Customer Reviews: Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary Bundle - PC
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on April 18, 2010
I was a little concerned about the installation due to some of the bad(cautionary?)comments written by others. I no problems. All of the access codes were on the back of the manual. All of them worked right away. It did take me two installs as I had a windows firewall issue not allowing it to get past the initial splash screen when running the game but this went away on the second install. This was a MS/XP problem and MOH. I only use single player mode so can not comment on multiplay or online.
Game play was very similar to Call of Duty that I just finished. This one is equivalent to or harder on the most difficult experience level. I finished Allied Assault and then jumped to Pacific Assault. Nice to have an Aim mode on PA. Good to download a Walkthough from one of the gaming mags so that you don't miss or at least know what your missing for the "hidden objectives" and "hero" moments. Expect to have hours and hours of fun working the remaining 3 packages. Excellent value!
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on April 30, 2009
For this price, it is a good deal.

I have always loved the MoH games. A bundle for this price (despite the games are a bit aged) is a good deal.

I have yet to play them, but I wanted to post now to help some people on a big Problem. EA misprinted the CD KEYS! SO if you are having problems, you are not alone. The CD KEYS are printed out of vertical order. HOWEVER, the AA SPEARHEAD CD KEY IS MISSING. YES MISSING. NOT THERE.

I tried their E-Mail Customer service (for your sanity's sake, don't) and got the run around.

Calling their customer support was a different story. They were helpful and immediately gave me the proper CD KEY for SPEARHEAD. Normally for a situation like this, I'd blast a company for this. But the Phone support was one of the best, quickest and most helpful customer support experiences. (His name was Tyler, so.. thanks Tyler.)

So there you have it.
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on December 15, 2008
The good news if you decide to purchase the 10th Anniversary Medal of Honor Bundle:
You will have a fresh new copy of each game
Pacific Assault will be on 1 disk instead of 6.

The bad news if you decide to purchase the 10th Anniversary Medal of Honor Bundle:
None of the games are patched (downloading 2.5 GB of patches for just Airborne, and then the other games not very fun,)
May have issues trying to run Medal of Honor Series games on Newer PCs. (I had to use Nhancer to get them to run on my PC because of my video card)
May have a invalid CD Key error. (I cannot join any MP games in Pacific Assault due to the fact I have an invalid CD key, even though I have uninstalled fully to include in the registry and re-installed the game twice)

- EA's support site and e-mail all say you should have a response within 24 hours. Well after 40 hours I still had no response.

- EA's phone support was almost promising. After going through the automated responses I finally was getting to speak with a person I thought, until I heard this: "Please call back during normal business hours" So I tried again everyday this week at 9:00 am EST and 9:00 am Pacific Time. Wouldn't you know they have no business hours I guess...
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on August 16, 2010
Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary Bundle is a great product. It features four older video games that are very good and one somewhat recent video game called Medal of Honor Airborne. Medal of Honor Allied Assault offers a great campaign, and when combined with its expansion packs, it makes another campaign and a great multiplayer game as well. You start out Lt. Mike Powell, and OSS Agent that will lead the way in Operation Torch by destroying Flak 88 positions on the coastline, sabotaging Tiger tanks and Opel Blitzes (German truck) to ensure Allied victory at Operation Torch. However, before you can do all this, you must rescue an SAS agent, Jack Grillo (Who happens to be in the credits as I think a designer). After that, you must destroy all the planes in a local German airfield using the mounted 30 caliber machine gun on your Jeep. I won't spoil the rest of the mission, but I will let you in on a sort of secret. If you like exploring, try to explore as much as the level as you can. You might be able to find a POW. You will get a medal for that! (Again, his name appears in the credits. If you don't know who Jury is, you will if you find the POW. :D) The graphics are great for the 2002 release date, and the gameplay is even better. The sound and the soundtrack is amazing. It fits the game perfectly and helps make the levels more intense. Medal of Honor Pacific Assault improves in graphics, but the gameplay seems it could use a little work. The music, just as in MOHAA, is superb. However, there seems to be a little bit of continuum issues. For example, I went through a level killing every Japanese dude I saw with my trusty Springfield '03 rifle, while the next level set directly after that, which is on the same island as before, I get some poor excuse of a sub machine gun that has a short clip, is inaccurate, and has little ammo to reload with. Medal of Honor Airborne adds sort of a twist to gameplay. You jump out of an airplane and can move almost anywhere you want to. That does add a little bit of replay experience, but not much. Music is reused from the other games in the bundle, which is fine, but a bit disappointing. I was expecting another amazing soundtrack, only to get the MOHAA and MOHPA soundtracks with maybe two new tunes. The multiplayer in MOHA seems like a rerun of Medal of Honor Allied Assault's amazing gameplay, but maybe a little more boring. And then there is the nondetachable Gewher 43 scope, which now I despise the weapon in the game because of that. I was quite happy with the iron sights... And, you can take the scope of the STG44, so why not the G43? Well, you might not care. But it's a good game, and when combined with the other games in this bundle, you can forget about Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and pay attention to a WAY better game in my opinion.
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on June 2, 2009
Being a fan of medal of honor for quite some time, this bundle is a cheap way to buy 5 great games. First let's start with airborne. This game is the newest one on the shelf for purchase. In the game, you join the airborne squad and are assigned missions where you must dive out of a plane and land on the battlefield for action. But unlike past parachute games where you have a designated target to land, you may anywhere on the map. One advantage is to land near the green smoke. In order for me to play this game, i need an upgrade on my video card. Check your pc system info before purchasing this product. It will help you know if you need an update or not. Next, Pacific Assault. In this game you are dragged into fighting in pearl harbor, and on the japaneese islands. A change from the usual europe assault. Next, Allied Assault. Now for some reason, i cannot seem to get the graphics right. This you may want to contact support for. I haven't yet but plan to. The last 2 games, Spearhead and Breakthrough, are expansion packs to Allied assault. Have not seen them yet. I would reccomend you buy this if your pc can handle it. And Pacific assault if you buy it through this edition, it's not on 6 disks. Just one. But if you like WW2 games, you will love this bundle.
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on July 30, 2012
First of all, I'm going to rate these games according to the year they came out, cause: Duh! a 2002 game doesnt compare to a 2008 game.

