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on March 27, 2015
Short story line game was made for online play if your looking for a good story line and a awesome war game DO NOT buy this game
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on August 1, 2014
Front to back, this game is trash, especially now. The game's only saving grace, multiplayer, is reduced to complete garbage with the low number of players...mostly because it means that most matches will be one-sided (thanks to a lack of team shuffling and balancing). And a one-sided match in a DICE game means getting spawn camped to the point where you get insta-killed the second you enter the game. Boring, pointless, and frustrating no matter what side you're on.
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on October 14, 2010
I got this game for PS3 the first day it came out. This review will be set up in two sections, the Campaign and Online Multiplayer. Overall, I wanted to like this game so much, but it is just at best, a decent game... But there's so many flaws and irritating crap that make it not nearly worth the $[...] or so price tag. It might be worth $[...], just for the Campaign and a few fun times with the pathetic excuse for multiplayer. I play all types of games, but military shooters are what I spend a lot of my time playing. And I've played alot of good and more bad FPS's... but this is definitely one of the worst.

The Campaign graphics are pretty good, not the best, but nothing to complain too much about. The controls are basically the same as Battlefield 2 and MW2. But you can also slide into cover which is very helpful when being peppered by enemy fire. Another addition is that you can lean out or peak from behind objects to make hard shots. Which is an awesome feature that I love. By the way, cover is the way to go in this one, because getting shot once or twice is all it takes to get yourself killed. It's like that in the campaign and the multiplayer. The levels are pretty cool, and there arent as many annoying vehicle "races" as I call them, which made Battlefield 2's campaign almost unbearable. The only other thing that is crap about the Campaign is the length. It MIGHT takes 4 hours to beat. But otherwise, the campaign is at least decent, and possibly worth playing through again. It's not as screamingly irritating as the multiplayer, at least.

As for the Multiplayer, if you're like me, it may be hard to restrain yourself from throwing the remote through the TV. First of all... there's four game types. And each game type has at most 4 maps. I think it's less than that for some types. The creators used two different engines for Multiplayer and the Campaign... which is retarded. Because in the multiplayer, you can't lean out, or slide, or even lay down... wtf. The re-loading options as well as a few others I can't remember at the moment are unresponsive and require you to press like three times before they work alot of the time. It would be so helpful to have the lean or prone features, especially when you have camping snipers tearing up your spawn point basically every time. But I really can't blame people who only snipe in this game, because it seems that sniping is the only way to get any kills whatsoever. Which brings me to my next point. The spawn points are so ill-conceived to the point where it seems like you're getting killed every time the second you spawn. I remember people doing that when Halo online first became popular, and how annoying it was. It seems like you can shoot other players with a sniper rifle like 6 times, and get killed by the same person because he shot you once with his pistol... oh the annoyance! And the scoring system occasionally seems like it has issues, for example... how am I in 8th place with a kill/death ratio of 11 /6, when the guy in 7th places' k/d ratio is 9/7, the 6th places ratio is 10/11, and 5th place is 9/11. Explain that.. And alot of my kills in this particular incident of b.s. scoring were headshots, but somehow they have more points than me. Amazing. The maps all look the same, and are extremely small... Somehow though, despite all of these shortcomings, I've played the multiplayer a good bit and probably will for a week or two, because Gamestop will only give you $[...] bucks or so trade in value, when I bought it at sixty five, and they will turn right around and sell it for fifty five. For this reason and maybe going through the campaign again, I won't sell it.

In conclusion, this game seems extremely rushed, and is very poorly done. The multiplayer is what I purchased the game for, and it's one of the worst multiplayer FPS's I've ever had the misfortune of playing. This is only for extreme FPS fans, not for the average shooter gamer. So many problems and just flat out dumb decisions the developers made on the game are the reason I can't recommend it to anyone. I just hope that it grows on me and I end up liking it, because of the money I spent and how much I was looking forward to it after liking most of the older MoH games. Save your money for Black Ops, this game is completely disapointing, and simply not as fun as most other current games of the same variety that are out now. And I'm pretty sure that this game will soon be forgotten once Black Ops drops in on Nov. 9th. I would give it 1.5 stars, just bc I don't think it deserves only one, but the option isn't available... The
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on October 17, 2010
This is a review of the multiplayer component for Medal of honour. I tried to have a go of the single player but just got bored. I'd heard that there would be different developers/different engines for multiplayer and campaign modes but was surprised at how different each game looked and felt. I'd have thought the 2 developers would've worked more closely to create a tight package - instead each game mode feels like a completely different game bundled together. This is mainly due do the graphic look of each mode and even just the look of the menus.

