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on January 17, 2012
The overall quality of the cable seems great. It's heavy duty while not being too rigid, but for some reason the Micro USB side keeps slipping out of my phone (partially). A co worker of mine has the same exact cable and doesn't have this problem with his phone, so maybe it's my phone's fault.

Now that I've been contacted by Mediabridge's customer support, I have to say that this is the best experience that I've had buying something so small and simple. They found my review on here on Amazon, contacted me and sent me out a new replacement cable. I was willing to just let it go and cut my losses, but they actually contacted me. You can't get better than that!
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on July 17, 2012
I remember receiving the cord several months ago and being very pleased with the build quality and design. The cord seemed to be well made and well shielded. However, it was about a month later when the cord started having connectivity problems. I would have to attach it to the phone at just a certain angle before it would connect and charge. It was definitely the cord as the phone had no issues with other cords.

I was on my way to write a bad review, when I noticed that the company had commented with support information on each negative review. I called the support number and was pleased to see that a live person answered my call immediately and shipped me a replacement cord, no questions asked. Their customer service is excellent. Also, remember that the cord has a one year warranty.

I received a new cord within a few days and I was happy to give this company another go. The second cord worked perfectly for a few months then it, once again, started having the same issue again. It would not connect unless I held it slightly to the right and wrapped my cord around the phone to maintain the cord in that position. This was really annoying after a while and I called customer service again. I was happy to see that their service was just as good as my first time and they have agreed to ship me a replacement without much issue.

I am a little frustrated with having two cords fail on me, especially since I don't place a lot of strain on the cords, nor do I bend them or twist them in a way that should damage two cords. Any pressure exerted on the cord is just normal use. So I cut open the head to investigate.

I found that the inside was a rigid plastic that encapsulated the wires. This hard capsule does not apply the cord any flexibility and therefore creates a break when the line bends too much. I twisted the wire half-way down the line and I could see the red wire in the head move slightly away from the solder - enough to break the connection. I recommend a change in design that allows a little more flexibility inside the head and a more rigid head. I noticed that the head was too flexible and a turn left or right of the connection head would change the cord's position enough to sever the solder connection.

In short: great customer service, great exterior quality, poor inside connection design.
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on December 2, 2011
I never give much importance to usb cables. However, after receiving my kindle fire and seeing that I would need such a cable to connect my kindle to my computer I set out for a search. I found so many cables listed some with outrageous prices so I said to myself I will order the least expensive one. I paid 2 dollars for the first one. It arrived and did not work I felt sheepish to say the least.
Back to amazon I go to order another. I saw this one for 6 dollars and prime eligible and wanting to make the most of my free month of prime membership ordered it. It arrived today and I plugged in my kindle fire to both my pc and mac and it works. What a great feeling. This cable feels very solid and it works with my kindle fire and I am now able to transfer my books/music/videos.
If you are looking for a well made cable that works for the kindle fire this is it.
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on June 8, 2011
I ordered two of these micro B cables to use with my Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4g. Previously I had looked around on the web and found that some reviewers claimed that some cables attached only loosely to their Galaxy phones. I looked at Amazon's offerings and decided to take a chance on these low-priced cables based on the 9 reviews of them, all of which were 5 star.

As with everyone else, the cables arrived quickly (amazon prime) and each one was individually shrink-wrapped and boxed. De-packaging one, my first impression was that the cables were well made and sturdy -- thick, but not so think as to be a PIA. As another reviewer noted, the connectors on both sides are gold-plated, and not solely the USB-A side as the item's photo seems to show (as of now, anyway!). The connectors appear to be solidly embedded into the surrounding plastic and there is no wiggling. The plastic around the connectors feels solid but is not very bulky. I expect these cables to last some time based on their apparent quality.

I tested the cables on my mac with my epic 4g. After I plugged the phone into the micro-B connector, I noted that the phone charges as it should. When I first disconnected the cable from the phone I was very pleasantly surprised to feel a good amount of resistance from the connector before it unplugged (a stock one I have falls easily out of the phone, like, uh, tree-hanging fruit, ripe, in a gust of wind!). The cable does not unplug from the phone when I move it way from the computer, even when I lightly tug on it. This is the best cord for my phone that I've used, and a quabillion times better than stock.

