Customer Reviews: Mediabridge ULTRA Series Subwoofer Cable (15 Feet) - Dual Shielded with Gold Plated RCA to RCA Connectors - Black
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on April 9, 2011
UPDATE: My review here is really old. The new part number of the 50ft is CJ50-6BR-G1, which based on the photos is no longer a standard RG6 cable that I got for the 50ft version of the cable back in 2011. It appears the 50ft is now the same as the 25ft cable. Please read newer reviews on the 50ft cable to be sure. I love both versions of the Mediabridge cables that I got and have had a great experience with their products.

I have included pics comparing this 25 ft cable to the same brand 50 ft cable. I bought both at the same time because I was not sure on length for my 2 subs. I also am using the Mediabridge Y adapter which is great.

I love this 25ft cable. I did not include a pic of it's packaging, but I love how it was not only in a sealed bag, but was also in it's own small cardboard box my Mediabridge. Very professional packaging and cable.

-Flexible cable, yet very thick, tight bend radius. (Not 90 degrees of course)
-Perfect high quality molded ends that are perfectly snugg without being tight.
-Professional look with high contrast printed jacket
-Price is great for this high quality cable.
-My subs sound just as perfect as they did with short high quality cables.

-No cons

I love this construction and the price is great. I was also pleased that this was on Amazon Prime and I got the shipment ultra fast.
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on July 16, 2011
"A cable is a cable," you say? Well not this one. It surpasses your ordinary RCA cable by far. While most RCA cables plug in and remain relatively loose and... friction free, this cable grips the terminal very nicely. Thanks to the tighter connection with the terminal, there is a lot more friction which means that the cable is making contact and connecting much better than your standard RCA cable. Gold ends and double shielding to boot make this cable a great choice for a subwoofer cable for your new, or existing, home theater system.
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on April 9, 2011
I give it 5 stars because it does work great and the ends feel and appear high quality.

-RG6 is well shielded for this application.
-Ends are snugg so they will not fall off or easily pull off, but they are also not tight where it takes a lot of effort either.
-Price is good for 50ft but that is because you are getting RG6 coax with ends installed

-RG6 because Coax is not very flexible so bending radius is large.
-Because of large bending radius, you may need a 90 degree adapter for the ends to your sub and amp.
-Has ends that are not molded to the cable. Which is fine if they do not get a lot of movement or stress. Which is the case for Subs and Amps.
-Price, I mention this in the Cons section as well because RG6 can be very cheap, so I wonder if I should have just bought ends and the tool and made my own custom length cable since I have high quality RG6 cable spools at home.

I still stand by the 5 stars though because the ends are high quality, packaged cleanly, good Amazon pics and description, and fast shipping via Prime which I needed.

I have included pics to compare the 25ft cable Mediabridge sells here and the 50ft cable of this review. Notice the much tighter radius you can get with non-Coax of the 25ft.

Though I wonder if this TSC-T10 RG6 is really shielded with copper like they show in the photo. All RG6 I have even seen is shielded with Aluminum and the copper core is often steel with a copper coating. And all descriptions of TSC-T10 RG6 also said Aluminum shielding. Though it is double shielded and the quality is plenty for low level voltage and audio frequencies. So it's not a big deal. But I think some people would want to know these details before purchasing.

I am using this cable to add a 2nd Sub, so I am using a Y adapter (Also by Mediabridge, very nice as well) which is flexible enough to not need a 90 degree adapter behind my receiver. I am using a 90 degree adapter behind both subs regardless of space for a clean install.
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on December 21, 2010
This cable is made of shielded RG6 coax cable with gold RCA ends. The ends fit snug and won't rattle out of your sub or reciever. The sound quality is perfect. It is not the most flexible of cables but that shouldn't really matter. You can't beat them for the price. I'm happy. Don't waist a ton of money on "premium cables" that will not sound any better.
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on October 26, 2012
I ordered a cable. I paid for a cable. I received a cable. I installed a cable. My woofer goes BOOM-BOOM.
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Mediabridge ULTRA Series Subwoofer Cable

This cable is made of shielded RG6 coax cable.
This is as good as you need to get for an audio cable. You cannot improve sound with better cable.

The gold-plated RCA ends fit nice and tight.

