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on June 19, 2010
I purchased both the Belkin Bluetooth Reciever Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver and the BluBridge Receiver from two different locations and was going to return the one that I liked the least. So here is a very quick comparison. In the testing I also had one of my friends give his opinion as well. Here is what we both thought:

Belkin Bluetooth Reciever
Sound Quality: Amazing/Excellent 10/10- sounds just as good if not better than standard wired 3.5mm audio connection
Range: 8/10 Line of sight maybe 20-25ft, although I hear that this also depends on your transmitter, I was using Lenovo s10-3t netbook integrated bluetooth and Iphone 3GS integrated bluetooth as source.
Connectability Ease: 10/10, once you have paired it, it stays plugged in to the wall next to your stereo. Example: I turned off my Lenovo s10-3t netbook, the blue light went out on the belkin receiver showing disconnect, I turned the netbook on a day later, immediately I notice the belkin blue light come back on the belkin receiver, and the connect is so fast that the windows 7 startup sound/chime came in through my stereo. Obviously if you connect your computer to a different bluetooth audio device, you will have to later tell it to reconnect to the belkin. But the whole process is super smooth.
Portability: NOT PORTABLE, stays plugged in to wall, this is also a PLUS, because it always stays very ready for easy connect.

BluBridge 3.5mm Mini-Jack Rx - Receiver
Sound Quality: Excellent 9.8/10, wired and the belkin bluetooth sound were slightly better, it was more of a slightly fuller/richer, slightly louder sound with the belkin or wired connection. Note: it is only very slightly better sound. My friend and I could only tell the difference when we used the same song, same sound source connecting back and forth very quickly. In the BluBridge's defence it produces 9.8/10 sound whether on battery power or connected to usb charging.
Range: 9/10 Line of sight maybe 25-30ft, basically I got an additional 5ft of range from the same bluetooth transmitters. The signal did seem stronger, when I would start to reach the max, the signal would break and then regain clear again for 3-4 more feet if the transmitter was stable. With the belkin as soon as the signal started to break, the signal was gone.
Connectability Ease: 8/10, this is mainly because the unit has a battery power saver that shuts off the device when not in use. So you have to hold down the button on the unit for 7 seconds, then connect with your device (Iphone 3GS or Lenovo s10-3t netbook)
Portability: Extremely and Easily Portable 10/10. I use it off of battery power mostly, I have it plugged into my Harman Kardon Go + Play High-Performance Portable Loudspeaker System with Dock for iPod (Newest Model) which can also operate off of battery power (8-D-cell batteries). Makes for a excellent portable sound source.

Testing: Used the Belkin RockStar 5-Way 3.5-mm Headphone Splitter (White) with Harmon Kardon Go and Play, 2 computer inputs, Belkin bluetooth input, and BluBridge bluetooth input, and Logitech Z-2300 THX-Certified 2.1 Speaker System with Subwoofer. Everything was connected at once and audio was crystal clear, from anysource, this really speaks volumes for the Belkin rockstar. And if your wondering, yes I did play the movie "Gone in 60 seconds" from my HTPC throught the belkin rockstar outputing to both the Logitech z-2300 speakers and the Harmon Kardon Go and PLay at the same time, sounded really good.

Before Very Close scrutinizing side by side testing, I thought I was going to be returning the Belkin, because the range was about 5ft less, and it wasn't portable. And playing with them separately 20min apart I nor my friend could tell a difference in the sound Quality, so it is very slight. But I ended up keeping them both. I recomend the Belkin if you have a stationary high end stereo system and have no need for bluetooth portability with your stereo system. Other wise I recomend the BluBridge 3.5mm receiver if you think you might ever want to hook it up to portable stereo. The Ease of connectiblity at the end of the day with the belkin is what made me keep it.

They are both EXCELLENT PRODUCTS, read details so see which fits your need better, I found a need for both.

PS: at the end of the testing my friend said he is going to buy the BluBridge bluetooth receiver, he like it because the sound quality was still excellent, it was portable, and he liked the look of it.
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on June 24, 2010
Set up : HTC EVO 4G in Car. Used this device to feed my stereo AUX input to avoid having to connect a 3.5mm jack to my EVO everytime I got into the car

Sound Quality : 5/5. Did some tests with this and a direct connection (with a friend connecting either one way or the other while I had my eyes closed) and I couldn't tell the difference.

