Customer Reviews: Memento (10th Anniversary Special Edition) [Blu-ray]
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on August 28, 2002
This review is of the Limited Edition DVD, not the movie itself. The movie is quite good, but unless you are fanatically devoted to it, get the "regular" edition, not this "Limited" edition. First of all, the menus are enough to drive you crazy. I like my menus to be simple and utilitarian; the menus on these DVDs are like a puzzle that you have to solve. Sure, it's cute the first couple of times, but after that it just gets annoying - especially the ones on disc 2, with the special features (including the "chronological" version of the movie - but more on that below). I can't stress enough how annoying these are. Imagine if the remote control to your entertainment system had 85 identically shaped buttons, with no labels on them. That's kind of how the menus on these DVDs are. I watch movies to relax; the Memento Limited Edition DVDs are more like a chore. Trust me, if you're just a casual fan like me, you will not like it.
About the chronological version of the movie - yes, it is indeed on Disc 2. You can find out how to access it by trudging through the puzzling menus, or just looking it up on the internet like I did. Let me say this: THE CHRONOLOGICAL VERSION OF MEMENTO IS NOT NEARLY AS COOL AS IT SOUNDS! This version was the reason I bought the Limited Edition, and there are a number of problems with it, beginning with the fact that the only buttons that work during playback are "Pause" and "Stop." That's it. No fast forward or rewind, no slow motion, no subtitles. Believe me, this gets annoying real fast, especially since the movie begins with the complete end credits - rolled in reverse. Three minutes never lasted so long (and remember, you can't fast forward through them). Plus, the chronological version hasn't been re-edited or re-cut, so the scenes appear exactly as in the theatrical version, with the last few lines of each scene repeated as the first few lines of the subsequent scene. You would think they could have put in a little effort to make the transitions more seamless. And it's not like watching Memento in chronological order is absolutely necessary to understanding it; like The Usual Suspects, The Sixth Sense, and any other movie that requires the viewer to piece together information shown throughout the film, a second viewing of the theatrical version was sufficient for me to fully grasp everything. I didn't get a chance to explore any of the other special features on the Disc; it's just too much of a pain to try and find them.
Bottom line: unless you are a huge Memento fan, save your money and buy the regular edition. You'll be much happier.
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on February 1, 2016
Dum basses sent me foreign DVD....playable only if you reset your computer which depletes this option every time you execute the maneuver. (I will not risk freezing my computer in undesirable setting.)

Thanks a Heap ****off.
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on March 1, 2008
...unless you're into being tortured. I won't be redundant as other's have stated how utterly ridiculous the menu system is and the battery of test you're forced to take to see the features you paid for. this edition is for the pretentious, "hip" psuedo-intellectual. Don't get me wrong, I love the film itself but this edition is just terrible. I have never reviewed anything here but I felt so strongly about this edition that I had to join the others in warning you in advance.
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on July 6, 2002
I read the earlier review that gave this limited edition a ONE STAR and was a bit "offended".
I, too, LOVE this movie. So I ignored the reviewer and purchased the "limited edition" thinking it would be better than just the "normal" edition.
How frustrating is this edition. Perhaps there is some rhyme or reason to the STUPID quiz at the beginning which EVENTUALLY will lead you to the special features, but all it ended up doing for me was PISSING ME OFF!!!!!!! It served no purpose as far as I was concerned.
I returned to the store today where I bought it, who's policy is that OPENED DVD's may only be returned for the SAME item.
I pleaded with the clerk to let me exchange it for the NORMAL DVD version, explaining that the price is the same or less than the LIMITED EDITION and... "it's basically the same movie".
Fortunately, he agreed. I now own the NORMAL DVD and am much more content with my purchase.
Stay away from this limited edition...
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on November 21, 2003
I recently bought this Limited Edition DVD set because I love the film and wanted to watch all the extras that comes with the DVD.

When I got the DVD, it was beautifully design. But when it comes time to play it. Horror! Though the DVD was designed to be viewed like a mediacal file, it was a terrible way to navigate through to get to the extra. Disc 1 was pretty easy. One just needs to hit WATCH and the movie will play.

Disc 2 was a different story. After hitting an icon that looks like a book, it led me through a series of question. I managed to find the Director's Shooting Script that correspond to the film in multi-angle. It was pretty cool. But that was it.

I am still looking to see how I can get to the Original short story, the Trailers and all the extra freebie. But at every turn, all I get was a series of questions that leads to more question. Undoubtably it was fun for the first minute. But very quickly, the frustration sets in. I think the designer forgot that they are designing a DVD that is meant to be watched. What's the point of hidding all the features that no one can find. A bummer...and very disappointing as a DVD.

I would give 4.5 stars to the movie but 1 star for the design of the DVD. Save your money and go get the regular edition instead.
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on July 2, 2002
This is probably one of the best movies in my collection but the limited edition version is simply awful. In a nutshell the special features are a mess. It's almost like being harassed by your DVD.
The DVD starts out by asking you a ton of stupid questions which, for those seeing the movie for the first time, would help to give away some of the movies mystery.
The original DVD version is much much better. It has the movie and the short story that the movie was based on. THAT IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED but I guess Christopher Nolan wanted to milk the fans for a few more bucks.
A nice special feature for this DVD would have been to have the option to play the movie in sequential order. While this would be a horrible way to first watch the film, I'm sure many fans wouldn't mind watching it that way.
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on January 31, 2016
WACKED OUT CONFUSING MOVIE. If you are looking for a relaxing weekend movie, don't do it. You will be searching GOOGLE the rest of the weekend to find out what everyone else thought was happening in the movie.
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on July 8, 2002
The film is great, don't get me wrong. It is a five-star film. Just do NOT buy this special edition without being warned. The "special" part of this is that the director made it almost impossible to actually watch the movie. All of the great extra features on the disc 2 are not available unless you figure out some sort of puzzle and answer random questions the way that the director thinks they should be answered.
There are cheat sheets for navigating the menus available on the web, but you really shouldn't have to do a Google search in order to watch something that you paid for!
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on April 7, 2008
I think Memento is a fine, interesting film. But if you just want to see the movie itself, DO NOT BUY THE 2-DISC VERSION. you literally have to participate in these series of psych-type tests in order to get at anything you actually want to see, and there's NO WAY AROUND the tests. you can never watch without going through them. you're paying for the tests, not just the film. i'm not exaggerating. i bought one, tried for maybe ten minutes, and now i'm putting it back on sale on amazon.

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on May 27, 2002
I'd like to begin by saying this is one movie that should not be missed. The film itself is a milestone in the annals of innovative storytelling.
HOWEVER, I recommend anyone interested in purchasing this DVD to avoid the Limited Edition at all costs and settle for the original version instead, unless you enjoy spending hours navigating through the pointless and stupid puzzles you are required to solve before you can access ANY of the features on the discs!
I've heard some refer to this method as "cute" and "amusing," but I'll wager anything most find it nothing but pure aggravation.
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