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Update: I just watched the season finale, episode 10. This series remained top notch from first to last. I really hope there is another season. I can't recommend the series highly enough. Below is the original review:

I am five episodes into this series and am absolutely knocked out. The acting on this new series is absolutely superb and is equalled by the scripts. I could never get into Ray Romano in his EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND show despite its being an enormous hit. Unlike that show, this is NOT a comedy although it has wryly comic moments. The premise is three guys in their late 40s who grew up together and have stayed together as friends their entire lives. Two of them are white and one is black. I grew up in a family business so the black character, spending his life in his father's car business, is the best story for me. The actor does a superb job with the tensions inherent in working for your father, a former pro sports hero. He is also the only one who can hold down a marriage. Ray Romano plays the one soon to be divorced primarily because of his gambling addiction. He owns a party store with lots of games, fittingly enough. This gambling addiction takes a fascinating script detour when he spends an entire evening in the company of his bookie as his friend for the night while his wife is out on a date. The third guy is the ladies man, a never made it actor who now tries out other occupations like some people try out new ties. I like him the least of the three but that may be the point of including him. You are going to want to see this show, every episode. I can hardly wait for episode six.

Visit my blog with link given on my profile page here or use this phonetically given URL (livingasseniors dot blogspot dot com). Friday's entry will always be weekend entertainment recs from my 5 star Amazon reviews in film, tv, books and music. These are very heavy on buried treasures and hidden gems. My blogspot is published on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.
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on January 30, 2010
Men of a Certain Age is a show I expected to like but not love, since I hadn't enjoyed Ray Romano in Everybody Loves Ray. WOW - was this show ever a surprise. Andre Brauger is completely different from his character on Homicide and equally interesting to watch - as is Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap and Enterprise (where I didn't like his character) fame. Both men bring nuances to the characters that keep you wanting to sit down with them and get to know them better. However, Ray Romano is simply amazing and surprising here. I didn't know he had this level of acting ability! The other surprise for me is how much my wife and teenagers love this show - you'd think from the title it is a show for middle aged men but the reality is, it is fascinating viewing for anyone with a brain. These characters are complex shades of gray - no easy answers and not just easy ground covered.
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on April 17, 2010
This show is as funny, sad, and realistic as TV gets. It is smart and the dialogue is well written.
I liked Ray in Everybody loves Raymond, and it took me a bit to redefine him in a different role, but this role is much better. All the characters are fun and interesting.

Being a man in my late 30's, I find myself drawn to this show and thinking about my life in many ways. Seeing myself and many of my friends in the different characters and wondering what will happen to them next. Not sure if this show will stretch genders, but my wife liked the 15 mins she watched.

Anyway, support this show - it is a good one.
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on July 20, 2010
I starting watching Men of a Certain Age because I'll watch anything with Andre Braugher. I didn't care much for Everybody Loves Raymond, and so wasn't interested in Ray Romano. I've always been a fan of Scott Bakula. Well, was I ever surprised at Ray Romano who has some real acting chops. The show, about 3 best life-long friends, each a unique personality and character. Ray Romano as Joe is divorced and owns a party store and has a gambling problem. Terry is a failed actor and somewhat of a Peter Pan - he's never really grown up and taken on the responsibility of a mature adult. Owen (Braugher) works at his father's car dealership. His dad was once a famous basketball player, and Owen doesn't have the drive to go out on his own. Sounds pretty dull, but these 3 guys are among the most interesting and complex people you'll see on TV. Each has strengths and weaknesses just like the rest of us. The show is a drama but has a great deal of humor. I'm a woman older than the guys on the show and absolutely adore Men of a Certain Age. The characters are real, not GQ skinny model types, but real human beings dealing with real life issues.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 28, 2014
I bought this because I thought Scott Bakula did a great job playing "Captain Jonathan Archer"
on the decade-old 98-episode TV series "Star Trek: Enterprise" (the best most realistic of all
the Star Trek TV series offerings in my humble opinion... check it out on Netflix)... and I also
enjoy the comedy of Ray Romano on the classic old sitcom "Everyone Loves Raymond".
I was not as familiar with the work of the third co-star, Andre Braugher.

To my surprise, I discovered that the actor I was not familiar with, Andre Braugher, turned out to
be perhaps the most interesting of the three characters in this TV show, (though all three of
these actors do a fine job). This "slice-of-life" comedy / drama is some of the best TV I have
seen in a long time. There is no laugh-track... it's not a "sitcom"... it's just good, compelling,
believable, intriguing TV... which is rarely seen today.