Initial Pairing with Phone : 5/5 Very easy as the passcode is 0000, which the phone always tries as a default code, so I didn't even have to type it in.

Connection and Reconnection : 2/5 This is the biggest let down. Once the phone and the device lose contact (ie if you get out of the car to go into a shop, etc) they do not automatically reconnect. Instead you have to press the button on the unit, and also tell the EVO to reconnect. Manageable, but not as slick as my Parrot car kit, which reconnects automatically with no inputs from me.

Device Design : 3/5 Would have been nicer if the 2 wires you need to connect (power/charge and output to AUX) were on the same side of the device. This would have made it easier to mount it in the car

One other issue I had, which is nothing to do with this device itself, and has more to do with your cars electrical wiring, is that I was getting alternator whine through the stereo if I was charging at the same time as playing music. This is a well known phenomenon in car audio and is caused by a ground loop being created between your stereo and the input device. There are multiple correct ways to fix this properly, but I took a short cut and installed a ground loop isolator which cured the ground loop and the whining noise
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on December 7, 2012
Miccus Mini-jack RX: Bluetooth Music Receiver pair it with Phones, Tablets, PCs and Apple DevicesI wanted a simple, set-it-and-forget-it bluetooth option for my non-bluetooth car. Many of the products I researched had at least one major weakness, most commonly a need to be re-paired or manually restarted every time one gets back into the vehicle. This device works perfectly. I drive a BMW 3 series (E90), which has the AUX jack right next to a power port--both concealed inside the center armrest cubby area. The Mini-jack RX can stay plugged into the AUX jack and into the power supply at all times, and it restarts with the car, connecting with my smartphone in fewer than five seconds.

Audio quality is virtually flawless. Other reviews have referenced a hiss at times. I feared that might mean poor audio fidelity or a high signal to noise ratio. What I have found so far is that I get a fain hiss when I pause my music playback, but there is no background noise at all during quiet passages or between tracks. My car has BMW's premium audio option, so this signal is getting cranked through a very high quality audio system, and it is indistinguishable from using a direct cable connection.

One more thought for those who may experience background noise. This car never had trouble with background hiss or hum when I used a wired connection, but one of my other cars--a Mercedes R-class--consistently **did** produce background noise if I played back audio from my smartphone through the AUX jack while the phone was plugged into its charger. If you experience background noise, invest a few dollars (like under $10) in a ground loop isolating cable to connect the Miccus Mini-jack RX to your car's AUX port. Again, I don't need one on the car I plan to use it in, but I've seen first hand that different cars behave differently in terms of creating ground loop electrical system noise that comes through the audio system.

I could not be happier with this item! If I had had any idea that something this inexpensive could function so perfectly, I would have purchased this long ago!

Finally, here are a couple of other thoughts for ways in which this can come in handy. Have you ever played back a video or song from your iPad, but wished the volume could go higher, or sound quality could be better? This device is tiny, and if there is a stereo handy, or any of the countless devices that have 1/8" input jacks to playback smartphone audio, this device can be working audio miracles in your car one minute, and helping your iPad fill a large room with sound indoors the next.
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on April 24, 2010
This isn't the prettiest gadget, but for the price it works surprisingly well. It is very useful for eliminating the clutter of cords in the car, and it is great for home use as well since it allows you to use your A2DP-compatible MP3 player or phone (iPhone, for instance) as an audio source without actually plugging it in to the stereo, and it can be used for stored tunes as well as internet radio etc. It could also be used to give your favorite pair of headphones wireless capability so that you could transmit music from your computer without actually being connected to it.