There is just no need to buy a super "premium" cable. This one does the job admirably.
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on December 27, 2011
First of all, these were shipped quickly by Amazon, they were reasonably priced and were in good shape when recieved. I had originally hooked my sub woofer up using half of a pair of RCA cables I had laying around. That worked but I didn't like the second cable just hanging there so I purchased this single cable. This is much more heavily shielded than what I was using so I have to believe the sound is better but at my age who can really tell. The only problem was that when I first hooked up the cable it didn't work. I played around with the speaker first and still it didn't work. I disconnected it from the amplifier and then reconnected it. It was very tight on the amplifier end and I put a little more pressure on it the second time. After that it worked but I don't think it should have been that difficult. Nevertheless, now that it's installed I won't be removing it anytime soon so I'm satisfied that I'm good to go for the foreseable future.

Unfortunately, since my review, I had to return this product. Apparently it wasn't just a case of fitting correctly. Everytime I turned the amplifier around to make a change in the back this sub-woofer would stop working. I determined that the connector was bad, not just that it was a tight fit. I will have to order another one.
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on March 28, 2011
Mediabridge makes a quality cable. I haven't regretted this purchase one bit. It works great and the price was right. Don't let the Big Box stores rip you off. Order Mediabridge.
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on January 17, 2016
You reach a point where you've researched every detail about the 'sound system' you're going to put together. You now know who Steve Gutenberg is, what ATMOS, Dolby VISION, HDR, 4k, HDMI 2.0 -> and a billion other terms that put your daughter or anyone unlucky enough to ask - to sleep. If you've stepped up your purchase budget for that internal debate for 1 sub or 2 - or HSU or SVS Subs - then you reach the point where you are now laboring over interconnects - should I do RCA or XLR - is their a difference - what length - etc.? Let me give you a piece of advice - when you get to this subwoofer cable - measure the length you need - make sure you account for hiding it. Consider the placement and whether or not the 'tweak' for corner load vs. where it looks good etc. will affect the total length. Once you get tired of thinking about this issue - click on the appropriate length and buy this cable. Long story short - 3rd (yes sad right) 3rd TV area in the home is the sitting room integrated to master. Example Yamaha CX-A5100/MX-A5000, Samsung motorized wall mounted 78" 4k, DefTech - 11 of them include BP 8080s, SVS PB13-Ultra and more - and flat out - I will assure you that I spent too too too much time analyzing everything including interconnects - I had the fever. I read every article from Audioholics to Steve Guttenbergs favorite lunch on Tuesdays - I remember one reviewer recommending that Yamaha Buyers upgrade their AC Power Cord for the MX-A5000 Amp I bought - I clicked the link and viewed his 'upgrade recommendation' - it was $2,000 for a AC Power Cord. I remember that a guy I know (Crestron Installer) had just finished installing a system for a guy with $200 speakers. I thought about the 1/4 Million Dollars Speakers and the $2,000 Power Cable - and my research stopped cold. My budget of $20k for my bedroom system was more than normal people should ever spend. I then purchased Mediabridge Everything - 400' 12 gauge ox-free speaker wire, gold plated banana and spade connectors, their terminated awesome speaker wires for my mains, their awesome FLEX Series HDMI (18gbs/4k) 2.0 Cables, etc. etc. It became very very simple after reading everything not nailed down - I could spend zillions and not beat their sound quality, build quality or speed. Specific to this subwoofer cable - the moment I used it between my Yamaha MX-A5000 and SVS PB13-Ultra - I understood what reviews meant by room-lock, impact, tonal quality and decay - I started thinking about me being that guys going to Radio Shack to by a SPL Meter (sound measure device) - I then shut myself down and realized that my pursuit of audio bliss concluded with these Mediabridge Interconnects - I am not going to start researching mono block amps discussing lossless or remastered versions of Coltrane's best on forums. I just wanted the movies to be dead quiet when they were supposed to be and to rattle my chairs when something wrecks or blows up. Media bridge everything is like Tonka Toys, Levis or Craftsmen Tools when I was a kid - flat out straight build quality - no questions - no games.
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on November 2, 2011
I'm really happy that I took a chance and discovered Mediabride cables. I've bought a lot of them now and never had any problems. The things I look for in a cable like this are 1) gold connectors, a must; 2) grip quality; and 3) jacket quality:

1) Yes, the connectors are gold plated. Also important, they grip the jacks firmly, but not extremely. You'll still be able to disconnect them without being afraid you're going to rip your jacks out.

2) The grips are made of a thick rubber and feel heavy and solid. You never know about this one until you actually have it in your hands.

3) The rubber jacket over the wire is also thick. The cable has a slightly heavy feel and is still flexible. Very good!

Lastly, these cables have performed for me very well. I've had some of them for six years or more (HDMI, digital coax, toslink) and never an issue. If the 'munstr' brand lowered their dishonest prices to meet these, I'd still buy these. These cables are for the guy who wants a great, high-quality cable, but doesn't want to overpay by $15-$20 per cable.
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