Customer Reviews: Medal of Honor: Warfighter - PS3
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on October 27, 2012
Since Medal of Honor came out in 2010, some people liked the game, but many didn't. The game had a gripping campaign, average graphics, and multiplayer was unfinished and had many glitches. After two years, here comes Medal of Honor Warfighter, which has a heavy emphasis on Tier 1 special force groups and is armed with the Frostbite 2 engine.

CAMPAIGN/STORY: Many people say the campaign is between 3-5 hours, which is on normal difficulty. I would say between 7-9 hours on hard difficulty. The missions in the campaign are based on real events and are set in various parts of the globe, such as Bosnia, Dubai, Pakistan, Philippines, and Somalia to name a few. Fire-fights will take place in various types of settings, such as a jungle, a destroyed hotel, caves, a flooded town, alleys, the desert, and ruins. Players will play as characters Preacher and Stump. Preacher returns from the previous Medal of Honor. In Preacher's missions, players will see other familiar characters from the previous game, such as Dusty, Mother, and Voodoo. Preacher's missions are more covert and adventurous. Most fire-fights on his missions are mid to long-range. Stump is a new character, who is a former Recon Marine, turned SEAL. Since Stump is a part of DEVGRU aka SEAL Team 6, many of his missions involve close to mid-range fire-fights. Not to spoil it, but one of Stump's missions will be re-enactment of a very familiar SEAL mission.

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is a cross between Battlefield 3 and COD. The controls are like COD. The gameplay is very serious and authentic. When I say serious, I mean it takes out the COD-like Hollywood effect and puts players into the boots of the Tier 1 Operatives, who performed these missions. The game does not play as easy as the previous Medal of Honor, ESPECIALLY on hard difficulty. With that being said, when playing on hard difficulty, being tactical is a MUST. Take your time! Shoot! Get cover! Repeat! Enemies move much smarter and are tactical. Some may flank you. Others may ambush you, hide behind cover or even go into prone. The WORST enemies are the ones with flashlights attached to their weapon. In other words, you WILL get cut down, if not careful. Fire-fights can be very intense and sometimes elongated because of the likeness to be suppressed by heavy enemy gunfire. The close-quarter battles are the most fun, but be careful, when engaging enemies. Also, in hard difficulty, prepare to run for cover because enemies love to toss grenades.

The AI of your team is ok. They are constantly firing at enemies on sight. This team knows how to put rounds down-range. Sometimes, being in cover and seeing them engage the enemy is cool. They take needed cover and will remind you to do the same. Just like the previous version, ammunition can be retrieved from any teammate.However, they are not always aware of all enemies around. For example, there are times, when the team will just let an enemy just run past them and straight to you. This doesn't happen all the time, but do NOT heavily rely on your team to take out all enemies.

A new feature added to the game is door breaching. Of course, this is a welcome feature for all of you Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas lovers, but this game adds more variety to the technique. Players can unlock new breaching techniques, when getting four straight headshots on enemies, upon breaching a door. The given breaching technique is the basic kick. Afterwards, players can unlock six additional techniques, such as the crowbar, door knob charge, flex linear charge, sheet charge, shotgun, and the tomahawk. It is cool seeing how each breaching technique is done. Once unlocked, any can be used, when given the opportunity to breach a door. Once a door is breached, the game goes into slo-mo.

Driving vehicles is another new addition to this game for more variety. The view is in first person, of course. Driving vehicles are very basic. Just press the R2 button to accelerate and L2 to brake. Players can also press the left or right sticks to look from side to side, while in the vehicle.

GRAPHICS/VISUALS: Between this game and the previous Medal of Honor, the graphics are a 180. Colors and textures are more polished and vivid. Weapons show realistic wear. Not to mention, the red dot sights look very authentic, as well. Thanks to the Frostbite 2 Engine, just about every surface can be manipulated by gunfire or grenades. I just love how grenade blasts sends dirt, water, and other debris flying in the air. It is a thing to see. On one driving mission, the visuals will make players feel as if they are really driving. Seeing your surroundings in the review mirror is GREAT detail. Also, on another the driving mission, players will see all kinds of dirt and mud fly onto the windshield and the windshield wipers wiping it off. Not to mention, how the vehicle shows realistic wear, based on what objects they may interact with, while on the road.

