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25 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on November 16, 2010
The Micca Slim-HD is a good little portable media player. I purchased the device for a recent conference overseas - the intention was to connect it to a large HDTV screen through a HDMI cable and run it continuously for 4-days with a looping video from a 500Gb Western Digital internal disk-drive.

As time was running short, I decided to purchase 2 devices - one to use as a primary device and the other as a redundant fall-back should the first one fail. When the shipment arrived I noted that the design was a little flimsy. I would have liked to see a tougher enclosure particularly given that it is designed to be portable and can easily be knocked around. In any case, I inserted the internal drive and went to power it up as per the instructions. Unfortunately, the first device did not work so I was relieved that I had purchased the second as a redundancy. I contacted Micca support using the form on their website and in a relatively short period of time "Jack" emailed me and suggested that I buy a 3rd device and return the other through Amazon. I did that and within days the 3rd device had turned up only to find that the power supply did not work. I emailed Jack again and he sent me 2 new power supplies. While there were issues, I found the customer support to be very impressive. Jack even called me at one stage to talk through the issues.

As for the functionality - The device will play most popular video formats. I found that some perform better than others. Jack suggested using the MKV file format which I found performed the best out of the many formats I tried. Out of these I found a couple that did not work including the high-end Apple ProRes codec . For most users this won't be an issue unless you're planning to use a professional editing studio to produce your own video content.
The most annoying thing about the device is its speed. At this stage I've only used the internal drive which Jack tells me is the quickest out of all the interfaces but it's still very slow. Finding video on the device isn't convenient but it's not too painful. It's about 3-4 clicks to find a video. The slow responsiveness may also be due to the remote. I find myself clicking buttons several times before the device responds to a command. This is probably due to the limited angle on the remote (you must be directly in front of the device for the remote to work) and the slow responsiveness of the device. As an example, several times I've tried to fast forward through a video only to have the screen message tell me something different - the actual video is fast forwarding but the onscreen display is telling me it's rewinding. Also, I've also found that on occasion video files do not appear in the folders, so you have to re-copy the file to the device - so yes, there are bugs in the software.

I consider myself a demanding user of the device and expect a lot. Keeping this in mind and given that it's more intended for home use, I was impressed with the system - it does what it says it will do. The hi-resolution video looked impressive on the big screen and it performed will over the 4-days of continuous use. There are some limitations that are annoying but easily overcome. If you're looking to use this for a simple portable video player you won't be disappointed. I think the price point is a little high given that new devices are constantly entering the market with internet connectivity, more functionality and better interfaces, so I'd expect to see this drop some time soon.

All-in-all it's a good device which is well supported by Micca's customer service team.
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19 of 20 people found the following review helpful
on December 9, 2010
This little unit plays all the major video files and plays them well. With the bonus of being portable. One connection using HDMI and your good to go. Remote is very well desinged and the unit looks fantastic. I added a 320GB hard drive but also tested both the SD card and the USB for playing video. I tested every format that is listed except RMVB and all played with top quality full HD. (Did not have an RMVB file to test). None of the other players I've owned could do this. I've been building HTPC's for about 10 years and have experienced the progress of many portable media players. I have the Xbox and used it to stream video: Too much trouble. Owned the Avox JukeBox by Vantec: Very limited file formats and remote is terrible. I've owned the Dlink DSM 510: Great product but very finicky. Locked up a lot and no internal storage. Owned the Galaxy Metal Gear Tvisto Mini: Nice product but limited formats and took a mess of cables to connect.
Nothing beats a Home Theater PC for quality and usefulness but this Micca slim is kick ass for a portable player...
I would recommend for anyone needing a portable video player. In fact, if you don't need the full features or expense of an HTPC then this unit would make a good HTPC alternative.
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on January 26, 2011
I give the Micca Slim HD 4 big stars! A super small, portable, capable media player. I updated to the latest firmware available. I withheld the last STAR for:

1: A few playback issues - It cannot play older DivX codec and WMV8/7 codec.
Re-encoding those older files will be a waste of time.
It cannot play VOB files at all

2: The remote - Micca needs to improve or boost the IR signal of the remote control. If you
don't point it correctly it's very sluggish. If you're going through contents of
a 1TB external hdd, you will soon find your arms getting tired because of the need
for you to point the remote just at the right level.

