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Metz MZ 76252 METZ 76 MZ-5 Digital Handle Mount Flash with NiMH Battery
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on August 7, 2008
This flash, the culmination of many years of research by Metz, is undoubtedly designed for large group photography and off camera main light use. This is not a weekend photographer's piece of equipment! Designed specifically for working professionals, this Metz flash takes the "thinking" out of everyday shooting. This flash actually verifies what you thought the exposure would be. The design of the flash fits comfortably in your hand and will take the stress off your wrist, which is so often not the case with a shoe mounted flash. The flash is full, bright and color corrected to produce stunning group shots at the wedding or large group reunions. The NiMH battery cluster will give you about 160 full flash shots and about 400 in TTL and Auto mode. Two batteries will completely finish the longest weddings. Recharge time is a couple of hours. I've used Metz from the old 202 and 402 days and would not trust a wedding day or a large group to any other flash.

What I've noticed over the years with digital equipment, is that color is just not there; oftentimes washed out or completely nonexistent. Many digital photographers give up on rich, full, vibrant colors buy explaining away this shortfall as "that's the way digital looks". Not so! Digital mimics film, and the robust, vibrant color that is captured in film can also be captured digitally. Lighting is the key. And that is where the Metz 76 mz-5 excels.
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on April 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
Having concluded that I needed more lighting "fire power" to pursue my photography of nighttime sprint/stock car racing, I pretty carefully researched what is available out there and settled on this unit. That turned out to be the easy part.

Figuring out what pieces I needed to buy to set it up for my Nikon D3s and D-700 was the tough part. For some reason, neither Metz nor Amazon do a real great job of informing the potential purchaser. Because I would not have realized that I would need the adaptor for my camera in order to use the 76 MZ-5 in TTL mode without having read Randy's review here, and after the odessy of identifying and ordering all of the correct pieces to set up both the flash and the battery pack, I decided that maybe I could do others a favor by makiing a list of what you'll need to use this unit's TTL digital capabilities on either a Canon or Nikon.

So here goes:

1. Metz MZ 76232 METZ 76MZ-5 Handle Mount Flash
2. Metz MZ 53402 SCA 3402 Adaptor (Amazon carries this, but you will have to do a search for it - for some reason the "Frequently Bought Together" information shows only the unit (termed a "module") for a Canon)
3. If you want to purchase and use the Battery Pack - Metz MZ Power Pack P76 with charger
4. Metz MZ 5376 Connecting Cable for P76 V76 (Be careful here - the first one I ordered turned out to be for a different Metz flash and had to be returned)

