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on April 19, 2004
When these guys first appeared with Hybrid Theory, they were simply amazing. Reanimation was nothing and Meteora is just good.
Foreward: Doesn't count, just and intro
Don't Stay: 8/10 - Pretty good opening song, fast and crazy. Gets old after a while though, and definately not as good of an opening as Papercut. Typical song with Chester taking over with his melodic screaming.
Somewhere I Belong: 9/10 - Great song. Great rapping, lyrics, and just overall sound. Awesome bridge too. First single.
Lying From You: 9/10 - Another great song. Chester's screaming is awesome and the bridge is cool too. Fourth single.
Easier To Run: 7/10 - Good and emotional, but just doesn't sound like Linkin Park.
Hit the Floor: 7/10 - OK, but not really catchy. Great lyrics though.
Faint: 9.5/10 - Just purely awesome song. Fast and heavy. Awesome drumming, guitar, and bass playing. Chester's screaming is just superb on this one. Great bridge. And just a fantastic song. Second single.
Figure.09: 8.5/10 - Great song. Great screaming, rapping, and awesome bridge. Should have been a single.
Breaking the Habit: 6/10 - Just not very good... Good lyrics though.
From the Inside: 8/10 - Pretty good song. Could blend some more rapping with it though. It's still pretty good though.
Nobody's Listening: 6/10 - Oh yeah, good rap song, but c'mon. Linkin Park ain't about rap. That's not what made them a great band. It's the fusion of rap AND rock.
Session: 8/10 - Wow. Even though it doesn't go and it's all instrumental. It's pretty good.
Numb: 9.5/10 - Amazing song. Just amazing. Emotional, believable, great melody, lyrics, and everything. Not quite as good as In the End though. Third single.
Originality: 9
Lyrics: 10
Sound Quality: 8
Musicianship: 8
Album Art: 6
Overall: 8
Overall it's a pretty good CD. Not as good as the first though. Hybrid Theory could possibly be one of the greatest CD's ever. Not Meteora though. I think they just tried to hard. But I can't blame 'em. How do you make a follow up to somethin like Hybrid Theory?
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on March 27, 2003
This CD will be familiar territory if you loved the first CD. If you didn't like it, or got tired of the original songs really fast, you won't like this.
Now, to go into my description of the words "familiar territory." A friend told me it sounded exactly like the first one, and he's right in the respect that "Numb" sounds a lot like "Pushing Me Away." I think he was disillusioned by the fact that Linkin Park has a hugely distinct sound, and anything they do will sound like they've always sounded. He mentioned that the CD had the "same beats and riffs" but I strongly disagree with that. Perhaps the same beats, but how many different tempos can you arrange? All of Linkin Park's songs have a darkness, half-insanity edge to them, and there's no way to avoid that.
I've also been told that for the amount of time they were given to put out a new CD, the shortness of the CD is unacceptable. I know this is not relevant to the CD itself, but it may help console those who are bitter. If you buy the limited edition, the CD will be accompanied with a DVD called "The Making of Meteora." This shows the time and work put into each song, including the 6 years in-the-making that "Breaking the Habit" went through. I hope this will help those who think the CD is too short realize how confused they are.
Personally, I love this CD. I still love the old one. If you don't like their sound, you won't like this CD. But I strongly recommend it, and it will remain up with Hybrid Theory and Reanimation as my top CDs. The songs remain on the same level as older ones, and indeed have the same style. That's Linkin Park style, man.
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on April 20, 2003
This is Linkin Park's third full length album, but it's only the second one that features new material. That is to say, Park fans have been waiting a long time for this CD. Does it live up to the hype? Let's look at the CD Track by track...
1. Foreward: It's about 10 seconds of nothing. A beat that gets progressively faster with a glass shattering sound. Whoopdeedo.
2. Don't Stay: A heavy guitar combined with excellent sratches makes a good, rage-filled opening.
3. Somewhere I Belong: This is the first radio single. It's a bit slower then most LP songs, but that doesn't take away from the music. Excellent rapping by Mike.
4. Lying From You: Probably the worst song on the CD. Brad's guitar doesn't go anywhere special; and the backround loop gets a little annoying. Fortunatly, the chorus doesn't include it.
