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on December 23, 2010
I'm in the USA, this Album is great, all I had to say is I bought it, and ever since then I haven't stop listening to it... Cheryl Cole the name in Music, beside the fact she is Hot, and Great, All my friends, like the music and they have no clue who she is... its worth buying for working out, hitting the club, relaxing & even driving around! BTW She heading high so fast I can't even imagine until everyone starts to know who she is in the US! She Going to go over Britany & Lady Gaga In Music, Wait and see!
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on January 21, 2011
Cheryl Cole is getting attention in the US for all the wrong reasons in 2011. She should have launched her solo pop career an album ago with the incredible string of singles she cooked up with Black Eyed Peas' for her debut 3 Words.

Then again, the perfect time to break Cheryl aka: Chezza in America would have been a decade ago when she was named Cheryl Tweedy and Girls Aloud were completely revolutionizing pop music with the help of their Xenomania-penned and produced masterpieces. I digress, only wishing I was in the room when the suits decided the USA was no safe place for five beautiful white pop stars singing the best pop music to grace the good Earth since Britney's debut and Madonna's Music. The Spice Girls, a much less talented act was already filling stadiums here, and much later Susan Boyle proved your reality TV competition launch vehicle didn't even need to air in America in order to be a massive Billboard hit.

After five albums under the auspices of a genius/god/guru (Brian Higgins of Xenomania) and a solo debut under big willy - not to mention a failed marriage to a sports icon - one can't fail Cheryl divorcing herself from them all (not to mention Simon Cowell) and starting fresh. Do they like me? Do they really like me? Or do they just like me for the men who write the songs the whole world sings? "Messy Little Raindrops" provides no easy answers.

With so many producers on board, there is no consistent vibe. Much of the music plays it so safe, you'd think Cheryl just won American Idol. The first 2/3 of the album plays like straight to the wide eyes and open arms of tween girls and their soccer moms. Light, fluffy pop that's all about unicorns, moonbeams, princesses and rainbows. A schoolyard chant opens the album and totally derails "The Promise" - which would have been a darn fine pop song without it. Even lighter pop follows - Messy Little Raindrops could be the theme song to a Nick Jr. series and Hummingbird sounds like it sampled a nursery rhyme straight from a music box. The Flood sounds like Mariah Carey from her safest, fluffiest period - but all in all, it's quite delicious. Auto-tune is so prevalent on most of the tracks, it makes me think Cheryl was quite busy during this period and rushed in and dropped vocals between luncheons and her make-up call for X Factor. "No need for a second take luv, we'll fix it in post."

Things finally get interesting on the album's final three tracks. Why they buried the lone collabo back here is anyone's guess. But these tracks harken back to a funkier time when Cheryl and will took some chances to delicious effect (the much meatier 3 Words album).

I have no regrets - buying 3 Words inspired me to import buy the entire Girls Aloud catalog - if you've never heard em, start with Out of Control, work your way back to Tangled Up and Chemistry (all classics that kicked open the doors for Annie, Robyn, later-era Kylie and Lykke Li). The first two Girls albums are also great - but much safer. Which brings us full circle back this Messy, but enjoyable disc.

