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on November 18, 2011
Before you go thinking that I'm one of those cranky people who leaves a one-star rating because of some fluke issue that only applies to me, you should know that the experience I'm about to describe was shared by a friend of mine who bought this game (we were going to play the online co-op) as well as countless other people on discussion threads you can look up on Google with keywords like "mercenaries ps3 freezing" or "mercenaries ps3 not working."

As I said, my friend and I each bought our own copy of this game through I was able to download the latest update to the game, but when I clicked the Start button, a message came up saying "Connecting to EA Servers..." and then everything froze. Not only the game, but the entire PS3 console froze. I had to reboot. Every time I tried to get into the game, it kept freezing my PS3 console. I never even got a chance to PLAY the game.

My friend and I have since done some research on Google. Apparently, EA has taken down its servers for this game, and/or it's no longer supporting this game. In other words, they're happy to continue selling it, as is Amazon, and taking your money -- but whether you can actually play the game seems not to matter to them.

If EA gave a damn, they would simply recall the game entirely, or add a disclaimer on the Amazon detail page for this product saying that they no longer support the online functionality on this game. But no such disclaimer exists. Instead it says "Play solo or in cooperative multiplayer mode" as if that functionality still works properly. And it DOESN'T.

I contacted Amazon customer service and they are allowing me to return the game for a full refund, even though I already opened it (never played it). Kudos to Amazon for that, although I'm still rating this a one-star product. Of course the hours my friend and I spent trying to make this game work, we will never get back. Don't make that same mistake. Stay away from this game.
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VINE VOICEon July 25, 2009
Please read the other reviewers' comments regarding how good this game is (or isn't). My only comment is that the description suggests that it has both online and split-screen co-op multiplayer. That is not correct. The game only supports online co-op, not split screen. Hope this helps you from making the same mistake that I did.
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on November 17, 2008
Mercenaries 2 is one of those games that is simply there for the fun factor, it's not necessarily there for the storyline or depth. It is just there to give you a hell of a crazy and over the top game that you can just pick up and go nuts with. There's not much to say about it as, like I say it's not very deep in regards to a storyline. Your basic goal is to win the trust of factions and do jobs for them, blowing up buildings, collecting bounties etc. That's basically it and depending on who you are it depends on you carrying out the mission covertly or with all guns blazing.

The main gem of this game is the surprising look and detail of it as due to the size of the map and the destructability, the detail of it is excellent and the displaying of the tropical setting is truly jaw dropping. The vehicles are plenty and range from heavy set high artillery tanks to fast sport cars. Other vehicles such as army helicopters and a range of boats also allow the game to be more flexible and fun.

I must admit that I use the cheats whilst playing the game and just like going nuts and blowing everything up. One of the cooler weapons in the game is the introduction of the Nuclear Bunker Buster. That's right a Nuclear bomb at your disposal. It's not the type of Nuke you'd expect but it's still pretty awesome to target a building and watch the mushroom cloud expel from the grouns with flames afoot.

My review isn't very detailed, but there you go. If I had to tell you one thing that would make you buy this game it would be this. This game is just so much fun I'm not even kidding. Try blowing up an oil rig and then try to tell me that isn't the coolest thing you've done on a game.
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Mercenaries 2 is the poster child for a flawed gem. Whether or not you can tolerate the flaws will dramatically impact your view of the game. That's part of the reason why review scores for Mercs 2 are all over the spectrum.

The premise of Mercs 2 is relatively simple; this game isn't about story per se but does feature a somewhat entertaining if not clichéd storyline. You'll start by picking one of 3 available Mercenaries hired to rescue a certain General by a rich Venezuelan. Shortly thereafter you're betrayed by your employer and promptly shot in the butt. Thus begins your quest for revenge and the basic premise for Mercenaries 2.

Situated in Venezuela the environments are varied; everything from cityscapes of Caracas and Maracaibo to the jungled mountains of the Amazons. The bonus of all the nice scenery is that much of it is completely destructible. And that ability to wantonly destroy your surrounds is what ultimately Mercs 2 is all about. Graphics are largely improved from Mercenaries original outing. Though the graphics in Mercs 2 pale in comparison to other graphical powerhouses of the current console generation. Make no mistake though, the scale and destruction in Mercs 2 will impress all but the most biased graphics connoisseurs.

