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on January 18, 2008
If you want to make juice from fruit - this is a *must* have. When I first moved into our current home I was confronted with a fence that had 45 feet of grape vine on it. The first fall I started to process the grapes the way I had every other fruit at our previous homes. After 2 days of working I had only progressed about 3 feet down the fence!

That's when I called the local home extension office. The sent me to a store that carried this steamer. Problem solved. I finished the remaining 42 feet of grapevine in about 8 hours and had 14 gallons of concentrated grape juice to show for my efforts.

The price tag may seem high, but it *is* stainless steel and has given me 14 years of good service so far. I expect it will last beyond when I will be interested in making grape juice.
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on July 19, 2010
The Mehu-Liisa is an amazing piece of equipment. It is well-made, strong, durable, and even aesthetically pleasing. It works very well, right out of the package. In fact, as far as I could tell, it has the highest quality of stainless steel available for a steam juicer at 18/10.

However, I think it has two design issues that I personally didn't care for. Some people might not bother with these issues, some might think they are non-issues, and yet some might even see them as an advantages - I just didn't care for them.

First, it's middle section pot (which holds the pasteurized juice) has to fit exactly in the bottom section pot (which holds the water). This is because the spout that pours out the juice (on the middle section pot) is exactly at the bottom side and it hits the top edge of the bottom section pot.

In turn, the two pieces fit together like a puzzle. On the outset, that is good - there are advantages to that; however, my problem is that this enables pulp to mix with your pasteurized juice. Because the spout is right at the bottom, all the pulp that settles on the bottom drains with the juice (some people might like this, but I don't). I'd rather have the spout be slightly higher on the pot, so that the sediment and pulp will nestle below it and not mix with my juice.

Second, the other design issue I don't care for is the size of the water pot on the bottom section. It is too small for my likes. Now don't get me wrong, the Mehu-Liisa did this on purpose because they made up for the smallness of the bottom section pot to increase the size of the juice basket; and it is huge - so in turn you have less space to boil water, and more space for fruit.

Again, there are trade-offs. I'd prefer having a larger pot to boil water in, and a smaller basket for the fruit. This is because I think it is easier to change out the fruit (since it is on top) than to change out the water (since it is on bottom). With a larger pot of water, I change it out less often.

Regardless which model of juice steamer you pick, the Mehu-Lissa is top of the line for quality and will probably last the longest - however, these two design issues I just described - you should at least be aware of, and decide for yourself if they are deal-breakers or not.
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on September 25, 2010
This is my second year using the Mehu-Liisa steam juicer and I'm STILL so in love with this helper that I just HAD to write about it.
I plant a LOT of tomatoes and can them in sauce, spaghetti sauce, chili, ketchup, etc, etc, etc.... Before my steam juicer I had to boil the tomatoes and then run them through a sieve and then cook them AGAIN to boil of some of the excess liquid and thicken the sauce. This left the tomatoes tasting a little over processed (and sometimes even a little scorched) and took hours and hours to do. With the steam juicer, the excess juice is already removed and when you put the remaining tomatoes through the sieve (I use my kitchen aid mixer attachments) the sauce is perfect just the way it is. No need to process again which leaves a much fresher tasting product. I love my Mehu-Liisa!
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on September 14, 2012
Yes, all the comments are accurate, it works great. What they don't say is that ALL steamers work great. That's the point, to steam juice.

It is beautiful. It's gorgeous.

I have had an old aluminum steamer I bought off ebay that I've used for about 3 yrs.. It worked absolutely awesome, but gave me the heebie jeebies that I was boiling in aluminum. I carefully researched stainless steel and went with Mehu Lissa.

I'm pretty disappointed.

First off, the packaging sucked. (I didn't buy it off Amazon, I bought it off the Mehu Lissa site) My brand new steamer has two dings in it already, right out of the box. It came in a thin cardboard box that was exactly the width of the steamer, no padding. My steamer arrived two days ago, I sold my old one this morning, I got the new steamer out of the box and am about to make blackberry juice, so I can't send it back, as my fruit is ready now, and it already took almost 2 weeks to arrive.

Nextly, this steamer is so thin. Be assured you WILL dint it while washing it in your kitchen sink, it is really that thin.

You will never use the bottom for a cooking pot, as the sharp thin edges will get quickly destroyed by metal stir spoons. The metal is SO thin.

It is absolutely beautiful. You will love looking at it, you will love the pictures on the website, as it sits there, gleaming.

It is thin. WAY too thin. As soon as you have dings, you have air leaks. As soon as you have air leaks, the steam escapes and it becomes unefficient.

