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on October 25, 2007
This highly anticipated game will satisfy Mega Man enthusiasts, but may frustrate those who are new to the Mega Man Zero/ZX series. The factors for this are manifold:

The voice acting in the game is unrefined and it clearly shows that, because of fans railing against Capcom for the preclusion of said voice acting from the original Mega Man ZX, the pressure to get an English voice cast was just too overwhelming. The only redeeming factor in this might be that there actually is some voice acting, period. Good voice acting, though, comes with a heavy price. Grey, the fourteen year-old reploid with no past, sounds like he's well in his prime. Ashe, the fifteen year-old hunter, is reminiscent of Ashelia Dalmasca from Final Fantasy XII, except just not as appealing as Kari Wahlgren's voice role. Characters that might not sound as bad include Aeolus and Vent, who have edifying things to say and don't sound nearly as annoying as Thetis or Model A.

Voice-overs aside, the game is quite intense. The tediously primeval map system from the original ZX is not to be found here. Thank goodness! With more stylus abilities than its predecessor, Mega Man ZX Advent is just as interactive and innovative as The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. The difficulty is, however, noteworthy. There are many Pseudoroids with an eclectic variety of abilities that one must memorize in order to choose the correct one to proceed to previously impenetrable areas. The Trans-On (or in the English version, A-Trans) feature may be overwhelming at first, admittedly, and yet the function is facilitated largely by the Profile menu, upon pressing Start and then L. The menu is more complex, and with due reason--14 characters to choose from is no small feat. Capcom has outdone itself this time, and the graphics are stunning. Simply observe the different terrain within one level and you will see what I am referring to.

The background music is its hallmark. There is no better soundtrack to listen to on any Nintendo DS game than to this one. From the classic-Capcom electro beats of Grey's opening stage (the track is called "Destiny") to Ashe's sky-high theme ("Through the Lightning" and "Be One") to the incredibly catchy Vent/Aile Model ZX Megamerge sequence ("Determined Eyes"). Which brings up the cinematics of the game. Although it should be noted that Ashe's story has shorter clips, they are still as state-of-the-art as they get, culminating in the Model ZX encounter and transformation sequence. Check out YouTube for these. My favorite is Aile's "Rock On". Capcom can be blamed for a lot things, which include an inept attempt at connecting loose storylines, and the unbearable difficulty of the game itself, but they should also be praised for their innovative graphics, control scheme, and their music!

The basic premise of the game is this. You choose a reploid named Grey, or a human named Ashe, who become the Chosen One for Model A (which reminds one of Axl from the Mega Man X games). You are to protect the world from a serious threat stemming with the same power as your Biometal from reaching its full potential. Prometheus and Pandora are key villains who test your might by pitting you against other "Mega Men" or Chosen Ones, who essentially possess similar powers as yours. If you do not confront the person who is perpetrating this series of events, then war and chaos will befall the reploid and human race, bringing it back to its discordant times dating back to Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero eras.

I won't spoil much more. I hope this will inspire you to purchase the game, and I hope you enjoy it!

Herbert Ortiz
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on July 23, 2011
The best part of any MegaMan game is the bosses, and this one does not disappoint. You'll fight a few familiar bosses from the prequel, and a lot of new giant pseudoroids. It even gives you incentives to fight them again, in the form of medals you can earn for beating them in interesting ways! For example, try beating the wasp without shooting its abdomen, or fight the hedgehog without your mega man powers activated (no charge shot, slide, climb, can't even sink in water).

The art is beautiful, and I found myself resonating with and respecting a few of the bosses. They are in touch with the elements they represent, and despite standing in your way, they're definitely not stereotypically evil. The cut scenes are fun too. I love the new art style. It's like watercolors.

This is the first MegaMan game where you can straight up play as all of the boss characters. This is interesting because it gives you a bit of respect for how hard it is for those giant pseudoroids to get around. You can be a screen-filling tyranosaurus made of ice that fires its icicle teeth at foes, but you'll stomp around at a snail's pace. The plant creature can hop from vines with ease, but spins along pretty slowly on the ground. You'll find yourself switching forms a lot.

The best part is they didn't keep any of the stupid ideas from the MegaMan X or Zero games. No experience points, no letter grades preventing you from earning abilities, no "viruses" screwing with the stages, no continuing sans-abilities even if you failed only to find everything more difficult. MegaMan games have had a lot of terrible ideas, and the ZX series is fortunately free of them. It's actually the easiest MegaMan game in a while, finally returning to the feel of X1 and 2 that I know and love.

