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on May 19, 2012
I was fortunate to witness so much of what the film covers growing up in the 60's and 70's in Memphis, TN. Memphis was nationally known as the "hotbed of professional wrestling". Anybody who was anybody in wrestling came through Memphis at some point or another, usually on the way up in their career. Monday nights at the Mid-South Coliseum was a happening in its own right. Sold out crowds of 13,000+ each and every week. This film captures so much of how the industry, as it currently is, developed. I only wish that the producers could have included more of the wrestlers of the era, however they did a FANTASTIC job. Len Rossi, Bearcat Brown, Tojo Yamamoto, Jackie Fargo and his brothers, The Sheepherders, The Fabulous Ones, Rock n' Roll Express, Superstar Bill Dundee, Austin Idol, Ric Flair, Buddy Landell, The Medics, The Assassins, The Iron Sheik, Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Dirty Dutch Mantell, Beautiful Bobby Eaton, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Leapin' Lanny Poffo, Nick Bockwinkle, and on and on and on and on. Jake Steinfeld(Body by Jake) and his partner a.k.a. Sting. So many more names and not enough space. Thanks for the memories.
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on January 22, 2012
Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin' is a great addition to any wrestling fan's video library. I've been a wrestling fan for 30 years, and growing up in the northeast my only exposure to the Memphis territory was through the wrestling magazines of the day. But watching this superb documentary really gives you an insight into legendary characters that you might have heard of, like Jackie Fargo, and of ones you wish you had heard of, like Sputnik Monroe, who was willing to take a stand for the rights of others. Great stories from the participants involved, including the stories of Mario Galento incident and how Macho Man Randy Savage sucker punched Bill Dundee.
I absolutely loved this DVD. I only wish WWE would be willing to produce a few documentaries like this one.
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VINE VOICEon October 29, 2013
During an era where there were many territories throughout the United States, one of the most influential ones was came from "Music City USA" in Memphis, TN and this here is the story behind what happened in front of the crowd & behind the camera here in Memphis Heat told by various personalities such as "Superstar" Bill Dundee, "Handsome" Jimmy Valant, Jerry Jarrett, "Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hart, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Sputnik Monroe, Billy Wicks, Len Rossi, promoter Buddy Wayne, music producer Jim Blake, "Fabulous" Jackie Fargo, referee Jerry Calhoun, commissioner Guy Coffey, fan Herman Mitchell, Rocky Johnson, and television personality Jack Eaton.

The documentary started with how it started & evolved from the carnival circuit to the small arena with every seat having a front row view before going into the various attractions the territory would have from midgets to women & the positive effect it would have by adding variety. Issues of racism was discussed next with Sputnik Monroe being defined as a "black man in a white man's body" for how he fought the fight of segregation of the black fans when it wasn't a battle he had to fight followed by the discussion of his feud with Billy Wicks & how it was such a draw that a World Heavyweight Champion of boxing got involved as well before going into the various opinions of the the promoters of Nick Gullas & Roy Welch was talked about along with how Jerry Jarrett got into promoting at a very young age. One big part of the presentation came next in showcasing the various type of characters they had such as Jackie Fargo & his famous strut to how foreign wrestlers were heels plus the appeal of the masked superstars such as Rocky Johnson's character of Sweet Ebony Johnson before going details of how Jerry Lawler got into the business through his artwork to evolving into "The King" with his charisma & his feud with Bill Dundee. Discussion of the travel was talked about next as far as the talent lived on the road to the point where they had to start entertaining themselves & the one incident that caused them to finally slow down before going into talk about the Mid-South Colosseum followed by the storyline of how Rocky Johnson came onto the scene & how he changed the industry at the time in more ways than one. A big long look at Jerry Jarrett was talked about next as far as his mentality behind how he booked the television shows followed by the story of how he created his own promotion opposite of the other Memphis territory he previously worked for before going into the story of how Jimmy Hart went from a member of the Gentry's rock group into the wrestling business & his association with Jerry Lawler before going into Lawler's feud with Terry Funk & the empty area match along with Lawler's infamous feud with actor Andy Kaufman with the documentary closing on the story of Jimmy Hart leaving the territory for WWF.

