-changing upgrades we may just have to wait for a new tablet and give this one away.

Unlike my last foray into budget tablets - a Hisense Sero LT from WalMart - this one is not a pokey turtle with a low rez screen. What it is, by way of closest explanation, is a much cheaper version of last year's Nexus 7, with two big bonuses thrown in: that rear camera; and the Micro SD slot. I have a lot of instructional DVD's that I ripped to electronic format, and downloaded them to a 64gb SanDisk card, along with about 39 gb of music for listening to on flights. I can see parents downloading movies for their kids on drives, where wifi isn't available. Although MOST of my stuff is on the web and MOST of the time I have wifi, I think the SD card slot is a great feature. To use a 64gb card in it, you need to reformat the card to FAT 32 from its stock exFAT file format. Then the device will recognize the card. Do not insert your card while your tablet is on or asleep; actually do a power off, insert it, and it will recognize the card and your content when you restart. If you put the card in while asleep, on my device the tablet kept un-mounting the card, until I did a reboot.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions I will try to answer them. I wanted black so had to buy locally to get one.

BTW pursuant to Asus on 9/20/13, Android version is currently 4.2.1 not 4.2.2, although many reviewers are reporting it as 4.2.2.
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on August 16, 2013
I was planning to save up my cash and buy a tablet for Christmas cause my kindle fire was worn out. When I heard about the Asus memo pad HD 7 I couldn't believe it. I bought the tablet and I'd give it 100 stars if I could. It plays games amazingly. I tested out games that I would play on my iPod touch and kindle fire but would kinda run slowly. I only experienced some lag with a brand new online multiplayer shooter, and Minion Rush. However it plays all the other games perfectly. Like Real Racing 3, SG DeadLine, and Blood and Glory 1 & 2. This tablet really impressed me. It seems better than the iPad 1 and mini in Specs, and Rivals the iPad 2 in Specs. This is a really great buy. I recommend this to parents who want to buy their kids good and cheap gaming tablets.
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