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This case mirrors my review for the Sony-made case. As such, I will paste that case's review here and edit it for the MegaGear one. The edits will be enclosed within brackets like so: [edit].

"This case fits the NEX-7 perfectly with the kit lens attached. It also fits with the Carl Zeiss 24mm f1.8 Sonnar E-mount lens on. The lens hoods have to be taken off the lenses or mounted in reverse to be able to fit.

The case is made of [a leather-like material] and has a [less premium] feel to it. The camera is attached to the Half Case via the tripod mount. This presents a problem. More on that later.

How does it protect the camera? It certainly protects the camera well against day-to-day bumps during everyday use. However, I am concerned that if you drop the camera in it, depending on the angle of the impact, the NEX-7 and/or its attached lens may not fare very well.

Another concern I have is against dust: the side openings are large enough for dust particles to enter. As an experienced DSLR professional photographer, I have had situations (early in my career) where grains of sand deposited onto the sensor during shoots at the beach. Similarly, I have had moisture enter the camera body during shoots in the humid Amazon rain forest. I do not believe this case to adequately protect against those environments. However, the case will sufficiently protect the camera against light rain.

Some reviewers at other sites have commented that this case can block the rear LCD from being pulled out. This is partially true -- yes, the LCD cannot be pulled out easily. Perhaps that's a plus: it'll help prevent accidental dislodging of the LCD. The way to pull the LCD out while attached to the case, start by pulling on the bottom of the LCD, not the top.

Since the camera body is attached to the case via the tripod mount, the Half Case (the part that is screwed onto the camera's tripod mount) unfortunately blocks the battery slot. This is quite frustrating: access to the battery and the memory card are blocked until the camera body is unscrewed from the tripod mount. This is the MOST frustrating part of the case.

The case does allow for quick shooting without taking the camera out: simply unclip one of the buttons located at the bottom right of the body, flip the top portion of the case over and under the camera, and you are ready to photograph. With the case hanging the way it does in this position, it does make you look like an amateurish, ridiculously-looking tourist or photographer.

So, fashion-wise, this case looks ridiculous when you open it to photograph, and the blocking of the battery/memory card door is ridiculous. The biggest plus for this case is the fact that it does not add bulk to the camera. As such, it serves as a good protector of your camera while being transported in your backpack or carry-on suitcase. For its price, ... this case [is a good alternative to the Sony one.]


One of [this case's] buttons broke the moment I unclipped it to put the camera body on. [I promptly returned it and didn't bother to purchase a replacement.]

I had considered purchasing this case: (EveCase Digital Camera DSLR Video Camcorder Pouch Case for SONY NEX-7). I may actually buy it.
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on February 16, 2013
This is a handy protective carrying case for the Sony NEX-7 camera, but along with it's positives...their are some glaring negatives.

-Two part case that separates easily when the lens cover portion isn't needed at all.
-Lens portion easily folds down when attached for convenient/quick access.
*Slightly rubs the lens hood rotating the protective flap forward. Not really an issue since it isn't harming/wearing away at the hood.
-Great for light travel and protects against dings, scratches, etc.
-Plenty of closure room with the eye-piece viewer cup attached to the NEX-7.
-Camera body half cover is secured via a thumbscrew into the NEX-7's tripod threads.
*The protective cover's thumbscrew is also threaded for tripod you aren't losing your ability to use a tripod with this case.
-Stitching on my case appears to be pretty good.
-Case's interior lining is nice and soft to touch.

-Zero access to the battery/SD card opening.
*I knew this when I bought the case, however I've found it to be more and more of a PITA as time goes on since I'm always downloading my SD cards when the day is over taking pics.
-The case obstructs the tilting screen on the NEX-7.
*This is a BIG DEAL to me. One of the handy features of the camera is rendered useless by the design of the case. You have to unscrew the bottom portion almost 3/4s of the way out of the threading just to be able to tilt your screen.
**I've attached a photo to the "customer images" section so you can see how the case obstructs it and also how the bottom portion of the case doesn't seat as nicely as anyone/everyone buying this case would like.

In closing, would I recommend the case...I think it's fine in general as long as it's shortcomings don't outweigh it's positives for you. I ended up removing it and getting a leather GARIZ half-case found here: Gariz Genuine Leather BL-NEX7 Camera Metal Half Case for Sony NEX7 NEX-7, Black Label Edition
review image
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on July 5, 2012
I have been using this case with my NEX-7 now for about 3 weeks; it's a really good value. The case is durable and very functional. I really like that you can remove the cover and retain the body guard. Comments about the leather are largely true, it isn't a real high quality grain leather but in case you didn't miss it the price is only like 30 bucks! From my perspective there is a lot more than $30 dollars worth of value in this case. I use the case with the small 18-55mm kit lens. There is just a bit of dead space in between the end of the lens and the case. I actually like that small gap, the case is rigid enough that it doesnt crumple or compress or anything. I was a bit concerned about the quality based on a few of the reviews but I can assure you that this case is sturdy enough. In pricing a similar case from the manufacturer I was looking at over $200 dollars. This is the best alternative. If you want premium leather spend the cash on the OEM case and guard but I'd rather use that money to buy lenses and accessories.