Multiplayer does have it's moments, but overall feels unfinished. If the developers had spent an addition 6 months to tidy the game up it would be much tighter. Graphically the game looks good, not as good as MW2 and a slower frame rate - very similar to BBC2 (which is to be expected since it's the same engine, dev team), but that in itself doesn't really bother me. The graphic problems are more glitchy than anything else. There have been many times that I've seen other player's weapons appear invisible - that is they've dropping out. I've never seen anything like this in an online game before and it looks quite weird - totally destroying the immersive atmosphere in the process.

Also, during some of the larger kill streak rewards (I can't remember the MOH equivalent name) I've noticed giant purple polygons appearing around the screen just as the missile etc hits the ground and explodes. The only positive I can really give the graphics is some of the stunning backgrounds - but the novelty wears off after a few purple polygon episodes.

Sound is one of the redeeming features of MOH multiplayer, exceeding IMO most other online games out there. Explosions sound deep, weapons sound heavy/chunky (in a good way).

Game breakers:

Typically snipers make up half the members of each team, the levels seem to be catering a lot to snipers, with many hiding places offerring great cover and views across large areas of the map. Without any sort of kill cam there is no way to determine where they are. I've been in several situations where I've been continually spawn sniped from the same player - very frustrating.

The maps are a little on the small side (except combat mission maps) and there are nowhere near enough. If you're a player like me and just tend to play 1 or 2 game modes you will quickly tire of the same 4 maps. I have no doubt that more maps will eventually be released but I couldn't help but feel a little cheated that there were so few to begin with.

Lazy developing:

The controls have been brought into line with MW2, I found myself going for the BBC2 melee early on but slowly adjusted. The big problem for me re controls is the sensitivity. This is probably more a DICE thing as I had the same issue in BBC2. The problem being that I can't pump the sensitivity up high enough.

I love the way players accumulate points for kill streaks but the kill streaks are really boring. Half of them look almost exactly the same, with scale being the only real difference I could notice.

I've noticed that all the taliban players characters have an AK47 strapped to their back - despite not being able to use it unless chosen in class menu. This obviously isn't a big deal but is just sloppy. MW2 have this one right, primary weapon in hand secondary on back. This is just one of many examples (I won't go into all of them here) of where sloppy short cuts have been made instead of an awesome execution that could have made for a more immersive experience.

Class options can ONLY be accessed when you die. This is a pain for me because if I want to change a class I'll usually do while I'm alive taking cover. I'm in the habit of skipping through the screens when I die to quickly get back in the game. The number of times I'd missed the opportunity to change class were way too much, sure this is just as much or all my fault, but why not allow players to change class at any point in the game?

I also don't understand why you can only look at medals etc in the game menu, not between games - it's just another wasted opportunity for something that could get players more engaged.

In a final note to all graphic designers out there, this game like many others has disgusting typesetting. I don't know why game companies can't hire a decent typographer to get it right (let me do it!) but it just looks awful and unprofessional. I'm referring to pretty much all copy that is displayed on the screen: menus, blurbs, diagrams, the lot.

Luckily for me I only hired this game out. If you're a hardcore FPS fan I would avoid this title at all costs. Here's hoping that Black Ops won't be another MW2 and might actually be good.

