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on October 6, 2015
Excellent splint for the money in treating my plantar fasciitis. I wear a woman's size 10 shoe and ordered the medium-size splint based on others' reviews or questions and answers - perfect! As a side sleeper, I do not find the splint uncomfortable through the night. The key, I believe, is in leaving the straps across the foot and ankle a bit on the loose side. My heel does not stay flush to the bottom of the splint while sleeping, but In my case the molded form of the splint itself keeps the foot angled up enough to provide significant relief from the plantar fasciitis. The splint is clunky to walk in but manageable on a short trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Very glad I bought this as the night splint has improved the pf far, far better than just wearing daytime orthotics. Would recommend.
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on May 17, 2010
I bought this foot brace as a last resort for plantar facitis pain. I have tried heat/cold therapies, chiropractic, stretching exercises, wearing hard soled shoes, many, many shoe inserts - you name it, I've tried it. I've had heel pain for nearly 10 months and was about to pull my hair out from the constant pain/tenderness. I read reviews for several types of boots and decided most people seemed to like this one the best - also fewest complaints. A plus was that it wasn't extremely expensive. WELL - I should have ordered this boot first - then I wouldn't have needed all the other items! I have worn it for 6 nights or so and can't believe the improvement in my heel. This morning I could walk on my foot with NO pain - still a tad tender, but not PAINFUL!! UNBELIEVABLE IMPROVEMENT!! I would highly recommed this boot. It took a couple nights to get used to it - my foot was not used to being "stretched"; and I had to readjust the velcro so as not to rub on my skin. But it is SO wonderful to find something that actually works! This is my most favorite "shoe" in the world right now! For anyone else thinking they have no choice but to suffer, order this boot. It is worth EVERY cent. I am not one to gush over products, but this one deserves it.
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on April 17, 2014
I’m going to tell you straight like it is. This whole aging process is just not for me. The minute I turned 49 I think every spring in my body sprung. Arthritis, carpal tunnel & tendonitis in both hands/arms, sciatica in both legs & now plantar fasciitis in both feet with a nice side of neroma or possibly metatarsaligia. Even I roll my eyes when I think about it. It has gotten so ridiculous I’m sure I’d make a fabulous “funniest video” in the mornings just trying to get to the bathroom.

So after exercise/stretches alone weren’t getting it, several (ongoing) unsuccessful attempts to find comfortable and correct fitting shoes AND after much research, I ordered two of these medium splints, one for each foot. I tell you what: by the second morning after using them I could already tell a difference! So much so, I continue to try to use them each night although it is rare that I will sleep a whole 8 hours with both splints on. If it were just one, I think it wouldn’t be an issue. Or if I didn’t have a 15 lb. cat vying for the space at the foot of the bed. Or if I didn’t kick my husband in my sleep…but alas, I do have one on each foot (occasionally I somehow manage to tangle the Velcro and get them stuck together), the cat is constantly trying to balance on or between them and my poor husband…well…let’s just say adding excitement to bedtime has taken on a whole new meaning. None-the-less, it’s been a couple of weeks now and there is a noticeable difference in being able to walk in the mornings, not quite pain free, but I’m not crawling to the bathroom on elbows and knees anymore so I’m pretty happy. Now, if I could just find some shoes…

These work. I promise. But I’d like to touch on a couple of comments I read when making my decision to purchase these. #1) Is it comfortable? No, it’s a splint. It isn’t painful, it doesn’t rub, but it is noticeable to me, my husband and the cat. #2) Fit: No one can seem to pin down my exact shoe size but somewhere between 7 ½ & 8 ½ seems to be where I am. I purchased the medium because based on reviews and considering the pain in my feet I did not think I could stand it if they arrived & were too small. So I got the medium (the next day, thank you Amazon Prime) but I think they might be just a tad big – and that can be adjusted. Which brings me to #3) They ARE hard to buckle, unsnap and adjust if you have arthritis or carpal or tendonitis (or all 3) as I do. I have found it’s easier to get them to snap if you hold down the excess strap (back away from the snap). This is a constant struggle for me and there are some nights I’m just not up to it but I do it because it really does help relieve the pain. Constant/chronic pain affects quality of life and can easily and quickly lead to depression. I choose to fight, to use what I’ve got and figure it out. It isn’t easy but I want my life back and I know I have to take it one step at a time. And to take any steps, I’ll be needing my feet. #4) I see complaints about the right (or left) foot being hard to snap/unsnap/adjust. I totally understand those complaints because it’s awkward for me and painful to my hands but here’s the thing: if these boots were fitted, they would cost well into the $100 range. For one boot. So, this is a classic example of getting what you pay for. It is the same boot for either foot. If you want a right/left boot that snaps inside, choose another splint or go to your podiatrist and pay for it. But I can tell you without any hesitation, I am MORE than getting my $20ish back in pain relief and quite happy to work around it. #5) I have tried the wedge inserts once and ended up pulling them out in the night. I think the whole process for me is going to take constant tweaking. While I certainly hope there are people who get instant relief with no issues, I am constantly tweaking these to make them work for me. I accept that and am very happy with my purchase. I could have gone and gotten an injection (no way). I could have paid $100 per boot (nope, nope). My point is, if you expect instant gratification, you may or may not get it--this splint may not be right for you. BUT…If you are willing to tweak and adjust to “customize” your splint, you may be as happy as I am. For what it is, what it does, and for the price, I easily give this splint an excellent rating.
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on August 5, 2013
Bought this as yet another attempt to solve my heel spur problem for good. Unfortunately this night splint was not my thing.

