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on November 16, 2008
This game is a lot of fun. If you liked the first mercenaries, this one continues the party with lots more vehicles, weapons, and airstikes. The vehicle hi-jacking minigame is kinda silly, as none of them are so hard that you simply won't be able to do them, even for the best vehicles (most require mid-tempo button-mashing), and if you fail, you can easily try again with little to prevent it. Money is rather silly in this game, as you can earn 5 million in a very easy task in your HQ that takes about 2 minutes, and the best faction units and airstrikes in the game only cost like $250k-400k. The only time you really need cash is to bribe factions (upwards of $10million). Another odd point is the relative invincibility of your merc. You can fall from hundreds of feet or stand in the middle of an airstrike and survive (though my experience is with Nielsen, who is the "tough" one).

-Lots of vehicles (170+)
-Game world is very large
-It is easier to control faction opinion than the first game. You can kill whomever you want, as long as you don't get reported (the games gives you 10 seconds to take out reporting units)
-Physics engine is very realistic
-Everything actually CAN be destroyed (though most respawn at some point)
-You can afford all the vehicles and airstikes you could ever want without having to "work" for money

-BUGS. This game literally locks up my Xbox 75% of the time when I try to load a save. However, it appears this has been fixed through Xbox live.
-Missions are too redudant. Most missions actually have you repeat the exact same task 3 times, though increasing difficulty and increasing reward.
-Voice acting is annoying. Everyone says the same things over and over again. A pirate unit sharing your tank will continually say something like "hey mon" every 5 seconds. I'm not kidding.
-There are not enough core missions. I would estimate there are 12-15 between the 5 factions. The other "missions" are more like errons (drive from A to B)

The only real deal breaker for me in this game was the locking up while loading. As I said, an Xbox live update will fix this, but if you don't have live, make sure you are a patient person.
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on October 18, 2008
Mecennaries 2 is a far from perfect game but if you like GTA, Just Cause or other sandbox style games it should give you hours of fun. I never played Mercenaries 1, but I did play Just Cause and liked it even though it probably had more bugs than M2. There are many vehhicles that you can eventually use, many people to fight, races and other minigame type challenges.

however, I did get frustrated with the game somewhat because some things that you must do in order to equip yourself for proper gameplay are not completely spelled out. You need to keep your fuel supply up, by taking from enemy bases, to fuel your partners so they can supply you with weapons deliveries and airstrikes. this was not immediately clear to me, I had to stumble across that. I'm kind of a ADHD player so I don't always listen to cut scenes and AI team members drone on about possibly important game tips.

overall the graphics and gameplay are nice. I think its worth full price new. there is some funny dialog. and the game has good replayability I LIKE THAT ALOT!

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on April 28, 2013
- Money is far more abundant, the player no longer needs to be frugal
- Support Items can now be added to the support 'wheel' from a large stockpile of items, allowing the player to build up a surplus without overflowing their interface
- The handling of wheeled vehicles is far more responsive and satisfying, and each vehicle actually seems to have a suitably weighty feel
- Weapons in general are more satisfying. Some are even reliably accurate
- Visuals are quite good, though perhaps not 'excellent', even for its time
- Explosions are very gritty and satisfying
- Transportation is rarely ever an issue. Helicopters can be bought quite easily and if all else fails you can instantly catch a ride to friendly faction bases for a token fee
- The player can utilize a GPS-like routing feature by placing a waypoint at their destination, though this feature is occasionally buggy
- There is a lot of fun to be had by messing around with the big helicopters and the enormous weight they can carry
- Some of the lines by the main characters are legitimately funny

- The player receives repetitive radio communications from Fiona /far/ too often. They quickly become grating and ruin what comedy the voice overs may have provided. I actually disabled voice overs more than once simply to get some peace and quiet
- The draw distance for infantry and vehicles is suspiciously low. This hints at sloppy graphics disguised with a band-aid solution. Consequently, sniping is basically impossible (targets simply do not appear at a reasonable distance)
- Enemies are basically omniscient, eliminating any possible interpretation of stealth. Getting away with treachery has more to do with being fortunate enough to find and kill all the enemies before they can radio for help than applying any amount of subtlety
- Enemies armed with explosive weapons fire wildly at the Mercenary, even when their fellow soldiers are in melee range with them. In a select few situations, these imbecilic buffoons can even destroy the very structure they are standing on, killing themselves and generally making an enormous mess. This is particularly infuriating when trying to pacify oil rigs.
- Faction relations are basically trivial. Although being friendly is desirable, working for more than one side at a time is frustratingly difficult. The only reason this isn't an obstacle to success is because it is fairly economical to buy your way back in their good graces. And earning the ire of a faction causes little else than their troops being hostile. Siding with one faction or another has basically no effect on the story
- The whole 'vehicle disguise' thing is improved, but not in the way that matters most: the player is still automatically disguised whether they want to or not, meaning they can either drive around honking their horn all day or risk running into the wrong faction and getting their ride blown to pieces
- The ability to force occupants out of your vehicle was removed...I haven't the slightest idea why
- The story is entirely lacking in motivation. Instead, the player acts out a frivolous revenge streak which falls back on stereotypes beyond what could be considered tasteful
- The co-op experience is restricted to online-only. Therefore, I haven't been able to play it since I refuse to pay a subscription to Xbox Live on principle
- Friendly AI have the hardest time imaginable trying to get into your vehicle. This is contrasted with Mercenaries, where they had little trouble with this
- Money is a bit too easy to obtain. It quickly becomes superfluous, at which point fuel is the only resource that requires maintenance
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on October 28, 2011
This game might not have the best graphics, and there are a few bugs and glitches, but I have had nothing but fun with this game. It's straight forward and easy to play but still offers up a few challenges. I did have a few freeze ups when connected to xbox live, but I don't plan on playing on live anyway. It's pretty open ended and there isn't one "right way" to complete missions which allows for some freedom of play style. For under 20 dollars it was definitely worth.
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on August 25, 2012
My girlfriend and I love playing this game. Only down side is if you didn play it before the EA servers were shut down, then it's very tricky to play online. The game would freeze at the menu every time we started it up. Found out it's because it's trying to find our EA accounts, but since they don't exist, it just locks up. So we did some Google reading and found out if you somehow use another EA game that still works online, it'll get Mercenaries to use that EA account and it'll start to work. Kind of weird and kind of a pain, but it works fine online now and is very fun.
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on September 11, 2012
this game is really fun to play. The plot is far from top notch, trying to get revenge from some guy who shot you in the butt. But the plot is what fuels the fun. Without it, it wouldn't be fun. The gameplay is kinda easy, but still very fun. Piloting helicopters and motorcycles is very awesome. I had a great time playing it through a second time. It's like an arcade version of GTA. I like the online coop feature. It integrates seamlessly with the single player.

