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on April 10, 2002
I've been using essential oils since the mid 60's, before the word "aromatherapy" was known by most people in this country. I've read just about every book I've been able to find on the subject, and no where else have I found an author that so completely makes the connection between aromatherapy and medicine. Dr. Schnaubelt explains what the constituents of essential oils are, what they do medically, how the different combinations found in essential oils form different synergies, and what ailments these synergies treat best. A must for anyone who wants to learn how to treat common ailments naturally, without drugs.
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on February 8, 2000
This book is a thorough in-depth look at essential oils from a scientific viewpoint and with suggestions for their medical use. Thankfully, this author does not take a mainstream approach. For example, everyone familiar with essential oils has heard the constant warning "never take essential oils internally." This author not only debunks that popular advice, but suggests specific ways of taking essential oils internally for various medical conditions. Also, what is especially appealing about this author's approach is that he has applied his extensive research on plants into a very plausible explanation as to why essential oils have the healing properties they have. So this book tells us not only the "how", but the "why" as well. This book is definitely for the layman, so don't be discouraged by all the difficult sounding chemical names for the essential oil compounds, you won't need a PHD in organic chemistry in order to get an understanding of what they do for you.
The only drawback to this book, and the reason I gave it only 4 stars, is that the author devoted far too much print to his monologue of socialist ideology. He blames capitalism for all the woes of modern healthcare. Yet he says nothing about the fact that capitalism has done a pretty good job of making essential oils available to the general public. Otherwise, socialist nations like Cuba might be havens for essential oil procurement, which is of course a ludicrous notion.
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on April 4, 2000
It is so good to know that the author of this book is a chemist, and has scientific understanding of essential oils and their properties, as well as biological knowledge. I have several aromatherapy books, but this author has my confidence. Very helpful. My only complaint is that I wish he discussed more oils than he does.
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on February 27, 2006
This book is not for the folks who want to just make Blends.

Its for people who want to know the science behind the oils. What groups each oil belongs in. Which is something everyone must know when blending. You need to know what oils to use if you do not have a certain oil on hand. Plus Kurt has the science down. Reading this book all the way thru will teach you how to use the oils.

So many books out there on blends, but what are you blending?

Kurts book called Advance Aromatherapy is wonderful to. I love both books and have learn so MUCH more then I ever could from other books.

I have learned how to deal with viruses , in depth.

If you are serious about this subject, both of Kurts books are a MUST HAVE.
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on January 25, 1999
This distinguished organic chemist shares his in-depth knowledge of the particular current value of essential oils, for health on all levels. In an era when Western allopathic medicine has less and less appeal, this self-care method is a potent alternative, with roots going back to ancient times. Dr. Schaubelt has a gift for presenting in-depth facts and information in a way that is intriguing and easy to assimilate.
In the flood of "coffee table" aromatherapy books currently available, this is a much needed and welcome source for those truly interested in taking responsiblity for their own health.
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on November 24, 1999
Kurt Schnaubelt brings us to a new understanding of our relationship with aromatic plants. From ancient times to the present, he takes us on a journey of awareness solidly anchoring us in the science of essential oils. As a bio-chemist and truly one of the "lights" of aromatherapy Kurt makes us comfortable with our ability to help ourselves.
This book breaks away from the pack (of aromatherapy books) from the first page; --"Big business threatens to oppress aromatherapy. A new class of ""experts""-aromatherapists imitating the conventional system-insists that people are not qualified to take care of their own health".-- By the end of the book Kurt has clearly shown the limitations and potentials of both allopathic medicine and aromatherapy and when to chose one over the other.
I am sure many self proclaimed experts quake in their shoes at some of the applications Kurt teaches. This book and some quality oils and you are ready to explore. I shout Hooray-well done!
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on January 29, 2006
This book continues from where a lot of books on aromatherapy left out. For those of us who are curious about how essential oils actually work, this book provides all the scientific principles. Unlike a lot of other books which merely tell us what the function of the oils are, this book not only goes in depth into the mechanics of aromatherapy, it also provides some revolutionary ideas on the use of essential oils. For practitioners with a science background, this book provides plenty of convincing and credible reasons for the use of aromatherapy in the treatment of various ailments.

However, I'm disappointed with the first half of the book which is overly "political" and has definitely gone overboard in its attack of the medical profession. Skip all that and start from the middle of the book.

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on July 31, 2008
The majority of this book does not focus on aromatherapy. Some history is discussed, and other than that, most of the book is spent discussing the problems with the current medical paradigm. I completely agree with him, however, I purchased a book titled "Medical Aromatherapy" not "The Current Medical Paradigm Sucks." Discussion of the essential oils does not begin until Chapter 12. Hello!! There are only 13 chapters in the book. The last two chapters of the book were great, but I really don't recommend this book.
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on June 18, 2004
The book concentrates mainly on the chemical breakdown of various common essential oils, and does not go into any kind of depth on the use of oils. It does not address the title: Healing with Essential Oils. I found it useless and returned it. The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy is a much better text. Also consult Valnet's books for better information.
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on June 12, 2012
I'm a new student of aromatherapy and this is one of the books I looked at to get a basic understanding. The good parts are the first chapters in which the history of the development of aromatherapy is described and a number of principal references (doctors) are provided. The last chapters talk about the applications of specific oils and provided great recommendations for things to get for further experimentation. The middle chapters are long on digressions on the philosophy, ethics, economics, and politics surrounding the use of aromatherapy. For my taste, there is too much discussion on how aromatherapy doesn't get the respect it deserves from allopathic medicine. There is some discussion of the chemistry of aromatherapy but I would need to know more organic chemistry to really understand what a terpene is and I would need to know more human biology to really understand how they affect people. I was able to read a library copy. I don't see this book as a reference, but rather an introduction and overview. Nevertheless, the author seems to have quite a following in the aromatherapy community. I am curious how this book compares to the author's Advanced Aromatherapy book.
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