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on April 20, 2003
There is only one reason for me to buy this DVD & it is because Catherine Bell (who portrays LtCol. Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie) of "JAG" fame graces this movie with her presence.She portrays Grace, a (Wo)Men of War", one of Dolph's mercenaries.Catherine Bell is great in this movie, I just loved how BUTCH she was with short hair & muscles, kicking ... & swinging the big guns around.So if you are a Cat Bell fan, this is definately a "must-have" for your collection.Also, for all you "JAG" fans, Trevor Goddard who portrayed Australian Navy lawyer Mic Brumby (who Sarah MacKenzie was supposed to marry, thank God that didn't happen!) plays Keefer in this movie.
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on October 15, 2000
At first glance, Men of War doesn't seem like much: It looks like yet another low-profile action film from the King of B-Movies, Dolph Lundgren. Good for a few laughs perhaps, but certainly nothing worth repeat viewing. But this notion is quickly dispelled upon closer examination. The first clue to the film's surprising quality is a screenwriting credit attributed to indie filmmaker, John Sayles (Passion Fish, Ghost Dog). Known for his intelligent and character-driven dramas, Sayles' writing imparts Men of War with far more subtlety, wit and meaning than one would expect from a direct-to-video action film. Things just get better from there. There's the diverse and talented cast that includes BD Wong, Catherine Bell (TV's JAG), Thomas Gibson (TV's Dharma & Greg), and Tiny Lister (The Fifth Element). The actors have clearly been chosen for their ability and suitability for the roles rather than because they're the next "hot young thing". This high quality is maintained by the director and cinematographer. I've never heard of director Perry Lang, but based on his tight, visually-interesting work here, he certainly deserves to be given another film to helm. The whole production has an extremely polished and high-quality feel to it. Indeed, the major failing of previous home video editions of Men of War was that they were in pan & scan, thus cropping off the film's beautiful widescreen cinematography. The DVD edition finally corrects this oversight and allows the wild action scenes and gorgeous South Seas locations to be seen in their original 2.35:1 widescreen glory. While the DVD is a bit light on features, one needs to consider that this is literally the only widescreen DVD of the film in the entire WORLD. Combined with an effective surround sound audio track, this DVD is worth it just for presenting a great overlooked film in the way it was meant to be seen. Part hardcore mercenary action movie and part deft character study, Men of War should be sought out by anyone looking for a quality film that can stimulate both the mind and the eyes. Highly recommended.
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on November 21, 2001
The story is standard, Lundgren and a group of other mercenaries are hired by two executives to go to a remote island near Thailand to convince the local to sell their lands. Why ? Because apparently there are a big deposit of bird and bat's droppings in the caves that can produce nitrogen. Off course, at the end, Lundgren ended up helping the local.
The acting and direction is good, much better than Lundgren's later movies and you can see a glimpse of Charlotte Lewis's beautiful body. The DVD's picture quality is very good, bright and sharp. The jungle scenery presented beautifully on the DVD. I happened to watch this after Emerald Forest DVD and this one looks much better. I would have given it 5 stars if Disney bother to give 5.1 sound to it. But overall, a must buy of Dolph Lundgren fans or action fans in general.
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on January 26, 2001
I think this is a great action movie, but my husband says its too mushy for a Dolph flick. Dolph's character (Nick) is a mercenary who is hired by 2 businessmen to put together a small band of men to force some islanders to move off their island. He puts together a group of tough misfits and heads off for the island. Of course once Nick meets the islanders, he has second thoughts about his mission and decides to defend the island from his employers. His employers go out and hire another mercenary. Of course this guy and Nick had been in the military together and they hate each other; action ensues. The fighting unit that Nick puts together is very entertaining and very tough. One member of the small army is a woman who is just as tough as the men, she is great to watch. There is one guy in the film with an Australian accent whose acting is very annoying. There is nothing new in this film, its all very predictable but the action is great, the scenery is great, Dolph's acting is good, and his costars are good (except the Australian guy). I highly recommend it.
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on October 15, 2004
Don't have anything bad to say, Dolph Lundgren did himself proud with this one. Great location shots, good directing, good script, good acting and top notch action sequences. Probably the highest production standards a Dolph Lundgren production will ever see again.
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on June 2, 2004
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 7, 2011
With over the top comic book type violence, and a macho superhuman hero figure, Rambo II (1985) pretty much set the mold for 1980's war films set in Southeast Asia. Released nearly a decade later, Men of War (1994) is a bit late to the game, but is in much the same tradition, as mercenaries on a remote island engage in a ferocious battle, when the native people are threatened. It takes a while, but in the end the film delivers a barrage of explosions, gunfire, and gratuitous violence, reminiscent of the typical 80's style war adventure, where mass destruction is the objective, and realism isn't a major factor.

Working with some yuppie type business partners, Colonel Merrick (Kevin Tighe) is involved in a scheme to exploit the resources of a small island. The plan is to use mercenaries to pressure the villagers into signing over their mineral rights. Nick Gunar (Dolph Lundgren) a former soldier under Merrick, who is down on his luck, accepts the job of putting together and leading the mercenary team, who arrive in the city for a little relaxation before heading to the island. After a fight breaks out in a club, Keefer (Trevor Goddard), a former comrade of Gunar, who is now an enemy, arrives on the scene. Gunar lets Keefer beats him up, and in return Gunar's group escapes being arrested. The mercs gain another member when Grace Lashield (played by a very butch, and youthful pre-JAG Catherine Bell) signs up for the mission.