To sum it up this case is a really good value for the money, if you want really nice leather buy the OEM case for like $170 dollars more. I'd buy this case again in a minute; no regrets whatsoever!
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on October 8, 2012
Being a new owner of a Sony NEX7, I really wanted to protect the camera from daily use without , putting it in a case being hard to get to, With this traditional case all you have to do is unclip a button and the cover swings off just like film cameras of old, . The Mega protects the camera with this case completely with its custom fit, and soft interior. Comparing to the other cases available like the Sony case which cost over 100 dolars, this one is every bit as well built, costing 1/4 of the Sony case, if you like to have a protected camera, with an easy to open capability, this is a muct have for trips or walking the city streets taking candid photos without drawing allot of attention. The speed of recieving this case was perfect for my coming trip. Great quality, great value.10-24-12 after taking it on vacation the buttons broke of , the clasps. very frustrating now I am going to send it back or have a boot maker put another button on it , I hate this as the shirts I buys these days use cheap ones , same type and they break to, everything is CHEAP,
2013, I thought I could fix the case with tsome snaps, now finding out that they are not mormal size, still looking for a correct snap, bummer, yes cheap enough but in retrospect is that wise
Now I would rate it at TWO STARS Yes I still can't find the right buttons to replace the original ones that came off the first couple of weeks
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on July 15, 2012
I carried my NEX 7 in this case during five weeks of travel this summer. The texture of the grip is great, I prefer it over the original NEX rubberized grip which seems sticky to hold. The carrying case also provided some protection to the most vulnerable parts of the camera body from moisture or light rain, which was an added bonus. The quality is great though I would suggest making the top cover easier to take off for quick shots and easier to reattach (hence the four stars). Great quality product.
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on May 4, 2014
Don't waste your money on this, I spent close to $40. This can be had cheaper elsewhere. It is passable, meaning it fits and hasn't fallen to pieces. However, this case covers the battery/memory card compartment and the USB/HDMI ports. The only way to access them is to remove the case entirely by unscrewing it from the bottom. Secondly, it doesn't encase the whole camera when closed. It leaves gaps of exposure on the sides especially on the viewfinder side.
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on October 8, 2012
This little case amply covers a Nex-7 with Carl Zeiss lens attached. Front snaps off to shoot.
As with any fitted case you'll have to remove it to get to memory card or battery . But it's worth every penny to keep the camera dry and dust free. Great product
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on December 17, 2013
I find this case to be extremely sturdy and protective of my Sony NEX-7 camera that I love but also very functional and not difficult. This case however, does not look like leather to me; however, this is by no means degrades the quality of this product though. The fact that I can unsnap the lens hood and allow it to dangle below (still attached) and take my pictures is a huge plus for me. I do not have any problems unsnapping quickly in order to get that "quick" unexpected moment when I want to take a picture. You can also completely unsnap the lens hood off and still have a little body protection on the camera. This is the WAY TO GO for a camera case when you are using the original lens. You could not put a larger lens and still use the lens hood but you could use the body protection.
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on September 12, 2012
This case is perfect for when I want to carry my NEX-7 in my regular messenger bag instead of a dedicated camera bag and when I'm out and about on travel. It adds virtually no bulk, has a great texture and grip, and has thus far protected my camera exactly as promised. Plus I think it's visually attractive and doesn't look "cheap".

The case comes in 2 sections with the bottom piece screwing into the tripod mount; the second piece snaps securely into this bottom piece on either side of the screw. When I want to remove this second piece to take a picture, it's easy to pop another snap and allow the second part of the case to "dangle" below the camera... or I can continue to remove it completely by undoing the two remaining snaps. (This makes a lot more sense if you look at the product pictures displaying the bottom of the case.) There are two additional snaps on either side of the lens, but I only use these when I know I won't be using my camera for awhile, like when I'm chucking the camera back in my bag. But when the camera is in my hands or hanging from my neck ready for use, I never use these two snaps, and the case still provides nearly 100% protection while being easier to remove for quick pictures.

As to fit around the camera, it's nearly perfect although there are just a few things to be aware of (none of them major concerns in my book though). The biggest grip is accessing the battery and/or memory card. To do so, the entire case (both pieces) must be removed. This can be a pain if you need to switch out memory cards frequently. There is also enough wiggle room between the case's flap that covers the screen/controls to easily insert my finger. So keep your camera-in-case away from rogue, evil pencils and such. I have the standard 18-55mm and the 30mm macro lens, and they both fit perfectly with their front caps on. However, there's not room for a lens hood or the telephoto lens. Also, the case (just the bottom piece) allows you to pull out and take advantage the adjustable lcd screen, although I the first few times I had to use a fingernail to get it started. Lastly, the case leaves room for the shoulder strap to be attached and swing freely.

Bottom line: Love this product, and highly recommend.
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on September 30, 2012
I purchased the red version which is the same, and I have to say this case protected my NEX-7 very well. For the curious, the case comes in two pieces: one piece screws to the tripod screw hole on the bottom of the camera and the second piece attaches to the bottom piece by 2-3 buttons. The buttons are very secure so you don't need to worry about it.

I think the red color makes this case very unique and is definitely for those who want to stand out. If not, this black one "camouflages" the NEX-7 very well. The leather, is of course, not real leather, but it feels just like it and protects the camera adequately. This won't protect the camera fully, for example, from rain or being dropped hard, so I'd suggest buying a camera bag or full-cover bag.

The case comes with a black strap to match. Only small lenses like the standard 18-55 lens, or smaller lenses, will work with this case.

Great item, I'd recommend it!
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