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Format: Video Game|Change
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on October 26, 2012
First of all, ignore the one star reviews from COD fan boys, people who were upset that you had to install origin, and people who haven't even played the game. The following is a candid review of the game:

Graphics: I find the graphics very good looking, realistic, and sharp. Explosions look fantastic, bullet impacts look great, The models look great. I run a very high end rig so I can max out all the settings and not see a stutter. As long as you have a decent machine you should have no problem running the game.

Sound: I am not an audiophile so for me this never bothers me much but most of the sound effects sound good. The gunfire and explosions all sound crisp and clear with good ranging effects based on the location of the gunfire. A lot of the gun fire is very distinct even though there is a wide range of guns.

Campaign: Honestly I only got through a few missions of the campaign before I had to stop. It seemed very generic and linear and after playing through tons of those types of campaigns it seems tired for me. I believe a lot of this has to do with the fact that I am in the military so the whole story line does not really draw me in.

Gameplay (Multiplayer): Alright, the gameplay in multiplayer has certain original parts, this is where the majority of the people will spend their time so I have divided it into pro's and con's.

Pro's: The designers implemented a buddy team system where you can spawn next to another player in a two man team. You can give each other ammo and health. The systems is great as long as you have a buddy who works with you. It helps you spot enemies, cover each other, and move through the map without getting hit from a flank. I enjoy the lean system which I never understand why other games do not implement. The selection of guns, classes, and different abilities are very varied and widespread. You can be a recon guy, a sniper, a demo guy, machine gunner, etc. With each of these classes comes a lot of different firepower to choose from. Each of the guns has a lot of customization options so if you are into having a certain type of gun after you earn all the unlocks then look no further. The maps are small, with 20 people per server, and the action is fast paced and intense and always happening. The weapons are not so overpowered as to kill with one shot but if you take anything more than a couple of rounds you will die.

Con's: With a new release comes a lot of bugs. Now I have problems just having the game freeze and I understand that it is a COMPUTER game, so it is not going to be 100% stable for everyone. If you are the type of person that gets upset because the game designers didn't come to your house and design the game specifically for your computer then do not buy it. Besides that, there are some problems, obvious problems, such as spawn in the background for the world where you are stuck for a while. Sometimes you spawn right in front of the entire enemy team and get cut down. The gameplay is fun, but with only TDM and Sector Control I can see it getting boring real fast. A lot of the interface just seems down right confusing to me, and I have been playing video games for a long time so that is hard to do to me with a game. There is also what I call 'Fluff'. It is just a lot of extra pointless stuff (aka collect and spend so many tokens so you can help your selected country 'win' some contest for xp or whatever) that just really does not do it for me. If that is your thing then go nuts. A lot of the unlocks help make your gun look unique but do not seem to mean anything except for maybe the muzzle breaks, silencers, and sights.

Overall: I bought this game because I figured I would give something other than COD a try. (After MW3 was released I stopped playing, I am not paying money to buy the same game over and over). MOH has its perks, but it just doesn't seem to live up to all the hype. The developers are touting the campaign but it is short and not really that great. The multiplayer also seems mediocre at best with a lot of good implements but overall just not enough new ideas. Hence, I give the game 3/5 stars. Is it worth the money right now? I would say no, you are probably better waiting for it to drop in price after a few months.
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on October 23, 2012
first things first this is the pc version so i will cover those aspects that are not related to the console version. i purchased medal of honor from origin, painless process the servers werent as busy as i thought download speeds were ok. first thing i noticed when i started playing is that battlelog is optional, it lets you choose to run the game in the actual game itself or to start it from battlelog. please note that that server browser is only available in battlelog. Ok now for visuals, im a huge bf3 fan so i was expecting the same strain on my graphics cards since its using the same frosbite 2 engine. i was surprised because when i play on my alienware m18x labtop i can normally run bf3 at aound 60 - 70 fps with max settings with exception of some AA setting at medium low. In medal of honor the graphics setting options are exactly identical but i can easily max everything with AA and HBOA on and get around 70-80 FPS. i would say that bf3 and MOH are the same level as far as visuals so either the game is better optimized or its due to the maps being smaller with less players so it doesnt strain your graphics card as much. Gameplay is honestly somewhere between bf3 and call of duty i would say more so towards battlefield for its not as super fast paced and run and gun style like COD but it implements strategy and tactics from you and your fireteam buddy, and its extremly more realistic. all the mechanics of bf3 are there for the exception of sliding and the ability to lean in and out of cover, a perfect example would be the game dishonored, you can be behind wall or whatever it may be and you can lean a little to shoot out of cover with very little body exposure, so thats pretty cool if you ask me. fireteam buddy system is also a great this is basiclly a squad if you were playing bf3 . you can share ammo, spot enemies, and spawn with your buddy and you can always keep track of him on the map. weapons can be elaboratly customized from everything to muzzles, magazine types, camo, to your attachements you choose to use on the weapon you just about make from scratch. Ok now for single player, i loved the MOH 2010s campaign so i was hoping for the same iv only played 2 1/2 hours and so far i think its great but not amazing i felt in the begining that i had to force myself to stay interested for it just seemed to drag but it dramatically picked up after an hour in.