Micca also needs to add more functionality on the arrow buttons
(up,down,left,right). I would be nice if you can use the left/right button move
forward/backwards within directories, instead of tirelessly depressing the
"Exit" button to move from one folder to the next. Also the exit button
needs to be just as big as the OSD button since it's constantly being used.

Powering "OFF" the device with the remote is fairly easy but for some
reason powering it "ON" via the remote can be quite a challenge . I have to
point & press at least 3x before it powers on.

Lastly, for some weird reason the DOWN arrow button of the Micca remote
can power ON/power OFF my old single DVD player(I removed the old
DVD player to solve the conflict)

3: Micca's LED power light - should turn on/off, a better indication to let you know if the unit
is on or off. Instead it remains on 24/7.

4: File description function does not work: When browsing files, on the top left there is a file
attribute section. Good idea but it does not work. Selecting a file does not
display any information on that file. It would be nice if the file info section
would actually display file info, an icon or a thumbnail for easier browsing.

Back to the Micca Slim HD: This tiny device is an excellent media player it can play many different video formats that you throw at it. Contrary to other reviews, the player itself is very responsive and quick to locate files on a USB external hard drive, flash drive, or an SDHC card (have not tried the internal drive yet since I don't have a 2.5" drive)
Without an internal drive, the Micca Slim HD is very light. I have to twist the HDMI cable so it doesn't keep the player slightly tilted to its side.

I tested several 720p/1080p video contents ranging from 5mbps - 35mbps(HD-WMV,HD-DivX,HD-XviD,HD-MKV) all files played without a glitch. Many SD video contents played very well.

All in all I highly recommend Micca Slim HD player if you want to watch all your media collections on your HDTV via internal/external HDD.

On a side note: It would be nice if Micca included a simple HDMI cable instead of the very useless composite cable.

05.28.2011 -
UPDATE: I finally bought a 2.5" 500GB Western Digital 'green' hard drive. I copied all my encoded mp4 & mkv files on it, installed it in the Micca slim HD player and I'm glad to report that it recognized the 500GB internal hard drive with no problems and played all my movie files just fine...

11.07.2012 -
Another UPDATE: THE GOOD: Yes, my Micca HD-Slim is still alive and kicking...THE BAD: It's sad that I cannot update the HD-Slim firmware to the latest one because the one posted on the Micca site is just a patch for v120107.[...]. The instruction said I need to have v120107 installed before I can install the latest update. Micca support is unresponsive. I contacted them 3x but no luck, they will not send me the download link of firmware v120107.

03.19.2015 -
Micca HD-Slim - believe it or not is still working, although the AC power plug & cord now a bit loose & worn out. The media player itself is still working just fine. I have an old SATA docking station attached to it so I don't have to keep unplugging the media player & further damage the AC power plug/cord. As for the firmware, nothing ever happened to it.
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on December 18, 2011
This is a hard one, because the product is really great. I do read among the other reviews that there are quality control issues, however I haven't run into that.

This is a product I have long dreamed of. A portable device that I can use as a good travel hard drive and also plug into any hotel TV and watch my media with a remote. I say any hotel TV because some hotels have LCD TVs and HDMI but some have old TVs and need composite. Before the Micca, I was using an Archos for this duty, along with a Wii controller for remote control. Before that, a SageTV HD200 and portable hard drive (bulky as heck). Before that another Archos with no remote control (really long cables instead) and before that my laptop with a bulky MCE remote and an expensive bulky box to convert VGA to other output types. So you can image, seeing this product was like a dream come true.

As a Portable Hard Drive

The Micca excels as a normal portable hard drive. It plugs right in and uses USB for power, no power brick needed. I put in a 1TB hard drive and this fit fine. Be careful, as there are hard drives that are too thick. You need to make sure the hard drive is 9.5mm thick, no more.

