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on July 1, 2011
This software is NOT for VISTA or WINDOWS 7 - out of the box. NO system requirements are listed in Product Description OR Technical Details. After loading the software on my Windows 7 PC, clicking on HELP or TUTORIALS gets a referral to Microsoft with instructions how to download a special .HLP fix for use on Windows 7/Vista. 'Help' then works [with one macro error message]. There is no helpful description when cursor 'hovers' over the numerous tools, double frown :(

Once Help files open, 'support', looking for updates, leads to the actual manufacturer who licensed Memorex branding of the software and labelmaker. The Standard upgrade is currently an additional $14.95 or the Deluxe Upgrade for $19.95 for Memorex customers. Both of these upgrades are for Windows 7. The program does seem to work okay even on my Windows 7 PC, in 'compatability mode' least for now.

Personal pet peeve: There is a REALLY LARGE choice of text fonts drop down menu...all displayed in the same font, not the actual font. It is very time consuming to try each one to see what they are.

Be sure to compare prices for the Memorex 'proprietary' labels versus the Competition i.e. Avery. It is the labels' prices that can either drive up costs or save you money...over a year or more. A low priced KIT may cost very much more in the long run!

Read other 'helpful reviews' for more product details...
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on February 5, 2010
Wow! Labels, an applicator, and a free program............what is not to like about this product? I supposed some people have problems as not all programs work on all systems. But my Widows XP, Service Pack 3 did just fine.

The label making program is "Sure Thing". They must have sold to Memorex some rights so they could call it "exPressit". But when you load the software it clearly says, "Sure Thing". It is a great label making program, especially when it is for free. Granted, it is Ver 4 and not the Deluxe Ver 5. But the only difference I noticed, besides a few convineience buttons and perhapos some other features I missed, is that it ONLY prints Memorex labels. IF you purchase the Ver 5 separately for $25 you can print on practially any label stock format. But since Memorex seems to be one of the few "full face" label makers AND offers a very competative price AND offers special "DVD" labels, this free version is hard to beat. You can at least try it for awhile and if you do not like Memorex, get the retail version and use the label manufacturer of you choice.

I had no problem with installation or calibration. I did, however, use a printout on plain paper to calibrate. I printed and then held up the printout BEHIND the label plage to insure proper alignment. But it was such a minor adjustment (+1 horiz and -1 vertical), it was easy.

I highly recommend this product because the Avery applicator is $9 on its own; the program, to downlaod is $25 on its own; and if you include the labels, you can add another $10. I will say, however, that there is a debate on labels for DVDs. I have had no problems, but the question is will the labels stand the test of time - 1 year, 20 years?

I am purchasing "DVD" labels separately as these are technically for CDs even though they say CD/DVD. Perhaps they will be fine. I do not know. But I tend to believe that labels on DVDs may be an issue (i.e., warping as a result of hte paper collecting moisture, drying up a bit, tightening, and thus warping the disc so it is not read properly). Therefore, the best way to label DVDs probably with a marker (gently) or a printer that prints the ink directly on the DVD. But the former is "tacky" while the latter is more moola and another issue altogether.

All in all, for $15, what is there to complain about? It is worth the try. I think its great.
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on June 26, 2008
The label maker kit is very nice and easy to use. It has lots of available options for creating labels. You can create simple to very intricate labels. I've created hundreds of labels and have had little to no problems with the kit (most of the issues I initially encountered were, yes, user related). As with all new software it does take "a little" time to become familiar with. I would highly recommend this product. This really is a nice, simple labeling kit and one that I believe you'd be pleased with purchasing.
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on November 22, 2012
Everything in the package is fine, absolutely nothing wrong with the labels or anything. I only wish the description had been a bit more clear.

I was expecting 138 DISC labels total. But there are only 38 disc labels, and the rest are DVD labels, jewel case inserts, etc. And hey, these are cool things to have around and use, it's just not what I was expecting.

So, just be sure you know what your purchasing (unlike me!)
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on June 26, 2013
I was familiar with the Memorex label maker software, the one I had did not work with windows 7, so I ordered the later version from Amazon. The software was fine it worked with Windows 7, however the label applicator was not. No matter how I positioned the label on it, when the button was pressed to apply the label onto the cd, it overlapped the cd every time. The price of this kit was 14.95 ASIN:B0007YZTT6 Memorex CD LABELMAKER STARTER KIT ( 32023968 )]]
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So anyone who complains this doesn't work for Windows Vista, needs to get rid of Vista. That is an old, faulty operating system and you can't blame this for not working with Vista...its a fault of Vista. You really should stay on XP or at least upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.

With Windows 7 Home 64-bit, I've had no issues with the software.
It installed fine and works great.

Like any label product, you need to work slowly to reduce curling of the label when removing it from the adhesive sheet. Also works slowly when pressing your disc down on the label. After about a half dozen I haven't had any mishaps or bubbles in the label.

Works great for CD/DVD labels.
Spine labels to match discs.
You cannot design / add image to the description box label. I've only been able to add text.

Grabbing images from Google Images and using those instead of the pre-built images/backgrounds is easy for the person who knows enough about saving to folders and finding the file later. My mom would struggle, because it's not always the most intuitive software.