Overall i dont regret buying this game, i was a little skeptical after EA not giving early copies to the review companies such as meta critic and ign for fear that the game would get mediocore reviews and hurt sales. but this coming from a hardcore battlefield player i can assure you if you like the realism of battlefield 3 with the faster paced action similiar to call of duty this is the game for you, and you wont be disappointed. sorry if my review isn perfect i tried to cover as much as i can. let me know if i left anything out at all
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on August 16, 2013
I can't believe all the poor reviews of this game.
It's for entertainment only and provides that and at a cheap cost.
I had hours of fun with this and was happy with the purchase.
Delivery was as expected w/o problems.
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on December 27, 2015
This game requires you to load Origin, an EA gaming cite... before you can actually load the game. This was a real pain in the rear end. It tool a long time to load this game.. once loaded the game is just ok... this is one In a long line of Medal of Honor games that EA has created since 2001. In my opinion it is not as good as the early games. I suspect that eventually the online gamer cite will be shut down just like game spy was shut done for the earlier Medal of Honor games. I can't recommend the game because of time it takes to load, and having to load Origin...
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on November 21, 2012
Some people are complaining about the fact that there's a small amount of drama in this. One of the main players has a wife and kid that he's having trouble keeping. Because he's always gone on missions, he hardly sees them, and he has to make a decision between them and defending freedom. I see this as a really good and important aspect to the game and one not found in other war games. It actually shows some human emotion to the ugliness of killing and war. Sure, we all love to run and gun, and you do that most of the time here, but for maybe less then 100 mb. of hd space, you see a man in a realworld situation dealing with real life issues. It adds alot to the story imo. If you want pure kill games, there's plenty out there. It's nice to see a little human touch in a game. Especially one as violent as this is.

The graphics here are great, if you have the right gear. The sound and music is perfect with the explosions just right. Some games amp up the sounds of gunfire and bombs and it gets to be too much for me. A bullet should not sound like a rocket going by. The pacing is good, although we could have used a few less doors to kick in. That part was getting a little old. The door banging should not be used so much, but more like the real world. Many in the East use simple curtains for doors or bamboo. They could have come up with different ways to enter rooms. When you repeat any action, it gets old, especially in a high action game.

This game is not as long, in single player, as it should be. Is it worth the money? Yes, but only if you plan on playing with other people as well as by yourself.

Be sure your card is updated as this one demands good graphics and does run on the warm side. I had to open the case for more air, when it got over 52c. And I have liquid cooling. If you don't have a fast cpu, lots of ram, and a good, new graphics card, don't buy this or you will be not real happy.