5. Hit the Floor: A good old angry song. Mike raps espcially fast, and Chester screams espcially loud.
6. Easier to Run: The boys bring it down a bit. Chester does the singing. Really nice, harmonical sampling.
7. Faint: A strange loop comes in at the beginning, but Brad does some nice guitar work to match the loop exactly. Put together nicely, includes a screaming bridge.
8. Figure.09: This is one of those songs that only LP fans will like. Nothing special, but a good song none the less.
9. Breaking the Habit: The CD booklett says this song took 6 years to finally complete. It shadows the eariler 'Eaiser to Run', with Chester singing the majority of the song. Magestic.
10. From the Inside: Again, only a song LP fans will enjoy. Nothing really special, except it's in 6/8 time.
11. Nobody's Listening: A Japanese flute humms in the backround while Mike raps about the band. It's not bad, but most people will probably skip the track.
12. Session: Meteora's answer to Hybrid Theory's 'Cure for the Itch'. Except insead of Joe, Mike takes his turn in the studio. Apparently, says the Booklett, it sounded unfinished until Pheonix, Joe, and Rob put some stuff in it. A nice turntable solo at the end, but it's not as good as 'Cure'.
13. Numb: Arguably the best song on the CD. Numb reminds one of 'Pushing me Away' from Hybrid Theory. A nice piano chimes in the back while Chester sings. Mike provides little backround rapping. It all comes together.
All in all, Meterora sounds like Linkin Park. They've defined their own sound. If you didn't like Hybrid Theory, then Meteora is not for you. If you like LP's distinct sound, then pick up Meteora it's incredible.
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on April 5, 2003
I didn't know what to expect when I popped this CD into my stereo. As I've said before, I really liked their first album, but thought it was very overrated. Almost every song on that album was being played on the radio non-stop! And I wasn't too impressed when they decided to release a remix album. So, I was very cautious when I picked up Linkin Park's 'Meteora.' All of that worrying was for nothing, though. I think this album�s a masterpiece and is so much better than their first album.
You can really tell how much they've improved; in their music playing, song writing, and singing. The songs have more depth to them and are much more complex than half the songs on the first album. They successfully combine industrial, rap, and alternative all together to make up a great package of very entertaining music.
Every song is great. I could not find one song that I disliked. Of course, I have my favorites and ones I listen to more than others, but this is an album I can pop into my car stereo and drive without having to fumble around with the track buttons. My favorite songs are 'don't stay,' 'somewhere I belong,' 'breaking the habit,' 'lying from you,' 'easier to run,' 'numb,' session,' 'figure .09,' and 'from the inside.' But really, they're all very good songs.
My only complaint, and it�s really a small one, is that the album is really short. Not even forty minutes, I don't think. While I think this is the only album's weak point, it's not a very big weakness. I'd rather have an album that is short and sweet than an album that just keeps dragging on and on. Still, I don't think a few more minutes would've hurt the CD any.
The limited edition version is neat because it comes with a bonus DVD that goes into the making of 'Meteora.' It was pretty interesting to see them at work and what went into this album. The CD also includes some neat extras that can be accessed from your computer.
'Meteora' does more than be a successful second album (I don't count the remix one as their second album), it goes above and beyond. You can tell that the band put a lot of hard work and effort into this, which is why it didn't come out right after the first one. If you like Linkin Park, chances are you will fall in love with this album. I was very, VERY surprised and impressed. Hopefully they can keep it up, and hopefully those evil radio stations don't overplay these songs like they did with the first one, although I fear that's a certainty. Great album, great band, great music.
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on March 2, 2005
I enjoyed this album better than 'Hybrid Theory'. Its a short CD with 13 songs and goes for 47 mins or there abouts. But it has many great songs layered in their successful blending of rock with rap and comes out with a good effort. This is the enhanced CD version that comes out with great multimedia content. The video of 'Somewhere I Belong' was the highlight and shinoda has a great voice almost reminiscent of Aaron Lewis from Staind.