I'm giving MOH 1 star because it promised so much and delivered so little.
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on June 12, 2012
This is my first time ever playing Medal of Honor on PS3 and a BIG update from the PS2 version from an older Medal of Honor game. I like the fact that you feel like your part of a real sheath war zone. The guns are bad a--, the gear is bad a-- and the levels are to quick and should of been longer. I was having so much fun with this game until I beat it in less then 3 hours maybe. I mean why the hell would you throw this game on a Blue ray disc and waste all this time on menus and throw in a extra game call Medal of Honor Frontline from the PS2 version. I think the Medal of Honor Frontline extra game is more funner then the real PS3 game inside this disk. That is really bad when you got an Medal of Honor Frontline and it's better, longer and more entertaining. So if you can pick this game up for $5.00 dollars I say go for it any more is junk food to me.
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on October 13, 2010
very disappointing game by EA. with all the hype, i thought it would out do COD. the first COD is a better playing FPS game. The multi-player is unplayable. well horrible more like it. the game play has many bugs that you have to restart the mission to move on in campaign mode. i never write reviews EVER, but i feel so strongly about this game that i needed to say something. i guess getting robbed from EA just pissed me off. EA should send a 50% refund to all buyers of this game. only positive to this game is that it includes MOH frontline. MOH frontline may be better.
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on November 3, 2010
This is just about the worst video game ripoff out there. Graphics and a playing style that remind me of the craptastic coin operated shooters I used dump quarters in at the mall. The difference is it was the early 90's and back then, those games were state of the art. The story line is so linear, you can literally walk through the entire game and never have to think about where you're going and what you're doing. I bought this because I love BC 2 and thought this would be just as fun. Boy was I wrong. Apparently, EA consulted with a bunch of Tier 1 operators on tactics and game play, but I don't get the impression they listened to any of them. You don't need tactics or strategy to play this game, just a bad case of ADD and a passion for mediocracy. BC 2 has huge multi-player maps that let you snipe, ambush and fly over enemy positions, the maps on MoH, by comparison are tiny and cramped so all you end up doing is running and gunning with no thought or strategy; It's just mindless button pushing. If you must try it, rent it first and save yourself the heartache of knowing $60 of your hard earned dollars just got flushed down the toilet and you got made a chump by the lovely folks at EA.
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on October 13, 2010
This is the most disappointing game I've purchased in quite some time. This was a total marketing head fake. The overly simplistic marketing approach by EA, and using the DICE brand name to get me to think this game is going to be similar if not better than BFBC2 was pure genius. I showed up at Gamestop at midnight anticipating delivery of an epic combination of the best parts of MW2 and BFBC2, and boy was I wrong. Not even 30 seconds into the multiplayer did I hear other players cursing, complaining and mumbling comments of disappointment about the game under their breath. Expectations were high, and I expected a familiar landscape showered with improvements, but it was never to be found. The maps are hideous. It's like running around a maze like a mouse only to run into your own teammates who can't even tell if you're on their team, so friendly fire was common. There is nowhere to explore. The maps are tiny, linear and full of narrow collision walls. EA has taken a HUGE step backwards with this release. My brother, who lives in another state, also rushed out to get the game at midnight. We both played MW2 and moved on to play and love BFBC2, so we had similar expectations for Medal of Honor considering DICE was involved. Neither of us had even one positive thing to say about the game. The controls are god awful. Aiming and shooting is like an on off switch...just jerky and inaccurate. There is no freedom to roam around and seek out the enemy. The enemy is directly in front of you at all times, so you might as well be on a football field aiming at your opponent as soon as you spawn. What fun is that? Half the fun is exploring areas seeking out campers and people running and gunning, but nope, not in this game. It's run forward, pray and spray. Snipers will spend more time looking for a place to snipe, than actually sniping. There are no vehicles, buildings and items aren't destructible like we love in BFBC2 and it's VERY restrictive in scope. The campaign is just as bad. I read a review from IGN, and they had a quote that resonated with me. "It's like playing wack-o-mole" and boy is that the truth. You wait for an enemy to pop his head up...he hides...pops up...hides. No real AI whatsoever. Enemies are completely stupid. I know they tried to rekindle the Afghanistan experience, but variety is needed in a game. I could see making ONE map like Afghan, but not the entire freaking game. I'm so aggrivated I can't even bare to write anymore about this game. Jesus it's bad. Please don't waste your hard earned money folks. Stick with BFBC2 / MW2 for now. Happy gaming.

This game alone caused me and all my friends to lose my newly found loyalty for DICE products. Never again.

A little about me so you'll get an idea of who is reviewing this game.

About Me
- I'm 29 year old Male
- Grew up on Nintendo NES in the 80's

(Favorite games of all time)
- Legend of Zelda (NES)
- Far Cry (PC)
- Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PS3)
- Own a PS3

Current games I play
- Battlefield Bad Company 2
- NBA 2k11
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on September 18, 2013
I get the video game broken therefore my ps3 console does not read, it seems in poor taste and disrespectful to the customer to stop selling defective products on this page, should have better quality control
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on November 21, 2010
This game was a huge disappointment and I returned it within a few hours of play. They should have spent more time with the gameplay, level design, and sound. It wasn't even fun.

The best shooter I have played is Battlefield: Bad Company 2. I liked that 5x more than Modern Warfare. Both games were far better than this Metal of Honor game.
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