Here's hoping Cheryl reclaims her freaky funk on solo album #3 or Girls Album #6.
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on February 11, 2013
British Pop star Cheryl Cole(or just Cheryl as she is called now)returned with her second studio album in October 2010.The album came on the heels of the end of her divorce and her battle with malaria. Some of the songs ( especially Promise This, Better To Lie, The Flood and Happy Tears) do have roots in her real life highs and lows but overall this is a frilly, fun, frothy electronic pop album. Something to put on to make you dance and sing along.
1.)Promise This: This was the first single and a good choice for it at that with the gratuitous French phrases, thumping,pulsing beat Cheryl asking for her lover's promise that he will pray for her, be the one to stand by her even "If I die before I wake". A very sobbering and vulnerable question being Cheryl nearly died of malaria just months earlier. 10/10
2.)Yeah Yeah Yeah ft. Travie Mccoy: This is one of the low points of the album for me this song is nothing but filler IMO. Tired recycled beat and studio effects and Travie just doesn't add anything.3/10
3.)Live Tonight: Another filler song but better than Yeah Yeah Yeah IMO by quite a margin.5/10
4.)The Flood: The second and final single from the album. The listener can draw many parallels between this song, and the demise of Cheryl's marriage and it makes sense. While Cheryl has IMO a very average mezzo-soprano, and certainly will not go down in history as one of the greatest voices of all time she CAN sing and carries the song well. Though it is your typical sappy break up ballad, with the overdone water metaphores to match the song does what it is supposed to do. 7/10
5.)Amnesia: One of my personal favorites on the album on and I think one of the strongest. Cheryl doesn't have to worry about hitting all the right notes and can just tell the story, the songs lyrics about friends who finally hook up but the next day the man acts like he doesn't remember all of the "you should be with me" sweet nothings he whispered just the night before is a very relatable story that many will hear and go "ugh been there". Reminds us not to play with people's emotions (especially not just to get sex)and don't say it if you don't mean it.10/10
6.)Everyone ft Dizzee Rascal: Another of my favorites on MLRD. A feel good encouraging, "don't give up, keep going, you deserve to be happy" song with lyrics that while a bit overused work well with the theme. "Sometimes life's not fair don't you let that stop you though, I've been right where you are before, I've been there before... happiness is for EVERYONE!" And best of all unlike Travie Mccoy Dizzee Rascal makes the most of his guest verse, stays on topic and flows well with the song.10/10
7.)Raindrops: This song is what The Flood could have been if no one on Cheryl's record label had any quality control IMO. Cheryl tries too hard at times to sing this cheesy poorly written mid-tempo ballad and other times seems to almost give up trying. With lyrics like "so cry on my shoulder for love" and high notes way outside of her vocal range I can't blame her. 2/10
8.)Hummingbird: Everything that was so wrong with "Raindrops" is turned right with this song. This is another favorite of mine. With a nice doubled-up drum and nice effects, this sweet song about how one feels while falling for someone special is feel good and romantic without being too much. 10/10
9.) Better To Lie ft. August Rigo: This song could possibly be a dramatized account of the last days of Cheryl's ill-fated marriage ???. An argument between the protaginist and her man over a mysterious girl on his phone quickly turns onto a full blown meltdown"I'm freaking out hysterical!, "Now I'm trippin yelling up in public". Cheryl doesn't believe her man's flimsy story ("He tells me some story... no I just don't believe him") and even chides herself for thinking he could be faithful to her "Asked for the truth and this is what I get, Silly me thinking you were a good guy maybe now you know not to lie". August Rigo also does a great job as the guy in question trying to get her to calm down and thinking he was better of not saying anything "please calm down baby cause your volume's too high, you won't let the truth come out" he begs and pleads. They blend well together. 10/10
10.) Get Down ft. Well you knew will was gonna show up eventualy lol but for this silly hangin-with-my-girls-partying-at-the-club-after-a-long-week he fits. With an old school 80's style with an drum machine and synths this is yet another shallow party song but that doesn't make it bad at all. "Me and my girls walk in like Sex In The City" Cheryl smugly croons and you can't help but "get down" and do your best Carrie Bradshaw and Co. strut and enjoy it. 10/10
11.)Happy Tears: This song makes every Cheryl solider stand up and emphatically sing along myself included. While Cheryl didn't write this song no one will deny it is a "last goodbye" to her ex husband Ashley Cole and their failed marriage. And it's a darn good one at that IMO. With a interpretaion of Coldplay's "Clocks", The lyrics speak for themselves. "I cried when I heard you were cheating, I cried when I said I was leaving, I cried when my heart stopped believing but I'm all out of tears. When I feel so weak but I know I'm strong so I wipe my face and I just move on. I aint' never gonna cry again unless they are happy tears... You hurt me once your chance is gone, our love is dead but I'm still alive singing our last goodbye". Excellent job by all involved 10/10
12.)Waiting: IMO this was not great way to end the album "Happy Tears" was such a powerful statement and a great way for Cheryl to close that chapter of her life and have the next album start the new one. Instead we get this over-produced yet still unfinshed sounding filler track. With a sample of Vanessa Carlton's "A Million Miles" of all things. 4/10
All in all Messy Little Raindrops is indeed messy and uneven at times however it still in my opinion succeeds at doing what it was meant to do. 1.) Being a very good dance/pop album 2.) Closing this chapter of Cheryl's life so she and her fans can move on. and 3.) Showing how far she has come as well has how much further she has to go. This was step 2 and it was a good one enjoyable, fun and even a bit emotional at times. Overall 8/10.
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on December 25, 2012
Like its successor A Million Lights, Messy Little Raindrops is a mix of synthpop and neo-R&B. My favorite tracks are the dubstep inspired "Everyone" and the endearing epic, 80s-style balled "The Flood".

