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on January 29, 2003
I do not know much about video game soundtracks and I have no idea who Michael Giacchino is. All I know is that this is some seriously good music that belongs in a film and not a video game, even though i'm sure it sounds outstanding while playing the game. This is music that is bombastic and fully orchestral with a military feel all the way through. The main theme is introduced in "Medal of Honor" and reminds me of something James Horner would write with a solo trumpet accompanied by snare drums, leading to a full orchestral statement of the theme. The other theme that is present in this score is the Nazi theme which is first introduced to us in "Locating Enemy Positions". This theme to me is the better theme because it is driving, ominous, and dramatic all at the same time. You can hear more of this theme in "Attack on Fort Schmerzen", "The Radar Train", "Panzer Attack", "Rjuken Sabotage", "Securing the Codebook", "Nordhausen", and "Stopping the V2 Launch". The highlight of this score, however, is the powerful and unstoppable action music. Knockout brass fanfares and thundering percussion are the highlights in almost every track. The only different track is "The Road to Berlin" which is a jazzy Cole Porter style cue. The Northwest Sinfonia with help on the orchestrations by Tim Simonec (who orchestrates and conducts for Graeme Revell), really does an outstanding job and needs to perform on much more film scores. If you haven't guessed by now, which you probably have, get this soundtrack! It's a can't miss!
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on August 17, 2005
Medal of Honor is a war score in the tradition of John Williams. The core themes are excellent, and Michael Giacchino's composing talents are used to their fullest abilities.

The Allies and Patterson Themes are brave and noble, while the Nazi theme is sinister, yet fun and bombastic, slightly like the Imperial March.

Standout action cues include 'Taking Out The Railgun,'The Radar Train,' and 'Rjuken Sabotage.' 'Panzer Attack' introduces the Panzer theme, which is one of my personal favourites.

'Merker's Salt Mine' includs a repetitive motif that creates the feeling of zooming by in a mine cart. The finale, 'The Jet Aircraft Facility' is brilliant, with a rousing rendition of the Patterson Theme and nazi Theme in persuit. 'The Road To Berlin' is a nice jazz piece that fits in well.

There are 2 extra secret cues not listed here, but I won't spoil the surprise! A great booklet full of art and track analysis accompanies the soundtrack.

Buy this soon, because it has been out of print for sometime and soon there will be none left! I paid $30 for mine, so get out your wallets and start counting!
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on July 4, 2000
Medal of Honor is beyond description, with its mighty brass themes and swift string runs. Never have I heard a composer like Michael Giacchino follow right behind the steps of John Williams. The only real difference I can see between them is that Giacchino uses strings much more often the Williams does. Unlike most soundtracks, every track on Medal of Honor is incredible, and you have to have a lot of time on your hands to listen to it, because you'll have to listen to every track! The German theme is a listener's dream, and is a joy to hear every time it suprises you around the corner with it's swift and brassy tune. Patterson's theme is almost as good, which isn't as tense as the German theme, but really gorgeous. (Listen to it on track 15...It's excellent!) Among the favorites of Medal of Honor, "Taking out the Railgun", "Rjuken Sabotage" and "The Jet Aircraft Facility" are my favorites. What we have is the next John Williams. WHATEVER you do, get this CD, and don't walk away without it. No one will regret it.
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on February 9, 2013
Michael Giacchino has really out done himself on this album. Starting out with sustained strings and a lone trumpet, he sets the the mood for honor. Soon, he takes that same theme and produces a heroic march that calls you into action. In the 2Track, Locating Enemy Positions, he produces the suspense and a relentless driving beat that makes you determined to be victorious on you mission. I love music that stands on its own and you can let your imagination run wild. I have not played this game, so I can envision many different scenes in my mind where this music could be used. For those, that have a good imagination, create a scene where a Jedi knight and a Sith are using the force to find each other; Then in Track 3, they find each other and begin their duel. This whole album is one that will give you endless hours of enjoyment. Enjoy!
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on September 4, 2001
Ever wonder what happened to the golden age of John Williams, with its "Raiders March," "Imperial March," "Jaws" theme, etc.? After buying (and returning) the meandering soundtrack to _Episode One: Phantom Menace_, I thought those good ol' days were gone forever. But then a buddy of mine started playing a little Playstation game called _Medal of Honor_. As I watched my friend nix Nazis, I heard something I'd not heard in a long time: a rousing adventure soundtrack! Yes, I heard menacing Nazis, exotic locales, and daring heroes brought to life with music, glorious symphonic music! And by a composer whose evocative powers didn't flag for a single measure. O O O O that Williamsian rag! The good ol' days are here again, but it's not John Williams who's ushering them in; It's Michael Giacchino with his _Medal of Honor_ soundtrack. Take my word for it, dear reader. The '80s belonged to Williams, the '90s to Horner, but the new era could very well belong to the _Medal of Honor_ wonderworker. Buy this soundtrack and you'll see what I mean.
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on February 7, 2011
Back in 1999 when the game first came out, I used to play this game non-stop. What I really loved the most about this game however, was the soundtrack. It was so good I remember I would take a break during the middle of a mission just so I could listen to the background music. I wasn't really a fan of classical music back then but there was something about the soundtrack that made it unique. All the songs have this "military" feel to it. It's hard to explain in words but if you have played this game you know exactly what I mean. This is by far (in my humble opinion) the best soundtrack created for a video game. Only the Metal Gear Solid soundtracks and God of War soundtracks come close.