Now let me start by saying you probably won't get a night splint for this price anywhere else, so the value is great if you want to try it out. Just don't expect it to be the answer to your problem.

I've had plantar fasciitis and a heel spur for a long time doing track and jumping into the barefoot craze too fast. I liked the idea of putting my foot into a dorsi-flexed position as my dorsiflexors had become quite weak with the injury. Problem is my foot refuses to dorsiflex when I sleep so I wake up in the middle of the night with the straps irritating my foot and my foot still finds the space to straighten out so I would I end up taking it off. The straps are NOT cushioned enough. With that, I stopped using it.

I think the best way I found to deal with my heel spur is actually balance exercising on a BOSU ball and walking without limping, that is, full range of motion. The night splint did not work for me and probably won't for everyone, but will for some, and since it is affordable, I would say it's worth a try. Just don't expect it to be a miracle.

I wouldn't call it a waste of money. It might work for some people and who knows maybe it's just me. Give it a try and see for yourself if you are frustrated with plantar fasciitis, just keep your expectations not too high.
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on November 2, 2015
I was so skeptical that this would do anything for the foot pain I've been dealing with for years. I bought this, CompressionZ Foot Sleeves, and pentrex. I was really impressed that the pain was nearly gone after only wearing this for 3 nights. Yes, my toes do go numb and I usually wake up at some point in the night and take it off. But, its sooo worth it. If you have plantar fasciitis, this is your answer.
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on February 22, 2010
This splint is a bit tough to fit. If you fit it too snug, your heel rises (which is the opposite of what you're trying to get), and the toes get numb. Still, it really did help me a lot. I don't want to plant false hope in anyone, but it's night and day the way my heel feels now as opposed to pre-splint. So I would say get a splint for sure; if it's this one, then size up (it runs very small); and don't fit it too tight. Good luck.
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on November 23, 2013
This splint is so awkward and uncomfortable that I just couldn't wear it all night. It hurt almost as much as the P/F itself. I tried adjusting it various ways, but it's just a big, bulky, uncomfortable splint.
Still, the idea of keeping your ligament stretched out overnight so that it doesn't kill you to stand up in the morning is a great idea.
SO I looked around for a different splint which might be more comfortable for me.
I found the Active Ankle Dns Dorsal Night Splint (also sold here) and decided to give it a try. It's much less obtrusive, much easier to put on and take off, but I wasn't sure it could do the job.
A night splint that isn't comfortable enough to wear all night won't do you any good.
The second splint made all the difference for me. I can put it on easily in the dark, wear it comfortably all night, and feel much better in the morning.
Another helpful purchase was the Plantar Facsiitis Sleeve - a very thin ace-bandage-like sleeve which you can wear all day to help support the ligament. Works great! Between these two items, my P/F is much better after only two weeks' use.
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on July 20, 2014
I had plantar fasciitis several years ago, so when the awful heel pain came back (when I got out of bed in the morning), I knew exactly what was wrong. I ordered this splint, and dealt with the worsening pain for two days until the product arrived. It takes some getting used to, and it works pretty well, but it took about 4 nights of use until I was able to sleep through the whole night with it on. To get used to the feel of it, I wore it in bed and watched TV for a couple hours before I went to sleep. The first night I woke up after two hours, and it was annoying me. Each night, I kept wearing it before I was ready to go to sleep, and I was able to tolerate it longer and longer each night. By night 4 I was able to sleep 7 hours with it on. I feel SO much better already. Normally I wouldn't give 5 stars to a product that takes that long to "break in", but plantar fasciitis takes awhile to heal, so I wasn't expecting results after one day. I would pay a lot more money for a product that works better, but I don't think one exists. Years I ago I tried 7 or 8 different splints. This is by FAR the best one I've ever used.
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on March 18, 2014
I purchased one last year and it helped my plantar fasciitis a lot. I used it nightly for 3 months and I was surprised at how well the splint held out. I passed it on to someone who was having the same problem. Recently, I felt like my problem was recurring so I ordered a new one, same size, same company. The quality is not the same. The first time I tried the new splint on, the stitches on the foam pad tore as I was adjusting the straps. Quite disappointing.
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on September 28, 2015
I'm 5'9 and wear a size 9.5 shoe. The medium sized brace fits well and maybe is a big on the big side. I only bought one because of the price so I rotate it on each foot every other night. It does help with my plantar fasciitis a lot but it is bulky and occasionally the straps feel weird and I take it off because I don't feel like messing with it in the middle of the night. Because it is so clunky I actually don't think I could stand to wear two at once. Plus it would be impossible to walk that way if I needed a nighttime bathroom trip.
So far I like it. I would love to try some of the sleeker thinner braces but I can't spend $40-$60 on one right now.
review image review image
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