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VINE VOICEon October 7, 2005
I actually went to a live Dangerous Concert at Roundhay Park, Leeds, England. The concert was amazing and one of the most important moments of my life. Michael was sensational, not only does he move, sing and dance like no one else but he transforms the whole arena with his incredible stage presence. You are literally seeing one of the best performers on stage ever, if not the best!

It would be difficult to capture this brilliance on DVD, not to mention the atmosphere but I would say the Bucharest Dangerous concert DVD comes very close. I have watched it numerous times and even now it brings out all kinds of emotions. The quality is excellent and you get to see the magnificence of Michael Jackson plus the astonishing reactions from the crowd so you can literally feel the atmosphere.

This concert is quite simply a point in history, a time when a musician could bring out pure emotion in a crowd through excellence in music and dance.

Buy this, you won't see a better artist in concert and I guarantee anyone who takes a chance on this will be a fan. I became one after the Dangerous Concert in Leeds and I've been to many more concerts since. He never fails to please. Highly recommended!

Full Tracking Listing:

1. "Introduction"
2. "Jam"
3. "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"
4. "Human Nature"
5. "Smooth Criminal"
6. "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" (duet with Siedah Garrett)
7. "She's out of My Life"
8. "I Want You Back"
9. "The Love You Save"
10. "I'll Be There"
11. "Thriller"
12. "Billie Jean"
13. "Black Panther" (Video Interlude)
14. "Workin' Day and Night"
15. "Beat It"
16. "Will You Be There"
17. "Black or White"
18. "Heal the World"
19. "Man in the Mirror"
20. "Finale"
21. "Credits"
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VINE VOICEon August 23, 2006
Yesterday. I enter Circuit City at Union Square in NYC with my wife, who is from Japan, and this DVD is on three modestly sized plasma TVs a the top of the escalator--which is crowded with mesmorized viewers.

We could not help it. The show was so awesome that we found ourselves standing there, entranced.

My wife put it correctly when she said to me in Japanese, "Whatever he does in life, people will always be facinated with his performances," meaning no matter what freakish things he does to or with his body, it just plain wont effect the fact that he truly is the King of Pop (though I must then appoint Prince as the Emperor of Pop--sorry Michael).

That really summed it up; we were watching one of the all time great masters of performance, and indeed were lucky to be alive when his career was in full swing.

Michael Jackson is one of the all time greats--like Harry Houdini, Fred Astaire, Jimmy Hendrix, or Miles Davis. He's a master of the stage, and--though I protest with myself--has a fantastic musical ability that can't help but mesmorize.

On this DVD, there is of course a lot of lip synching. This isn't so much a music concert as a stage show. And as a stage show, it's one of the greatest of all time. Just seeing Jackson dance to his own music is worth your money.

*****There was one musical break that was facinating, though it wasn't performed by Jackson. At one point in the performance, he shares the stage with a solo guitarist--apparrently just for effect--but the guitarist completely takes over the stage. Jackson points him out to a stage hand, who tries to stop the solo, and the guitarist just keeps going with a fantastic, mad, crazy solo.

It's pretty rare to see a solo like that unless you're in the biz. I immediately thought of Mike Stern--who this was not--totally dominating the show. Jackson should have let him go a bit longer, but instead started the next bit and had the guitarist's plug pulled.

Bottom Line: I suppose that says a lot about Jackson's way of performing--he's a perfectionist; it's all planned out, and it follows the plan exactly. Other performers would have played counterpoint to that solo (as the guitarist was starting to do when Jackson 'interrupted), shared the limelight, and acknowledged that this is what musical performance is really all about--that there's really no such thing as a solo artist, unless of course you're Michael Jackson.

Anyway, I can't help but give this DVD 5 stars on sheer greatness.
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on June 8, 2006
I actually saw the Bucharest concert when I was seven years old and never forgot it. You can feel the emotion in his songs, which is something that never dies. I love everything that he does from singing warm, heart-felt ballads, to rocking it out with get-up-and-dance songs to the heart-stopping moonwalk. He is probably one of the most spectacular entertainers of our time. I hope he comes out with something soon. I still can't forget the way he sang, "She's Out of My Life" , it was really emotional. You could feel what he was saying. As another reviewer said, I did think the jet pack exit was tight. Who else would have done it the way he did? Nobody!!!! No one can ever compare to this man. There are a lot of wannabe's, but there's only one MICHAEL JACKSON. I will always love his music, generosity and kind spirit. He has made many attributions to the world. I hope someone enjoys this review.
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on March 19, 2008
Nobody can do what Michael Jackson did on a dance floor.
The greatest performer of all time.Greatest videos also.
Here is the track list,,,,,, enjoy....
1. Main Title
2. Jam
3. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
4. Human Nature
5. Smooth Criminal
6. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
7. She's Out of My Life
8. I Want You Back/The Love You Save
9. I'll Be There
10. Thriller
11. Billie Jean
12. Working Day and Night
13. Beat It
14. Will You Be There
15. Blck or White
16. Heal the World
17. Man in the Mirror
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on July 11, 2005
The Dangerous World Tour set is a wise compromise : MJ sings most of his mainstream hits, and the global experience is something between pure rock concert and hollywood musical.

Despite the odd outfits (remember this weird gold top ??), MJ dances and sings his heart out for more than 2 hours during this Goliath-ic gig.

Mj hardcore fans will tell you they prefer the Bad Tour concert, and they are right, since this previous tour was more about music.

The Dangerous Tour is THE MJ show to recommend to any non fan, new fan, or any other newbie.