A must have for any pop lover!
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on January 28, 2012
**Originally posted on "#1 Hits From Another Planet" - 11/2/10**

Messy indeed. As part of one of the UK's most prolific and successful girl bands, Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole created (ok, participated in) some of this past decade's most essential pop music. Last year, her first solo album did very well even though it was mostly filler. Is the follow-up any better? Not sure, but at least it's got more high points.

1. Promise This - One of her better singles, this uptempo dance track hinted at a more aggressive album. And while that didn't come to pass, it's still a great kick-off. 9/10

2. Yeah Yeah - A ravey dance track that marks a perfect shift in sound from the last album. It's increasingly euphoric as it plays out, and features the kind of subtle hooks that stick with you. 8/10

3. Live Tonight - A strummy track that's saved from being skipable by a breathy, wordless hook at the end of the chorus. It's pleasant stuff, and continues the streak of strong tracks at the head of the album. Too bad the quality doesn't keep up. 8/10

4. The Flood - It's the best solo ballad I've heard from her, though the vocals in the chorus are clearly not all her own. It's a big sounding track and an obvious choice for a single. In fact, it's the only ballad on the album worth listening to. 8/10

5. Amnesia - And thus begins the saggy, midtempo center of the album. This is a lightweight pop track that sounds a lot like the songs on her first album. The chorus is particularly repetitive, and not in a good way. 6/10

6. Everyone - I thought having Dizzee Rascal on this track would make it stand out, but neither the production (which sounds a lot like the last song) nor the melody really catches. Just as you think the promising verses are going to blast into something worthwhile, the forgettable bridge and lame chorus disappoints. 6/10

7. Raindrops - Insipid. From the opening lyrics, I started rolling my eyes. It's the song that gives the album it's title and I guess that's why it's included. The chorus of this ballad couldn't be any more cloying, though I do like the high bits in the verses. 5/10

8. Hummingbird - By this time I was pretty much numbed from the previous tracks, and this is no better. Where is the passion? This is so incredibly boring, from plodding production to repetitive melody. It's barely even a song! 5/10

9. Better To Lie - Oh god. And now we've reached the nadir. This is so lazy. It sounds like about a million other tracks and is oddly detached (even a little bouncy?) considering the subject matter. 3/10

10. Let's Get Down - Finally, some tempo. The lyrics here are some of the worst on the album, but (importantly) the hook and, especially, the production here are great. The beat is easily the best on the album. A pity that and Cole's ridiculous lyrics keep this from being better. 8/10

11. Happy Tears - Back to boring midtempos. It's hard for me to imagine what Cole sees in this material. It's so incredibly forgettable. This is actually one of the worst tracks on the album, salvaged only by being sandwiched between two of the better. 4/10

12. Waiting - Why this ends the album completely confuses me. In fact, it would make a great single. It's probably the best song on the album -- a straightforward dance track with an ingenious piano sample and simple, yet addictive, hook. This is what she should be doing! 10/10

Album Grade: 6.7/10
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on January 22, 2013
Messy Little Raindrops was Cheryl's 2nd album and it is absolutely amazing. The best songs are Promise This, Yeah Yeah, Live Tonight, Amnesia, Let's Get Down, and Happy Tears. It is a must have if you love great upbeat music
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on February 3, 2011
As an American admittedly hardcore fan of Girls Aloud, I want to be honest with my review here of Chezza's 2nd solo album, "Messy Little Raindrops"...I just got my copy of the 15-track international edition earlier in the stores sell it here except for J&R in NYC and their price is higher, so I had no choice but to order it. It's a fun listen overall, but two or 3 of the tracks don't really stick in the cranny in the end, unfortunately.

Compared to Girls Aloud's catalogue, there is no comparison really to the girls' er "Chemistry" and Xenomania's delectable productions, and compared to Chezza's 2009 solo bow, "3 Words", MLD has a wider scope, a widescreen approach, BUT a few of the tracks aren't as good or memorable. For some weird reason, I find the second half is much stronger than the first, even though the first has the first 2 singles, the ace, catchy-as-hell, playful "Promise This" and the beautiful ballad "The Flood" (which shows nicely Chezza's strengthening vocals), and both are co-penned and vocally-produced by ace Capitol recoding artist PRISCILLA RENEA HAMILTON...she was involved with 4 of the tracks, an increased role from one song on "3 Words", the ace "Happy Hour", which should have been a single...looks like Priscilla is becoming Chezza's creative partner in crime, moreso than her beloved BFF Will.I.Am from the Black-Eyed Peas, who only did 2 and co-wrote those tunes with Chezza..."Live Tonight" and "Let's Get Down", both ace dancefloor rockers in the BEP mode. One change is the increased number of ballads...from 1 on "3 Words" to 3 (maybe 4) on "Messy"..."The Flood", the title track "Raindrops" (at first, hearing Chezza stretch her vocals here was startling and even possibly failing, in the end she succeeds upon a few listens and you root for her), the striking, beautiful, memorable "Happy Tears", and semi-ballad "Hummingbirds" backed by tinkly musicbox.

