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on October 22, 2015
It's been 7 days so far, it did a great job almost getting rid of the 2 dark scars beneath my nose and above my lips. I'm so happy with this product.
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on April 17, 2008
You will definitely see an improvement in your scars. I repeat that again with emphasis: you will see an improvement. I have to tell you that the improvement won't be until you use maybe five or more tubes over five months. The tube is not that large and it doesn't last all that long. It is costly, no matter where you buy it--the Internet or your local store. But, it is the only scar product I have tried that does what it says it will do---so for the third time: don't expect your scars to be 100% gone, even after five or six tubes. BUT: you will be pleased---very, very pleased, indeed. I would say a 90% improvement, and that is wonderful. But not from one tube. I do recommend it and I like it. Not messy and don't use too much as it flakes off. Follow directions. It is a fine product, but buy in bulk!!!
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on October 6, 2015
My two year old daughter fell on the coffee table edge, resulting in a deep cut that needed six stitches to close. The cut formed a big scar right across her perfect little forehead, and I was very distraught. As soon as the stitches came out, I immediately started applying the Mederma Advanced Gel twice per day and the Mederma Night Cream every night. I would put sunscreen over the scar every day, too. The first picture is the day her stitches came out, and the second is five months later. I am very pleased with the results-- you can barely see the scar and I am continuing the treatment. I am hoping that after a year of treatment, it will be invisible. I have been VERY diligent about putting it on-- I don't think I have missed more than a few days these past five months. So it takes constant use, and it takes a while to work, and putting sunscreen over the scar is vital, but I am very pleased with the results!
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on May 13, 2012
I have been using this product for about 6 weeks and can see a dramtic difference in my complexion. I am using it on my face for ACNE SCARS and it is working wonders. I wish I had tried it before!
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on March 22, 2014
I'm light skinned African-American and have used this to heal several fairly new scars. Works well, is odorless and easy to apply. Would definitely recommend
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on August 2, 2015
I had bad pock marks and acne scars. Not only did I pick at my face, I scarred it up too.
This product visibly reduced my scars at least 50% and even eliminated a LOT of them. I no longer feel ashamed of my face.
This is my 2nd tube I just bought to see if I can reduce them any more.
I used it at least once at night and sometimes in the morning too. It took about 3 months to get the results mentioned above.
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on August 6, 2010
I bought a small tube of this after having total knee replacement. I was miffed at the high price, but had been told by my doctors that this was what I should buy. After using it for a couple of months, and running out, I wasn't happy with the slow progress I was making. So when I went for a refill, I bought the Walgreens store brand instead since it was much cheaper. After only a few days, the scar was worsening - growing in both height and width. I ordered this large tube on Amazon, and I immediately exchanged the store brand for another tube of Mederma, and the scar is back on track for a slow resolution. My doctor said to be patient; the larger the scar, the longer the treatment time will be.

Update Oct. 14, 2010: I'm uploading a picture today so everyone can see the progress of my scar. As you can see, I scar badly. My doctor told me that using Mederma, it would start at one end and zip up like a zipper - and as you can clearly see, that is what's happening. Getting this far has taken a LONG time. I've been using it liberally for about 5 months now, and spent $60 on the stuff so far. Before this thing is over, I will have invested a lot of time, money, and patience.

Update March 14, 2011: It has now become evident that the Hypertrophic part of the scar on my knee (the upper half of the scar) is not benefiting from using Mederma. Mederma slows the progression of the condition, but I don't plan to use it my entire life, so ultimately it will progress and end wherever it wants. My conclusion is that it was very helpful for the normal part of the scar - the part that didn't go Hypertrophic at the outset - but ultimately failed to reverse the Hypertrophic condition. Most people don't scar as I do, so it may be beneficial for them to use on their "normal" scars.
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on May 10, 2013
As of this review I'm still using it but I went and bought the Advanced Scar Gel from Walmart.

Originally I started applying just this particular Mederma product to my acne scars, old eyebrow piercing scar, and stretch marks. I bought it for my acne scars because I had 2 dark ones on my cheeks... yes I bought this as a spot treatment lol. Let me go ahead and state that I'm a african american female with a brown skin complexion.

Acne Scars: I had a blemish under my eye that was a bit red. It seem to have got rid of that completely but as far as the 2 acne scars I was trying to spot treat.. either I'm just paranoid or they kept getting darker. After awhile though those 2 scars....PEELED...OFF. They honestly peeled right off but started scarring over again. I've been using this for a month now and the one on the left side of my face is a little lighter but the one of the right is darker. They keep peeling and re-scarring. I broke out with another pimple that started scarring after treating it and that one peeled off BUT it healed perfectly fine. You can't even tell I had a pimple in that area and I spot treated it with this like I've been doing the other 2 acne spots. I've even applied this to my whole face and after 2 weeks my skin tone had evened out completely... except for those 2 stubborn spots.