The cable properly creates a data connection between my phone and my mac. The same with my PC (charging and data working properly).
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on November 9, 2013
I've had a tough time finding a cord that will charge my phone. In the past I've had to position a cord in the exact right position in order for my phone to be charged. Some cords would do this, and some wouldn't. For the cords that would work, they would eventually stop working and I'd have to get a new one. I bought the Mediabridge, AmazonBasics, and EZOPower cords all at the same time in order to see which ones worked the best. The Mediabridge was the best of the three, although the AmazonBasics cord has been pretty good also. I'll be sticking with these two. The edge goes to the Mediabridge because it seems to be built a little more sturdy. The cord is a little thicker and the connections are nice and tight (the micro usb isnt moving around in the port on my phone).
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on August 5, 2013
This cord got HOT AS HELL when pugged into the 2.0 slot of a USB A/C charging plug. I plugged it in as soon as it arrived to see how fast it charged my Galaxy S3. I left it plugged in for about 15 minutes and unplugged my phone after it jumped up 5%. I left the cable plugged in for about 2 hours total and happened to walk by it and saw that it was completely disfigured. Melted, bubbly plastic was coming out of the end of the Micro side and the housing around the metal Micro was bubbled as well. The cable was hot to the touch. THANK GOD my phone wasn't plugged in and the cable was on a heat resistant soapstone surface! Normally I charge my phone at night next to my bed. The melted plastic could have ignited my polyester comforter or carpet. I have contacted the seller. I don't know if my cable is a defect or not but PLEASE test your high speed cable BEFORE plugging it into your device.
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on November 30, 2011
I got this to transfer files from my computer to my Kindle Fire. It's a sturdy cable (which may be a slight disadvantage to some people, as it doesn't coil as easily as a thinner cable would, but it's fine for me), and fits well into the Kindle micro slot.
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on October 20, 2012
I now have 4 of these cables scattered between my bedroom, office, and two in my laptop bag. I travel for work 240+ days a year, and most hotels haven't yet mastered the concept of enough outlets near the bed or desk for those of us that rely on our smartphones. Most manufacturer cables are 3 or 4 feet at best. The length of this cable is truly 6 feet which is awesome. The main selling point of this cable besides length is build quality. It's a thick cable (the only thing I sorta dislike about it, but that's also the key to it's success). Both the full size and micro USB end feel solid, and remind me of the quality of Motorola OEM micro USB cables, though this one actually feels a little tougher. I did have one of these cables go bad after about a year of hard use on the road, it didn't break, but the two little pins that lock it into the MicroUSB port just sort of flattened and it wouldn't stay plugged in very snugly. A year of service on the road for $6 is a great deal in my opinion. You can get 5 of these for the same price as most short OEM cables.

The problem that is often encountered with extended length cables like this used for charging is their ability to carry the full amount of current produced by the charger and usable by the device. With this cable that is NOT an issue. I have an HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE and a Droid Razr MADXX that I charge with this cable. In all 3 cases, the cable was capable of carrying as many milliamps of current as the devices would accept. In the case of the HTC, it'll accept about 750 milliamps when charging in airplane mode. The Razr would accept about 800. I compared both phones using an 850mA Motorola OEM USB charger and a 2A OEM Nook Color USB charger. There was no difference in current provided to the smartphones with either charger. I also compared this cable to an OEM Motorola USB cable and there was no difference in current supplied from either charger.

I have also used the following two cables, and found that neither could supply even half of the current this product can (see my reviews for these cables as well):
Right Angle Micro USB Cable - Motorola Droid, Incredible, Droid X This cable supplied no more than 350mA of current using the 850mA or 2A charger
TRIPP LITE 10-Feet USB 2.0 A to Micro-USB B Device Cable A M to Micro-B M (U050-010) Same as the right angle cable, could only supply approximately 280-300mA of current using either 850mA or 2A charger.

The only thing I'd change about this cable is offering a right angle version, a 10 foot version, and potentially slimming the diameter of the cable down a bit to make it more portable if that could be done without losing it's ability to carry higher currents. I'll keep buying these cables as long as they're available.

UPDATE: 11/20/2012
I emailed Mediabridge about the issue with the retaining pins not holding the cable in snugly, they replied to me within hours on a Saturday and are shipping me out 2 replacement cables. Great product and awesome customer service. Also just discovered that they have a cool coiled version of this cable here: Mediabridge Coiled USB 2.0 A-Male to Micro-B Cable just ordered one of these to try out in the car! Looks like the coiled version uses the same high quality connectors (judging from the pictures) that this straight version of the cable uses.
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on March 21, 2013
I read all the other users comments about loose fit and thought they must have fixed this by now. Well, If I had rated this the first week I would have gave it a five star rating, but just like all the others said, after a few weeks something breaks down inside the connection fitting, and it wont charge my phone or kindle unless you very carefully prop something under it to give it an angled pressure to get a connection, only to find that in the morning you lost your connection some time that night. :( Unfortunately, I gave it a week or so and bought another one because I thought it was good..... NOT! That one went bad in about 4 weeks. It's too bad because the cable seems of good heavy quality and longer than my original. i ended out and bought three Kindle Fire cables for lots more money but, at least they work, and work well!! I wish Mediabridge would read these comments and make the adjustments needed. in the mean time folks, don't do it!! buy another one of better quality and save yourself from the disappointment I and others went thru.
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on April 12, 2012
Ordered two of these to charge two cell phones. First cable worked exactly once, then would not charge the phone after that. Second cable worked for almost a month, then it too failed to charge the phone. I know it's cheap, but it's still a waste of time and money.
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