1. Same as above
2. Metz MZ 53102 SCA 3102 Module
3. Same as above
4. Same as above

And that's it. You'll have spent about $1,350, but for that, you will have a first class off-camera flash system.
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on November 2, 2008
Verified Purchase
I have used this flash several times since purchase amd am amazed by the performance. Also, the quality of workmanship is very high. Battery last much longer than advertized (200 flashes versus 350 used).
It fits perfectly to my H3D-31 with the supplied bracket. I always wanted a strong and reliable off-camera flash and with the GN 250 it fulfills all my needs.
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on August 17, 2011
These days most wedding photographers are switching to speedlights instead of the tried and true handle mount flashes. The reason is the top of the line speedlights are much more powerful than they use to be, plus they offer options such as TTL, portability, bounce flash, High-speed Sync, external power packs etc. However after shooting several weddings with my Canon speedlights and having to ditch a good number of my pictures because of inadequate and inconsistent lighting, I decided to give the Metz 76 MZ-5 a chance. I wanted a flash unit that would be able to handle large groups without a hitch as well as smaller groups and indidviduals. The first thing I noticed about this flash is the consistency. Time and time again the flash produced perfectly lit photos. This happened whether I was using ETTL, or Automatic mode. The consistency and the quality of the light exceeded that which I have so far achieved with speedlights. Another thing was ease of use. With this flash you don't really need any special brackets. The lighting is even with no red eye and diminished harsh shadows. This might have to do with the size of the reflector which is much bigger than on any speedlight. To switch to vertical mode all you have to do is flip the camera over and you are set. With two batteries I can do an entire wedding, but to be safe I went ahead and purchased the P76 battery pack which is supposed to decreae the recycle time as well as provide more pops than the regular batteries. One thing this flash does not offer is "High-speed sync", I hope the folks at Metz decide to change this with an upgrade. This does not take away from the performance of this flash at all, at least not to me. One reviewer(who was extemely harsh) ditched this flash and did not recomend it, just because of the missing High-speed sync option which I found a little drastic, but to each his own. The performance of this flash easily makes up for that and unless you are constantly shooting outdoors under extemely harsh sunlight it is not really needed. Photographers have been doing without High-speed sync for years.
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on March 25, 2012
As a professional photographer, I am always looking for the best performance. My fantastic old Metz 60 CT-4 was getting old, so I thought to update. I got this new digital mega flash thinking it would have been better than the previous one, but I was way wrong. I used it on one job and sold it!
First of all the recharging time is longer than the 60 CT-4... I thought that the smaller battery, as a result of technology, would have performed like the one on the old 60 CT-4, but instead it's just a smaller/less powerful battery. On the job I usually rotate the head of the flash all over the place continuously. This new flash has a locked head; to rotate it you have to press a button at the back, which is not that easy and/or comfortable to operate and it simply got me stuck a few times, missing that special shot.
I was in a bright church (that needed that extra bit of kick in bounced light) shooting a wedding when all of a sudden the newly installed cooling fan at the bottom of the head turned on... it is relatively loud and some people turned around to see what it was. To me it sounds like a vacuum cleaner and I simply cannot go around churches with this thing that gets the attention of people... I need to be discreet in my job. This fan stayed on for a long time, causing me some just wouldn't stop! Also the beep is so loud that gets people turning around - other than really bothering my hearing. There is no way to lower the volume. I had to put it away and use my old flash, which I brought along as backup. During tests the fan did not turn on.
When using it in manual it is not as straightforward as the old 60 CT-4; you have to change the f/stop by pressing a few buttons on the control unit... when things are happening fast in front of me I simply cannot waste my time going through these electronic menus that require me to put some extra thought and attention into it... I just want to have a simple dial like on the old 60 CT-4, that I can change without even looking.
In the whole this is the worst flash Metz has ever produced. The only positive thing about it is that you can change the power of the small fill flash by operating a small dial on the site. I bought another old 60 CT-4, still king of flashes. Very disappointed!
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on December 8, 2014
Although I did not purchase my Metz 76 MZ-5 here, I have owned this flash since 2011 and use the flash extensively. The battery that Metz sells (76-56) is rated at about 1800 mAh is alright for mild assignments. If you are going to do a lot of shooting I suggest an external power pack, either the Metz P76 or a Quantum Turbo.

You also want to turn off the "BEEP" so that when you fire the flash no one hears the "beeeep" every time you fire it. The flash head does have a fan that will come on if you do some repeated firing and that fan can be loud but I have rarely had the fan activate.

The light output is excellent and allows me to light up a large area.

Before you buy this model be advised it is a good idea to have a second 76-56 battery pack and those suckers will set you back anywhere from $95 to $130.
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on March 20, 2008
It took a lot of searching and I wish Amazon had better desvriptions, so I'm adding this hoping it will help someone else understand.

This flash comes with a standard shoe that is the 301 standard foot. If you wish to use the digital capabilities of it, which seems to be the purpose someone would order it, then you remove the standard shoe that comes with and replace it with the optional SCA adapter for your camera model. I could not tell if it came with it or not from current descriptions, but it must be ordered. The standard shoe will connect and still allow you to use the flash if you enjoy using it as a non-TTL flash. I'm not sure why anyone would order this flash and want to do that, but I like the option.

With the optional SCA 3002 adapter, this flash will communicate with just about any camera on the market providing you purchase the correct one. The Canon uses the 3102 adapter and with it every function is available using TTL metering and the adapater is capable of upgrades via downloads if future versions of your camera body change functionality.

I ordered an extra battery which is overpriced in my mind, but when you pay this price for a flash I guess everything will be higher.

I have not tested it yet, but I'm a fan of the old patatoe masher and I still have my Canon flashes for use with the two bodies.

Rating is not from actual use, but I will update after testing.
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1 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on October 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
I ordered this item - it had a noticeably lower price than other comparable same models - I took the chance on the order and expected a used or damaged item - basically just wanted the battery pack.
Received notification that the shipper "lost" the item and that I should cancel the order for the refund.
It is my belief [that] they saw the mistake, and did not want to fulfill the order and have concocted the story about the shipper thinking that I would believe that.
I would have respected the acknowledgement of a pricing mistake and that they could not fulfill the order as priced. But, I guess they think Americans are stupid and gullible… You can not track their items as they are shipped using Korean Post (which - if even half as efficient and 'modernized' as our own Postal system) should be possible.
I will not use the seller again and will make sure to check sellers for American Based Operations before ordering another high tech photography item...
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