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on March 22, 2012
I gave these seeds plenty of nurturing and care, keeping them warm inside the boiler room of my basement. While other seeds came up in two days flat, these struggled to get their heads above water (or soil). I'm not disrespecting Hinterland Trading Co--they gave me a free bag of romaine lettuce seeds I can't wait to plant--but they need to honestly provide more seeds to make up for the poor germination rate, which seems to be somewhat intrinsic to the species. Still, I can't really vote these down so much, since I had heard other reports of difficulty in growing.

*Update, 4/9/2012* So far, four of the ten seeds I received germinated, and only after about three and a half weeks. I was so unimpressed with them that I left their peat cups out for about four days before my mother carted them back inside. You can imagine my shock when, in the middle of dry seed starting mix, I see a sliver of green and realize "that's it!" The plants have now grown admirably--they're like stick figure cousins of a full sized cucumber, but they're healthy and growing well. Some things just take time, and you can't give up on them until it's truly over--and these plants have helped me to learn that.

*Update, 6/29/2012* These things are doing amazingly as of now. Only three made it to maturity, but wow, did they manage to beat the odds and become undisputed winners. They always remain small relative to a full-sized cucumber plant, making them an excellent choice for container gardening. They haven't even thought about flowering yet, though.

*Update, 7/8/2012* These plants are not small at all, just so you know. Although the vines are thin, they're also tall; they're over 6 feet now and still hungry for more space to climb. Hopefully you have a ladder or a tall family member to help in your harvests, because holy crap, will you need 'em. Flowers are beginning to form, and they're hard to notice at first, as they're also tiny compared to the big yellow sunbursts you see in cukes.
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on October 17, 2008
I ordered these seeds, planted them indoors in early spring and transplated to the garden in May. At first I didn't think they were going to make it but suddenly they just took off! I put a chickenwire cage around the plant to keep the rabbits away. The vines grew and covered the fence and stayed contained to the fence (no wandering). The vines look like bindweed. When I tasted my "mini watermelons" they were crisp and tasted a lot like cucumber with a little bit of the taste of the green part of a watermelon. Because they were so crisp and they tasted like cucumber I decided to pickle some of them. What fun! The came out crispy on the outside and a little soft in the middle so it is like a little explosion in your mouth. I had many of my friends taste the "little pickles" and they all want more so I'll be planting these every year!
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on March 27, 2015
I am almost positive and would bet money that these are NOT the correct seeds. I was suspicious when I saw the seeds. They are the size of regular watermelon seeds. They are black/brown and almost brittle looking. I Google'd CUCAMELON seeds and the results I found of cut open cucamelon fruit; were not any thing like what I received. The seeds I found online are much smaller and more like a cucumber than a watermelon. I am going to try to germinate a few and grow them to confirm. I will try to do an update if I remember if they produce any fruit and give others my verdict. I don't believe these are the right seeds. I just went ahead a bought seeds from someone else. I HOPE the second batch of seeds I bought from another seller are the correct seeds. If they are, I will just try to collect the seeds myself to plant the next year.

UPDATE: 3/31/15 I bought Cucamelon seeds from a different seller. As I expected the seeds I received from this seller was not the correct seeds. The seeds I received looked like regular watermelon seeds. I received seeds from a new seller and they looked like I thought they should. They are small, white an shaped like little footballs. Amazon needs to evaluate his seller because they are selling fraudulent merchandise and they also come from China! I will attach a picture so anyone unsure can compare what they have . The seeds I received from this seller is on the right. The correct seeds fro a cucamelon plant are on the left.
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on July 14, 2009
Easy to grow fast growing fun to see crawling all over. Great to grow with kids for the speed of growth. All the seeds sprouted after transplant to a big container they reached for the sky! I strung rope up to our porch roof now it grows up the rope. I measured a days growth to 8" there flowers and tiny melons already just 2 weeks after trans plant. I will have lots of fruit from these seeds can't wait to tast them.
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on November 22, 2009
I tasted these a couple of years ago in someone elses garden and needed to get myself some. This year I grew three plants and gave other plants away to some friends.

They take a long time to get going. They seemed to sprout right away (I did it in a seed tray inside, one seed per little pot like thing) however they took until mid summer to get big. Once they did I got a good number of tiny little cucumbers that were absolutely delicious.

I grew them in big pots with little stakes and things because they are vines. They lasted all summer and I ate my last cucumbers the end of September.

I plan to buy them again, and not share this time!

As an FYI it's the next year. I have bought these and planted them 2 years in a row now and they've worked both times. I plan to buy them again.
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on August 3, 2015
I was very excited to grow these little babies. I am a master gardener and have a very green thumb both outdoors in soil and indoors hydroponically. So imagine my surprise, when, after meticulously starting these seeds indoors in my NH basement in March, and meticulously transplanting very healthy seedlings into my outdoor beds in June, and then spending hours researching websites for all the wonderful things I can do with my little mouse melons once my vines have these big bumper crops...i get these monstrosities....WTH are these things?? After much googling, I find out they are called Crystal Apple Cucumbers. They are NOT Mexican Miniature Watermelon,aka mouse melons as advertised. They are Crystal Apple Cucumber and look nothing like this picture. Never heard of them and none of the cute little websites with cute little ides of what to do with these " mouse melon" world prepared me for this. So, I have a dog I call a goat-dog. She will eat anything without even sniffing it. I could give her arsenic and she will woof them down if my hand is the one feeding her...she trusts me that much. So after tasting these mutant "mouse melon" and deciding they taste like the foulest dandelion greens ever... with bitter lemon juice poured over them, I decide to feed them to goat dog because...well..humans cannot eat these. She spat them out at me almost the second they hit her tongue. I was shocked!! Goat dog never turns her nose up at ANYTHING!!! Just these mutant "mouse melons" a.k.a Crystal Apple Cucumber. SO...I now have them brewing in a refrigerator pickling solution with lots of sugar. I am still holding out hope.
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on October 15, 2013
None of the seeds germinated, I do not appreciate or approve of these seeds for growing anywhere as they dont grow.
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on August 28, 2014
Update: ordered again this year 3/15 and have adorable little cucumelons. They all sprouted! Better seller this time. Bgs supplies power grow systems out of Lindon ut. They came quickly and were packaged well. So happy!
2014:Out of the 10 seeds 3 sprouted. Two are a watermelon (not the miniature ones) and one is a petunia. I was really looking forward to the little watermelons.
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on March 31, 2008
My children and I ordered a selection of really fun seeds from you. (Hmong Red Cucumber
Black Sea Man Tomato, Rare Tigger Melon, Mexican Miniature Watermelon, Toga Striped Eggplant, Purple Cauliflower, Unwins Exhibiton 7 Pound Onion, Rare Red Bull Brussels Sprout)

My germination rate has been about 25% or less. All my other seeds from other companies are doing wonderful on my tables, but my Hirt's seeds are in a category of their own, small, stunted, wimpy, or not at all. I will not be ordering from you again, and I'm sorry I wasted my money.
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on September 8, 2015
Whatever plant I received was not a cucamelon, the fruit that grew from this plant was roughly the size of a softball and a pale yellow in color. It sort of looks like some strange mutant squash. I've grown cucamelons before and the should look like the product picture, this was something else entirely.
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