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VINE VOICEon March 30, 2006
Season One debuted in January 2005 and ran through May with a total of 16 episodes. Based on a true story, the series follows Allison DuBois, an assistant to a district attorney, who has psychic dreams and solves murders. This well-produced series features an intense stand-out performance by Patricia Arquette (a surprise Emmy winner for Best Actress) as well as clever and involving story lines. The only annoyances are an irritating husband who never wants to believe his wife's gift. After several episodes, you would think he would be wiser by now. The cutesy child actors are another burden to the script but at least the middle kid is often funny to watch.

Episodes are:

#1 - "Pilot" - Allison's husband Joe hopes to prove that Allison's visions are stress related by sending descriptions out to law enforcement agencies. To his surprise, one of Allison's dreams bears an eerie similarity to a Texas homicide case involving a 17-year-old murder suspect. Guest stars Arliss Howard.

#2 - "Suspicions and Certainties" - Allison finally gets a call from her old boss, D.A. Devalos, who needs her help in selecting a jury who will return the death penalty for a twisted murderer/rapist. Initially, she is certain of her power to do good, but Allison suffers a crisis of confidence when she suspects she's put the wrong man on death row.

#3 - "A Couple of Choices" - Devalos introduces Allison to Detective Lee Scanlon who has been trying to track down the person he believes murdered his sister and her husband whose deaths were ruled a murder/suicide.

#4 - "Night of the Wolf" - Allison is convinced that a murder witness is giving a false report to a sketch artist.

#5 - "In Sickness and Adultery" - Allison suspects her husband of having an affair when a psychic tells her that a crisis involving a third person will occur.

#6 - "Coming Soon" - Allison is haunted by dreams of a serial killer who targets young women.

#7 - "Jump Start" - Allison is haunted by dreams of a young girl who commits suicide by jumping off a cliff.

#8 - "Lucky" - Allison dreams of her brother Michael being killed while serving in Afghanistan.

#9 - "Coded" - Allison's oldest daughter Ariel is having dreams of a young girl who looks just like her and is being held prisoner in a castle.

#10 - "The Other Side of the Tracks" - Allison's recurring dream involves two young boys who are trying to outrun a train - one makes it, the other one doesn't.

#11 - "I Married A Mind Reader" - Allison becomes obsessed over an old 60s sitcom starring a husband and wife team which was cancelled when the husband was convicted of killing the wife.

#12 - "A Priest, A Doctor and A Medium Walk Into The Execution Chamber" - When Allison witnesses the execution of a convicted drug lord whose girlfriend is murdered on the evening of his death, her powers to see the dead are put to the test. Allison also learns a tragic secret about the mother of Ariel's best friend.

#13 - "Being Mrs. O'Leary's Cow" - Allison is caught in a moral dilemma when she has to decide whether to help investigators build a case against a cocky airline pilot suspected of murdering his wife.

#14 - "In The Rough" - Allison finds herself in a difficult spot when she has information that could cause a murderer to go free. At home, Joe's mother comes to visit. Kathy Baker guest stars.

#15 - "Penny For Your Thoughts" - Allison battles the spirit of a psychopathic doctor who was the murderer of teenaged girls.

#16 - "When Push Comes to Shove" (Part 1) Reprising his role from the pilot episode, Arliss Howard guest stars as Capt. Kenneth Push of the Texas Rangers who literally puts his life on the line to help Allison find a serial killer before he can claim his next victim.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 27, 2006
Being somewhat of a disbeliever in psychic phenomena, I really avoided watching this show for awhile. That was my loss. What I didnt realize was that this show is for BELIEVERS AND NONBELIEVERS alike. You don't have to believe in psychics or mindreading abilities.

Because, let's face it: so many movies, from Batman to Lord of the Rings, depend on our suspension of belief, on our saying, "What if?" Medium is no different. If you believe, fine; if not, you can simply say, "What if? What if someone COULD read minds?"