When scoring a headshot, players will see two skull icons. For example, if a player shoots an enemy in leg and then manages to shoot them in the head, the white skull icon will come up. If a player shoots an enemy in the head with just one shot, then a red skull icon will come up. Nothing feels better than seeing the red skull icon show up. It's not easy to get those, though.

MULTIPLAYER: The multiplayer lets players play as 12 types of Tier 1 operative forces across the globe. All cannot be played at first, they have to be unlocked. The coolest thing about unlocking the different special force groups is seeing what types of weapons each operative force has. Not to mention, each has their own type of offensive/defensive killstreak. Weapons can be vastly customized ala Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, including camouflage. When I first played multiplayer, I did not like it. Now, I do. It is not like playing COD. It is more tactical and more rewarding to learn how to play. Teamwork is very essential. Many times, fighting alongside team members is commonplace. In fact, it will feel as if players are playing on the campaign.

SOUND: For all of you Battlefield 3 players, who love to hear the sound of authentic gunfire echoing, authentic sounds of weapon re-loads, and the realistic sound of explosions, you'll find that on this game, as well. All of these sounds become magnified, when fighting in close-quarters. Hearing bullets lay into enemies is like music to my ears.

TIER 1/HARDCORE MODES: Upon completing the game on Hard difficulty, players will unlock these two modes. The TIER 1 mode is automatically on Hard difficulty, but there is no HUD, whatsoever, which makes gameplay increasingly difficult and realistic. On Hardcore mode, it is on Hard difficulty, but if players are killed at any portion of the game, they will have to start the level completely over.

VERDICT: Despite what some may say, this game has it all. For those returning from the previous Medal of Honor and liked it, you'll love this. For new Medal of Honor players, you'll love this game too, if you are willing to step out of your COD box.
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on October 23, 2012
First off the single player campaign. I'm docking a half point for the sole reason that I completed the game in 4 and a half hours. It was ridiculously short. However, there is a lot of game-play packed into those few hours. The presentation is phenomenal for a game that doesn't have 'Call of' or 'Battlefield' in the title and proves that Medal of Honor can still stand up with the big franchises.

I had the opportunity to play through the first Medal of Honor, in this console generation anyway, and also Battlefield 3 and this iteration is somewhat of a bridge between the two play styles. There are more blockbuster moments than in the original MoH like in BF 3, but the game still retains the more realistic believe-ability of the first. This is in no way close to what the real thing must be like, as the adds have stated, but it's a far cry closer than anything else I've played. The interaction between the characters, who cross over from the first game, feels sincere and well scripted.

The Frostbite 2 engine used to create the game shines in the destructible environments and every grenade explosion near the player sends dirt and debris showering across the screen. Every bullet fired chips away fragments of walls and eliminates weaker cover. During one of the driving sequences, the truck you are controlling dips into a patch of mud and it splatters the windshield until the wipers scrape it off. The attention to detail is very high. I also encountered very few bugs and glitches during my play-through. I was glad to see the level of polish that the game received.

The cons:

-As stated, the game is only just over 4 hours long.

-Driving sequences are too long. I felt like I had been behind the wheel for far too long and while it was implemented well, I was glad when they were over and I could get back to the meat of the fire-fights.

-This is just a minor gripe, but the cut-scenes were to perfectly rendered. The game is gorgeous but as good as it looked, coming off of a pre-rendered movie back into the game is a noticeable downgrade.

The Pros:

-Great story with believable characters. The narrative flows fairly well, though I am getting sick of the trend of backtracking, that is to say, everything jumps back and forth between the present in cut-scenes and the past in playable segments for most of the game.