I find the only 2 that don't really much as I tried...are the Starstruck-penned & produced and collaborated with Travis McCoy "Yeah Yeah" (even though it has this cool trance-like feel), the Steve Kipner collab "Amnesia" (a poor stepchild to "Fight For This Love"), and a distant 3rd, the Dizzy Rascal collab "Everyone", which lyrically is a nice rebuke to suicidal thoughts, and it's OK melodically, and has a nice unique feel with Dizzy's distinctive, offkilter grimy rap, just not as strong as the rest of the album. Everything else is great experimental pop with Chezza's distinctive husky quirky pop voice and characteristic approach.

One thing I noticed was the childlike (as opposed to child-ish) feel, approach, enthusiasm and exuberance all over the record, from schoolyard chants (the ace first single "Promise This") to musicboxes (on "Hummingbirds"), to longing for sunny days and birds in the sky and simple times...I almost expected the "Sesame Street" theme to be sung and Elmo to pop out midway through the record, but this is a good thing and is actually refreshing in it's honesty and longing. There is even a song called "Better To Lie" where she is singing about yelling her head off when her paramour's cellphone came up with a strange girl's message...honest but this shows her honesty and you don't want to mess with or cross Cheryl's bad side...she WILL sock it to ya. In similar approach to a song from "3 Words" called "Boy Like You", where it takes a somewhat known song to sample (Fleetwood Mac's "Little Lies") and builds a cool, original song around it, on "MLD", the original album's final song "Waiting", takes Vanessa Carlton's signature song "A Thousand Miles", the piano motif AND lyrical theme, and builds an arguably better song around it, and Cheryl even makes the song sound CUTER and much more satisfying than the original. This record's international edition, which I am reviewing here, has 3 bonus tracks...the 3 singles from "3 Words"...tacked on at the end, "Fight For This Love", the Will.I.Am duet "3 Words" and the Ingrid Michaelson cover "Parachute" (from her latest album)...and ya know what??? They work here too, stylistically and thematically. They even work better than MLD's 2 or 3 weak links...if there is a US version on Interscope and they have to remove 2 songs, I would pick "Yeah Yeah" and "Amnesia", and if they have to pick a 3rd, I would choose "Everyone"...

Overall, it's a good-to-great and interesting 2nd solo album, as good or better than Nadine's solo bow "Insatiable", and in all honesty, "Messy Little Raindrops" is Cheryl's one shot, one window of opportunity to break the US market (it DOES have a very American 2011 sound but with Cheryl's own twist)...if it's US release is denied, I wouldn't expect another one...but regardless, MLD is another feather in Cheryl's cap, and another ace in the catalogue.
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on November 9, 2010
"Messy Little Raindrops" is the sophomore CD by Cheryl Cole. It follows up the #1 UK smash "3 Words" which comprised highly polished catchy Pop tunes penned and produced by some top industry names like Soulshock & Karlin, Taio Cruz and appears again here on the dance song "Let's get down" which nicks bits off Cerrone's "Supernature" and Freeez's "IOU". Other standouts are the trancey "Yeah Yeah" with Travie McCoy, the similar "Waiting", the midtempo jerky "Amnesia", the clap-laden "Everyone" featuring UK rapper Dizzee Rascal, and the acoustic ballad "Raindrops" on which she displays a bit of vocal ability (especially as she's been panned for lacking in this department).

Everything else is ok really, from lead-off single the Kylie-style "Promise This" (a UK #1), to the boring Celine Dion-style ballad "The Flood".

A competent Pop record if lacking in personality.
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on October 1, 2012
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on November 9, 2010
Cheryl Cole is another example of how good UK music is at the moment. Cheryl had made it to UK number 1 album with this album as well as Uk number 1 single with 'Promise This'. The album features, to those who don't watch 'The X Factor', some big name besides Cheryl -, Taio Cruz and UK rapper Dizze Rascal. This album from Cheryl has a mix of different genres and the mix has been done very well. Cheryl is a great singer and one who I am sure, in time, will prosper here as well as the UK. All-in-all a great album.
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