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on September 29, 2009
Ok I first didn't believe this product, i did a lot of research online before ordering this.. I am in awe of how this product is great when you get a cold or feel like one is coming on. I took a teaspoon of this mixed in anything , it is totally tasteless, I got over my cold within 24 hours. My roommate has have adult acne and body acne for years, he been on everything from proactive to acutane, nothing cleared it up .Well I read online about getting a spray bottle putting mineral water in it and half or it w/ the colloidal silver. you would spray the face and body with it once or twice a day. Well this has cleared him up, it was amazing to see it do this within the first 3 days of treatment.. This is some really good stuff. I recommend you google this one you find its also cheaper on the official website.
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on August 29, 2010
I've used Mesosilver for almost 10 years since developing antibiotic resistance from repeated courses of prescription antibiotics for chronic, year-round sinus infections. Now I use Mesosilver to control infection, with significantly fewer colds, sore throats, digestive problems, facial breakouts, eye inflammations, etc.

Sinus nasal drip: 2 parts Mesosilver, 2 parts distilled water. Optional: 1 part ionic silver, 2-3 drops GSE / grapefruit seed extract. Keep in an eyedropper bottle and drip a small amount into each nostril before getting out of bed in the morning. Also good: NeilMed Sinus wash with a bit of Alkalol and 3 sprays of Mesosilver added to the wash. Xlear nasal spray is another effective antimicrobial.

Other uses: spray eyes to prevent or clear up inflamation; spray face before applying makeup; spray on cuts or scrapes; add to pet's outdoor water to prevent bacterial or algae contamination, a few drops in food or drink to clear up bladder, kidney, or other internal infections.

BONUS: The longer you abstain from prescription antibiotics, the more benefit you'll receive if you have to take them. After 5 years I developed an infection while traveling and needed a Z-Pak. It worked like magic from day one.

NOTE: Colloidal silver kills ALL single-cell organisms including bacteria you need for digestion, so eat yogurt with acidophilus if you're taking it internally on a daily basis.
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on December 16, 2013
Not all colloidal Silvers are the same and Dr Mercola's website explains the differences and mentions his Top Picks based on the science. We have used this particular brand for 10 years since my daughter cannot have antibiotics prescribed to her for everything under the sun. We have also used in nebulizer for sinus infection for young child, used on my dog instead of systemic antibiotics. I trust it and it works.
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on January 17, 2014
The makers of MesoSilver say this is the most effective colloidal silver, and based on the ones I've tried, I definitely agree. (If you want to know why it is, read their material on silver particle size, and why that makes a difference. There are also "neutral" sources that say the same thing, so you don't have to necessarily take it from the people that make the stuff.) I've got a somewhat dysfunctional immune system, have several chronic illnesses because of it and easily pick up colds, and often the flu. And they hang on and hang on. This has been a life saver in quickly getting rid of such infections.

The results for me have been downright astonishing. I also use MesoSilver to treat (and prevent) fairly frequent ear infections. Works well for that too. After buying and using several bottles in the 500ml size, I just spent over $200 to buy a gallon jug of this stuff. Though quite a big initial outlay, MesoSilver works and lasts indefinitely. (I wish amazon carried the gallon size; it doesn't, unfortunately.)

Colloidal silver has natural anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It works, therefore, for all kinds of infections (and to prevent them), and in many situations. Given how ineffective antibiotics are becoming (medical experts, including at the CDC, are worried about that), the fact that this old remedy is still around and still works so amazingly well in a Godsend, in my view.
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on July 1, 2010
It works for me. Any time I start to feel like I'm getting some sort of virus or bug, I put a small amount of MesoSilver into a nebulizer and take in about 40 - 50 deep breaths. Every time I do this when I feel the bug coming on, the illness never materializes.
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on June 23, 2015
This stuff just works! Rather than go to the doctor to get a prescription for pink eye we just used drops of CS. Cleared it up in less than a day. Considering the co-pay and prescription cost, it has already paid for itself.