-The game is rendered beautifully and, though the graphical difference between the cut-scenes and the game-play is jarring, the engine shines in the varied locations you travel to. From traversing through flooded streets under a heavy storm to slow-motion take downs after breaching a door, Frostbite 2 looks incredibly good.

-Variety. During my time with the game, I fought through fire-fights across the desert, jungle, ruined city, and flooded towns. The on rails turret segments were implemented well and provided a nice break in the game-play. The driving segments, while running on too long, were otherwise handled well with good controls and attention to detail. The door breaching was particularly fun and my cousin (who watched me play the game) and I grunted every time a door was opened without it. The unlockable options for using different entry methods added a lot of variety to the segments.

-The skull icon pop-up for getting a headshot. This is just a small touch that made the act of pulling off a grape shot that much more satisfying. Especially when getting the red skull for a one-shot-one-kill.

In multiplayer you are assigned a partner on your team that can refill ammo when close among other benefits like regenerating health and partner spawning. You have the option to only be able to voice chat with that partner, so no screaming 12 year olds taunting you from the other team, which is a big plus in my book. The objective based matches and emphasis on partnering with another player stands to set this apart from being just another free-for-all and though it is familiar territory if you've played most other military shooters, the action is still fun and exciting.

All in all I am satisfied with my purchase, I do wish there was more content. A longer campaign and co-op missions would have added a lot to the game. Whether or not you need another military shooter is up to you. But the touching story and tight game-play are worth the price of admission for anyone who is a fan of the genre.

Edit: After playing the Multiplayer for a good amount of time I have to dock the score another point bringing it down to a 3.5. The battles are still fun for the most part and I like a lot of the implementations that are presented like the two man fire teams and the way the weapons and characters unlock. However the multiplayer is weighed down by bugs and glitches. On more than a few occasions I fell through the world to die in the space beneath. While jumping back into the game on a partner I've been spawned inside of a wall with no way to get out. But the most offensive of these issues are the resetting of skill points that had me starting over from scratch at level 1 more than once and the 'fall back' spawn point that all too often puts you directly in the middle of a group of enemies. Spawn camping is already a prevalent problem. Also get used to resetting some of your setting when starting up a fresh game as it resets you to level 1 after quitting and restarting, meaning you have most of your options locked until you spawn for the first time in a new game and have to go through the unlocking process as your level catches suddenly up to where you left off (This could be a bug with the 'nations' segment of Origin). It's still a fun game but I'm afraid that by the time these issues are fixed, like Medal of Honor, no one will still be playing it.
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on July 13, 2013
This game has an avg Amazon review of 3.7 out of 5...That's too low. The SP Campaign is pretty darn close to a 5 out of 5! The controls work well and there's something here for everyone. There's some sniping, a grab-the-edge-of-your-seat car chase, a cute little robot (with deadly firepower) and loads of terrorists waiting to be iced by you. Your buddies always give you extra ammo when you need it so no low ammo phobias. The steel case is a nice touch too!

I played through the Campaign 3 times (and I never do that). Not sure why some reviews are so low...If you like shooters, this is a FUN one!
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on October 29, 2012
Multiplay Game Play (30 hrs) review. ( Didn't touch Campaign).

Not your typical run N' gun game like other developers but if you want something more "real" this is the game for you. Why? In order to be good in this game you'll need, common sense, teamwork, and know how to be tactical. In my 30 hr experience I first was used to COD style games and ran around trying to be a ninja but that result only got me a Kill Death Ratio (KDR) of 1.00. Soon after I became accustomed to the MP game modes (Real Ops is the best, simliar to COD hardcode demolition mode) I began playing slower and checking my corners, ADS the corridors, grenading traffic areas, using the 2 buddy system, and overall just WAITING for the enemy to rashly charge a room without clearing it first. When I became a "smarter" player my KDR increase from 1:1 to 2-2.5:1 (hard to reach a 30-10 score).

Spawn camping isn't a big problem. Just be careful if you team spawn cause you might spawn right before your team mate dies (I've killed plenty of teams this way).

