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on November 24, 2008
Quinn (Wilmette, IL, USA)

I can say that I met Dr. Turner in 1987, after a very serious car accident in Hilo Hawaii. My impressions then were that he was a highly intuitive person, with a big soul of compassion, curiosity and mystery. When he wrote his book, I thought it would be interesting to read...and to my surprise, I learned of his accomplishments...he is also very humble. This book, Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations is a documentation of his particular journey of exploration into the realms of living, something that more and more of us are awakening to. It is a self-awareness journey we all will take, at some point in time. This is a book that grabs one, mentally and emotionally, and is difficult to put down! And this is a book to encourage others to travel the path of the heart, and discover the magic, power, and profoundness of our own lives.

Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations: A Doctor's Journey Through the Worlds of Divine Intervention, Near-death Experiences, and Universal Energy
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on March 19, 2009
I don't know where to start so I'll begin with the Conclusion......It really hit the mark for me!! Nailed it! The "Appendix", a brilliant explanation of it "all", not only as it pertains to the ending, but an incredible journey that both Dr Turner and these remarkable people which he's had the opportunity to work with including, patients, physicians and friends along the way and all it encompasses. His very gentle and scientific explanation regarding the anatomy of the brain, spiritual approaches to healing and understanding of metaphysics helped me to understand the brains physical make up and how he begins to tie our conscious and its multilayered existence within us all. An Incredible book!

Dr Turner presents a very scientific, spiritual and metaphysical explanation as he begins to tie it to what could be a "Script" that has been written for us all with an "infinite window" of opportunity through the "Power of Choice" to alter the very path of not only our existence but everyone we touch if we are "truly dialed into the moment" and on our game! A must read!
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on March 18, 2009
Dr. Turner does a remarkable job of sharing and relating his true-life experiences with divine intervention, universal energy and the paranomal. His medical background as a brain surgeon and subsequent research into alternative modalities has provided him the insights and exposures necessary to understand and relay these concepts quite well. Whereas this writing is not a thorough technical treatise on such constructs, it provides in layman's terms many of the surgeon's views and discoveries of what many people have yet to accept. A must read...
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on January 16, 2013
I have read several books where physicians, with strong scientific training, have ventured into the metaphysical realms. This neurosurgeon's book is one of the best! It was a true joy to read about his personal transformation and how he integrated his newly acquired knowledge into his medical practice, proving that a person does not have to choose between the western world of medicine and the spiritual world. In fact, the best outcomes are achieved with the two together. There is so much information in this book I know I will read it several times. Thanks, Dr. Turner, for sharing your enlightening insights.
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on June 28, 2013
I first met Dr. Turner about a month ago when I ended up, by chance, fortunitly picking his clinic for treatment. During my very first appointment w/ him (just a quick note of exactly HOW laid back & welcoming Dr. Turner is... We'll normally I have extreme anxiety when I meet anyone for the first time, ESPECIALLY DOCTORS, it's referred to as "White Coat Syndrome." As I was called into the office I saw him dressed in a Pea Green colored Hawaiian Shirt, definitely no white coat :), & he just had this big smile & a carefree demeanor about him that I can say not many people, especially most doctors anymore, possess. It took almost all my anxiety away before we even started talking, he just seemed so full of joy & life, it was just radiating out of him!!!) Once we started talking though, & the more we talked, I could tell that he was truely a one of a kind doctor. I, suddenly, was put at complete & total comfort talking to basically a complete stranger (that never happens to me), about all kinds of interesting things 'cuz we seemed to, well, be on the same page. He is also really good @ making even the toughest of topics understandable & learning some about his journy to enlightenment that day was totally captivating & made me want to get his book ASAP & boy am I glad I did :)! I believe since he's been spending many years now studying this type of phenomenon I think Dr. Turner's psychic antenna is extremely tuned in. All the amazing ideas & theories that we discussed during my first appointment are all things that I LOVE LEARNING ABOUT!!! How could he have known that I was very into those topics unless @ least subconsciously he sensed I was into that stuff. I wouldn't imagine he talks about all that for more than the full hour of the appointment w/ everyone. On his quest to learn as many methods as possible to help to rid his patients of "dis-ease" was taking him from 1 piece of the puzzle to the next, almost completly seamlessly. He never took the easy root in learning these techniques either, or just took a book home & read about it & moved on to the next phase in his journey either, He spent as much time as it took to thoroughly learn the method, sometimes spending a year or more on just one piece of the puzzle. It's an amazing story, where he met each person in a completely different way too, yet they all came into his life, in what seemed like... practically on cue! It's almost crazy to think it wasn't planned, by someone w/ a lot of power up there ;). Where he finally ended up was exactly where he needed to be to find the BEST healing methods out there on both continents, unlike any other conventional doctor I've ever met! He's a brain surgeon, so he definitely needs to remain mostly using Western Medical Techniques when practicing here in America, but when the patient allows he brings in & incorporates whichever Eastern medicine(s) &/or techniques that would help aid in the treatment &/or healing of the patient. The book covers all kinds of theories he explored on Eastern Medical Techniques w/ stories of actual patients included. We we're so involved in our conversation during my appointment, that we spent 90% of my appointment time just talking about things in the book like, for instance; life after death, out of body experiences, people w/ the gift of healing, near death experiences, group near death experiences, Indigo Children, etc. The most important thing we discussed, since it involved me now being one of his lucky patients, & of course because it was all extremely fascinating, as well. I, also, really wanted to learn, as well, all his different method's he's learned over this long journey of many years, that included trips around the world, just so he could make sure & have as many tools available to do the best he can w/ every single one of his patience, including now ME :). So, how could I NOT go home & order the book right away :)? I wanted the WHOLE story!!! I definitely was not disappointed either! His final conclusions & theories @ the end, I believe, are some of the most brilliant, insightful ideas on what's next after we're done on earth that I've heard in a WHILE & his conclusions coincide extremely well w/ the research I've done on these theories, as well. Well, if ur not grabbing ur closest Kindle to order it by now, here is some more stuff that made me LOVE the book... I think if u are even the slightest bit interested on learning more on what happens after we die & who doesn't, right? It's human nature to be curious, he also comes up w/ his own theory on that & he doesn't leave out Christianity in the book. Also, to learn more about how well Eastern Medicine can actually work miracles in conjunction w/ Western medicine, or what ignorant doctors like to call it, "modern medicine." Most doctors won't touch anything that's not "modern", but if there are other perfectly good tools out there... I don't see why they can't be used in conjunction for the good of the "dis-eased?!" I also cant believe I got lucky enuf to get a doctor that cares so much about his patients that he crossed the social stigma of researching Eastern Medicines & is actually brave enuf to incorporate it into his patient's care. He's one of those, almost extinct type of doctors, that doesn't just treat the problem the person is suffering from, but he treats the person as a whole! That's a rare doctor to find these days & I got lucky, extremely lucky, to have such a caring doctor that has such a long list of methods up his sleeve. This book is a MUST MUST MUST read!!! Trust me!!! :)
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on November 23, 2008
The "fantastic journey" of a neurological surgeon is chronicled in Medicine, Miracles, and Manifestations. Dr. John Turner, trained in the "cut-'em-up" ways of western surgery, finds new, spiritual paths to healing after re-establishing his practice in Hilo, Hawaii. His passion for metaphysics leads him along of path of alternative and complementary methods in treating the most serious of brain disorders. This is an interesting, even compelling narrative, both well written and nicely paced. The poignant story of Mrs. Alvarez in the chapter, "The Angel in the Light," moved this reader to tears. I highly recommend this ultimate "East meets West" saga.
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VINE VOICEon July 19, 2009
Science has always lagged behind ultimate reality, and the prevailing scientific fundamentalists have imposed punitive sanctions upon those who dare venture outside the narrow parameters of their fundamentalism, but there have always been men and women of courage and vision among scientists, those who are willing to risk ridicule and rejection so that science can move closer to ultimate truth. Dr. John L. Turner, the author of this book, appears to be one of these courageous individuals and his book is very much welcomed.

