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on August 17, 2010
An outtake on a younger version of Merlin and Arthur as young men
in Camelot. Each story gets better and more interesting then previous episodes as the seasons progress. Season One we were introduced to the characters and fell in love with them, Season Two we got to know them and loved them even more. The actors were very well picked for their parts and work well with each other. The show and cast of Merlin BBC series staring, 'Collin Morgan' as (Merlin) 'Bradley James' as (Prince Arthur Pendragon) 'Anthony Head' as (King Uther Pendragon) 'Katie Mcgrath' as (Morgana) 'Richard Wilson' as (Gaius) and 'Angel Coulby' as (Guinevere}

Merlin with great magic powers arrives in Camelot, after his mother arranges for him to become an apprentice of Gaius. King Uther outlawed all magic and has imprisoned the last dragon deep under the city. Upon hearing the dragon's call, Merlin follows the voice and the dragon informs him that he has an important destiny to protect Arthur as one day he will be King.

Episodes for Season 2
Ep 1. The Curse of Cornelius Sigan.
Ep 2. The Once and Future Queen.
Ep 3. The Nightmare Begins.
Ep 4. Lancelot and Guinevere.
Ep 5. Beauty and the Beast-Part One.
Ep 6. Beauty and the Beast-Part Two.
Ep 7. The Witchfinder.
Ep 8. The Sins of the Father.
Ep 9. The Lady of the Lake.
Ep 10. Sweet Dreams.
Ep 11. The Witch's Quickening.
Ep 12. The Fires of Idirsholas.
Ep 13. The Last dragonlord.
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on December 28, 2010
Not that long ago, I was shown the pilot episode of Merlin. I thought it was cheesy, weird, and hilariously dumb. And now, I am considering dropping $34 that I DON'T EVEN HAVE just to buy another season on DVD.

Merlin is addictive, plain and simple. Colin Morgan and Bradley James just got under my freaking skin, with their comic timing and their surprisingly sincere acting chops and their unique British adorableness and their epic chemistry levels. And wouldn't you know it, I'm even taking the terrible CGI John Hurt dragon seriously now. It's nothing short of magic, and there's nothing on television quite like it. What I feel for Merlin now is just true love -- plot holes, inconsistent characterizations, trolls and all.

Season 2 continues quite compellingly from the first. It contains some of my favorite episodes from the whole show, introduces a badass female villain, develops some important character relationships (hello, whiplash-inducing epic romances!), and ends with a breathlessly-awesome finale.

This season does contain the fantastically-embarrassing two-parter, "Beauty and the Beast;" yet even THAT will grow on you eventually if you love this show enough. And I do. Lord help me.
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on October 15, 2010
I see from the other reviews already posted that you think the first series was great, well you won't be disappointed by the second! You have Merlin falling in love with The Lady of the Lake, an Arthur/Guinevere/Lancelot love triangle, Uther marrying a Troll! Arthur meeting his dead Mother, The Witchfinder accusing Merlin, Morgana & Gaius of using magic. Morgana realises that she really does have the power of magic & starts using it for 'The Dark Arts', the reappearance of the mysterious Mordred & Morgause & The Great Dragon demanding even more & more of Merlin! In the series finale Merlin finally gets to meet his father whom he assumes is dead after what his mother has told him & finds out that he is the last 'Dragon Lord' only then to have him cruelly taken away from him. Merlin inherits the title of Dragon Lord which will no doubt develop more in season 3 when he can command the Great Dragon to do his bidding.

I have bought both music CD's that accompany the series' they are dramatic, haunting & include a touch of romance all at the same time. Merlin - Original Television Soundtrack;Merlin: Series Two - Original Television Soundtrack
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on July 20, 2010
Our whole family loved season one, and season two has been even better! The acting and production are excellent. We can hardly wait to get the DVD!
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on December 24, 2011
This is a review of the product being sold, not just the show. You're buying a DVD set. So that's a lot of what matters here. How well is the set made? How well will it hold up over time? That's easy to predict - Not very well.

