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I've had a Polaroid XS100 action camera for about 2 years. I've used it a lot and have been very happy with the results. This is apparently made by the same company as it has the same design (ION perhaps and more than likely rebranded as MetroFlash).

This MetroFlash E360 has the addition of WiFi, that my Polaroid XS100 lacks, which is very handy. The addition of WiFi lets you view a Live Stream of the camera in a Web Browser, among other things. The camera is waterproof to 30 feet

This camera is easy to operate... even with gloves on. A large sliding switch on the top of the camera both turns on and initiates video recording, It's easy to hit with gloves on. When the switch is slid to the Stop position, the recording is closed but the camera remains on ready for the next video. You can record up to 2.5 hours and the camera can be used with up to a 32GB Micro SD card which will hold 4 hours of video at 1080p/30fps.

★★ Video Resolutions ★★
Video can be captured at the following resolutions and frame rates:
FHD resolution
- 1080p/30fps
- 960p/30fps

HD resolution
- 720p/60fps
- 720p/30fps

★★ Photo modes and resolutions ★★
Still shots are easy too... simply press the shutter button to take a shot. The camera has haptic feedback so you'll get a little vibration to confirm that a shot was taken. Same with video... when you start recording you feel a vibration and when you stop recording you get another vibration. Not only is there haptic feedback, there is also the LED indicator that blinks when a shot is taken or video is recording.

Photos can be taken singly, burst mode (10 consecutive shots at 5MP resolution) or time lapse mode (one photo in intervals of 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds). You cannot take single shots while recording video. It's one or the other... record video or take still shots.

- 16MP, 5MP, 3MP, VGA

Burst (10 consecutive shots)
- 5MP

Time Lapse (one shot every 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds)
- 16MP, 5MP, 3MP, VGA

★★ Auto Rotation ★★

An important feature of this cam is Auto Rotation. Since the camera has a built in G-sensor, it is aware of it's orientation. So if you have to mount the camera in either 90, 180 or 270 degrees from it's normal orientation, the G-sensor will make sure the video is recorded in the same orientation. This eliminates the need to rotate your video in post-production... a great time-saver. Note that the G-Sensor does not reorient the video as it is being taken if the orientation changes... it only reorients the video based on the starting orientation of the camera. So there are sometimes reasons to keep the Auto Rotation off in certain situations.

★★ Audio ★★
Audio quality is not the best but it's better than the GoPro when the GoPro is in it's waterproof housing. Howver the GoPro will have much better audio when taken out of the case. Since the MetroFlash does not have a removable case, the audio is what it is. I have a sample of what the audio sounds like compared to the GoPro in my video.

★★ Software ★★
Software for Macs and PC's is pre-installed in the camera. That software is then written to the Micro SD card once you've inserted the card and turned the camera on and off. You should see two files at the root level... actionplus for Macs and actionplus.exe for PC's. This application allows to change all the settings and set the time and date of the camera. You can set the TV type to PAL or NTSC. You can adjust the Auto Power OFF time from OFF to 1 minutes or 3 minutes. You can turn Auto Rotation on or off and you can set the date & time.

★★ WiFi ★★
The WiFi worked pretty well both on my laptop and on my iPhone5s. Essentially there are 2 modes of operation with WiFi. The first mode is to connect to the cameras' actionplus adhoc network from a computer using a web browser ( In this mode you can navigate and download the files on the memory card... you can change the SSID and password... you can update the camera can view a live stream from the camera.

The second WiFi mode is to connect to the Actionplus adhoc network from your SmartPhone. Connecting in this way using the "Winbook Action+ Remote" app actually gives you significantly added useability, Using the app you can change photo resolution & mode, video resolution, view live streaming, check connection status and camera battery status. You can also take photos or video using the SmartPhone app... it is then operating as a true remote for the camera operation.

Concerning Live Streaming, Latency on my MacBook Pro was almost none but it was more significant on the iPhone. The latency on the iPhone is probably due to lack of processing power comapred to the laptop.

★★ Mounting Hardware ★★
The included mounting hardware is extensive. Helmet mounts, board mounts, rollbar/handle bar mounts are included. Plus you get a 90 degree mount, a camera tilt mount and a quick-release mount. Many of them can be used together to get just the right camera orientation for the task at hand. You can even attach the camera to a backpack shoulder strap using the included hardware. Great for POV hiking or climbing videos.

A USB charging/data cable is provided as is an HDMI cable.

I think the video and photo quality of this camera is great. Hopefully my video will demonstrate this.

