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on August 26, 2012
The Merkur 39C Slant Bar is an outstanding shaver that offers you a lot of versatility in your morning shave routine. The Slant is nothing to be intimidated by for new shavers and you very quickly get the feel for this shaver. It glides gently on the neck and cheek while cutting in admirably in trouble areas such as the jaw line, upper lip/nose area and along sideburns and down the back of one's neck/collar area. The length is long for a safety, but for my large hands I found it just enough. I bought this as an alternative to my regular shave routine for those mornings that I don't have enough time to indulge in a straight razor shave and found it to be an excellent partner. It is a two piece razor, but it is a breeze to change the blade which sets straight and ready to shave with no fussy need for re-adjustments. The "barber pole" end is a nice aesthetic touch that doesn't get in the way, but I did not find it much of a bonus for achieving angles as some reviewers have. The shaver is easy to hold on to with wet or soapy hands, but it does have considerable heft which I like. The "serrated" comb, thought not truly an open comb is nice as it doesn't pull away all your soap before the razor's pass which, as predominately a straight razor shaver, I also prefer.

It is definitely a real money saver and gives a much closer, more comfortable shave than cartridge razors. If you are looking to move into wet shaving and want a safety shaver with some weight to it this is a great, trouble free razor to start with.
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on December 29, 2013
I am new to wet shaving. I have been using Mach 3's for years and got sick of paying for refills. I decided to try wet shaving to save money. I went with DE razors over straight because of the time factor and I shave before work in the morning. I started out with the Lord Long Handle because I didn't want to put a bunch of money in right away. I loved wet shaving immediately. The Lord was light and very forgiving. Great starter razor for 10 dollars. I have been looking at the Slant for about 6 months but hesitated because of people saying it was too aggressive. I like the idea of being able to do a good single pass shave in the shower and be ready to go, but still take my time on the weekends and enjoy a good shave. I received this razor as a gift from my wife. I absolutely loved it after the first shave! it is more aggressive, but not overly so. The biggest thing is that it is much heavier than the Lord, with the weight and more blade exposed it requires attention to detail. As long as you go slow at first and you are very careful to just lay the razor on the skin (let it do the work) you will be very happy with the shave. I have a thick beard with very coarse hair that grows faster than average.

1. Very high quality
2. Possible to do a good single pass
3. Cuts several days worth of growth with ease

1. Price
2. I wouldn't get it as a first razor
3. Need to relearn technique
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on December 10, 2013
I've been wet-shaving now for about a year. I knew at some point in time I would have to get the Slant Bar razor. All of the research I had done before I began wet-shaving pretty much said the same thing. Get some experience before trying the Slant Bar. The angle of the blade makes it very aggressive, and very easy to take chunks out of your skin. If used correctly though, it will give you one of the closest shaves you can get with a double-edged safety razor.

When I finally made the leap, I realized two things. One is that the 'reputation' is well deserved. And two, it does indeed give a 'GREAT' close shave,
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on October 30, 2014
I've been wet shaving for about 9 months and switched from the Merkur 34C to the slant about a month ago. If you have a tough beard, and have trouble getting a close shave even with a few passes, this is the razor for you. There is a significant learning curve however, and attention to good shaving technique is a must. If successful, you will be rewarded with the closest shave and less irritated skin. I do have a few pointers after some experimentation and many nicks. One, warming your face with hot towel and using a pre-shave lotion makes the beard hairs easier to shave. Two, limiting the passes with each stroke to only two and keeping the skin taught helps. Make sure not to go too fast, and let the weight of the razor do the work. I do three directions, WTG, perpendicular to grain and ATG(sort of). I have found that it is best not to go "hard" against the grain and change the angle of the approach slightly if I feel any tugging. I also do a last "touch up" in certain areas after feeling for any roughness with my fingers, but limit these areas to one pass. After all this, a nice splash of cold water and you are good to go.
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on May 12, 2015
I am totally shocked at such poor manufacturing process and quality assurance inspections, I will give the benefit of the doubt and allow that they have one. The first unit I ordered (new) arrived, the outside visible parts for the most were nicely polished and plated, there were a few casting defects at the top of the handle but you did have to look for them. When I separated into the two pieces to insert the blade I noted the blade table and the underside of the dome were very rough, and the plating appeared bubbled. The major safety concern for me however was on the dome post threads - stripped over three of the threads about a third of the way from the top, the brass (?) showed through where the chrome plating was missing on the damaged threads, and the metal shavings were present on the other threads.

As over time this would only become worse and allow the dome and blade to float, thus cutting my face instead of my whiskers I process it for replacement. Amazon was to the rescue, and my replacement arrived in two days.

I recorded opening the shipping box, the product box, and the outside of the razor. A few casting issues again on the handle, and the table and underside of the dome, worse than the first one. Alas, the threads were also stripped but this time in two different places across several threads.

