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on May 11, 2005
I bought this for my 2 year old Bob the Builder fan. It is difficult to use the toolbox to hammer into, but if you turn it on it's side your builder can hammer all day long. It's a little tight at first, but after you hammer a couple of nails and pull them out it gets easier. I like this toolbox because its a little more difficult for little hands. My son has to really think about hitting the nails and turning the wrench and screwdriver, but he can do it. This set looks real and my son loves that. If he sees his daddy using tools he will go get his tools so he can help. Some kids might get frustrated with it, but I think that it's teaching fine motor skills.

We love it
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on January 16, 2003
Besides being one of my son's favorite toys, I feel great about him playing with it all the time because he is building on his fine motor skills. Also, it is adorable to watch him follow his father around the house when his father fixes things. Cleap up is made easy by the tool box that comes with it - and this toy is holding up unbelivablly well considering how quickly my son's toys normally break!
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on March 4, 2007
I bought this for my son who is a month shy of 2 and enjoys Bob the Builder and my tools. Even though he is not the recommended age, I thought he might begin investigating it, trying it out if it was around. The more he plays with it, the better he gets at learning to use the tools. He has loads of fun with daddy (or me) while they screw together the plates & hammer in the pegs. My son is thrilled that he has his own tools, so he now leaves mine alone. This is a wooden toy that will swell or shrink with humidity, so there are some days getting the pegs out is just a bit stickier, but in general we have no problem with the set. Because we play with him with this toy, he is supervised, but I can see how a child might get injured. My son goes from toy to toy every 10-15 mins, so I don't expect him to be captivated by anything for very long (kids aren't at this age), but he does play with this a bit longer than others. It challenges him to experiment. I like the old time toolkit design and that all the pieces fit inside. Keep in mind your child's personality, temperment, play style - supervised vs. unsupervised, patient or easily frustrated - and the likes of the child. My son, for the moment, enjoys this toolkit. I have bought a few toys I was certain he'd love, but he hasn't touched them since they day they came home (that doesn't mean the toys are defective, they just don't interest my son) - this one's a keeper.

**Update a few years on, he's outgrown the toy but it served us very well indeed. The set held together through 4 years of play and provided much enjoyment and pretend building. He now has an erector set that provides for and encourages both designed objects (car, robot, ferris wheel...) and free form creative designing and building.
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on February 23, 2011
I was wanting washers and bolts for my son and was looking at the different options (including just buying some washers and bolts at the store) when I saw this set at Michaels. I thought, "how neat! This set has the bolts and washers but also has a hammer, screw driver, and wrench to practice with!" I had a 40% off coupon so I paid about $8.

The problem with this toy is it's perceived fun value vs the reality.

You look at it and THINK to yourself your kid will have hours of fun screwing and unscrewing the bolts into the sides of the toolbox, or using the wrench to tighten the bolts.

The REALITY is that the bolts DO NOT screw into the side of the box. The holes are much too big for this purpose. Some "plates" with pre-drilled holes are also included, also with the gigantic holes that make the screws pointless.

The nails DO fit into the holes, but there are only two of them. ONce your kid has pounded them in, there is no way to get them out due to the poor design of the claw end of the hammer; it is no where near the size it needs to be in order to be an effective removal device.

If I wanted a hammering toy, I would have bought the pounding bench thing sitting right next to this one.

This toy is a let down. Now I feel like I have paid $8 for the "privilege" of bringing useless junk into my home (the wrench and screwdriver are essentially pointless and good for nothing).
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on December 25, 2006
Don't bother to buy this, if you think of providing your kid(s) with an extended wooden construction kit by adding pieces from various "Melissa & Doug" wooden construction sets together, as the various sets are INCOMPATIBLE (screw threads and lengths, plate thickness, etc). A true disappointment. The whole series is poorly conceived, with no thought given to compatibility between - and therefore expansion of - sets. Worse yet, quality is poor: threads on screws tend to chip or erode very easily during use, leaving saw dust all over the play area. The number of pieces is too limited to allow for more than the construction of two or three toys, and one must disassemble an existing construction before building a new one.
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on December 1, 2004
My son LOVES most construction toys and barely touches this one. While there are "nails" and "washers and screws", they are awkward to use on the toolkit - mainly for lack of space. Very cute, though, just not terribly practical.
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on August 30, 2008
I bought this for my grandson when he was about 2 1/2. I has been a total disappointment, even at age 3.