Only negatives I can come up with at this point are these:
- You can't operate the camera while it is being charged.
- You cannot take a still shot while recording video
- You cannot change camera settings on the camera directly except for switching between HD and FHD, otherwise you have to use the application or the smartphone app.

When looking for the SmartPhone app, you should search for "Winbook Action+ Remote"

Outstandingly good value for the price paid. I'm very happy with the performance of this MetroFlash E360 action camera.
It's got great battery life of 2.5 hours. It accepts memory cards up to 32 Gb (4 hours of video) and it's a convenient size.

I was provided a free sample for review.
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on August 25, 2014
(Updated) This camera works great and has great audio and video, the software is usable and easy to figure out, some lag over the wifi but expected. The customer service is no longer a concern, see below. It took a beating and the lens was scratched to the point of ruining the video but the camera still worked great. (Updated) After customer service made contact they promptly sent a FREE replacement camera. Unbelievable! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. It was literally drug up and down canyon clif faces, dropped into sludge water, thrown on the ground multiple times, and still worked without issues. This and the fact that a new one was sent without any ridiculous questions or hassle, makes this my best purchase right next to the pocket stove that saved my life.
I will be buying the silicon sleeve for the new one and would recommend the warranty. Although much appreciated, I would hate to expect the company to continuously send free cameras due to people like me who are hard on gear.
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This action camera has a fisheye lens (170 degrees) and captures wide angle video. It has no LCD screen so you don't know exactly what you are capturing while you are shooting your video. For this reason I would not recommend it as a general purpose video camera.

The quality of the video is not as good as my digital SLR but pretty good considering the price. In the attached video you can see a number of clips taken with this camera during the day and during the night, so you can judge for yourself.

The camera can take either still photos or video. What mode you are in is controlled by the switches on the top. If you slide the large switch forward it records video. If you press a small button down it and hold it for a few seconds it takes a still photo. The camera vibrates when it accepts the command, this way you can tell it is doing something without seeing the lights on the camera (this is handy when the camera is mounted on your helmet and you can't see it).

The camera is 4.25" in length and 4.9 oz in weight. It comes with a large variety of mounts (a helmet mount and a handle bar mount to name a couple), but does not include a car mount. However the camera has a regular 1/4 tripod mount, so any car mount that has a tripod mount will work.

There is a feature (G-sensor) that rotates the image correctly, but it does so on initial power on of the camera. If you start rotating the camera in the middle of the video then the orientation does not change. My video clip includes an example of where I turn the camera about 45 degrees and you see the video was shot at an angle.

The camera generates two files when it records: a low resolution thumbnail and high resolution video. Note that the output by default is generated in .mov format (QuickTime/Apple), so for those who want to use Windows Media Player an extra step is needed to convert the files to .WMV. Alternatively you can change the default format by connecting the camera to a computer and changing the audio settings. Without either one of these steps there will be no sound when the video is played on the Windows PC.

Video options are:
1080p: 1920x1080p / 30FPS / 16:9
960p: 1280X960P / 30FPS / 4:3
720p:1280x720 / 60FPS (Slow Motion) / 16:9
720p: 1280x720 / 30FPS/ 16:9

Photo options are:
Resolutions 16MP, 5MP, 3MP, VGA
Photo Mode: Single / Burst (x10) / Time Lapse (5,10,30,60)

To change most of the configuration settings on the camera you need to use software (Window, Mac). Windows PC software installs itself from the camera to your memory card but Mac users will have to visit the Metroflash website to download the application and then add the application to their memory card. I find the software a bit clumsy so I generally do not use it. I get the images of the micro SD card by removing it from the camera and mounting on my PC directly. The camera also has an app for mobile devices, you can locate it by search in the app store for keywords "Winbook Action" and "Remote".

The camera can also be hooked up a TV with provided HDMI cable. It allows you to preview, playback and delete files. But again, I prefer to take out the micro SD and deal with the files directly on my PC.

You can also control the camera by logging into the camera via WIFI. To this you need to turn on WI FI (using a button on the back of the camera) and then connect to a network ACTIONPLUS. Then you can connect to the camera either via the IP or URL of the camera. "File" gives you an option to move photos moving and change camera settings. "Remote" gives you WIFI control of the camera.

♦ The camera comes without a micro SD card, you need to supply your own
♦ The camera is waterproof. I have not tried it underwater yet, but I have tried in the pouring rain without any issues
♦ The lens is covered by a waterproof cover. When I shoot directly into the sun it creates a lot of glare.
♦ The camera charges with a regular micro USB cable. It works in all my chargers include a car charger.
♦ I can use the camera to record continuously for slightly over 2 hours
♦ The camera does not cycle when it runs out of memory. When memory is full it vibrates and turns off.
♦ The battery is sealed in the unit and I don't see a way to replace it if I ever need it.
♦ The back cover of the camera needs to be removed to gain access to USB and HDMI ports, microSD card slot. The lock that holds the cover together is a little flimsy. I try to be very gentle with it.