Who would have thought that 12 years later, I would have the opportunity to own this classical masterpiece. If you played this game or love classical music in general, do yourself a favor and buy this soundtrack ASAP, you will not regret it.
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on October 27, 2011
This is a great soundtrack! This soundtrack has and improves upon the style Hans Zimmer started with Black Hawk Down, its been repeated several times in various soundtracks but I was never to big on that style... it just never worked for me... till I listened to this soundtrack. This one goes above and beyond the standard set by Hans Zimmer. It has a nice mix between pretty orchestration, just plain cool, and upbeat music. Songs like Heroes Aboard, All Rounds Expended, and From Here show off the best of the soundtrack Orchestration. Songs like Paint'em up, High Ground, and Hunter-Killer show off a very cool progressive music. And Songs like Taking the Field, Watch Your Corners, 30 Seconds Out(which is a minute and a half long? Lol.) and Send in the Rangers show off the more upbeat side of the soundtrack. Overall most of the tracks tend to take some time to warm up, they start out slow and airy and then move into a very well thought out progression or orchestration. Or some tracks (like 30 Seconds Out) start out with a very strong beat which leads you to think that it will progress more... but they turn out to have anti-climatic endings. This soundtrack is impressive, and it is even more so when it is compared with other game soundtracks such as the new BF3 soundtrack or any of the Cod games.
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on April 17, 2000
I am a MOH owner. LOVE THE GAME! LOVE THE MUSIC EVEN MORE! I would play the game with the sound pumped through my stereo, just to feel the string bass rumble! This soundtrack has all the elements...a solid recurring theme that captures the essence of the game...a gamut of emotional treatment...It will shackle your imagination of a time gone past. Turn up the stereo on this one! Your goosebumps will have goosebumps! If not, please check your pulse. It may be some time before a major orchestra puts on a multimedia concert of this work. Until then, the MOH soundtrack will do just nicely. Buy it, or weep.
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on January 23, 2005
I don't think I can adeqautely describe to you what kind of soundtrack this is! My friend got a hold of a copy, and I was simply floored when I heard it. I had to buy myself a copy here!

I can honestly say that this is undoubtedly the best soundtrack I've ever heard in my life! When I listen to this music, I start to feel the excitement,fear, and determination of how it feels to be a soldier in combat. It's not only that, the music inspires you, thrills your senses, why is it so hard to get this CD? Like the earlier reviewer said, dreamworks should sell this CD again! Soundtrack of the ages !!!
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on February 18, 2000
This is the best soundtrack I have ever heard.Or even best CD for that matter. The atmosphere the game creates is greatly surpased by the soundtrack. Every feeling you have about war is brought up when you listen to this impressive spectacle of music. The extra track of the National Anthem is one of the best i have heard. Just listening to this music makes me proud of my country.
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