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on March 18, 2011
I purchased this player because the price was just too good to pass up. It is tough to find a blu-ray player with built in Wi-Fi and Netflix for under $100. Set up was easy, no problems connecting to my network, streamed Netflix with out any issue. The netflix menu was very easy to navigate, you could browse your queue or search for titles. Pandora worked well. When attempting to update the firmware from the network connection it failed so I updated via flash drive. It seemed to install without issue. However 1/2 way through our first dvd (not a blu-ray disk) the unit locked up. I tried to reset the unit by unplugging, but it did no good. Could not get the unit to restart. Maybe I just got a bad unit, but why risk it.
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on April 28, 2011
I'm not by any means a master when it comes to HD-TVs and blu-rays. I'm new to the game. That being said, my review is more for those simpletons such as myself who are just looking to tiptoe into the world of HD.

I'll make it short and sweet. This is my first blu-ray player. From what little research I did, I learned that an internet-ready player is preferable for firmware updates and the like, as well as features like Netflix and YouTube. Pandora is something I never knew existed until this player, but that's cool too. My local Target had this for $150 bucks, which was perfect for me, seeing as how I wasn't on the hunt for anything spectacular, but just something that will play blu-ray discs that can get online without emptying my wallet too much.


Set-up was VERY simple. It has wireless capability right out of the box, so setting that up was breezy too after I found my network. The menu is actually very cool to see and colorful, and very easy to navigate if you need to change the options (something I haven't really messed with). Everything worked great initially. My first test of blu-ray quality was "Avatar" which of course looked amazing. I watched Netflix no problem and learned about Pandora, no problem. But as my title of this review says, it's all "Great." But only "when it works."


*Very slow load time for Blu-Ray discs. What adds to that annoyance is if I stop the blu-ray, most often they don't continue where I left off when I turn the player back on, which means I have to go through the same wait time for the disc to load, as well as searching for the scene where I left off. The whole process can take 10 minutes at least every time I stop a movie. I read about that in general with blu-rays and how quickly a player can load them, but never paid it much mind because I didn't think I'd care. Well, now I do. Some of my movies have taken nearly 3 minutes to boot up. I still hate that, but I've learned to deal with it by just loading the disc and keeping busy while it loads. I just hope I can finish the movie to avoid having to go through the arduous process again and again.

*Doesn't want to turn on or off, but mostly just...ON. Sometimes it just inexplicably freezes up (though fortunately, at least for me, not during a movie). Too often I've pushed the power button on either my remote or player itself with no response. My only solution at first was to just unplug it, then plug it back in. Now I just hold the power button on the player for maybe 12 seconds to kind of give it a "stir." It sorta "boots up," then turns back off. After that, I push the power button again as normal and it turns on like it's supposed to. EXTREMELY frustrating and it does that more often than not, but again, something I just deal with.

*Sometimes doesn't want to connect to my network. Now THAT is frustrating, since the player is telling me I'm connected but it doesn't just...CONNECT. Then when I am connected and I try to access blu-ray live content, it says I'm not connected. Obviously I'm thinking it's my network or modem, but nope. I've messed with them too and have concluded that it's simply my player. Since I'm able to use Netflix via my TV I don't really freak out about it not connecting to my network, but it's definitely an annoyance. After all, that's what this player is, right? A WI-FI PLAYER. I shouldn't have those issues.

You would think these factors alone would be reason enough to return it to the store, but I guess I just new going in that I was investing in just a flippin' blu-ray player so I can get a better taste of HD on my new TV. It does its job well when it wants to and it still at least works most of the time. I knew going in that I wasn't intending to have this be my only blu-ray player for years to come; we all just gotta start somewhere. At any rate, I for one say look elsewhere for a player that won't have such frustrating and inexplicable issues. If those sorts of things don't bother you and you can learn to deal with them as I did, then by all means, get this player. But keep this in mind: Should you HAVE to tolerate such glitches? I say no.

Happy shopping.
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on July 20, 2014
I have had this item for about three years (I bought this at Target). When I was searching for a new Blu-Ray player I saw this one come up. This Blu-Ray player is a garbage.

The biggest problem is that it regularly freezes up and requires that I pull the power cord to power-cycle it (not just turn it on and off).

The wireless on this device is poor. All of my computers and smart phones have no problem connecting to my home wifi anywhere in my house. This player often will say that it can not connect.

The device is slow when you are trying to select features. This includes using Netflix.

Sometimes (maybe every 10th time) when I select a netflix movie the movie will start but the image is all messed up (pixelated stripes across the screen). The only way to fix this is to pull the power cord. Just turning it on and off does not help.

The remote control is also difficult to use as it needs to really be pointed directly at the player (much more then any other device I have).