I am in my mid-forties, and although I cannot personally relate to any of these three characters
because none of them are anything like me; I nevertheless really enjoy seeing them deal with
the obstacles of their respective late-forties lives and mid-life crisis situations. Great actors.
Great scripts. Truly enjoyable TV-watching. My wife also enjoys this TV series.... it is not just
a show that only men would like. I wish there were more of this style of quality, realistic,
intriguing, not-overly-dramatic, window-into-their-world style of TV programming available.
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VINE VOICEon September 19, 2011
MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE is an intelligent, witty, warm and often insightful comedy/drama about three middle aged male friends. I honestly can't recall another drama existing that seriously took the time to look realistically at the lives of men this age. The three men - recently divorced Joe (Ray Romano), married car dealer Owen (Andre Braugher) and single faded actor Terry (Scott Bakula) are all very human and believable characters. We get to enter their lives each week and share the trials and tribulations they encounter. Sometimes funny, often heartbreaking and always relatable this excellently written and directed drama will appeal to everyone and not just men of this age for its issues are universal. The true credit to the show goes to the superb acting done by all three leads. Andre Braugher is getting deserved attention and has been nominated for an Emmy for each season of this show but for me the true revelation is Ray Romano. Ray Romano of course achieved huge success on EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND and I think though believable and lovable in the part many thought it was the common stand up comedian having a series, the same as Jerry Seinfeld. But here his sitcom character is quickly forgotten as he embodies the character of Joe. He is slightly neurotic and insecure as he tries to deal with life as a divorced man. And every action and step his character takes is even more belivable due to the depth of Romano's performance.

Of course I don't mean to belittle either of the other leads and each viewer will probably have a favorite. Great news in that there are no weak links here. The supporting cast is also superb with the stand out for me being Lisa Gay Hamilton as Owen's wife Melissa. Bottom line, this series is exceptional and brings a breath of fresh air to tv. I highly recommend it.
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on December 16, 2010
Joe Tranelli (Ray Romano), Terry Elliott (Scott Bakula), and Owen Thoreau, Jr. (Andre Braugher) have been friends forever -- or at least since college. Now in their late forties, pushing fifty, all three find themselves in places they never thought they would be. Sweet, funny Joe, a family man at heart, finds himself unexpectedly divorced after a gambling addiction rears its ugly head. Terry, a struggling actor with some real talent, is still single, unable resist the lure of the audition as well as the siren call. Owen, with a sweet wife (Lisa Gay Hamilton), three adorable kids, and an impossibly successful, arrogant ex-athlete father, wakes up each morning in a C-pap mask. He is an overweight diabetic, trying to live up to Daddy's achievements, and haunted at every turn by the thought that he might just be an imposter.

These three friends meet several times a week for a hike (good for the blood sugar and weight) and breakfast (a la "Sex and the City", but thankfully we leave sex in the bedroom where it belongs, most of the time). There, with the help of a witty and believable screenplay, they hash out their weeks' problems. They make fun of each other (male humor), encourage each other (because at heart they are really nice guys), and sometimes solve each other's problems.

It is wonderful to see the great Andre Braugher in a venue finally befitting his talents. He was the rivetting star on "Homicide: Life on the Streets" -- the one you just couldn't take your eyes off of. He does not disappoint in this series, where his humor, honesty, and integrity as an actor can shine. Bakula, always intriguing, does an admirable job as Terry. He brings a humanity and self-mockery to this role of the man-child, and you can't help rooting for him. But it is Romano who owns the show, in my opinion. Self-deprecating, struggling, humorous as always, a man who may have lost most of what mattered to him but is holding on for dear life -- this is the character you have to love. He does a great job as Joe, and a great job as the creator of the show. I hope for more seasons of "Men of a Certain Age", because it informs all of us at any age.
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on February 13, 2014
As the description says "a bracingly honest comedy-drama about the joys and pitfalls of middle age."...The show "Men of a Certain Age" was a wonderful show about 3 middle aged guys that have been friends for some time... each with different strengths and issues... very different in some ways but compatible in others... just great characters and situations... I am really sad that it only lasted 2 seasons as I would love to see where it would have gone with the characters. Contains deleted scenes and commentaries that are very entertaining as well.
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on March 24, 2013
This was a great series. I'm from the baby boomer generation and can no longer identify with shows dealing with male, under 30, problems. This hits the mark. And while they ocassionally get laid, the show doesn't revolve around their penises either ( female shows like "Girls' and "Cougar Town" tend to be about their vagina's and the women themselves are just props). Each week there are three separate stories that come together at the end

Casting was great but the producers went out of the way to make the show disinteresting (short broken seasons) andstill it gets 5 stars.

I reserved the second season and got it the day it came out (amazon) and am equally pleased with that

I like many others I'm sure would love for another network to pick up and run with this beauty
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on January 4, 2011
When I purchased this it was because I knew all three actors and was interested to see how good they could be as a group. What a fantastic surprise. Men of a Certain Age was so much better than I could have hoped. As a woman I watched with interest as my partner started watching the DVD with me (I live in Australia and we do not get the show down here). He was into it immediately and said to me you have finally purchased something that I can relate to. I was surprised but happy because I have been trying to purchase something that he would enjoy as much as I do. Anyway getting back to the show the storyline following these men as they confront normal problems (handled in such an interesting way) is a joy to watch. I believe that Season Two has twenty two episodes. If that is the case then roll on because I have watched Season One several times and I am counting down the days until Season Two is out on DVD.
Do yourself a favour and buy this one.
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