A neurosurgeon, Turner reports on some of his very interesting medical cases, including one in which a malignant brain tumor disappeared after seven Buddhists monks intervened. "I couldn't believe my eyes! There was no trace of the lesion that had glared menacingly from the screen before and after the surgery," Turner writes. In another case - brain surgery in which Turner seemed to have exhausted all options - he decided to try prayer. "This case taught me that there is a higher power," Turner explains his decision to continue pursuing his journey.

Turner tells of his experiments with astral projection, remote viewing, and meditative chanting. By chanting, he found that he could disassociate his mind from his body and become aware of remote events. Then he discovered Jorei, a form of healing energy channeled from the spirit world pioneered by Mokichi Okada of Japan. Initially, Turner found Jorei "a difficult pill to swallow," but the more he studied and observed it, the more he began to realize that there was something to it. "I had no idea that I was about to follow a meandering pathway that would manifest dramatic results with alternative methods of healing and the use of universal energy," he writes.

After further training in Jorei, Turner began to experience first hand the positive results that can come from tapping into the universal energy. As might be expected, Turner had materialistic colleagues who smirked, sneered, and scoffed at his newfound beliefs in a spiritual world and energy healing. Undaunted, Turner pushed on and with additional successes further embraced the blending of Eastern and Western healing methods. "We are in contact with the universal force before birth, after birth, and beyond death of the physical body," he concludes, adding that it is not a matter of faith but of waking up to the spiritual world.

Based on what he has learned so far, Turner says he is reasonably certain we live on in a never-ending universe. But one of his goals now is to find ways in which complimentary medicine, or energy medicine, might contribute to the quality of this lifetime. "We need to better understand," he offers, "that we are one with that energy and one with all things."
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on November 16, 2012
This is a rollicking read, like glancing over a board-certified neurological surgeon's shoulder as he journeys into alternative views of healing. After 15 yrs training in science & medicine he embarked on a search to find answers to illness, life, death, and life after death. His book tells of a spiritual path that opened thru a series of events involving patients.

The book covers many alternative healing techniques and makes for fascinating reading. Highly recommended!
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on December 25, 2012
Dr. Turners's insights in this book are truly remarkable. It's a great read, of course, and the subject matter is compelling, but the author's background as highly accomplished Brain Surgeon (arguably one of the most difficult training programs in medicine) makes it even more compelling. His perspective and candor, as well as courage in sharing his own personal struggles in life make this a 'must read'.
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on April 19, 2016
I haven't finished the book yet. But so far is very interesting and written from his heart. His honesty in sharing his journey with us is heart warming. The spiritual discoveries are irrelevant to one's education or opportunities. Its an inspiring book written in a very humble way.
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