While the device still works after two years it has been difficult and frustrating to use, and I highly do NOT recommend this item.

note: Every time I search for a new firmware it just returns an error and says that it can not connect to the server.
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on April 17, 2011
We purchased this item on as it was $50 cheaper than Target! Thought it was a good deal at first because it connected to the Wifi effortlessly which was my first doubt. It is very slow when navigating through Pandora and Netflix so couldnt press buttons too quickly otherwise it would freeze the unit and would have to unplug and replug to get it working.
After having it for about a month now, it would be in the middle of a movie from netflix and freeze almost as if it didnt download the movie correctly. no buttons on the remote or unit would work and again would have to unplug and replug for it to get working again. I have searched other reviews from other websites and have come across the same issue.
My fear is that this unit will eventually go out and will have to buy another. Its not bad for me only paying $100 and free shipping from but I will start the search for a better brand!
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on July 30, 2011
I first connected it to internet and finished update (important). I then set the display format and resolution. It is a little bit slow but works great! It is good to me so far. It can play video from USB, from blu-ray/DVD and from netflix and blockbuster. It has wireless and 1080p/i! I got it for $100 and I think it is a good buy! Comparing with buying a blu-ray player and a western digital media player plus (they together can achieve the same functions as this player), this player wins on price. I do notice a bug: the player does not save settings if the power is shut off (I mean if it is unplugged from wall outlet or the there is a power outrage).
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on February 10, 2014
Everything works fine. My only gripe is that I cannot access Amazon Prime. I have had it hooked to external hard drive to watch videos and it is slow loading, but once it's there, it works as if it should. I really don't see a terrific difference between Blu ray and DVD in playing videos, but it may be my display, despite the fact it is 1080p. Blu rays load faster than others I have used. I have had no difficulty with my player, other than what is mentioned. I would recommend this as a starter unit.
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on September 3, 2013
This works okay but it is very slow to load DVD/Blu-Ray disks and Netflix. This is one of the early low end wireless streaming enabled combo players offered. It came out in 2010 and is a very basic unit. I picked it up new for about $50 a year ago.
Although Wi-Fi enabled it only streams Netflix and Pandora (Blockbuster streaming no longer works) it does not support Hulu or other streaming services and you cannot play music/movies from your network on it. Also Memorex warns that it may not play some newer Blu-Ray movies due to DRM changes.

Bottom Line:
This player was quickly discontinued by Memorex in 2011 and is no longer supported. If Memorex ever updated the firmware to fix various software bugs and updated the streaming services offered I would recommend it. However since this will never happen there are better players out there.
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on April 28, 2011
I bought this off of Woot for about $90. The units works fine and has been for about 3 months with regular use. The bluray disks play well and so do videos off of USB or SD cards but when using external media, it is really slow. The best feature is the wifi connected streaming of netflix and pandora. We use this often and it works well. The scanning forward and backward is slow but other than that, no complaints. I would love it if the next firmware update allowed for Hulu plus access.
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on December 13, 2011
I bought this Memorex Blu-ray Player w/ Wi-Fi and BD Live 2.0. and I was able to connect to my WiFi network right away and it prompted me to update firmware right away. No issues with the process. I watched netflix on it and listened to pandora. There was also an application for blockbuster (did not test). I only watched 1 bluray (Die-Hard 4) and it looked great. Regular DVDS looked the same as when I played them in my regular DVD player. Upscaling? Not sure what I was supposed to see.

-Got it for under $100
-Nice screen saver
-Built-in wifi
-Netflix, pandora & blockbuster apps
-Great customer service


-Bluray did not continue from the last scene if I stopped it. Always starting from main menu then I had to search for the last scene I could recall watching.
-It took a while to load up. I don't know how long others take but this could be faster.
-Netflix sometimes would freeze up so I had to close and relaunch the application. Don't know if that was a netflix problem or the unit's.
-Frequently, it would not power on with the remote so I had to get up and power it on from the unit and even then it would not power on. I would then unplug the unit in the back to "reset" it but the problem continued too often to use. I called tech support and they were easy to get on the phone. They had me unplug and plug in the cord and waited to see if there was still a problem. Of course the problem was still there so they said the power cord might be bad so they sent me a new power cord. The problem still existed after trying the new power cord so they told me to return the player and refunded my money. They said that did not have another identical model for a replacement.
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on May 28, 2011
I got mine retail after upgrading the television. My main goal was built-in wireless so I didn't need to run 100' of Ethernet cable into the attic, etc. This fit the bill. The first thing I noticed is that my Logitech Harmony remote didn't play well with it. Not necessarily the fault of the player, but it makes it harder for the "one remote for everything" that Harmony owners have come to expect. Regardless of what remote is used, you pretty have to point it right at the player. You can't get away with pointing in the general direction like with other components. Lastly I've had to re-seat the power cable on numerous occasions. The first time I thought that maybe it wasn't plugged in all the way; but future occurances proved that thought wrong. This will not be my long-term BluRay player.
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