I have contacted Amazon to just cancel the order. I wish I could have written a review on the razors performance, I had high hopes and expectations. Merkur, has failed me with two back to back razors, I hope you have better experience as I will not pursue this model for ownership
review image review image review image review image review image
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on March 20, 2014
This item shipped promptly and is as described. I am not a new-comer to DE shaving, it has been my preferred method for a few years now. I bought this razor on the recommendation of a friend and have had mixed results with its use. Generally this razor offers a very close shave, but it is impossible for me to comfortably shave my neck with it, many nicks and much irritation which does not occur with my usual razor of more conventional design. The somewhat radical design is aggressive and takes a little getting used to, I would not recommend this razor to a neophyte DE shaver. DE shaving is a very personal and individual activity, my low rating is not a condemnation of the razor itself but rather a rating of my personal results with its use.
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on June 20, 2013
This razor is bad you know what! I've used the Merkur HD slant for the past few years and I love it. I bought this model a few months ago and I wish I would have bought it sooner. Longer, thicker handle for those of us with bigger hands. More heft too! I use a Feather blade because my facial hair is thick. Not everone will need that sharp of a blade though. For me however a Feather/Slant combo is the best way to shave.
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on August 24, 2014
This is quickly becoming my favorite razor. As a senior citizen who has used double edge razors for most of my life I have a number of different razors I have used over the years, but nothing shaves me as close as this one. One of the on-line reviews of this razor said that it makes virtually any blade look good. I find I agree with this statement. The Merkur blade that came with it did a fantastic job. I'm now trying a cheap Dorko blade. Even that one gives excellent shaves so far. I look forward to trying out all the other blades I have to see if I get the same results, but so far I am very pleased with this razor. As others have noted, one has to be very careful with this more aggressive razor, but for an experienced shaver I think this may be the best there is.
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on October 2, 2015
Many years ago when I started shaving, my dad gave me a double edged razor and a can of shaving cream, pointed me at the sink and said have at it. When I finished I looked as though I had a fight with the family cat and was the apparent loser of the battle. Since that time I have come full circle in my shaving experience and many different razors later, from the disposable Bic to the Gillette 5 blade razor the vibrates and pivots I have arrived back at the good old DE Razor, Except now I know what I am doing and I now get the finest save I have ever had.
The Merkur-Razor, Merkur Safety Razor 39c Chrome is a slant razor. It is slanted to give a “slicing” motion to your whiskers. Some compare it to the action of a snow plow. The angle allows for the blade to slice The slant bar was a common design in Germany in which the blade is slightly angled and curved along its length to make for a slicing action and a more rigid cutting edge. Having use a strraight razor for years I find the 39c Slant Head with the right blades give me as close of shave as my straight razors. All this being said there are 2 things to be careful of.
This is a very well designed razor, nicely chromed, smooth action, and well balanced.
1: Do not expect to get a close, BBS (Baby Bottom Smooth) Shave by spreading shaving foam over you face and going to town at it. You MUST learn to “wet shave” first. This means to get your beard nice and wet. Either in the shower or using a hot, wet towel, using a preshave oil or lotion or using a good quality shaving soap or cream like Porraso or Arko. My suggestion is to go to the Wal-Mart and buy the Williams Soap, bowl and brush, take a nice hot shower, wash your face well and take your time shaving. We in the wet shaving community know what the dark side of shaving is, but if you follow a ritual when you shave and don’t rush you will be surprised how much you, not only look forward to, but enjoy shaving. Kind of your little get-away. Also how you will become a research nut when it comes to all the soaps, creams, lotions and equipment.
Anyway, this is one great razor and I us the "SUPER +" Stainless Steel Platinum Coated Double Edge Safety Razor Blades A.K.A Israeli Personnas because they are coated but not crazy sharp like the Feather blades are.
This razor takes a touch and you will develop it with time. Read other reviews and watch you-tube. Go to the Badger and Blade forum and read all about wet shaving, Double Edge and Straight Shaves.
Again, this is one great razor and well worth the time and money invested.
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on December 29, 2014
I have three other Merkurs. A 23c, and two 1904 classics (closed bar and open comb). This by far blows them all out of the water. I have a few aggressive vintage razors that are single edge as well as the classic Gillette red tip and I find this one give me the closest shave with the least amount of irritation. The razor really "sings" so you hear it cutting whiskers. Now I have a thick stubble so I used it with Astra SP blades and used Arko shave soap and got a wonderful close shave. This is not a forgiving razor, and I do not recommend it for someone new to the wet shaving game. The Merkur 23c or the Edwin Jagger/Muhle 89 are good razors for that. But if you need to move on to a razor that really mows down the stubble, then this along with the Muhle R41 should be on your shortlist.
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