What you get is a multi-disc holder that is designed cheaply to save room. I got Season 1 and 2. One of the packs came with a disc flopping around inside the packaging because the cheap "clip" won't hold the disc in place. They substituted a full-sized round DVD clip with a half-shaped clip to save room in the package and allow the discs to overlap. I have other sets like this. The clips will eventually break over time, with enough use. And mine came with one already broken and a disc scratched on back from it.

Similarly, the cardboard outer sleeve is cheap and was already scraped up at the edges when I got it, just from the factory trying to insert the discs into the package. Both sets I ordered were like this. When I took the discs out and then went to re-insert them, they get caught on the inner flap/fold of the outside package. It takes a few tries to get the discs to go back into the package.

5 for the show. 1 for the cheap penny-penching packaging.
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VINE VOICEon December 8, 2010
After watching the first season I didn't think they show could get any better but I was wrong.
I think the troll episode where the king marries a troll alone would make it worth buying this for anyone -- it was epic and I was rolling around on the ground dying from laughter.
I can't remember the last time a tv series made me cry so much and I mean in a good way.
Having read all about King Arthur, Camelot, etc when I was a small boy this bring back memories.
This is one show that definitely deserves to be on Blu-ray though. The scenery is something to behold from the awesome castle to Morgana's haunting beautiful eyes!
And why do we have to wait so long in the US for this awesome show?
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on August 22, 2011
I love this show and I was excited to see it FINALLY come to the USA on BBC America/The Scfy Channel(the show is available for instant stream on Netflix-btw). I won't speak about the content of the show- because far better professional TV and Sci-fi reviewers have already reviewed this product... and I agree whole-heartedly the second season clearly exceeded its preceding season- bringing Arthur's relationships into full focus- showcasing dynamics in the relationships Arthur has with Merlin and Gwen that will make him want to build a much fairer and just Camelot. YES- you should definitely purchase this season via iTunes or check out the instant streams on Netflix because they are definitely worth your time!

However I have a warning- this is the second time I've purchased a Channel One/BBC product from an Amazon seller at a discounted price. While the item arrived in a somewhat speedy fashion- it is clear that the DVDs sold to me were pirated- that the box condition and the condition of the covers of the DVDs are fakes.

While it was a 'well-designed' pirated copy... it isn't what I intended to purchase. I was hoping to purchase a genuine copy of the show at a lower price. I don't appreciate being lied too- by sellers and I certainly don't like paying $17 for a PIRATED copy of a TV show.

My seller- was highly recommended for his prices and the speediness of his sales- and I'm assuming he has been misinforming buyers for a long time by using words like 'new' and 'mint-condition' -still sealed(it is clear he used a shrink wrap machine to wrap this pitiful attempt at a box set).

In these tough economic times- we have to save money any way we can(especially-students who are dealing with higher tution costs). But we also have a responsibility to be honest and loyal to the networks who produce the shows we love- with much tighter budgets. I'd much rather make Channel One/The BBC richer so they can produce more quality programming than have my money go towards benefiting a stranger- who is misinforming/manipulating buyers to purchase their product.

Amazon needs to be aware of sellers who are using the downfall of the economy to sell pirated movies/televisions to users at discounted prices. If a price on a product sounds too-good to be true it most likely is... Amazon I fear will soon come under attack by companies like the BBC and other networks for allowing sellers to sell pirated copyrighted material.

If you're like me and you like the material you purchase to be high quality and authentic- particularly when it concerns all things Merlin purchase the episodes from iTunes or from Amazon directly- and don't deal with crooked sellers who are merely in it for their self-interest.
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on February 11, 2011
As an erstwhile purist, who initially turned up her nose at the idea of revamping and altering the traditional Arthurian legends, I was surprised to find myself completely hooked by Season One of BBC's delightful series, "Merlin." Season Two was equally delightful, and I am pleased to see that it has finally been released on DVD in the U.S. (A DVD set for Season Three will follow shortly, I hope.) "Merlin" is an entertaining series whose pluses overcome its shortcomings. In spite of occasionally silly plots and/or heavy-handed or predictable dialogue, not to mention its flagrant disregard for the traditional Arthurian canon, it is a joy to watch - primarily because of the lovely chemistry of its actors and the charm of the mostly youthful cast.