As a Media Player

It will not play everything, but it plays most things. A bit annoying that it doesn't play mts (HD camcorder format), but if you have a laptop, you can just change the extension and then it plays (no need to convert format). It plays most mkvs and handles 1080p well, however you will run into some it won't play for whatever reason. My SageTV HD300s don't play all my MKVs either, so I expected this going in. There are some advanced sound codec support missing, but again, as expected. Subtitle support is great (PGS missing of course), but I wish I could control the size of the subtitles and I wish embedded subtitles were supported.

The interface is unattractive and plain. Its also a bit annoying, requiring more clicks that it should, but its functional. I'm not a big interface person, I just want to watch my media on the road, so not a big deal for me.

The Bad

The remote range is very short. I don't care which way you turn the unit, some of these other reviews are way off base on this issue or my unit is malfunctioning, because I've tuned it every which way and the range is short. I can prove its just weak IR because I use an IR adapter for my phone and control it that way and do not have any IR issues any more.

It gets hot. I carry a portable laptop cooler with me when I travel (for my laptop) and I stick this on top of it to keep it from overheating. I am not saying it will, but everyone knows heat is bad for electronics.

The biggest problem is Micca! This company is totally unresponsive. I emailed them before I bought the Micca, they did not reply. I emailed them after I bought it, no reply. I emailed them again, no reply. I emailed them again and warned them that I had not written my Amazon review yet, and then they replied! Sheesh!

I do not expect any firmware updates or improvements, as this company is totally unresponsive. You can buy this device from a huge well known Chinese internet vendor for 1/3 the price. You won't get any support when you buy it there, but then Micca doesn't give you any either.

A 4-star product ruined by a 1 star company. Such is the world. However, this device fills a dream product for me, so I couldn't take off any more stars. I wish I was happier about it though, why do good products have to be ruined by bad companies?
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on March 6, 2011
I can't understand why the bigger brands are getting more raves and kudos, when a cheap, unknown chinese brand is able to pull all the strings effectively. I had trouble running certain mkv and flv files on both the Patriot Box Office AND the Western Digital Media thingi. This thing plays every damn file on the planet, I kid you not! Granted, the UI may not be too flashy, but it is adequate and easy to use. Very rarely, there may be a video/audio sync, no issue, just stop and start the file from beginning. Doesn't heat up, is very portable, I am using it as en external HDD enclosure too, and it's a brilliant utility when you need to show something to people on TV.

Plays .m2ts, MPEG4s, MKVs, DVDs, FLVs, WMAs, AVIs and every other video file extension I am yet to come across. You can believe the reviews for once, and if there was anything money can buy best, pick this up!! Don't loose the remote folks, or it's a gonner (no physcial buttons).
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on May 12, 2013
I had a DVD player with xvid support and usb input that I use to play movies, mostly for my kids. DVD died so I wanted to replace it with something that could pack all their movies and series in a single place instead of keeping track of a number of USB pendrives, and better codec support. And cheap. Finally settled on the Micca SlimHD.

Got the box, includes the Micca SlimHD, remote (no batteries, uses 2xAAA), component cable, USB adapter cable, AC adapter, and (very thoughtful of Micca) a small screwdriver so you don't need any tools should you want to put in an internal HDD. I did and it's very easy. No issues with removing the cover, connecting the disk, and closing up.

Setup is pretty straightforward. Plug in HDMI cable, AC cable and off you go. Menus are pretty decent as far as usability goes. Image is crisp and clear. Playback is smooth. Tried mkv, avi, mp4, everything played ok. Had problems with a couple of WMV files, but I think those use an unsupported codec (WMV2/. Subtitles, both embedded and external SRT, work perfectly. And, here's a nice surprise, subtitle font size and color are adjustable on the fly. Played files from USB sticks and a SD card without issues.