The hit song from this album became and for good reason, 'Somewhere I Belong', it shows Linkin Park at their full potential with gritty lyrics and a delivery that is amazing. My other favourite songs from this album were 'Faint', 'Breaking the Habit' and 'Sessions'. Sessions is one of the better instrumental songs I have come across recently.
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on September 27, 2003
This album simply defies the laws of music. Hybrid Theory proved to be an incredible debut album, and somehow, Linkin Park has followed it with an album of even more incredible sound. Meteora bears a resemblance to Hybrid Theory in some of the song structure, but when you break down the album song by song, you can see why Meteora is vastly superior to its predecessor.
1. Foreward: This track is merely a 13 second intro, but the beat blends perfectly into the second track.
2. Don't Stay: 9/10 alone; 10/10 with Forward intro. This song proves to have some similarities with One Step Closer, but the song is refined to an extraordinary amount. The layers of multiple sound make this song one of the best on the CD.
3. Somewhere I Belong: 10/10. The first single, Somewhere I Belong, is a standout on the album. It contains much more melody and lyrical poetry than any of the songs on Hybrid Theory except for In the End (That song is God). Somewhere I Belong is a clear sign of LP's foreward progression.
4. Lying From You: 10/10. This song is a perfect blend of the three elements that make up LP: Rock, Hip-Hop, and Electronica. The song has an electronic bounce with a hip-hop beat, and Brad chimes in typically incredible guitar riffs. Amazing!
5. Hit the Floor: 7/10. Not a bad song, but the sound seems relatively underdeveloped compared to the first three. Reguardless, it is not nearly bad enough to hinder the album.
6: Easier to Run: 8/10. Another standout track, Easier to Run, is very melodic and harmonious. It is fitted with somewhat of a dark feeling that makes the entire song unique.
7: Faint: 10/10. Anoth single, Faint, is arguably the best song on the album. The pace is fast, the rap is swift, and the chorus is elevating. This song is essentially a perfect alternative rock song.
8: Figure .09: 8/10. This track is quite good, but, like Hit the Floor, this song seems somewhat underdeveloped. It still sounds good, but it can't compete with some of the other songs on the album.
9: Breaking the Habit: 10/10. Any and all knowledge of Linkin Park's initial sound should be thrown out the window before listening to this incredible song. It simply blows listeners away with its excellent lyrics and profound melody. This song is perhaps the most intriguing song on Meteora.
10: From the Inside: 7/10. My least favorite song, From the Inside, just lacks melody to me. It may possess good lyrics, but other parts just don't flow properly.
11: Nobody's Listening: 10/10. This song is pretty sweet. It uses a flute for the base sound, and Mike's signature rap just carries this song. Chester's addition in the chorus doesn't hurt either.
12: Session: 9/10. An incredible instrumental, Session, may not be as good as Cure for the Itch, but it has a certain dark atmosphere to it that makes it very listenable and almost danceable.
13: Numb: 10/10. I don't see how anyone could dislike this song. It has such intricate melody and great vocals. This is great song to use for the conclusion.
All in all, this is a must for all: LP fans, modern rock lovers, and music lovers. This album runs at a tight 36:41, but you will listen to this album dozens of times. I sure have. Besides, it's quality, not quantity. This album is a perfect 36:41, and the songs flow smoothly from one track to another. Purchase of this CD is not just recommended, it is demanded!
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on April 24, 2006
Overall the album was good, but I was disappointed in some of the songs.