Colin Morgan (Merlin) and Bradley James (Prince Arthur) continue to entertain us with their humorous banter, their very real acting skills, and their visual appeal. Morgan's Merlin, a gawky youth with an elfin face (and ears) and an interesting, offbeat beauty, is still burdened with the secret of his magical powers (magic having been banned in Camelot by Arthur's father, King Uther Pendragon). As manservant to the arrogant, if courageous and essentially good-hearted Arthur, he must deal with the prince's frequent prattishness and verbal abuse ("Mer-lin, you idiot!"), yet save his life in practically every episode. Morgan gives the young warlock an endearing awkwardness and gentle sensitivity combined with a fierce determination to protect the crown prince from whatever monster or villainous sorcerer happens to be passing through Camelot each week. Arthur, one of the handsomest twenty-something blonds-in-armor you could ever hope to meet, is nicely played by James with just the right amount of swagger, bravado (combined with hidden insecurities), and an excellent sense of comic timing. Katie McGrath, as King Uther's ward, the beautiful and conflicted Morgana, and Angel Coulby as Guinevere (Morgana's maidservant in this alternative Arthurian universe), provide the only feminine element in what is essentially a man's world of knights and squires and clanking armor. Guest performers include Emilia Fox as the mysterious Morgause, Mackenzie Crook as a thief who becomes possessed by the spirit of an evil wizard, Sarah Parish as a lovely noblewoman who is really a troll in disguise, Santiago Cabrera as that honorable warrior-hunk, Lancelot, Laura Donnelly as Merlin's fleeting love interest, young Asa Butterfield as the child Mordred, and John Lynch as a long-banished Dragonlord who may have closer ties to Merlin than a mere similarity of magical gifts.

The regular cast members of the older generation - Anthony Head as King Uther (who tries to do right by his kingdom, but fears and despises anybody gifted with magic), Richard Wilson as Gaius, the court physician and Merlin's friend and guardian, and John Hurt, who provides the voice of the Great Dragon - are as good as they were during the first season, and provide a nice foil to the lively enthusiasm of the junior performers. A welcome addition to the latter group is Rupert Young as Sir Leon, one of the most dedicated of the younger knights. I'll not provide any spoilers for Season 3 (coming soon to DVD, I hope?) except to say that the future adventures of our young heroes involve yet another horde of magical creatures, a former friend turning enemy, and the first references to a certain famous table of circular shape.

Note: Season 2 of "Merlin" was broadcast in the U.S. on the Syfy channel; however, due to the time required for commercial breaks, scenes were cut from the BBC episodes, including one major scene from the final episode of the season. Therefore, Merlin fans will find it definitely worth their while to purchase this set of DVDs.
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Great series...done impeccably right by the Brits...wonderfully youthfull cast of pros...aided by a familiar face to US audiences...Anthony Head of Buffy fame (Giles) as Uther...Arthur's father and reigning King and ably supported by Merlin's mentor...Gaius (a fine actor whose name escapes me at the apologies to him). A casting coupe in John Hurt as the voice of the Great Dragon...It's amazing how that expressive voice conjures up every facial feature of that fine actor intoning his lines. Family friendly on all levels and well into the third or fourth season in know that you will be able to collect more as the stories spin out. The twist is of course that Uther has banned magic from the kingdom and Merlin must surreptitiously learn and practice his craft in mortal fear of discovery. Special Effects abound and never seem less than seamless and the stories reflect the growing friendship that is destiny intertwined of Arthur and Merlin. The series location shooting is done in a wonderfull French castle that perfectly captures the enchanting look of Camelot yet to come. All in all a fine way to be entertained for almost a hour and share in the joy and drama reflected in the faces of the children watching with you as they behold the magic and the splendor that is the legend of Arthur.
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on January 28, 2011
This show is superbly fantastic in many ways. The cast of actors are spectacular for one thing, not to mention all the humor, magic, suspense, and legend. Even the music is excellent! Every episode is like a mini movie, keeping you entertained. I could watch every episode over and over again. And I love the fact that it's family friendly.

This show is absolutely brilliant. It won't be a waste of your time or money.

WARNING: Highly addictive! =P
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