Definitely get this game, it's dirt cheap these days.
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on May 8, 2014
Great title, I've certainly sunked many hours into this game. If you like Vikings, and blowing sh*t up, this is the game for you, because it has plenty of that, and then more. The dialogue is ridiculously poor, but it adds a certain character to the game. This game add's alot of creativity to blowing things up. To calling a air strike on a bunker, or driving around in a sports car mounted with rockets. This is a mindless 3rd person shooter, with nonstop action. If you want to sit on your couch or chair after a not so great day, this is a great investment. Blow up some baddys, steal a tank, and unleash hell, on your foes in this extremely, fun, extremely recommended title :)
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on February 15, 2015
This title is kind of like a 3rd world version of Crackdown, but with Mercenaries. You can do crazy things like jump out of a moving Helicopter very high up, but not die. The weapons arsenal is also fun with rocket launchers, user-called airstrikes and plenty of stuff to go "boom" in a very impressive fashion. The loose rules of the game system mean there are lots of fun things to try that aren't usually allowed in other games. The violence and gore is restrained (non graphic for the most part) so it's a very well-deserved "T" rating.
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on August 30, 2012
I have played the Chinese against the UN. I have, at my whim, subverted Venezuelan revolutionaries, kidnapped and executed executives, run tanks through VZ government palaces and exploded oil platforms. I have launched missiles at reinforced bunkers, chased gunboats through minefields, and dropped shipping containers on the heads of civilians from black helicopters. I have hijacked troop transports, destroyed historic castles and run guns for Jamaican pirates. I have blownup billboards with rocket launchers and run missile gunships aground. I have thrown more grenades and flipped more jeeps than I can count. I have stolen millions of dollars, sabotaged fuel depots, tasked satellites over refineries and dropped the mother of all bombs on a hillside favela. I have dealt with money grubbing gringo mercenaries, ball busting female insurgents, Rastafarian bird smugglers, pierced Irish playboys, ambitious Chinese colonels and drunken Russian pilots. I have swung from helicopter skids and thrown men to their deaths 3000 feet above the jungle floor. I have snuck through government checkpoints in rustbucket heaps armed with only a sidearm. I have called in carpet bombing airstrikes on UN peacekeepers. I have rained artillery fire on office buildings in the middle of business districts and watched them crumble in huge clouds of concrete dust while chomping a cigar. I have pistol whipped dignitaries and handcuffed them only to execute them because I have double crossed the clients who already paid my bounty. I have run armored personnel carriers through tarpaper shacks and demolished military barracks with C4. I have crawled out from under the wreckage of helicopters falling from the sky, victims of combat air patrols. I have dropped fuel air devices, cluster bombs and even a nuclear bunker buster that I extorted from an American general just to get revenge.

I am the danger.
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on June 6, 2009
To summarize my feeling of the game, the ending non-cinematic of the game is a series of correctly timed button taps. Who on earth would wrap a game up with a combination of shoulder button, a, b, d-pad up? It makes no sense, whereas the prequel had an epic battle, this game ended with a feeling that the designers were bored of the game.
Going against the gritty look of the first game with everything being so damn shiny, Merc 2 took away what worked best in what seemed an honest attempt at making an inferior game. Gone were the sensible systems of purchases (You have to run around to different people to buy what you need, we do have phones and the internet, heck the people you buy from give you business cards that often have phone numbers, which when you need to go to a loading screen to buy things and get missions... it detracts). Who cares that most of your support strikes are called in by means that leaves you at ground zero, you will find most of them are useless as they have a penchant of blowing you up in the process.
Most annoyingly, the vast majority of the game can and should be beaten in a helicopter. No need for about 90% of the vehicles, they lack the mobility or firepower that the higher end attack choppers are loaded with. Which brings me to the grapple system and the vehicle boarding system, it is frustrating. I know they want to make it more of a challenge so you can't just hijack everything with ease, but honestly it is annoying as they didn't even vary the sequences to make things at least a challenge. Just memorize the pattern for each vehicle and close your eyes. Then the vehicles you have more than likely will disappear when you go to buy stuff or take a mission, you can't even put things into this garage that you supposedly have.
The game redeems itself in a decent storyline and fantastic graphics, but those alone can't make up for a broken game play system. So much of the game was rinse, wash, and forget where you put the detergent, then repeat. I'd rather play the first game, it was at least consistently fun. Do yourself a favor and rent the game, you will be saving yourself money and the shelf space for a better game.
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