At the island, the team finds the people polite and welcoming, led by a man named Po (B. D. Wong) who speaks English. Gunar tries to convince the village leaders to sign the agreement, but they refuse. The soldiers speculate that jade may be the island's secret treasure, but it turns out that the great prize is actually bird droppings. Gunar informs Merrick that he will not use force against the villagers, but Keefer has cut himself into Merrick's deal, and has soldiers prepared to attack the island. The resulting battle, with the villagers banding together with some of the mercs, is the highlight of the film, and features extensive battle sequences in the jungle, with the action spread out pretty well between the cast. Grace Lashield gets several chances to display her fighting skills, and the expected one on one confrontation between Gunar and Keefer, is pretty fierce and satisfying. Trevor Goddard does a good job as the hotheaded psycho point man for the baddies.

Prior to the big finish, the film spends quite a while establishing a connection between the mercenaries and the villagers. Po is a really likeable character, and he shares some of the island's secrets with the Americans. Po's sister Loki (Charlotte Lewis) becomes romantically involved with Gunar. It may be superficial, and some of the scenes feel like filler material that drag a bit, but the purpose is to try and humanize the soldiers, and provide a rationale for why some of them refuse to harm the natives, and choose to stand together with them.

With some cartoonish characters, corny dialog, and many overdramatic moments, Men Of War isn't very credible, but if you are looking for a jungle shoot `em up where the good guys win, it fits the bill, and is probably more grounded than Rambo II, or the Chuck Norris' Missing In Action series, where a single soldier is basically taking on a army. While Dolph Lundgren is definitely the star, he has a solid supporting cast, and spreading the focus around a bit, makes for a more interesting movie.
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on January 2, 2012
Every time I watch this film, it feels like I have seen it before. Dolph Lundgren plays Nick, a mercenary in retirement. He is lured out of retirement to do one last job...get a crew, go to a topical island paradise and convince the local natives to sign a mining contract...or else. Along the way they run into some other bad guys. Got the plot figured out yet? It is overly predictable and this is perhaps the formula for a man's "chick flick."

BD Wong plays Po, one of the island natives with speaking lines. He provides us with the little bit of the predictable humor in the film. Charlotte Lewis as Loki, provides us with the token island nudity. Catherine Bell plays an under used butch character. Tommy 'Tiny' Lister, who has gone on to better things also stars as one of the mercenaries and provides conflict within the group.

As a 90's feel good man's film this one rates up there. But by today's standards it doesn't measure up to an action film. There is no CG fighting. There is no swagger music with slo-mo walking. There are no names popping up by characters giving us their bio. There are no unexplainable flashback scenes. If you can live without that and don't want to think too hard, this is a relatively easy going action film.

F-bomb, brief nudity, bar dancers in sheer outfits (mega camel toe)
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on March 1, 2009
This was a movie I owned on VHS and recently found again on DVD. Most will think "Dolf Lungren? It must be a bad combat film." but it isn't. This is a well thought out story with great characters. BD Wong stars opposite Dolf, and also delivers one of the best performances of his career.
Because it didn't do well in the box office when it first came out, this movie, because of it's star, has been overlooked. It is a great find for movie watchers.
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on February 10, 2013
Men of War, 1994 film

A man stands on a cold city street. A stretch limousine stops, two men get out to talk to him. They want his special skills for an operation in a warm foreign country. Nick visits Brooklyn NY and San Diego California for recruits. There is a boxing match in Bangkok Thailand for another recruit. Their job is to invade a small island in the South Pacific to get its government to sign over mineral rights to the businessmen who hired them. First they visit a bar for recreation (and more action). Nick meets an old acquaintance there and they fight in an unequal match. Later they land on that island at night. No surprises. The natives are friendly, and sophisticated. What can more money do for them? The older people who lived for killing have all died out, they are told.

There is a feast for the armed invaders, they are given rare treats. Is there a joke here? They demand a signature on a paper contract. Then there are explosives and a lot of shooting. Bodies fall. An enemy force invaded! More explosive action. The next day they go to the mountains. Elsewhere the men wh hired them meet other armed men. Back on the island we learn about past history. There is conflict between the people and the armed men. A steamer arrives offshore. They describe the valuable mineral deposits (natural fertilizer). Some of the armed men in the first group decide to quit. (Machiavelli warned against mercenaries, they could sell out to the enemy.) The next day a boat lands on the shore, a man makes Nick an offer. Later a larger group or armed men comes ashore. Can they be stopped? There is an ambush. Then a counter-attack. The Colonel's men and supplies are attacked. Can blowguns and poison darts ambush guards? There is more shooting, explosions, and falling bodies.

Shooting continues in the jungle. Rockets create explosions. There is hand-to-hand fighting. Jimmy and Gracie make up again. There is more killing. Finally it seems to come to an end. But there is another surprise. `Welcome to hell." There is a final fight between the two leaders (hero and villain?). Guess who wins? There is finally peace after the dead are gathered and given their last rites. A few survivors leave the island. [What will happen after a few years?]

This story is high on violent action with a story that provides the motive. It has the usual events that you would expect, and a plot about exploiting native people and their resources that is unusual for an action movie. It was filmed in Thailand, but the scenes are limited. Another foreign country could have been used (aside from government subsidies). Those who have seen similar action movies will find few surprises. [In the late 19th century there was a similar war over the natural fertilizer found in a South American country.]
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