Eyebrow Scar: This product on THIS particular scar was amazing. I've had this scar for about 2 1/2 years from a eyebrow piercing that was migrating through my skin. If I didn't take it out when I did, the piercing would have came through my skin. My body was rejecting it because I kept snagging it on my shirts when I took them off or else scratched it in my sleep.It looked like I took a razor and made a slit in my eyebrow and that always bothered me. No hair would grow in that area! Even after getting my eyebrows professionally done, I felt as though the look was ruined by that scar. After applying Mederma to the scar, it started healing, not just fading. As of this review, the scar is still there but it's not a "deep" scar anymore. I can probably take a eye pencil and fill it in a little and you wouldn't even be able to see it. It has helped THAT much.

Stretch Marks: Other than my eyebrow scar, Mederma seems to have had a positive effect on my stretch marks as well. Like I said, I'm brown skinned, so the stretch marks show up darker on me. I would apply the product to my upper arms, and my tummy. I don't have any children so they were really bothering me especially since losing weight. I can say without a doubt they work on stretch marks. They are still there but the darker stretch marks are more faded and a bit grey while the lighter stretch marks are starting to blend in with my tummy. Some of the lighter ones I can hardly see myself. If I can hardly see them, then I know to others they will be near invisible and that's what I wanted. Even the stretch marks on my upper arms are blending in to my skin tone.

Now since I've bought the advanced gel as well, I've been applying both. This will sound strange but this seems to work better than the advanced gel. I saw no difference with the advanced gel but I saw a difference with this one....strange.

ADDED NOTE: After applying this to my body for the first 2 weeks I've noticed it's been FIRMING those areas, especially my face and upper arms. I've noticed it more in my upper arms. The skin is tighter. I'm 26 years old and now my face doesn't look as tired.

Doesn't work as well on darker acne scars but seems to work great on stretch marks and regular scars.
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on September 20, 2015
Prior I had used Mederma PM intensive overnight and Mederma +SPF 30 and I find this Mederma advanced to be better than both of them,It is more of a gel and not a cream like the previous mentioned Mederma's and a little of this goes a long way as well it seeps into the skin faster and dries faster than the previous 2 mentioned. My scars are already fading after using for a month.

Important tip! They ain't kidding when they say you only have to use once daily. During the 1st week of using this I was applying it to my scars 3 to 4 times a day and I noticed the skin around my scars was peeling. This is strong stuff and only use it once a day or else it will peel your skin.

Overall this is great stuff to reduce scar appearance,I like it a lot better than the Mederma PM overnight and +SPF30 creams
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on July 19, 2016
I bought this cream to try to fade some wax burn marks on my upper lip and some scars I had from picking at acne. Normally, I have a very smooth face and not much acne. But when I do get acne, i tend to aggravate them more by picking at them and making them scab. I have had a few really bad wax burn marks that stained my upper lip area a shade of dark gray/black. Eww. Some of the acne scars were dark red. Fine for someone with darker skin but I am fair skinned and every little flaw on my face shows up that much worse! So embarrasing because as other girls who wax know, its the first thing people notice about your face.

After using this cream for just one day, applying in the morning and at night, I saw dramatic results. I posted pictures up to help anyone who wants to see results in terms of improvement.

The second picture is after using it for 3 days twice a day. The scar on my upper lip (left corner of the face) was basically entirely healed.
It works. The ingredients are not anything strange or peculiar. The scent, (as it does have a scent. Certain people were saying it is unscented) is almost akin to aloe vera although I am not sure if there is any of it in the cream.

After applying it, I noticed the scent but it is very very light. The cream is more translucent and kind of watery. It goes on smooth and does not leak or spill. After a minute or two, the gel seems to harden a bit and the layer of cream will peel off. I peeled off the gel and added some more before bed. It didnt 100% remove the discoloration from the burns/marks but for just 3 days it removed about 3 months of damage. I plan to use it more to try to completely return the damaged area to my original color.

The efficacy of this cream seems to work consistently over time especially on older scars. But for newer scars, it seems the first couple days of applying it will do the most in terms of dramatic improvement. Afterwards, the cream works. But slows down in terms of improvement compared to the first couple uses.
Nonetheless it works and I am proof.
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