And so I decided to go along with the premise and imagine what it WOULD be like for someone who had the psychic abilities Allison does. I also became involved in the details of her life, her family and how her job and home life intertwine. This isn't a series built around a "gimmick". It is a fully fleshed out show, one that gets more complex and interesting as time goes on.

The relationship between Allison and her husband is a bit edgy, not always smooth and harmonious. They clearly love each other but he becomes frustrated with her at times. After all, she has a habit of waking up from terrible dreams, often in the middle of the night,dreams warning her of some impending crisis - or perhaps giving her clues to solve a crime. In any case, she is always having visions and she is also quite sensitive. This leaves him baffled - and sometimes his anger comes out.

Her job and home life can't be kept separate. They intersect in all sorts of ways and it is this connection that gives the show real substance. At this point, I can't wait to see what happens next. Patricia Arquette seems to be more comfortable with her role as time goes on, seems to have a real sense of who Allison is. The show is a pleasure to watch.
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An exceptional series in a drab year "Medium" picks up the slack for the cancelled "Tru Calling". Emmy winner Patricia Arquette plays Allison DuBois who is studying for her law degree and interning at the D.A.'s office in Arizona. She has scary dreams. Many times these dreams come true or she'll see people long dead that she's never met and they'll tell her something about upcoming events or pass along a message. She suspects that she might have psychic powers. Her husband Joe suggests that she sent along info to authorities on an unsolved murder or mystery and if it turns out to be helpful, well she does have psychic powers but her husband says he suspects they're just dreams. They're not. She is contacted by the Texas Rangers and a Captain (Arliss Howard)who is trying to solve a missing person/murder involving a child flies her to Texas to help. He has his doubts until she discloses something personal about himself that he never told anyone.

But then you knew all that didn't you? You saw it in a dream or at the very least on CBS.

"Medium" is a terrific show whether you're a believe in this stuff or not. It's well written and suspenseful with exceptional performances. The DVD set has the first 17 episodes of the show plus an extended version of the pilot that never aired. Aside from the extended version of the pilot (which appears on the first disc) all of the other extras appear on the last disc.

We get two nearly ½ hour featurettes that focuses on the creation of the show and changes that occurred prior to the show getting the green light for shooting the pilot and the series itself. "The Making of Medium" features interviews with executive producers Kelsey Grammer (hopefully he'll make a number of guest star turns in the show), Caron, Steve Stark, Ron Schwary and production members such as Ken Kelsch (cinematography who discussed the moody work he contributes to the show), Allison Dubois, actors Arquette (who by the way one a much deserved Emmy for her performance this year for the second season), Jake Weber (who plays her husband Joe), Sandoval and others.

"The Story of Medium" continues with interviews of the usual suspects mentioned above plus input from some of the writers on the show discussing how events involving real medium were crafted to fit the concept of the show. It's a fascinating glimpse into the creative process of creating and writing episodic TV shows.

We also get a pair of shorter featurettes that deal with Allison Dubois both real and as imagined in the show. The first "The Real Allison Dubois" gives us a portrait of the lady that inspired the show. Ms. Dubois is a natural on camera and it's clear why Caron used this lady as inspiration for his show. She's also a consultant on the show as well. "Interpreting Allison Dubois" features Arquette and she discusses the challenges of playing a real person in a fictional setting, the qualities she tries to capture of the real Dubois as well as her take on the character vs. the real person.

We also get a humorous gag reel and some of the TV advertising for the show. It's clear that NBC knew they had a winner on their hands and they gave the show their all in promotional activity (which this spooky winner deserved). We also get deleted scenes for 7 episodes some of which have multiple scenes that were cut for time constraints. Since this is a short TV season (only 17 episodes) I would also like to have seen some previews for the second season (which I haven't watched) and the forthcoming third as long as they are without spoilers. I also would have liked to see commentary tracks from Arquette, Weber and some of the main cast. Perhaps we'll see that on the second season set which is already scheduled for later this year on DVD.