Allied Assault & Exspansion Packs: was a great game! It has a great story and a good range of combat. From Undercover to Full assault. I found MP boring. Spearhead was a good exspansion, very short but also good storys. Breakthrough was longer and slightly harder. Both games have alot of dif weapons. I would rate sound average.
Overall I give these games a 4.5 star rating.

Pacific Assault: This game was made beautifully! The whole game has squad based combat. Sounds are great, and AI is good also! This game is easy overall. With my computer when there are big explosions the game plays at half speed, which can be annoying on "Pearl Harbor", but this may not happen with your comp.
MP does not work for me. When I try to login in it says "Failed to connect to EA online". But again this is just an error on my pc.
I give this game a 5 star rating for Campaign.

Airborne: This is (in my opinion) the best game of them all. The feel of the game is different, but you get used to that. Missions are difficult but fun, and AI is helpful but not a whole bunch. The only thing I dont like about this game is that the solders let off slight glows. but its no prob.

MP is very fun also.

If you like WWII shooters than you definetly want to buy this.
Two more things though:
1. Some people say they got wrong codes, I got the right ones. I found the chances of getting the wrong codes slim.
2. I suggest getting all the patches installed before playing any of the campaighns. Otherwise you'll have to retart them.
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on November 20, 2014
I'm very familiar with the MOH franchise, I've owned many versions. Decided to order the 10th anniversary on a whim, even though I have MOH installed on my primary gaming system already. Didnt get a chance to play the latest version, The first DVD ran fine, the 2nd DVD of the primary game failed to read properly. Wasnt able to determine if this is a common problem, couldnt contact the vendor since it's an Amazon fulfillment. it's not that unusual to see a bad batch from distributors. Why did I give 3 stars? The game itself is good, but if we can't play it due to defective media, there's a problem that needs to be addressed.
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on April 7, 2012
Got this game set at a really good price and now I know why. I can't seem to get any of these games downloaded properly onto my PC. I'm using WIndows 7 Ultimate and from my understanding all of the needed software I have to run the game are updated. This posses the issue, they are updated past the level recognized by the games (or so I believe). Ive read forum after forum and just don't understand the issues I'm having... waste of money if you have an up-to-date system.
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on January 25, 2013
I believe I paid about $12.00, delivered, for this game. I have had $12.00 worth of fun. All the games, there are five, were easy to install except the "Airborne" game. It would not install and I could not find a fix on the EA website. I had to go on YouTube to get some guys instructions on the fix. That sucks.
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on April 28, 2009
This is the best FPS game on the market. My only grip is that the new games included in the bundle -- Pacific Assault and Airborne have some hefty requirements that may not run on many PCs
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