Most of the tricks and ideas were core elements of the previous tours, but here they seem more polished and sophisticated.

The Dangerous Tour : Michael plays Jackson : the monster "toaster" + long "strike a pose" entrance is, so far, the best opening ever staged in a Jackson concert.

MJ comes in from nowhere, and, at the end, leaves the audience speechless, when riding a solid and sophisticated nasa-style equipment that, don't get me wrong, definitely flies him to the moon.

Hardline, Magic, State of the Art : Michael Jackson live is all that, and even more...

Main low point : the gradual and disappointing lip-sync routines : Jam and Smooth Criminal are ok though (those kind of songs are so hard to sing AND dance live that MJ has some excuse), but why using this "technique" on ALL the Dangerous Songs (Black Or White, Heal The World, Will You Be There etc..)?

Most end of those songs are sung live anyway, but, knowing the man has one of the most amazing voice in the History of popular music, it's a shame the staging focuses more on what we see instead of what we hear.

Note : Of course, No Bonus included, like most Michael Jackson DVD releases...
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on June 18, 2009
I was a fan of Michael Jackson when I was young, I had several of his albums, and I loved it. In my teen years I faded out of his music, but have been getting back into it recently. I never had this video as a child, but I'm glad to have it now. The show it approx. 2 hours long, and it's a great 2 hours. There are several costume changes, wonderful classic MJ dancing (which means incredible) and even some awesome sets. Since this video was recorded in 1992 you get to go back and remember Michael when he was at a high point of fame. Now having him with all the sex stuff and how weird he has become known for, it's such a change to see him back then. The video is complete with frantic fans, crying fans, and fainting fans! It is kind of scary to watch girls crying their eyes out over the very appearance of Michael, and fainting! There is a one second part where within the first two songs you see a girl who has fainted and a security guard is slapping her on the face repeatedly, trying to wake her up, but it doesn't work. You have to feel a bit bad for these fans because they go to a concert, and don't make in 2 songs in before they faint, and miss the rest of the concert! At one point you see an amazing split-second switch as a girl is taken from the crowd and guided up to have Michael sing to her and she is in total awe and peaceful and hugging Michael and all is safe, then the guards try to take her away and in a split second she goes from peaceful, to frantic! Aside from the fan shots though it really is an amazing performance, the ending is a little long as a crew is brought on stage to put Michael in some sort of jet pack so he can fly off the stage. It takes several minutes and kind of slows down what could be a really cool ending.
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on June 27, 2009
I saw this concert many years ago, and still feel it is THE BEST concert that I ever seen. I was looking to purchase this, so that I can
enjoy the King Of Pop at the apex of his career, which sadly ended on
June 25 with his untimely death. For all of fans that stayed true to Michael in spite of the unkind publicity, if you haven't seen this concert
you have really missed out. I cannot praise it enough.
You were a musical genius and will be missed by all your beloved fans
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on July 11, 2009
This concert was performed and recorded in 1992 with Michael Jackson at around 33 years of age and definitely in his prime.
I only bought this DVD after he passed away as I was expecting to buy a DVD of his upcoming tour as one of the shows would have been recorded for sure. After seeing this one, I too, couldn't believe I waited this long to acquire it !
Don't expect high definition sound and picture quality like some reviewers, but in saying that, the picture and sound quality of this show are more than acceptable, in fact still very good.
The line up of songs is terrific and are performed with incredible intensity and emotion. The guy definitely sings most of the songs and if there was any lip synching in parts, it was not obvious to me. I was not put off by other comments on this matter.
Yes, there are shots of people passing out and being taken away, right from the start of the first song - what a waste of money for them ! And what a crowd - massive in size and all overawed by the occasion. I actually felt these shots added interest and really helped give the viewer a feel for the whole event. The only time audience shots were a little overdone, was probably during "Man In The Mirror" at the end of the concert where we see no less than six people being carted out of the arena. Overall I felt the balance between stage and audience shots was pretty good.
If this is the only full live concert filmed and likely to be released on DVD of this talented man, then buy it, enjoy it, don't look for faults in it and appreciate the guy at his best !
Hopefully we will see a DVD of his rehearsals for the 2009 tour with over 100 hours being taped - who knows.
Michael Jackson, you will be sorely missed !
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on July 28, 2006
This is the greaest concert on dvd I have ever seen. I wasn't born until 1982, way after Michael had begun his solo career. Even I loved this DVD it is a timeless classic. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan. This dvd is a must have if you love Michael. In the dvd Michael sings all his number one hits completely. Micheal is a true one man show. He sings and dance the entire time. The dvd is worth every penny and MORE!!!

If you are a fan of Micheal or just want to see a great concert this is the DVD to BUY!!!


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on December 30, 2006
This concert was wonderful-it was one of Michael's best. He dances-moonwalk, robot dance, crazy spins- and he sings his best songs-Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean, Beat It, Black Or White etc. What else could we ask for?

He is the King Of Pop,and this DVD truly proves it. Nobody else is like him, he is a true star. Back in the year the concert was taking place, his skin had become even more white, and there were those scandals about that 13 year old kid-but there was also his music, which was much stronger. The Dangerous Tour was full of effects and tricks (who doesn't remember "the lean"?)and Michael was changing outfits all the time, black leather pants, white shirts, the classic Beat It jacket...

What I thought watching him, full of energy, dancing, singing, jumping around was he should be really exhausted preparing all this amazing show. He did his best and this is quite obvious, by my opinion.

This DVD is recommended for any MJ fan who hasn't watched it yet, or anyone else who likes pop music and wants to take deep look into the music of one of the greatest performers of our time, Michael Jackson.

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