We also get four audio commentaries on four episodes two with creator/writer/director/producer Glenn Gordon Caron one done in collaboration with producer Moira Kirkland and the other with executive producer Rene Echevarria ("The 4400", "Star Trek: The Next Generation"). The best of the audio commentaries are the two with Glen Gordon Caron although guest star Chad Lowe deserves a special mention for making the most of his commentary track. It's a fun listen.

I predict you'll buy this great package and show. But then I didn't need an special abilities to see that. You're visiting this page after all aren't you? Enjoy the show! I'd give "Medium" a 9 out of 10 and highly recommend this great show. By the way the second season (due in October on DVD) is even better.
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VINE VOICEon November 9, 2006
Medium is a show about a "True" psychic detective, Allison Dubois.
The show is pretty good drama, with a mostly excellent cast.

The amazing performance of Patricia Arquette is completely believable, as the self doubting psychic, coming to terms with her abilities, dealing with a dolt of a rocket scientist husband, (who's skepticism is the most unbelievable aspect of the series), three precocious daughters who are beginning to show their mother's talents, a boss with ambivalent belief/dependency on her abilities, a wise cracking detective, and a host of evil doers, and annoying ghost.

The whole point of her job is to help the DA catch some very, evil baddies, and most of the crimes are not appropriate for pre-teenagers, (which is why the show is on so late at night), so view the discs before watching with younger kids.

The disc set has interesting extras such as meet the real Allison Dubois, to let you kind of make up your mind how much of the show to take seriously..
If you like crime dramas, this should be a good show for you.
If you like supernatural shows, this should be a good show for you.

And as an update...
The third season is even better than the first two, with all the characters getting better & better as finally the character of Joe is developed, sympathetic, and believable.
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on February 18, 2007
Episode after episode, Medium delivers. Because I had parents who were both mediums -- the authentic, useful to the police kind -- I am always skeptical about TV and movie portrayals. They always seem to miss the mark. But this series really captures me with its authentic and human approach. Then there's the astute dialog, the top-notch acting, and all the family sub-plots that keep things cooking episode after episode. Allison and Joe come across like a real married couple, real parents with real kids. The balance between home life, mediumship and crime solving keeps me coming back, over and over. This DVD set has a highly favored status in my collection.
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on May 26, 2006
I am always hooked into watching each episode---the writers have successfully created believable characters with believable everyday life problems, which are also entertaining. When the focus shifts over to Alison's dreams they are only part of the plots that run throughout each episode. Sometimes funny (the policeman in the casket comes to mind) sometimes just plain eerie, but still grounded with a healthy dose of human experience, I look forward to owning the whole series someday.
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VINE VOICEon September 25, 2006
Others have done a good job of reviewing the show concept --- so I'll just recap briefly. Based in part on the life experiences of a woman named Allison Dubois, this series features Patricia Arquette in an Emmy award-winning portrayal as a psychic-medium. As she comes to grips with her talents in this area, she helps the Phoenix district attorney with a variety of cases, but also wrestles complicated moral issues and deals with her at-home situation. She has three daughters and a husband who's an engineer, but is learning to accept the new complications that her work brings.

Being a fan of series such as "Now and Again" (which was created and written in large part by the same people involved with this) and "Tru Calilng," I immediately tuned into and clicked with this series. While I too possess a logical mind, oriented somewhat towards engineering and computer-programming, my mind is open to these ideas, and in any case, I enjoy a well-written and acted series.

If you're interested in this DVD, there's a good chance you've already seen the first season or at least some of it and know all about the program. So you may be wondering about the special features on this DVD set. I can definitely say they're awesome and here's a rundown of what you'll find:

- Extended version of Pilot --- Include several minutes of additional material seamlessly reintegrated into the show pilot. Most noteable here is a meal-time conversation between Allison and Captain Push that wasn't seen in the original.