1. Foreword - Who really cares? Just a small short introduction.

2. Don't Stay - At first I didn't like this song. It just sounded like they couldnt think of anything good so they made it very similar to 'One Step Closer'. It grew on me though. (8/10)

3. Somewhere I Belong - Instant Hit! Probably the second best of all of them. (10/10)

4. Lying From You - This was once my favorite song on the album. It's still good, you can just get sick of it really fast. (7/10)

5. Hit The Floor - Sick. This song shames the name of Linkin Park. I cannot believe they even thought to put this on. (2/10)

6. Easier to Run - This was also once one of my favorites. Now it is just as bad as Hit The Floor. This song is nothing but a bunch of repeated rap lyrics and a boring chorus. (3/10)

7. Faint - Ahhh...probably the 4th best song on the album. This song combines the awesome power of Shinoda's lyrics and Bennington's vocals. (10/10)

8. Figure.09 - This is an o.k. song. More often I find myself hitting the skip button than actually listening to it. (7/10)

9. Breaking The Habit - This is probably the third best. Breaking the Habit is one of the few songs in which you will not hear Mike Shinoda's voice, making this song different. (in a good way) (10/10)

10. From The Inside - This song i find is very similar to Easier to Run, which is not a good thing. The song, once again, is just a lot of repeating the same lyrics 2 or 3 times. (3/10)

11. Nobody's Listening - I have found most people do not like this song. I also mark it as one of my favorites, probably the fifth. (9/10)

12. Session - An awesome instrumental. Probably better than Cure For The Itch. (9/10)

13. Numb - This takes the cake. My vote for LP's best song ever. It makes a great ending to any matter how disappointed you were about it. (10/10)

Many Linkin Park fans would find this album to be good, and for those of you who do, it is worth your money. I do not regret purchasing this album and never will. The one downside besides a couple of songs would have to be the short length.
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on October 6, 2004
Linkin Park's first album (Hybrid Theory) is one of the best albums I've heard. Each song is good! With such creativity in Hybrid Theory, I was kind of expecting something new from Linkin Park, but I guess it's well known that the using the same formula again will make the CD work again. I wasn't expecting something totally different, but the songs in Meteora will really remind you on songs in Hybrid Theory (Compare Figure.09 to One Step Closer) Although Meteora is not as creative as Hybrid Theory, it isn't necessarily bad. It's actually worth listening to. Give a chance to songs like "Breaking the Habit" (This is a really good song, I'm very disappointed on how much the radio and TV overplay it. But if you forget about how much they play it, overall, it's a great song!)

1. Foreword: An a really short intro to the upcoming song.

2. Don't Stay: A catchy tune. With polished guitars and a catchy chorus.

3. Somewhere I Belong: The first single off Meteora. I really don't consider this song to be that great. In this song, Linkin Park sings about forgetting all the pain...something a little bit more positive.

4. Lying From You: This song is actually not that bad. I think it's worth listening to.

5. Hit The Floor: One of the disappointing songs of Meteora. Kind of a filler song in the album =(

6. Easier to Run: Although not a Linkin Park classic song, it's kind of catchy, and it has a bit of feeling to it. Much better than "Hit the Floor" in my opinion!!

7. Faint: This is a really catchy tune! =P Very fast paced and full of angst ("I won't be ignored!!") It's one of the decent songs in the album.

8. Figure.09: The OTHER disappointing/filler song in Meteora.

9. Breaking the Habit: This is probably the BEST song in Meteora. I'm just so sorry that MTV and the radio play it so much! They can quickly ruin and a song that's really worth listening.

10. From the Inside: Many people don't like the Japanese flutes in this song, but the song is not that bad. It's a decent song.

12. Session: This is the "Cure for the Itch" song on Meteora. Instrumental and short.

13. Numb: NOT the greatest song, but not TERRIBLE, either. It's the kind of song you have to listen a couple of times to get it.