Sure some may say the maps are "linear" compared to COD and BF3, but honestly I have flanked the enemy from behind when they were busy at the front line and took out 5 of them(no one watching the rear on their part :P ).

My only gripes, should of included a medic guy (maybe I didn't lvl that far?), add vehicles, operable killstreaks (guided bombs, switchblade) can barely see the enemy through this camera everyone is thermal...

Should combine BF3 and this game for a much better experience. Vehicles and aircrafts, slower but smarter gameplay, medics, include MOH graphics and sounds, more destruction, list goes on.

Overall a great experience and my final advice is to rent it first and see if you like the game style.

Comment if you have any questions about Multiplayer game modes I tried to keep this review short. Thanks!
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on January 13, 2013
Ok so I loved this games single player campaign and actually played through it three times before I sold the game. I mainly buy games just for the multiplayer but i do enjoy the single player aspect, I just dont see replay value after ive beaten the game so I usually sell them if I dont like the multiplayer.

But onto the game, the multiplayer and single player have different graphics! The single player has WAYY better graphics than the multiplayer! Like they look like two different games. The single player campaign will keep you engaged and not wanting to put down your controller, it is so deep and involving.

The multiplayer tries TOO hard to be like Call of Duty. And I hate Call of Duty. Yet ive owned every call of duty, and I have sold them all due to it being too arcade like and full of foul mouthed racist little kids, but thats another review.

Ultimately I loved this game for one reason, the single player campaign. This game is a rental in my opinion just because there isn't much replay value after you have beat the game.
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on November 12, 2012
I think MOH: Warfighter is a fantastic game that doesnt deserve all the harsh criticism it has received. IMO def an improvement over MOH (2010) which I enjoyed thoroughly. Here is a breakdown of SP and MP:

SP: Many on hear state the single player was short but very good and I couldnt agree more. I think the SP is quite engaging with a solid story line and about the right length given the MP is where I feel the game shines. Realistically, the SP is about the same as any COD or BO game and IMO is no better or worse to be honest. Rating 8/10.

MP: I hear a ton of complaints but the MP is fantastic. I will admit the first 10 hours or so of MP had me frustrated but I agree their is a steep learning curve especially understanding what weapons work for you and which dont. The customization and weapon selection is outstanding and the MP maps are fun. I love the new buddy system and I have officially become addicted to MP to the point where I may not even purchase Black Ops (My intent was to finish MOH:W and move on but not sure I can). Rating 10/10

Tropies/Plat: I really love the fact that the Plat is not easy and to be honest the MP is not a grind to obtain the trophies which I thought would be. I will def relish having the Plat in my collection to go along with the MOH (2010) version.

Summary: This game is so underrated and in comparing it to Black Ops #1, I think its fantastic. The only thing Black Ops is better at(or has) is the Zombie mode but the overall MP experience is much better in MOH:W.

Great game, I hope others give it a shot because I think the MP is outstanding.

