Customer Reviews: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - PlayStation 3 Standard Edition
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on March 18, 2014
I got the game on PSN for $19.99. At that price the game is five stars. But since I am reviewing it here, for the $29.99 physical disc version, I gave it four stars. Why the difference? Because for $20 this is a great game with excellent mechanics, stealth, and interactive environments that make MGSGZ feel like a next-gen game on last-gen consoles.

- Crawling, sneaking, and CQC (close quarters combat) never felt so good.
- Importing ten of your own music tracks is great, especially if you own the MGS soundtracks from past games.
- The sandbox (not open world) is a great addition to the MGS franchise (Gives you sense of what Phantom Pain's open world could be like)
- Vehicles and AA guns make the environment conducive to assaults when you tire of stealth
- lots of replay value

Cons -
- fun but short. For $19.99 it's more than enough game, for $29.99 it loses a star
- still weird hearing someone other than Hayter, but Kiefer Sutherland does a good job
- I wanted to enter more buildings and find more diverse styles of enemies
- No knocking on walls? I know you can now throw empty clips to distract guards and they are unlimited, but I loved knocking!

All in all a great game from Hideo Kojima that is being attacked for "faults" the game developer was very up front about. Funny I don't hear this kind of complaining about BF4 and COD campaigns that are just slightly larger than this. If you like MGS just buy it. If you are new to the series, I would start with MGS3:Snake Eater unless you just cannot handle the older gen titles.
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on March 22, 2014
When I think about a "bad game," what pops in my head is something like Superman for the Nintendo 64: a product that is unplayable, unenjoyable or a combination of both; in short, something you'd put down after about an hour or two because you couldn't stand playing it. With Ground Zeroes, though, I put down the game in that time frame for the most bizarre reason - I finished it. Yes, the length of Ground Zeroes is certainly something that will set the tone for the rest of this review, but please bear with me because, while it was unforgivably short for the price tag, it's by no means a bad game on a functional level.

Ground Zeroes is essentially a prequel to the upcoming Phantom Pain, which will (presumably) also carry the connotation of being the fifth game of the series; ultimately, Kojima Productions decided to offer a small slice of Phantom Pain as a kind of tech demo/promo piece for the public at large. Having played all the previous games in the series (yes, all the way back to the MSX), I naturally bought this to whet my appetite and assumed that it would not be a full, 12-hour game - instead, I assumed it would be perhaps 6-7 considering it was half the price of a newly released AAA title but, unfortunately, it looks like this only lasts 1-2 hours, the latter time relevant if you wind up dragging your feet through the mission. Putting the length of the game aside for a moment, I have to reassure you that this game is by no means unplayable or unenjoyable; in fact, it's one of the most tense, fun and organic stealth experiences I can remember.

It would be difficult to condense the amount of differences between, say, MGS4 and Ground Zeroes, but it can be summarized in one word: "astounding." Kojima and his team put an immense amount of effort into revamping the control scheme while still being familiar enough for series veterans, adding in the ability to drive vehicles, dash, roll continuously, and move at a brisk pace while carrying prisoners/bodies. While they do not sound like much on paper, the difference is incredible for those who have played the previous games. Not only are the controls different, but the A.I. has improved greatly from the "what was that noise?" tunnel vision problem previous guards in the series had, opting instead to have a more natural field of vision (with a flashlight to extend that even further) and a reactive attitude that makes them call in extra patrols if they even kind of think they saw you. Furthermore, the old Alert - Evasion - Caution - Clear system has been made less rigid, not giving the player a numerical hint but rather relying on music cues for each stage (including when a guard almost sees you), which empties more UI space to show off the gorgeous graphics.

While my version was PS3, I have to say that Ground Zeroes is the most impressive game on the system graphically. Although there were a few instances of framerate chugs when things got hot (presumably because this was geared toward PS4 anyway), the experience was exceptionally smooth. The environments looked great and the character models (as well as their animations) followed in suit. While I'm not one to put a lot of weight on graphics, it's worth noting how pretty this game is.

Sadly, though, the big elephant in the room breaks in and stomps all over the place as soon as you end the game: it was far too short. While side ops are available to lengthen the experience, the main mission will only take about 1-2 hours depending on skill level, which is unacceptable for a $30 game, let alone something you would need to pay over $5 for. You get a great time, yes, but it unfortunately ages like milk and your money would be better spent saving up for Phantom Pain. It's very unfortunate that such a wonderful experience lasts for so little time, yet asks to be bought for so much.
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on April 17, 2014
I bought this game about a week ago, and yes, it is fairly short. This game is just intended as a teaser to the final full version The Phantom Pain. if you have never played a MGS game before(and seriously, who hasn't?..) then I would recommend staying away from this title simply because the length and duration do not give the series justice.