Amd 960T-6 core cpu-3.8 ghz.
8gbz. ram
Kuhler 620 liquid cpu cooler
Nvidia 560 1gb
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on October 5, 2013
3 stars because of the low price and some limited enjoyment. I only played this in single-player mode on PC so cannot comment on multiplayer or console versions.
This is a typical linear, point-to-point shooter in a similar vein to the Modern Warfare franchise, BF3 and the previous MOH installment (with the addition of some very annoying car chases). Go here, shoot these bad guys, go to the next spot and shoot some more bad guys, then chase some bad guys in a car. If I'd wanted car chases I'd have bought a car-chase game. I will say, however; that it seemed to me there were some improvements in the bad guy's AI over the previous MOH installment, and that's always a good thing. Of course I could be completely mistaken about that; but it was my impression when playing.
Graphics are pretty good, similar to BF3 (same Frostbite 2 engine according to the box) but honestly not much improved over the previous installment, and realistically the game practically forces you to hurry through every task (either with time limits or constant nagging by "team") so that there is little chance to appreciate or enjoy the excellent graphic details. Never could understand that with game designers ... why put so much effort into creating wonderfully detailed graphics and then design the gameplay so that they cannot be appreciated?
Aside from the very annoying car chases that you must complete before advancing the game, the other major annoyances for me were the frequent "cut to film clip about the personal life of the team members" stuff. I mean, really ..... it's a shooter, do I want to know about some character's marital problems or have to look at his odd, creepy little girl (maybe only if I could shoot her in the face)?
All in all I should not complain too much. For the price I paid the game did provide some enjoyment; of the 5 hours or so it takes to complete the single-player campaign I probably thoroughly enjoyed about 3 1/2 hours of that, really hated about 1 hour, and was mildly annoyed for about a half-hour. As for replay-ability, it's like one star or less. Once played on the hardest setting there's not much point to replaying the game, as it's always going to be the same bad guys in the same places doing the same things; but then that's the nature of linear shooters. And once you've done the car chases on the hardest setting with PC keyboard controls you'd have to be a masochist (or have lots and lots of free time) to want to do it again.
Note: you'll have to sign up for an Origin account online and have internet access to play the game, even in single-player mode; I'm not aware of a way to play this offline (maybe someone more knowledgeable could comment on that).
In summary; neither the best nor worst game I've bought. Folks who like shooters such as MW3 or BF3 may find this similar to them and enjoyable for a few hours if they can tolerate the annoyances.
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on February 13, 2013
This game has a very well told story that grasps you while you play it. The multiplayer was a good hybrid between Call of Duty and Battlefield, but it was so empty that I didn't get a chance to really play it. There was also an over abundance of breaches in the story.
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on March 24, 2014
First off, I dont multiplay so this is for campaign players. I have played every MoH title going back to the first. I have also played every CoD title except Ghost (but will) since the first. Also Battlefield games since Bad Company. Keep in mind just the campaigns. I have loved them all and Warfighter is no exception. I may be wrong, but I believe most of these game reviews are based on the multiplayer side. I wish more reviewers would seperate there campaign and multiplay a little better so I could understand a little better whether the review was based on the campaign vs. multiplay. So, as for my review, as I stated earlier I dont Multiplay. I very much enjoyed Warfighter. I found it to be as good or great as the CoD, BF, and Tom Clancey Games. And at $9.95 I would buy it again. I recently finished it and I most certainly intend to play it again. So, if you enjoy playing by yourself (no pun intended) I say 5 thumbs up......
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on July 7, 2015
The graphics are very good, I'm able to play it on moderate settings and a low end gaming laptop. I was disappointed there is no per-mission play after completing the game like in the previous version, some of the missions, just like any game, are a chore to get through for the good ones. This is not an open world game, you are playing through a movie and there is LOTS of movie to sit through. I still find one of the best semi open world combat games is the old Medal of Honor Airborne which no longer plays on my new machine, I miss it. I played through the first time (after getting the hang of the controls) in about 4hrs, the second time in about 2hrs and the third was likely the last time – unless I get really bored. I have slow connections so I don't use the MMP section of the game so no feed back there.
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on May 20, 2014
I've played most every FPS since Doom and Wolfenstein (the originals) and this looks great and has it's moments but just isn't really much fun. I'm strictly single player so can't comment on multiplayer but here's my issue with this game (and many recent similar titles); I prefer an open-sandbox style play- OK I know not possible for all games but this goes too far in the other direction- you're basically led by the nose through the game and virtually every footfall must be in the right preplanned location. Heavily scripted, most often your team leads you and even tells you where to go and what to do. And the most annoying things I find in some games... if you don't cross the street or go in a building the enemies will generate forever and ever. You can hunker down and pop heads from across the street for the next ten years, replacements just keep appearing. Maybe a straggler could show up but just a one for one replacement for each kill until you cross invisible line somewhere is bull. At the core I'm playing to have fun, not wonder where the next trigger is or stress over a countdown clock (HATE countdown/clocked/chased levels). Whatever happened to games like HalfLife and Fallout3... I think I may be done with these step-by-step anti-sandbox titles. Not to mention the Origin thing...
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