Nails & hammer: At first, he really enjoyed hammering in the 2 nails into the holes in the side of the toolbox. But an strong adult needs to pull the nails out. I can't do it. He really hammers hard!

Hammering the nails is the only part of the toy that he liked, but he lost interest. Even at 3 yr. - I can't get him to play with it.

Screws, washers, screwdriver & wrench:
The holes in the side of the toolbox are TOO BIG for the screws. The 6 screws are over 2" long and there are washers that can be screwed on. However, it is so much easier to use your fingers to fasten the washers, so the screwdriver isn't needed. And it is useless to try to use the wrench to unfasten them.

*** A toddler cannot use the screwdriver while holding the washer in place all by himself. He doesn't have enough hands.

I called Melissa & Doug, thinking I wasn't teaching him how to use the toy correctly. The rep. said we should connect the brackets with the screws to make interesting designs or - I'm not sure what. But I did try to show him. No Fun!
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on October 7, 2011
So reading peoples reviews about the "chemical paint smell" I thought some may be exaggerating about the strong odor....BUT NO they are not! I just wasted my money because I will not let my 1.5 year old boy play with this. The smell is so strong it kinda made me sick after sniffing a a few of the tools. My 5 year old son even said "Mommy, that hammer smells funny!."

I washed the hammer and the tool box and only gave those items to my son...but I think I will actually call it a loss and throw them out.

DO NOT waste your money...find a "green" product. I have found "Green Toys" here on Amazon and will try and only buy their product, though items are limited...but great selection of fake food.
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on December 16, 2004
Although it is a neat concept, we don't let our son(s) play with this anymore (and haven't since a week after we purchased it). The screwdriver is a hard, sharp wooden tool that could really be dangerous if he slips or falls on it. Also, we hammered in one of the "nails" and even my husband couldn't get it back out again. There are lots of other "tool kits" out on the market and for safety's sake, I would suggest choosing something else.
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The Melissa & Doug Wooden Take Along Tool Kit (24pc) is another disappointment for this grandma. Having our first grandchild allowed my husband and I to, once again, indulge in toy purchasing. We had heard good things about Melissa & Doug products, so when I received an e-mail about a half-price sale, I asked my daughter which items she would like to have for her son. Because his Papa is a woodworker and all-around handyman, she thought our grandson would enjoy having his own toolkit. We had high hopes that the Melissa & Doug Wooden Take Along Tool Kit (24pc) would become a favorite toy.

Unfortunately, we had to take this away from our grandson shortly after giving it to him. The product is made in China and the wood used in its construction is a cheap and results in potentially harmful products. The threading of the screws caused firring so that little ones who might be inclined to test-taste their toys could, potentially, get splinters in their mouth. I did not like the fact that the paint used on the Melissa & Doug Wooden Take Along Tool Kit (24pc) comes off easily when a child chews, even slightly, on the pieces. Several articles discussing recalls of these products in Canada convinced me that Melissa & Doug toys needed to be removed from our future-purchase list.

The tight fit of the nails and screws on the toy we received proved to discourage our grandson from playing with the Melissa & Doug Wooden Take Along Tool Kit (24pc). Further, the less-than-realistic shapes of the tools and assorted other items did nothing to attract our grandson's interest. He wanted tools like Papa's. We purchased the Fisher-Price Drillin' Action Tool Set when we saw it, and it was a real hit. That toy definitely is worth your purchase.

I would not recommend purchasing the Melissa & Doug Wooden Take Along Tool Kit (24pc). There are far better toolbox-type toys on the market.
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