My final comment is that the handles are sharp. They are not comfy to hold on to. They are fastened on by pin-prick sized rivits..(sp?) Who would design sharp edges handles on something that you have to hold on to??? How can that possibly be the "new 2012 design"?

Online it stated that the "new 2012 design" is larger, 11 1/2 quarts instead of 10 (I think that was the comment). And that it would be stamped "10" on the box, "but don't be alarmed, it's a typo". Well the actual steamer is also stamped "10", right on the bottom. I don't know what part of the steamer is the part measured, but the entire steamer is smaller than the aluminum I just got rid off a couple hours ago.

I am thrilled to have a new steamer that's not aluminum. And I'm really disappointed by it's lack of quality, and lack of thought. It is just so thin that I can't even imagine how careful I'm going to have to be using it. But yes, it's very beautiful and I"m sure it will work perfectly.

I"m very disappointed, and I can't send it back, because it's canning season, my freezers are already too full to store any more fruit that needs to be picked and juiced now, and I don't have my old steamer to use in the meantime. I don't think I could recommend this one.

I"m just totally disappointed. It was a lot of money. Its really thin and you will have to be VERY careful washing it.

I'm sure it steams fabulously. My other one did too... And as long as you NEVER dint it, it will work great..
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on August 16, 2009
This baby gave me the best boysenberry syrup on earth. Try apple juice from Granny Smiths to make apple jelly. Everything I've made from it is amazing. Very simple to use.
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on October 26, 2010
This juice steamer is awesome! It is beautifully made & will probably last forever! We had no trouble using it. One review that I had read said the water pot was boiling dry but we found that if you get it to boiling then turn the heat down to about medium or medium-high the pot would last the entire batch. We were making grape juice which turned out wonderfully.
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on March 8, 2011
Excellent quality product, very well made and works well. I thought the metal would be thicker but still a great product. Product did arrive damaged due to poor packing, but seller made it right. And it's not made in china which is a plus in my book. You won't be sorry if you get this product.
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on March 14, 2014
Happy Dance-its everything they claim and a bag of chips. Great for lazy Mom :) great for want to be healthier- great way to save money with sales or that extra fruit that is turning bad. Best of all our Son thinks im magic and drinks this stuff and says this is the best juice Ive ever tasted. I know what he is drinking-CHEERS! NO wonder if there is hidden sugar or chemical additives.
Out of the box first experiment in my ability-picked up some fruit on deep discount at grocery store-had a few almost bad fruits
at home (not really something that looked great)but was less expensive to buy in bulk-hard day at work and didnt feel like dicing and peeling-a few veggies just for the heck of it and more than we could eat-stems-seeds-even a couple of oranges with peeling left on but cut in half-threw them in the steamer with little care other than washing the fruit- and forgot about it with a timer to check also for water not to run out (you really want to probably add water below the steamer if using for a juice machine) turned off pot at about 45 minutes and let sit so all the juice would settle and come out. Thats it folks. Let it super easily come out of the yippee yi yea worth it for if nothing more than having this spout at the bottom of the pan - none of them I found have this feature-hot jars and put lids on them. O so easy clean-woo hoo again. nothing sticks!!! You can use the totally juice less
fruits/veggies in your garden but it gets out every drop of juice. This should help with compost greatly. Our chickens run for it though and it helps feed them. One of the few items in my entire life where I felt like i will pass this down for future generations
-such quality- and such love for its abilities. One of those items when you see it work you know in the future it will not be something you can find. Worth every penny and will save gracious money if you also have items you grow at home or pick up at farmers market. YES YES its Great.
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on June 14, 2010
Works great, solid construction and I believe it will last for years. We juiced about five pounds of strawberries and half a bucket of mulberries. It did a great job but all I kept thinking about was a Simpsons episode of the Juice Loosener commercial parody. "You got all that from one bag of oranges?!!!" ([...]) Kidding aside it's worth the investment. If you are going to do juicing this is the juicer!
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on September 26, 2011
I really love the tomato sauce this makes. After the tomatoes have steamed for an hour or so, pour off the liquid and put the pulp through a food mill. The sauce is thick and does not have to be boiled down to use.
I've also made a lot of tomato juice cocktail, using peppers, celery, carrots, and parsley along with the tomatoes. For this the liquid is all used along with the pulp put through the food mill. The two (pulp and juice) are combined in a larger pot, brought to a boil, and put in mason jars to can. I use the pressure cooker to can the quarts for 25 minutes. You can use salt before canning, if you want. I usually get 6 to 8 quarts with a full juicer basket.
I've also tried pear juice and peach juice and added the pulp from these to make a thick juice. The pulp is also put through the food mill before adding to the juice that has accumulated. Add sugar if needed. Great!
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