Mercenaries biggest detraction is it's apparent complete lack of beta testing. The game as is has been patched and is still so utterly full of bugs and glitches that it becomes difficult to play at times. Glitches vary from the funny: randomly floating objects and enemies; to the weird: enemies will stop shooting at you while you can still shot them; the the frustrating: game freezing and objectives becoming unattainable.

It's difficult to convey just how many and how frequent glitches can and do occur. I'll give a rundown of some of the glitches I've encountered:
- High Value Target fell through the map and was inside a building he shouldn't have been able to enter. Required restart of mission.
- Helicopter frequently gets stuck or lost preventing the collection of items. Requires patience.
- High Value Targets kill themselves frequently. Requires restart of mission if playing for the 'Aces High' Trophy.
- The in-game physics will cause you to lose challenges frequently because you'll either crash or loose the payload of your vehicle.
- Enemies stop attacking you. Can be viewed as a bonus as this makes the game extremely easy.

To further add insult is the frustrating design choices by the developer. Failing a mission or failing to collect a High Value Target alive requires you to either quit the game completely and reload you last save file. Or in the case of certain missions, you'll be MedEvac'd to your base only to lose all of your weapons and have to trudge halfway across the map back to the point where you were killed. The ability to instantly restart a mission or a load data function would've been nice.

Another problem with the game is the yo-yo'ing difficulty. Enemies will at one moment be completely brain dead, virtually running into your bullets and then next they'll be using RPG's as sniper rifles from 1200 yards away.

All in all what saved this game for me was the fact that it's undeniably fun. The premise of wrecking havoc in the air, on land and sea across a huge varied landscape is still appealing. Unfortunately the lack of polish is ultimately what keeps this game from being great.
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on September 2, 2008
I've been waiting to play this game ever since the first one came out and I was not let down. You can call in air strikes, helicopters, planes, boats you name it you can get it that also goes for the explosions because in this world you can blow up absolutely everything. Have you ever played a game like this (cough* GTA) and you were pissed that you fire off a rocket into a building and nothing happens?? Well, you don't have to worry about it here you can demolish anything you want. You can strap C-4 to the hood of your vehicle, drive it 100 mph down the street, jump out and blow up anything that is in your way enemies and buildings included.

Some people will complain, the graphics aren't top notch or they didn't like the story....I personally just like watching things go boom. That's just me though I could really care less about the story because in a game like this it doesn't really matter. The game is about creating chaos and mayhem not worrying about how the character feels inside.

I love this game and I would recommend this to anyone that wants to have a good time.
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on November 5, 2011
I kept passing this game up mostly because of the bad reviews. Just shows that one should read all of them. I try to never pay more than $20 for a game so when the price went down to 12 bucks on Amazon and free freight I had to give it a chance. WOW!! am I glad I did. I have only been playing it for about 10-15 hours and see now that I will be going back to it to play all the levels with all 3 characters. I have collected about 200 games and this is one of about five that stands out. If you get a chance to buy this game at any price buy it, mine is not for sale.
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on October 7, 2008
I am surprised to read so many negative reviews of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames. (I don't recall the same number of negative reviews for the equally buggy Assassin's Creed, released last year.) It isn't a perfect game (what game is), but it is very enjoyable, just like the first Mercenaries on PS2.

Mercenaries 2 expands on the "playground of destruction" theme, allowing players to use even more vehicles this time around (including some very large warships), more weapons (all very highly detailed), more ways of destroying nearly everything, and more types of terrain.

For those who say the graphics aren't much better than a PS2 game, I have to say, that is just not a fair statement. It isn't as refined as Metal Gear Solid 4 in the graphics department, but then what recent game is? The graphics are sharp and detailed--yes, some buildings are generic and not high-textured, especially in shaded or dark areas, but the character models, weapon models, and vehicle models are all top notch. The day and night cycle are a welcome addition, especially with how great the reflective qualities of the water in the game are. To see some of the buildings (or a castle in one mission) come crumbling down after one of many choices of airstrikes, is just amazing. The level of destruction is very impressive.