Bonus stories include the story behind various shoot incidents involving wrestler Mario Galento, Sputnik Monroe talking about the racial issues he encountered as a supporter of African Americans, Billy Wicks on how he got a warrant for attempted murder based off a bad payoff, Jackie Fargo's emotional story of visiting a kid with cancer, Guy Coffey's experience with Muhammed Ali, Jerry Lawler on how being a radio DJ got him his first match, Jerry Jarrett's theory of how easy it is to just cast talents as themselves, how Bill Dundee's real life feud with Randy Savage started over a pair of wrestling tights, Rocky Johnson on the importance of showmanship, how Jimmy Valant made sure he would die with his wrestling boots on, and what Dick Clark said to Jimmy Hart to inspire his visual outfits that he's had throughout his entire career. Additional footage include all the trailers & commercials for this project, a Hulk Hogan & Eddie Boulder (Brutus Beefcake) promo, a promo with Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Hart, Austin Idol interview, and The Jerry Lawler Show with Andy Kaufman.

I have nothing but positives about this presentation since the Memphis library is very scattered around & there's no real single ownership of it so to be able to see the footage & story behind that promotion is special in itself but the only thing negative I could really say was how they ended the presentation on Jimmy Hart leaving when I'm sure more could have been said in regards to the downfall of the promotion but in the end, this was a very good documentary on the Memphis promotion & it's important personalities so anyone who considers themselves a wrestling history or fan of that time period needs this in their collection.
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on August 27, 2013
I loved the old footage in this piece. Having lived in the Northeast all my life, it was impossible to see wrestling in the pre-cable days. What put me off was the way some of the old talent would still talk trash like they were cutting promos. Towards the end it got too heavy on Jimmy Hart and seemed to end abruptly. That took away from a lot of documentary for me.
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on June 6, 2012
"Love this movie!
I've seen it twice in the past few months and am ready to watch it again. It's that kind of film.
Funny, crazy and entertaining Memphis wrestling history told by the wrestlers, promoters, managers, and TV studio MC's themselves along with vintage film footage.
Action packed, fast moving entertainment with a killer sound track!
I recently gave a friend a copy as a birthday gift and they loved it too.
I wasn't especially a big wrestling fan before I saw this and Now I Am!!!"
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on January 3, 2013
This was amazing Documentary on Memphis Wrestling I can watch this all day....The only thing I did not like about it,There was no Dirty Dutch and I did not see no videos with Dirty Dutch they did'nt even talk about Dirty Dutch,I was to young to remember Memphis Wrestling But i really enjoyed this Documentary...I am glad that I can still go to Highspots and order Memphis wrestling Good stuff....
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on March 5, 2012
wow. i was waiting for this release since i first heard of its conception. watched it today. i got hooked on that era from older vhs tapes i got on memphis wrestling. it did not dissapoint. overall it was a good watch. i will agree a lot was not covered and left out, but the brunt of it was there. the extras were great. i would have liked to seen more matches covered! the stories from the outtake section were great to hear. that must have been great to have been in memphis at that time and go the the arena monday night for the card!!
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on October 14, 2014
Awesome DVD. Growing up in Memphis, Tn. and watching pro wrestling EVERY single Saturday from around 1971 until I graduated High School and joined the Air Force in June of 1984, I was so enthralled with this show. It started off with Jackie Fargo, Jerry Jarrett, Tojo Yamamoto, Tommy Gilbert and Eddie Marlin, it was such a delight. With the split of Jarrett with Nick Gulas, Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee just took things to even higher heights. Lawler and Dundee are truly two GREAT professional wrestlers and the Memphis territory was built around them and so many others that ran with the ball when it was their time. Tommy Rich, Eddie Gilbert, Koko Ware, Beautiful Bobby Eaton, Jimmy Hart, The Dream Machine Troy Graham, The Rock N Roll Express, The Fabulous Ones and many more. As I have grown older and lived and many other areas and watched their shows and attended the house shows, I can honestly say Memphis used their talent much better than others! What a pleasure and blessing for all us Memphis residents!
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on April 26, 2014
This is easily the best documentary on Memphis Wrestling. The history starts with Sputnik Monroe and Billy Wicks (there are interviews with both) and continues through the end of the promotion. Lots of interview time with Jackie Fargo, Jerry Lawler, Dundee, Valiant and more.
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on March 30, 2016
Absolutely worth whatever they are charging. Such a great retrospective that captured the fervor that was Memphis Championship wrestling in its many golden years. Getting to learn about Sputnik Monroe, Billy Wicks, and the Fabulous Jackie Fargo in addition to watching the rise of The King Jerry Lawler made this documentary worth the price of admission alone. But then to see people like Bill Dundee, Jimmy Valiant, and Jerry Jarrett get to tell some of their story as well was a cherry on top of a delicious Sunday.
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