I had an issue and had to deal with support: I installed an internal hard drive (320GB 5400rpm WD Scorpio Blue) and everything showed up. But when I played files from the HDD, playback of the files would never end properly. The movies would abruptly cut off at an arbitrary time. The exact same files would play fine from a USB stick. Which is obviously very frustrating, and makes the HDD feature pretty much unusable. I contacted support and got emails going on pretty fast (about 24 hours to answer each). They had me try some things (e.g. reformat the drive, both with NTFS and FAT32), and I tried some on my end, until I found out that somehow my hard drive and my micca slim didn't get along. I replaced the hdd with another one, with the exact same files, and now it works perfectly. I don't think the disk is defective (I've been using it without issues for about two years in a external HD enclosure). Just that both of them, the SlimHD and the original HDD, just don't get along. If you have issues with hdd playback but not usb or sd card, I would suggest trying a different hard drive. I do think it's worth noting that support was, well, supportive. Courteous and prompt. Good experience dealing with them.

Now, it doesn't get five stars because:

- Remote control angle is very sensitive. Point the box straight forward or prepare to be frustrated.
- This unit will not really turn off. While the AC is plugged in, the internal disk will happily spin away. Even though you power it off in the remote and push the power button for five seconds. So bear that in mind... I just unplug it, but it's in an accessible place for me. I would think someone who wants to bury it in a corner with bad access might find this a PITA.
- The USB input, with the extra dongle-cable (adapter between miniUSB and femaleUSB), couldn't properly power up my external hard drive enclosure. So beware if your intention is to use this with enclosures rather than USB sticks - it might not be enough. Could be that my enclosure is too power-hungry, could be that all those cables in between don't work properly, but I can't really tell, and I don't have another enclosure to test with.

Bottom line: For what I wanted it for, it's great. Single box instead of a handful of pendrives that usually get lost. Would have liked a unit that actually turned off, but that's minor.

UPDATE: I just tested it with a VIDEO_TS folder, and it worked as a DVD would. Looks like the latest firmware does support the DVD structure and not just playing the VOB files. Though it doesn't always work. For some DVDs, it works. For some others, the menu didn't work (but I could navigate the chapters with the GOTO button). One with multiple angles didn't work at all (instead of letting me change angles, it skipped between angles every half second or so. Pretty much inusable). You can, however, for all DVD folders, select to open the folder and play the VOB files directly instead of playing the folder as a DVD.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Let me just say it up front: I wish this thing were running XBMC rather than the built-in, barebones GUI it has. While the Micca Slim-HD does indeed play every file I throw at it, and I can't complain about the size, shape, weight, or playback efficiency, I have to say the GUI is just plain ugly. Bland. Lifeless. It can't even support thumbnails properly.

If this thing had the ability to run XBMC it would be awesome. Five stars-- No, Six stars! It would rock. As it is, though, it just stands at "very good" and not "amazing".

I know. If wishes were horses then school lunches would have meat. Or something like that. Either way, I'm not going to give this thing a bad review because of what it isn't. I just wanted to say: It's SO close to awesome that it kind of hurts.

So here's the basic rundown: The Micca Slim-HD plays your media files. It does it well. It does it in HD if they're HD to begin with. It has a remote control, can hold a hard drive of your choosing, can use external storage via USB, and has a card slot. It really does handle every media type I've tried thus far. And it's small.

The Good: Plays everything. Lets you use your own hard drive. Supports many types of storage media. Simple to use.

The Bad: Crummy remote control. Boring, bland user interface.

The Ugly: Nothing ugly to report, thankfully. The remote gets close to being "ugly", but it's passable enough to be classified as just "bad" for this review. The user interface is functional, so I can't lump it here, either... But it is still "bad" in my book.

The Final Verdict: If all you want to do is play your media files, the Micca Slim-HD is a great choice. The no-frills interface might be a bit of a bummer, but it makes up for that somewhat in versatility and compact size.

I give the Micca Slim-HD Four Stars. I docked it one star because of the bland interface and mushy, tiny, not-very-sensitive remote control, but the fact that it doesn't flinch no matter what files I throw at it makes it a solid four-star device.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on January 20, 2011
Exactly what I was looking for.