The storyline is b-movie, but many games' storylines are no better or worse. The actual story part of the game can be completed at about 75-80% of the overall progress which is a little disappointing, especially when the first 20-25% of the game progress happens pretty quickly, then slows down for awhile. What's left are any side missions and unfortunately, while fun, there isn't a big incentive to go back after beating the game. MY ADVICE: Do yourself a favor and do side missions as you see them or as they become available and balance them with the story missions--you will get a longer, more rewarding playing time than I did.

The AI is no worse than the first Mercenaries, but not of the level you'd expect in a next-gen game. Often enemies will spot you miles away and are crack shots, which is rather ridiculous, especially when you are trying not to tick off a particular faction at the same time. They also just stand there some times or do erratic things like walk into a building corner and apparently get stuck walking. Now this is where the bugs and glitches come in, as mentioned by other reviewers.

There are several, such as poor collision detection (i.e. your character or AI characters seem to be able to move through solid objects at times and sometimes get stuck), poor targeting (sometimes it takes a whole clip to kill a generic bad guy), iffy vehicle controls (flying helicopters is tedious and usually ends in a crash), the red low health screen sticking (when your health drops to near death, the screen goes red, but sometimes it stays red and all of a sudden your health is back to 50 or higher after the screen returns to normal). All in all, none of the glitches or bugs were bad enough to get me to stop playing or to really take away the enjoyment of the game. Basically, in the next-gen age, we are all becoming used to cross-platform games being rushed out and then they try to patch them or correct them later. This is what PC gamers have always had to put up with.

In conclusion, Mercenaries 2 is a thoroughly enjoyable game that takes the foundation of the first game and updates it to the next-gen of gaming. You will enjoy it despite the problems. Don't let the negative reviews keep you from giving the game a chance. Again, Assassin's Creed was a very glitchy and buggy game and many of these negative reviewers said nothing of that and only praised it. (I consider having the patience to complete Assassin's Creed a great accomplishment of mine! I returned it later to the store as a defective game, which even Ubisoft agreed on their website.)
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While the game is enjoyable and it's fun to have a full environmental destruction ability in the game at the end it pretty much enters the standard FPS realm meaning enjoyable but also predictable too. The graphics and effects in the game are very good and while the graphics of the characters is decent it doesn't reach the area range of other FPS games like Modern warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 but again that is to be expected since this game came out around 2008 and the other two previous games have had the time to use the more modern techniques and effects to give them what they have now. If there is a flaw in the game it would be the voice cast, while not all are bad there are some in it that you wish you could censor out rather then having to listen to them throughout the game. Also it does feel a little like the saints rows game as you can accept sub-quest assignments to booster yourself and equipment building up your equipment. Also like one reviewer pointed out it seemed that the A.I. for the enemies was sometimes lacking, what I mean is you would be in a firefight but one or two would stop firing and I thought were reloading but when I came straight up to their faces it was only then they started to react but of course it was already to late. It didn't happen a lot but when it did it was kind of unnerving and a little irritating as with some levels you pretty much just had to aim and shoot without worrying about the enemy taking you down as they just seemed to be in a daze. Still for the price of the game and for the enjoyment I got from it all together I still say the games worth a look at for anyone either who enjoys FPS or is just starting to play FPS games...
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on February 9, 2009
If you like shooters, war games, violence, guns, blood etc then this is a must have. It has lots of fun missions to complete and finish. The gameplay is alotta fun there's lot of cool weapons you get to use. I picked this up at a local retailer for around $29.99 . I feel its a good game for the price you have alot to do on this game. If you like this sorta game as much as I do I recommend giving this one a try. They have it for the xbox 360 as well which ever system you chose it for its a very fun and enjoyable game. Very good for stress management as you get to blow stuff up on it . You can even drive around in cool vehicles in some missions, Vehicles such as tanks, jeeps etc. I seen it advertised on G4tv long time ago and heard good reviews bout it figured I'd give it a try as well and it lives up to its reputation as a great game.
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on July 8, 2015
Love this game, i have played both parts on PS2 and i had so much fun with them i decided to buy the PS3 version to enyoy it with better graphics and all that comes with the PS3 version. Imagine this is Grand theft auto war version.
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