Edit: I have now logged in approx. 35 hours of MP and it is outstanding. I will not be purchasing Black Ops II based on how fantastic the customization and MP really is as well as the poor reviews Black Ops has received.
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on March 2, 2013
Well well done. No not well done, OUTSTANDING! I have played the game through four times and haven't been disappointed yet and expect I never will be. I have played all of the MOH video games from the games' inception. Leaps and bounds improvement in quality, content, rendering and overall quality. I love the movements allowed for the game, walking while aiming, lean and peek, etc.
None better!!
The other guys may flood the market with COD titles every 6 months, but the gameplay does not improve at all.
With EA and Medal of Honor it is worth the longer wait as the overall quality is so much better.
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on July 27, 2014
I played and past this game in the single player story mode. This game is pretty good! I waited for it to get cheaper and then I got it. The weapons are real and I feel like I'm really there kickin a$$. When you get shot in this game, the screen turns red. You just have to chill out and hide behind cover then you heal in like 5 seconds! Cool! It beats having to keep busting out rations and getting fat to get your health back. These missions in the story mode are inspired by real events so they are exciting to play like you were there saving all these peeps! I play call of duty also and this game is pretty good compared to call of duty. I played the one before this one. It was not bad. This game is better to me. I remember when I played the previous one, a truck crashed thru the wall and the dudes were shooting at me and I spanked their faces but the driver was still chillin in the truck looking forward and doing nothing with his game face! I couldn't shoot him because he got like a bulletproof truck! So it has its flaws the previous one. This game has pretty good detail like when I shoot the water I can hear the bullet smack the surface. But it also lacks in detail like if you shoot a can or car nothing happens. I love it when you shoot stuff and they all interact and there is a result of some kind. Its funny when you play shooter games and when you shoot walls and see bullet holes, then shoot somewhere else and watch the bullet holes disappear on their own! There are driving sequences in the game and I keep crashing. Be careful not to shoot your fellow dudes too much or it will be game over. Also the level where you get caught and escape, you have to sneak up on dudes and choke um out and get a weapon. So peep this, if you choke out the dudes, they leave no weapon. But if you get spotted those same dudes blast you! Before these enemies get choked out, they probably eat their gun right before they croak or stuff it up somewhere very very safe. Overall not bad game for the price. There are better games out there but for this bargain price you have a not bad game and or a cheap coaster at the same time.

Update: I was playing this level and this dude comes at me with his pickup truck with his companion manning the gun turrent in the back and then he crashes the truck and somehow magically appears underneath the truck!! I was like dang, maybe he crashed and then flew underneath. But I replayed that same scene and this time I sprinted up before he crashes to get a good peek. So the truck does a side skid and then crashes then he's underneath the truck like he teleported there magically. He looks like he's sleeping underneath the truck so I just tuck him in when he gets there. Maybe he's getting some shade because it's so hot there.
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on October 29, 2012
WARNING: This review is for those solely interested in the single-player campaign experience.

I was fairly excited for this game after playing the campaign in 2010's Medal of Honor (which I thought superior to CoD MW2). However, I am sorely disappointed after nearly beating the single-player. First, the single-player is very short. I will have beaten in it in about 6-8 hours, which is fairly quick for someone like myself, who is an average player. I can't fault Danger Close for this, though, since the development is concentrated on the multiplayer (which is the moneymaker).

Nevertheless, the story lacks any sort of cohesion and is very difficult to follow. You play as either Preacher or Stump, but it's not clear how these two men fit into the story (or why they're even fighting). The cut scenes to the men's wives don't advance the story and, frankly, seem insulting to the ability of military spouses to cope with their partners' absence. For the most part, the story is also fairly simple. I play most games on "normal" difficulty, and for most games, this means that I still die fairly frequently. Not so here. The bad guys are predictable, and you seem able to take a huge amount of damage before dying.

My biggest complaint, though (which merits its own paragraph) are the graphical glitches. I haven't perused the forums to see if I'm the only one experiencing this, but there were several instances where I would have white blocks cover up to 1/3 of my screen. That makes it very difficult to play the game, and it took away what enjoyment I was receiving.

In sum, if you're just buying this for the single-player, I would recommend holding off and buying Spec Ops: The Line (which is very good, albeit also short) or at least waiting until it comes down in price.
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on October 29, 2014
This game is fun but is full of serious problems with the software. I bought it for a Sony Playstation 3, but by the 5th level I started having problems with screen freezes and then total system lock ups. The only way to restart the game, all to have it freeze up again, was to disconnect the power to the console. It could not be turn off and damaged my PS3 software to the point I had to reload it from back ups and downloads from Sony. With some internet research, there is a work around solution that seems to correct the problem and worked for two days since I restored my PS3. When setting the video resolution, DO NOT INCREASE THE SCREEN size when gives the option to install. Even reducing it later will cause the same problems. It does affect how you can read the options, but the game will play at full screen otherwise. I have a 52" screen HDTV, so I can see the menu even with the resolution size reduced, and it will work full screen. But this is a known problem I found internet wide....after I bought it and crashed my PS3.
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