MGS is one of the best video gaming legacies we have ever been graced with and I don't not mind giving Hideo Kojima my money regardless of length with this particular title. If you are curious about the MGS saga then I would recommend the MGS: Legacy Edition that is available to order on Amazon. Play that, than play MGSV....I promise you, you will be happy about the purchase.
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on July 22, 2014
I give this a 3 out of 5 due to a short intro story that wold take the average gamer about 2.5 hours to complete. Other than that, i would say that the graphics is what you would come to expect from the new fox engine that kojima has een developing over the years to which you can experince stunning visuals to smoother controls than the other MGS games in the past.

Smooth gameplay
Excellent graphics
Side missions make up for short campaign

Short campaign gameplay

In all the main campaign is more like a demo for
What we will see in phantom pain. Personally i would say rent it from gamefly or borrow it from a friend, other than that it is a fun game to play and the side missions explain more about the story.
During the main campaign there are XOF patches scattered across the map, collecting them all will result in a secret bonus mission being unlocked after collecting all of them

This missions is nostalgic type mission for MGS1
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on May 28, 2015
A very short game, yet still entertaining. This is a worthwhile introduction to the new system they are using for the up and coming Phantom Pain game. There are key variations to the gameplay than the last one that came out, Guns of the Patriots. It took me a while to get used to the close to realistic reactions of enemy soldiers (thanks to FOX Engine). It felt like I was in very real environment where I have to decide on what and where my next action should be rather than dodging pings on a radar that shows you where the enemy is. All in all, if you got it for a reduced price than it was originally sold for, its a well worth purchase.
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on June 4, 2015
I love the MGS series and was really looking forward to GZ. I waited until the price was about $14.99 and I think that is key. At the original price of about $30, I don't know if this is worth it, however for $15 I think the game is great. I've had plenty of time to hone my skills on each mission, trying to improve my scores, etc. I like trying different things on each scenario to mess with the guards, etc. I wish that they would have had some additional downloadable content at some point to expand this a bit. This game only makes me really want The Phantom Pain all the more....
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on June 22, 2014
Didn't realize this wasn't the full game when I ordered it, but that it was a demo for the upcoming full length. Either way, this delivers in the vein of all other MGS games. Kojima hasn't outdone himself, yet, but this game gives a great idea of what's to come. I'll never get tired of this series. It's likely the best I've ever played.
The game play hasn't evolved significantly - the playing options are slightly different to make way for more devices and features, but it's the same general layout. The storytelling is as amazing as expected, and sucks you in. The demo is a bit weird and seems anti-climactic, but that's probably the point. Either way I'm not sure if Konami was just trying to rake in some extra profits or if this was truly necessary, or maybe it was to simply keep the dedicated fans satisfied (some weren't too happy with it; it's like blue balls for the PS3/4).
Either way, I'm excited for the full game and am glad (?) I got a sneak peak.
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on August 10, 2015
Yes, you can beat the main mission in 4 minutes (if you're a super expert). BUT this game offers way more content than that.

There are more side missions and also hard mode, which I recommend trying. Along with those, there are special challenges for every mission. Compared to every other Metal Gear Solid game, this certainly raises all the bars everywhere.

The Phantom Pain is going to be off the chain, and I can't wait.

"Kaz, I'm already a demon."
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on November 30, 2015
I waited to pass judgement on the departure from David Hayter and the move to an open world style until after I played. I must say I don't like it. The other elements are all still there and that's the only thing keeping this game alive. Kojima gutted all the charm out of this game.
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on May 16, 2014
Perhaps it is not groundbreaking like its fundamental predecessor/ancestor MG Solid. However, MG Solid 5: Ground Zeroes' story, gameplay, and tense-at-times action you have come to expect from the anthology make Ground Zeroes an oddity in the world of sequels: It is actually respectable and worthwhile.

I am short on time for this review and wish I could delve into more of the specifics while evading spoiler information. I can say swiftly that MG Solid loyalists will continue to enjoy the series' stalwart themes and often intense flow. Those new to the series (practically a genre in and of itself) will also find enjoyment. I presume the newcomers will likely feel compelled to seek out the legacy titles as well.

For those that are looking to obtain the look/experience/wonder of the past... the MG Solid Legacy Collection is the definitive release of ALL MG Solid titles preceding the opening installment of MG Solid 5.

P.S. If you are in the market for the legacy titles... hold out for Amazon to have them in stock! The collection is somewhat of a rarity and when supply here dries up its asking price from private owners has been known to triple. Fortunately (thanks to I am always provided with the knowledge of Amazon's replenished stock. Keep your eyes and ears open on this one... you could save your self a good ol' Benjamin in the process.
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