Our daughter also got a chest infection and was on breathing treatments for about 2 weeks. While she was slightly better after two weeks it was not really "turning the corer". I had read that people nebulized CS, so we gave it a try for 2 days. Immediate improvement. My wife thought it was a little hippy like not using an approved FDA drug etc so she insisted we quit. Sure enough my daughter regressed back to the crackling etc.. We then went ahead and did 3 more days of CS and she cleared up. After that my wife still refuses to use it with a nebulizer with our kids as she doesn't feel like there is research proving its safety. I too wish there was more information out there.
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on September 13, 2013
There are so manny things this will treat, you'll want to read up for dosages. I will be treating Candida with is for the most part. Look up SilverColloids dot...
Great to have this in your emergency supplies.

I noticed a difference after taking it for a week. However, easy on the early dosages. It will cause the "kill off effect" for up to three days, which any Candida treatment may trigger. It is actually a good is working, but you'll feel bad.

Update: This has really knocked the Candida down, seemingly better than any other product I have tried. Expensive....I was taking 3 tablespoons, twice daily.
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on January 21, 2012
Been using this product for years. Decided on it after long research. MesoSilver is probably the only true colloidal on the market. Do your research - clear silver products are ionic - not colloidal. And MesoSilver has the smallest partical size and best surface area ratio in the market.

I have two uses or it.

1. As a nasal spray for my sinuses and it seems to knock out a cold right away if you start using it at the first hint of sniffles. Use a spray bottle to apply in throat and nose. Stuff is remarkable.

2. As an antibiotic for cats. Saved my old cats a number of times when they got infections of one type or another. Use an oral syringe and give 1-3 ml 3 or even 4 times a day until relief - usually has knocked out infections in one day - like I said, stuff is remarkable and safe. I've also used it for eye infections - a few drops several times a day really helps.

Be sure to give animals some probiotic - even though heard colloidal silver safe for gut bacteria, I'm not sure I believe that.

I highly recommend this stuff.
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on January 15, 2016
I have been wasting away from what I now know is (has niw progressed to) neuroLyme disease (after 20 years of being told I just have anxiety/depression/random weird autoimmune diseases/Asperger's/arthritis at age 15/gut issues/complex migraines/and finally being told I have a psychosomatic illness of some sort, I ended up with all the horrific symptoms of neuro lyme, including losing my ability to walk at times. As many of us with this infection get told "this is all in your head" and add the fact that less than 40% of tests are accurate and false negatives are the norm in the Lyme testing world *sigh* well, just do you own research and read personal stories of others with Lyme, it is far more common than we have been lead to believe ... Anyway, I am on day three and up to 1TBS a day now (I started small, worked up to one TBS over these three days-anyone with Lyme will tell you this is a must, working up to a full dose, or you will be in so much pain from a 'healing crisis' that you'd never want to treat again...) First dose taken was only 1 tsp, and man did that work almost instantly! I immediately had herx symptoms flare up- the headache, all my random joint pains were all at once hurting, I had those annoying 'crawling' sensations but in weird spots like my nose skin... After an hour of feeling really bad and in pain, all that stopped and my goodness I had a breath of fresh air- I had energy for the first time in months since I have been super sick.... Day 3 and I am herxing after each dose but feeling 'lighter' in the head- the brain fog is lifting. It is lifting! I cannot wait to see how much this helps in the long run. After reading over a dozen fellow Lyme sufferer's reports on healing from or going into remission from Lyme and co-infections by using this silver product I am excited. So far I am impressed... Just day three here but this is working. I can feel it (thank you herx reactions!) I will stop back in to report after I am on this longer.
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on November 2, 2013
This is really amazing stuff. I got the gold as well, but the silver seems to be really good for the body. I just wish I could afford a barrel of this stuff. Between the gold and the silver, the silver has a slightly odd flavor but not a problem. I took two tablespoons a day to get started, for about a week, and then I went o maintenance at one tablespoon per day.

Sorry I used it all up.
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