- Deleted scenes for several episodes --- As with most good television programs, these scenes weren't deleted necessaarily because there was anything wrong with them. They just needed to cut them for time and they weren't absolutely essential to the plot. Most of these are fairly short --- about thirty seconds to a minute.

- Optional commentary --- cast and crew commentaries for several of the season's noteable episodes. Unlike some DVD commentaries, these generally make for interesting listening.

- The Making of "Medium" --- Goes over casting, creation, and other noteables.

- The Story of "Medium" --- Digs into the show story elements, also touches on some of that discussed in the "making-of."

- Interpreting Allison Dubois --- Discusses the issues of the characters life --- family and moral.

- The Real Allison Dubois --- A profile of the the real person on which the character is based. If you've read her book, then some of this a refresher, but there's some interesting anecdotes in here as well that will probably be new to you.

- Gag Reel --- A pretty standard gag reel featuring flubbed lines, etc. Generally amusing and light-hearted. Around ten minutes long.

- TV Spots --- The original TV promotional spots seen on NBC to promote the premire/series. A nice inclusion.

Overall, this is a great set for fans of the program. And if you've never seen it before, this is your chance to get caught up.
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Much better than most of today's contemporary TV programs, this series has depth of character and it does not lose momentum through the first season.

The first DVD contains both the network version of the pilot and the extended version of the pilot. You can skip to the extended version which only has a couple of expanded scenes. I was really hoping for some of the characters in the pilot to make it into the regular episodes. I will not go through each episode so that you may have the fun of discovery.

Great formula as Allison Dubois (Patricia Arquette) who has a gift since childhood of talking to the dead and getting physique vibes. She diagnoses or misdiagnoses crime scenes for a local district attorneys office. Natural the are the skeptics with negative attitudes to overcome and obscure mental images to be interpreted. She must also do this while balancing housework, kids, and a husband that can be a snot at times. There is usually a quirky twist in the end of each episode.

Bottom line is that you can get hooked on the series and will feel cheated when you run out of episodes. It is interesting that they spread the abilities around in the family instead of keeping just to Allison.

The only disappointing part of this the first season is that they only show half a story on the last disk, forcing you to wait for the next season to publish. In the future you need to order both seasons at the same time.
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on June 11, 2007
You've never experienced these kinds of dreams!

So many twists and turns in every episode. It's never predictable and always leaves you wanting more.

I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves a great mystery or crime drama.
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VINE VOICEon May 4, 2007
Patricia Arquette stars as Allison Dubois, an otherwise ordinary wife and mother who has the ability to help solve crimes through her dreams. Over a series of nights, Allison sees more and more details about the victims, which she shares with her boss, Phoenix District Attorney Manuel Devalos, and detective Lee Scanlon.

On the homefront, Allison is accompanied by her laidback husband Joe, a scientist, and their three daughters, Ariel, Bridgette and Marie. The girls are far apart in age -- Ariel in junior high, Bridgette in elementary, and little Marie just a toddler -- giving room to all sorts of growing-up issues. In this first season, the two older girls also show evidence of having inherited some of their mother's psychic abilities, which troubles both Allison and Joe.

Although there are other shows currently on air with extraordinary heroines, "Medium" continues to stand apart. Unlike some of the others, such as "Ghost Whisperer" starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, "Medium" doesn't try to make its cast look superhuman. Dreams aside, Allison's just a busy woman juggling a career and family, and she actually can be seen picking up dry cleaning or wearing old t-shirts as she hurriedly fixes her girls a late supper.

Conversely, "GW"'s Melinda is perfect -- both in appearance and the way her life always goes her way -- which gets stale to the viewing audience pretty quickly. Who can possibly relate? Melinda's husband Jim has virtually no storylines of his own; his entire purpose appears to be supporting Melinda, listening to her prattle on about the cases she's working on, and maintaining the house for her as though he doesn't have a job himself. "Medium," on the other hand, is too smart to insult its viewers by presenting such an improbable universe.

If you haven't ever seen "Medium," I urge you to check it out immediately! You won't be disappointed.
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