The device itself is pretty small - slightly less than 2" long, 3/4" wide and 1/2" thick, or by comparison about the size of an AA battery, but a little wider. It has just one button, a power port and one connector for the audio-out. The button has LEDs that flash red or blue depending on the usage of the device, and the flashing can be somewhat distracting. The unit is battery powered, rated to about 8 hours of use and I'd say that's a fair if slightly optimistic estimate, though I can't be sure since I haven't used it continuously for that long - usually just an hour at a time while commuting. Pairing is very simple with the instructions and only took about 10 seconds to complete. The unit ships with a nice number of accessories including three different audio connectors; one 6" mini-jack aux cable, one mini-jack to RCA cable, and one mini-jack aux adapter that is not a cable but just a solid piece. That last one is perfect for use in the car since it allows the use of the device without it swinging around on a cable. The device also includes a 1ft USB cable for charging (USB to Mini USB) though this does not come with an actual adapter for 12v or 110v - you'll have to plug it in to a PC or get a 12v adapter for your car. It is because of the lack of power adapter that I gave this only a 4-star rating.
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on November 1, 2011
I just got the BluBridge mini-jack Rx a few days ago but have really been enjoying it in my car. This is the only Bluetooth audio receiver I could find anywhere that is so compact and plugs directly into the auxiliary port of a stereo without an ugly wire, making it perfect for my car stereo. I use it to play back music from my Android phone (Samsung Transform Ultra) and the sound is great, just as good as when I connected my phone to the auxiliary port with a cord. To start the device, you do have to press the orange button down for about five seconds. After a certain amount of time if it's not being used, the receiver will automatically turn off to save its rechargeable battery. I had to pair my phone with the receiver initially (very simple and quick) but now the phone automatically connects to it whenever I'm in the car and turn the receiver on. If I leave the car for just a short while and then get back in, the receiver is still "awake" and I don't need to do anything, just start playing music again on my phone and it streams through the car's audio system. However, with my phone at least, this receiver doesn't transmit the sound from phone calls. If a call comes in while music is streaming to the receiver, the music pauses and the voice on the other end of the call comes through the phone as normal, not through my car's speakers.
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on December 27, 2011
I got this to integrate my Android (Droid 2) phone with my car. My car already has Bluetooth phone integration, but does not support A2DP (music over Bluetooth). This tiny little device was the perfect answer I was looking for. With this device in place, I retain all Bluetooth phone functionality provided by my car-stereo and in addition listen to music from my phone through the stereo.Pairing it to the phone was a simple process and only has to be done once following the procedure in the manual.

The device charges via a mini-USB jack. It was a great fit for my car as it already has a standard USB outlet. So I could plug in the device without having an ugly cigarette lighter adapter. I plugged the audio out patch cable from this device into the AUX input for the car stereo. I leave my car stereo set to the AUX input.

Although the device has rechargeable batteries, I never use it because it is constantly hooked up to my switched USB outlet in my car. This simplifies the use of this device. Here is the routine: When I get into the car, when the ignition comes on, the device wakes up. All I have to do is to touch the button on the device for 2 secs to reconnect to the phone and I have audio streaming from my phone from where I left off. This is great especially when you listen to podcasts and want to continue from where you left off. When I am getting out of the car, I just have to briefly push the button on the device to pause the music on the phone.

When a phone call comes in during the ride, the phone automatically suspends the music and I get notification of the number on the car-stereo display. Once again this is not the functionality of this device, but the phone integration feature of my car stereo. I then follow my usual routine to dispose off the phone call. The music resumes shortly afterward.

The great advantage is the hidden features for audio control that other reviewers have mentioned.
Short Push: Pause/Play music
Longish Push: Restart current track. (CAUTION:An extra long push will turn the device on/off)
Double click/Push: Move to the next track.

The music quality is good. However, since I listen mostly podcasts involving normal speech, it is not a major concern. My car stereo has independent level adjustments for each input. So I was able to adjust the AUX input levels to match my radio levels and I do not have to fiddle with the volume whenever I change inputs (say to an AM radio station to catch traffic info). This may be important because if the volume is turned up too high, you may hear a hum being picked up from electronic interference as well as thumping when the device is turned on and off.

The main disadvantages include the obnoxiously flashing bright lights on the button (that can be fixed by a simple black tape). The placement of the charger input and the audio jack on the device (on either side of it) makes mounting a little tricky. I wish they were on one side to allow for a cleaner mount. I also had a minor issue where there will be stuttering of music played. I found out if I disabled Wi-Fi on the phone, it went away. I do not need Wi-Fi when I am on the move.