Overall, I liked the camera. Its strongest point is the quality of the video. The weakest point are the apps (I avoid them by working directly with the micro sd card). At some point a non-removable battery will be come a an issue, but so far it holds the charge well.

This camera is provided by MetroFlash.

Ali Julia review
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on June 3, 2014
Wow. Where do I start? I'm not the overly gushy type but this little camera deserves to have its virtues extolled. First off it definitely measures up to the big dogs. I say this with such certainty since I've compared it to a friend's Polaroid +wifi model and we both agreed they were basically identical in features and appearance. We compared to GoPro as well and the difference isn't a big shocker. We all know the GoPro is remarkable, but for me the price is pretty hefty for something that I might drop or fall during extreme sports. This little guy is a bargain (comparatively) and has great HD recording under good lighting. It's simple to use and has all the basic accessories bundled in to get you started. So start recording those unforgettable accomplishments (and fails ;-) thanks metroflash!
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on October 22, 2014
I tried this while road biking and the video image is very shaky. Image stablizing is required.
I checked some mt biking POV shots online and the video images are very stable.
Those mt biking video were shot on off road bumpy terrain and the results are better than my road biking shots
I was disappointed and returned it.

Everything seems to be working. Wifi streaming has delay.

By the way, since WinBook action + remote was mentioned, I googled it and found Winbook action camera which has aluminum casing and it's cylinder shape with a base. They are essential the same cameras as the Polaroid. I can use Polaroid SW to connect and control this Metroflash and Winbook action camera. If I decide to keep it, I will keep Winbook's since it has aluminum casing.
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on July 1, 2015
This product works very well when you are just using it mounted or just in your hand. The video is very clear.
I've had problems getting the WIFI / remote capabilities to work well, although they *do* work. On Android (and probably iOS) you have to be sure to change your settings so that it will not automatically switch to a stronger WIFI source if there are a few around to which you are registered (e.g. at your house). Then your smartphone will stay attached to the Metroflash device. But even after making that change, I found the remote use of it challenging at best.
Nevertheless, it is a great camera to have and use day after day. I haven't tried it in the water .. yet. Should be fine though
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on February 3, 2015
Great Value!

Great in daylight.
Somewhat poor in dark areas.

Decent sound. Too bad it doesn't have an external microphone input though.

Note: Original file's sound doesn't work in all video players (ex: Windows Media Player, Quick Time) but you can download a free media player that will play sound like VLC or you can convert the file to something else if you have the software for it or probably even download the codec required if you are more tech savvy.

Slim design and easy to use.
I never tested nor will I likely be using the WiFi features so I cannot comment on it.

For the price it is a great action camcorder. I am very happy with it so far.
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on December 29, 2014
worked first 10 minutes. Then tried to test viewing on computer by plugging it to my laptop. No sound. Then unplugged it from computer and the camera FROZE (meaning it won't turn off or operate). Power button did not work and unable to unplug battery because it's internal. No customer service number to call. Went to their website and emailed a question. Never got a reply back. JUNK !! Returned it. Got a Fujufilm sportscamera instead at SamsClub which works great.
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on January 27, 2015
I bought this to replace my Polarioid XS100. Looks and operates virtually the same. Mounting hardware on the Polaroid unit was a little better. However product came without an operators manual and leads in camera were already damaged when I received it. Power cord wouldn't plug in because the leads in the camera were bent. I think this unit was previously returned by someone. Probably a problem with Amazon and not the product. Never got to try it out. What a shame because I won't buy this again and am now concerned about why I received a unit that looked returned.
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on November 23, 2014
This camera works very well, has full hd support and it is solid. The problem is the support, no one respond my e-mails and no website available. You will lose a lot of time trying to understand how the buttons works and how the camera react if you are connect via hdmi, usb or wifi. In the final all that you will do is put the SD in your computer and copy your videos.

Pros: Full HD support, good option to mount it in your bike or car, wifi works great to download your video if you don't have a case for your SD, good battery (more then 2 hs) of recording time.
Cons: no support from vendor, no way to buy more items for it, the camera support only FAT MODE, so your file cannot be bigger then 4GB, in full hd it is 35 min of recording time(BIG ISSUE), no automatically file rotation, you have to delete the files as your SD get full. No intuitive and easy control when you connect your hdmi to see your records.
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