I am tired of editing home videos, render them to mpg, burn them to DVD, then play them on my DVD player.
With this gadget - once I get done editing my home videos and render them to mpg or AVI or High Def format - I can simply transfer the file to this player, hook the player up to my HD via HDMI cable and I am all set.

I have installed a 500GB hard disk drive and it works flawlessly.

Just a couple of notes to the designers for future improvement:
1) The remote response time is a little slow. I would gladly pay more money for a faster response time to the remote commands.

2) When playing videos, once the video I selected is done playing, it plays the next video on the folder. I think it should go back to the menu as there are times I only want to show one specific video.

Other than that - great little gadget. Highly recommended.

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6 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on February 10, 2011
I give this unit 3 out of 5 stars, would have been 5 but player did not fully meet my requirements, see my cons.

Extremely nice small case just a bit larger than a 2.5" laptop drive. Comes with Composite A/V cable, Power supply, small screw driver and screws, manual.

The plastic bag the player is wrapped in has a sticker on it which tells you to see their website and download the latest Firmware. I would recommend doing so since they are working on new Firmware revisions and the player you receive may not have the latest version.

The good..

Low cost SD/HD media player

Composite and HDMI, internal 2.5" SATA drive bay, external USB connection, SD card reader built in. Plays SOME SD and HD media files directly (see my cons).

Nice remote which uses AAA batteries, glad to see a real remote and not those pesky credit card styles which use obscure coin cells.


My plan was to be able to play my HD camcorder files (JVC Everio GZH200) DIRECTLY from the SD card that the camcorder records to. This player DOES NOT directly play the files created by my camcorder. This in part was my fault since the player is listed to play .M2TS, I assumed that it SHOULD play .MTS!... NOT!

My camcorder creates files with the extension of .MTS, the player however does support .M2TS which IS the exact same file format (H264).

To get around this I copied my camcorder files to a thumb drive and then renamed the files basically changing the .MTS to .M2TS. This work around does work but completely defeated my reasoning and purpose for buying this player.

By working around the file extension I was able to play my camcorder files, the picture was spot on, the sound was good and seemed to be in sync with the video. Please note, I was using Composite video and analog audio, I did not test the HDMI output.

The player also does not support seamless playback (at least with my renamed .M2TS files), basically it pauses 5 - 10 seconds between files with a black screen and no audio. This can be rather annoying since camcorders like mine create a new file each time the recording is paused or stopped.

Since the player did not meet my plans, I have returned this player did not test any other file formats.

Final thoughts..

In defense of Micca, I assumed that .MTS would play even though it wasn't listed. Micca promptly answered my support emails and they indicated that they have put in a support ticket request to add the .MTS file extension to a future Firmware release but they could not guarantee when this may occur.

If you are looking for a player that DIRECTLY supports a certain format with a file extension then pay close attention to the specs listed on this unit, if it is not listed, it is not DIRECTLY supported and you will need to convert your files to play on this unit.

The supported files are as follows..

1080p Video Player: MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, WMV, XVID, TS, M2TS, RM, RMVB, DAT, MPG, MPEG, VOB

Wide Range Video Codec Support: H.264/AVC, VC-1, MPEG1/2/4, DivX/Xvid, Real Video

Audio Format Support: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, APE, AAC, AC3, ATRA, DTS

If your files are not listed above (with the SPECIFIC file extensions), you will need to convert them.

I would consider buying another Micca product if it directly supported my file extension and possible seamless playback.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on March 18, 2013
This is a great device that has played every movie that we have thrown at it. We have it paired with a WD Black 750GB drive that has worked without any interruptions, including while driving in our minivan. I was also wondering how I would be able to take our movie collection with us to Disney, while in the hotel, and this is the answer. I'm very happy with this purchase.

+ Small
+ Internal Drive Capability
+ Plays all my video formats
+ Menus system is relatively quick

+ IR needs direct line of sight (I used some velcro and mounted it in line of sight in the van)

I would definitely purchase this again!
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