If the above irritants are fixed and if the device had dedicated media control buttons (including rewind/fast-forward within a track) it would make it THE perfect device for me!
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on April 23, 2010
This is a great little receiver. Perfect for travel and in the car. I can attach it to my car stereo and sync it to my iPod to listen to my music on the road. It works so much better than bulky transmitters and doesn't require searching for an open radio frequency. It is also great to use with my home stereo. I can carry my iPod around the house with me while playing music on my home speakers and pause or skip songs using my iPod. Pairing is very simple and the battery lasts for a decent amount of time (about eight hours). Overall, a great buy.
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on December 19, 2010
The audio quality of this product is great. Pairing was a snap. But, I use this in my car's 3.5mm aux jack and every time I get back in my car and turn on Pandora or play MP3's from my HTC EVO 4G with the latest updates, I have to manually tell the phone to connect to the BluBridge. I don't have to do this with my headset and have tried to pair the BluBridge with another phone and get the same results, so it's definitely an issue with the BluBridge. Other than that, the battery life is great on it and the best part - no wires!
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on December 30, 2011
I received this as a Christmas present from my wife. I have an auxiliary jack in the dash of my truck by the factory stereo/6 disc CD changer. Although the truck is only 3 years old the stereo receiver didn't come equipped with built in Bluetooth. The Miccus Bluetooth music receiver is the perfect solution to go wireless. Before getting this I used a standard 3.5 male to male headphone jack cord, I have about 50 songs (so far) on my Android smartphone and I listen to the music on my phone rather than listening to radio stations. All of the music on my phone is recorded in HD (MP4), I can tell you that it sounds exactly as if I had a wired connection. I turn the volume up about half way on my phone and control the volume from my receiver using the volume control on my steering wheel, nothing but crystal clear sound, nothing missing, no skips or drop outs and I've had the volume maxed out as far as it could go! I should note that the two devices are only about 12 inches apart. I use the metal 3.5 jack "plug" that came with it instead of the male to male headphone jack cord.

Pairing it to my LG Revolution smartphone was quick, easy and painless! When I get into my vehicle I turn the Bluetooth on to my phone FIRST and then I turn the Miccus Bluetooth receiver on second. I noticed that if I turn the receiver on first and the phone on second I have to go into the Bluetooth software on my phone to get it to connect, but, if I turn the Bluetooth on to my phone first and then the Miccus Bluetooth receiver it connects right up!

When I'm done listening to music I simply shut the stereo off first then I turn the Bluetooth off on my phone, I then turn off the Miccus Bluetooth and unplug it from the dash and I don't get the "thump" when disconnecting it. I then toss the Miccus bluetooth receiver into the storage compartment between the two front bucket seats, that way no one can see the device as this prevents theft.

The only qualm I have is that calls do not come through the speakers like when my phone was connected through a wired connection.

I'm still testing the battery life but as of right now I have yet to charge it.

I would highly recommend the Miccus Bluetooth Stereo Reciever to anyone that doesn't have built in Bluetooth.
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on December 6, 2012
I cant help but rave about this product. The thing plugs into the aux input of my 2009 Murano. My wife has an iPhone which is paired with the car and paired with the mini-jack. The Miccus is plugged into a USB power port and hidden in the center console. This is all important why? My wife hates buttons. She gets in the car and starts it. The phone connects to both devices automatically. No buttons, nada! She gets a call, its answered on the cars Bluetooth. She wants to stream Pandora or play some mp3's, she turns on the stereo and there it is.

This is the only product I know of that is made to turn on and look for and pair with a phone automatically.

Sadly, when mine arrived, it didn't do this. I saw the tech support email address in the instructions, asked what I was doing wrong. Answer, "defective unit, Ill send you a new one with a return envelope for the old one". Removed old from car, installed new. Big smile and repeat!

A couple of questions I see often: 1) Yes the iPhone can pair with multiple devices at once, it can only use one at a time though, so when she answers a call on the car's system the music shuts off, when she hangs up, the music starts again automatically. 2) The unit must be plugged into a power source that shuts off when the car is turned off and turns on when the car starts. This signals the Miccus to look for the last device it was paired with. 3) It can only pair with 1 phone at a time, and automatically reconnects with the LAST PAIRED DEVICE.
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