Great price.
Worked well for me.
Going forward I'll buy this 300pk: Memorex White CD Labels, Matte Finish. 300 Count (32020403)
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on June 1, 2013
As advertised, the product comes with the label applicator. It works flawlessly for applying labels. A shame, then, that this was the only part of the kit which actually worked correctly.

First off: the kit does not contain "138" labels for discs. There are about 15 sheets with 8 different labels on them: 2 "disc" labels, 2 "ring" labels, 2 jewel case spine labels, and 2 "multiple use labels" - this accounts for 120 of the labels. The "Ring" labels are meant for use on dual-sided discs, but can also be used to extend the label of a single-sided disc to the innermost edge. At any rate, the number of labels was just a bit of a letdown. This is not, however, why I hate this product

The reason I hate this product is because the included Memorex exPressit software is a terrible mess, confusing and difficult to use, even WITH the included "manual". Even so, this isn't the end of the world: once you learn how to use it, it becomes.... serviceable. The real problem comes when you go to calibrate the printouts.

See, you have to calibrate before printing. This ensures the images and text actually print ON the label instead of someplace else on the sheet. The calibration page prints perfectly and I follow the directions on it.

Then it completely forgets my calibration info and mis-prints a label.

If I try to print on the same page again, it will remember the calibration and print a correct label, but this has the slight problem of now having two overlapping images. If I change pages, it forgets calibration.

As it stands currently, I have to print on the backside of the label, then -REALLY QUICKLY- take the printout, flip it over and run it through correctly. If I do it fast enough, it will only be SLIGHTLY misaligned, though I suppose that could be a slight calibration error and am currently dialing it in.

I have not yet had chance to try printing on the FIVE included DVD case labels or the five included CD case labels, but I don't have much hope for those either.

As it stands currently, I won't be purchasing any refills for this - once I'm done with the inculded sheets, I'm going to try different brands.

But I'm keeping the label applicator - it is easy to use and works perfectly.
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on September 24, 2012
I bought this locally when I was in a pinch and needed some CD's labeled at the office. It did the job, but it could be much better. The included (or downloadable) "exPressit Label Design Studio" is a Memorex-branded version of the basic SureThing software that was "the" CD labeling software in the 90's, and the Memorex version very much feels and looks like outdated 90's software. I'm not sure if the "deluxe version 5.2" for sale on the SureThing website is any better than the "v5.0" from Memorex. The included Memorex labels are not compatible with other (Avery) labels, so you will likely need to manually create a template if you use different software. My box also didn't say how many labels were included (fortunately I only needed several). The "full face cover" labels are annoying if you don't intend to print a label that covers the clear center part of the CD; there are 8 perforation tags where the center label attaches to the main label, you have to manually break these to remove the center before you apply the label. Also, the included plastic label-applicator-device feels cheap and flimsy compared to the original "CD Stomper" device I have (which is now owned and sold by Avery). The center hub is spring-loaded like a retractable pen, it locks when you push it down and then you push it down further and it pops back up. It doesn't feel like it will last long, compared to the spring-loaded twist-to-lock design of the Stomper. Also the underside is hollow, unlike the Stomper which is solid and has a full anti-skid backing (which also doubles as a surface to sit the CD on while you rub over the label to ensure adhesion). For the money, I'd recommend an Avery CD Stomper kit (or buy the Avery CD Stomper device, a pack of Avery (or compatible) labels, and download the free Avery DesignPro software) over this product.
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on November 26, 2010
The software is a little low quality, but it makes printing quick and easy. The program is easily calibratable and saves you a lot of work you could be spending trying to print from somewhere else (originally I was going to print from Illustrator before I found this kit). The features for designing your CD aren't great, but you can easily take care of the actual design in another program. The labels look fine, but I guess that really depends on your printer. One complaint I have, though, is that when they say 138 labels, that includes EVERY label (aside from the CD labels, you get jewel case spine labels, multiple use labels, and DVD case inserts); you only get 30 CD labels, which are what I bought this for. The majority of the price for this seems to be for the cheap, plastic applicator which isn't really necessary since you can attach the label just as well and in the same fashion with the stand the CDs/DVDs come on.
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on July 2, 2013
Ok, for 10 bucks, you get what you pay for in terms of a plastic thing that you center the disc and the label on. That works fine. I think there might be a cheaper one out there, but this one does the job.

You also get over a hundred labels (somewhere around 130 or so) and that is good too. If you are burning more than 100 discs and labeling them, you should be ordering in bulk. For the single user doing one to 5 or 10 labels, it works fine. The big issue with this item though is the software. Sure, it is a "lite" version that works. However, IT IS EIGHT (8) YEARS OLD! It is not even validated for anything past Win XP.

As a Win 7 user, I am not even going to try to make the software work. My business is dependent on my computer and I will be darned if I am going to take a chance with some ancient software that is 2+ operating systems out of date. This product, while cost effective, really should not the age of the software. While it may be fine for all current systems, at the same time I would tread lightly if using this software with anything above XP. Also, there is no upgrade path for this version of the software unless you purchase the current version which is 2+ generations above what is included.

So there you have it. I am keeping the product because for the cost, I got something that was functional in terms of media and the label holder. However, I have already purchased a different software labeling app that not only will do all the printing, but interface with my printer to print directly to disc.

I give it a 3 stars for the fact that the cost reflects the value of the parts that are usable. The software I would give 1.
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