Holy crap, this game is still going for $50? I was going to get a second copy for a friend, but that's steep!
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on December 3, 2007
I enjoyed Mega Man ZX a while ago, so when I heard Mega Man ZX Advent was coming out, I decided I should order it. So I did. After playing and beating it, this is what I thought.

Gameplay: 85%
Similar to traditional Mega Man gameplay, you'll find yourself blasting through enemies with a variety of different powers. A few of these are pretty fun to use, but some are way too awkward to seriously use. A plus is that the controls are completely customizable, so you can find a setup that feels right.

Graphics: 94%
This game has very nice 2D graphics. There's a ton of detail put into each character, item, and background. The game looks great in motion.

Sound: 60%
60%? Ouch. Well, the one reason it's so low is because of the atrocious voice acting. A few voices are done well, but the majority just flat-out sucks.

Overall: 87%
This is a pretty nice DS game, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves Mega Man. Mega Man ZX: Advent isn't an easy game. It's not as hard as Contra, but it'll definitely give you a challenge.
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on November 8, 2014
For the longest time, I thought that megaman 9 and megaman zero 4 were the best megaman games. When i was younger, i played the first megaman zx, and didnt really like it. It was rather confusing, and even playing it now, some design choices are downright stupid. So when I got this game, I was skeptical, but what was ahead of me was nothing I could of imagined. The games soundtrack is absolutely top notch, and the voice acting is amazing, which is surprising for a megaman game. The story and characters are interesting, and the game-play is mind blowing. The only complaints i have is that the hub worlds aren't really my forte, but there a hundred times better than the first games. All in all, this game is amazing, and its definitely my new favorite megaman game. 5/5
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on October 17, 2013
My son absolutely loved this game. The problem was that he finished it in two days. That does seem to be almost the norm for handheld games lately. But I had hoped for a little more play time. The game itself was a big hit though. My son loved it and immediately wanted another installment of the series.
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on January 15, 2014
As one of the last Megaman videogames, Megaman ZX Advent delivers a sequel which is at least twice as fun as its predecessor.
In this game, you can either play as a Reploid boy named Grey, or a hunter girl named Ashe. They both have their own storylines, and have certain distinct attributes that are highlighted as you play as them.
Other than the awesome gameplay, this version of the game has voice actors, which do help bring more depth to the game, (even if it is a little corny at times). It is also interesting to see how both characters interact with Biometal Model A, ( a very "cheeky" one), who allows Grey and Ashe to Megamerge, becoming the ultimate Megaman.
To be honest, I haven't finished the game myself yet, because there are a lot of side missions you can do while progressing the main story line. I find myself sometimes as well just standing in a certain zone just listening to the awesome music of the stages. The difficulty of the game is still somewhat difficult, (especially to newer players), but it's doable and rewarding for sure. Speed-running for this game should be a lot of fun, due to all the Megaman and Pseudo-droids you can turn into. I feel that there was a lot of love put into this game, and as one of the last Megaman games it captured some of the best moments of the Maverick series.
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on March 21, 2015
It would be a sin for me not to give an honest review of Mega Man ZX Advent. This game is the most underrated game made by IntiCreates. Building upon what they learned from the first game and adding much more to it, makes for an even better game experience! I had originally bought the game but was having financial troubles and had to sell it. That was a huge mistake on my part, the game has so much to offer in terms of action and adventure. I would highly recommend buying this game, what with Mighty No. 9 right around the corner.
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on April 29, 2012
I got this game a while ago and I was simply blown away at how much fun it was despite not having some of the best graphics (though the cutscenes are good)! The major cutscenes will be viewed with an anime graphic style as if you're watching a show on TV! My favorite part about this game is that you can play as either a boy (Grey) or a girl (Ashe), each with their own unique storyline. While there are some similarities between the story of Grey and Ashe, each character has their own interesting back story for you to unravel. I actually thought the voice acting was pretty good! I like all the voices they gave for the characters. The game is a little bit frustrating for beginners but it gets more enjoyable and easier the more you play it, so I rank this as a 5 star game!
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on March 11, 2014
Everything about this game screamed AWESOME at me! I like the animated cut scenes, the voices, and its the first mega man game I ever beat! My conclusion is, buy this product, trust me, you won't be disappointed.
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on July 5, 2011
I've never played the first ZX game so I can't compare the two, but this game is pretty fun. If you're ever played the Zero series then you know what this game is like, but this is actually A LOT easier which is sorta good. The Zero series was really difficult in my opinion, but this game is pretty easy but fun. It allows you to change into robots you defeat and the weapons/powers are really cool. You can pretty much go around the game when you beat it and have fun blowing everything up with all the forms you've acquired. If you like Mega Man (and the Zero series in particular) they you'll have a lot of fun with this.
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