Overall, Meteora is DECENT. Some songs really disappoint you, but it still has listenable stuff. I'm still very curious to see what new material Linkin Park awaits us with.
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on March 26, 2003
A lot of bands have been hit hard by the sophomore jinx, Linkin Park is not one of them. Meteora is an absolutely amazing album. LP has refined their nearly perfect sound and released the best album since Disturbed's "Believe." Unlike Disturbed, however, LP hasn't changed their sound, they are still the same Linkin Park from Hybrid Theory. The complex samples by Mr. Hahn and the amazing vocal combination of Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda that have come to define LP's sound are still there, along with the exremely complicated druming of Rob Bourdin, the overlooked talent of Guitarist Brad Delson, and the always underappriciated bass guitar played by Phoenix. That being said, pick up "Meteora," it is quite possibly the best album in the rap-rock genre, aside from "Hybrid Theory," which it could surpass after more times through. Let me give you the run-through of the songs:
1.Foreward - a 13 sec. intro
2.Don't Stay - 5/5 - a hard hitting opener that accurately shows the sound of this album...possibly my favorite song
3.Somewhere I Belong - 5/5 - The first single from this album, I wasn't a huge fan of the song when I first heard it, but it has certainly grown on me. Mr. Hahn's samples are amazing in this song.
4.Lying From You - 5/5 - Another hard hitting song that displays Joseph Hahn's talent. Chester's vocals on this song are great and have a lot of emotion.
5.Hit the Floor - 4/5 - As the band says, this song is "heavy with a hip-hop bounce," and it is. The vocals are mostly by Mike, with Chester in the background.
6.Easier to Run - 4/5 - A song with a softer sound, reminiscent of "Pushing Me Away" on Hybrid Theory. Check out the complex drums by Rob, they are awesome.
7.Faint - 5/5 - Fast paced song with heavy guitars.
8.Figure.09 - 5/5 - Another heavy song with a great guitar riff.
9.Breaking the Habit - 5/5 - Great song that is mostly Chester singing over Mr. Hahn's scratchs and samples. It's a sound different from the rest of the album, but it fits well.
10.From the Inside - 4/5 - Signature LP sound, soft verses with a heavy chorus.
11.Nobody's Listening - 4/5 - Probably the oddest song on the album, It's Chester and Mike singing over samples and a japanese flute.
12.Session - 3/5 - I'm not a huge fan of the insturmentals, so this is probably my least favorite song. The samples and scratches are extremely complex, however, so you have to restect the talent involved.
13.Numb - 5/5 - Funny how my favorite songs are the ones that begin and end the CD. Numb is a great closure to a great CD.
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on October 2, 2004
This cd is awesome for their second release! I didnt think they would live up to Hyprid Theory but they definaltey passed.

song ratings from 1-10

1.Foreword-9/10-i dont get this thing but i likes how it went into the second song.

2.Don't Say-9/10- this is a really good song, Han is great with the turntables here.

3.Somewhere I Belong-10/10- their first single for this cd and I cant get enought of ot, its one of my fav. songs on this record.

4.Lying From You-10/10- i didnt like this song at first but it grew on me. The bridge is awesome, i love the screamin.

5.Hit the Floor-9/10- not much to say about this song its really good and i love the chorus.

6.Easier to Run-10/10-THIS SONG IS GREAT! The drumming in here is pretty good along w/ the vocals. one of my favorits songs.

7.Faint-10/10- THIS SONG SHOULS BE PLAYED LOUD!!! this song is great to mosh to at a concert. my fav. song on the record.

8.Figure .09-10/10- not much to say....sound just like a Linkin Park song would.

9. Breaking the Habit-6/10- i cant stand this song...they overplay it on the radio anf t.v. so much i cant take it anyomore.

10.From the inside.10/10- i love this song the guitars, drums, vocals, everything is good.

11.Nobody's listening-7/10-well...i dont anything to do w/ rap or hip-hop and theis song is pretyy close tho that. its ok and the chorus is really good.

12.Session-10/10-Mr. Han does it again. this solo is one of the best ive heard him do in all 3 cds it changes around so much it never gets boring.

13.Numb-10/10- this song is another awesome track i love listening to it. i like listenong to it when im mad for some reason.
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