Customer Reviews: Micralite Toro Stroller - Black
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on January 23, 2009
Words can't describe how happy I am that we bought the Toro over other strollers like the Bugaboo. We've discovered with time (our son is now eight months old) just how ideal the Toro has been for us.

Having said that, though, I don't think it's ideal for everyone, and in retrospect we were lucky to get the stroller that best fit our needs: parents who live in a small, city apartment with a tiny elevator, who navigate lots of pubic transportation, and who need to open, close, and store the stroller in any number of places fast and on the go.

- Folds flat with nothing in the basket and locks into standing position and stands on it's own that way. Ideal for small spaces, hallways, or public places, like restaurants.
- Easy three-seat position for baby who wants to sit up or lie flat (after four months)
- Can buy attachment for car seats by Graco or another company (forget which one).
- Front wheels are wider and pull in when folding stroller. This allows us to get through narrow openings without taking our child out to fold up the stroller a bit. This has saved us, as our apartment elevator us so narrow no other stroller fits through it (we tried several). The stroller wasn't meant for this, but it works well to partially fold for narrow spaces.
- Hot colors and even hotter animal print liners
- Rides great
- Easy up and down stairs with the inflated tires -- not like a McClaren which is tough on this mom's arms.
- Awesome, awesome, awesome ease of folding (practically one-handed) and getting into/out of cars, etc.

- Can't turn seat around to face you (though the carseat attachments are meant for facing you. But the regular seat for older babies is not).
- Handlebar is comfy, but it'd be nice if designed for another way to hold them (from underneath and not just over top)
- You can't put much weight on the back, or stroller tips over. The company is clear about this, but it's still a pain. Having said this, I've never found it to be that big of a deal. It never tips over with the baby in it, even if I have a full diaper bag and several shopping bags hanging there. And when I pull baby out, I make sure that only the diaper bag is hanging on the back and that the seat is lowered to recline, in which case it never tips over empty, either.
- Basket could be better, but it's not bad at all. I have no trouble getting shopping bags, purses, etc. in one side and down into it.
- no parasol attachment. This stinks, because the sun shade is very short. I bought one of those extra long ones to compensate, which doesn't attach well, but it works. I hope the company is working on this.
- The cross bar does not open or detach -- an annoyance when getting baby in or out, but not too big of one. Just a silly design.

Basically, the stroller has been a dream for us. We borrowed a friend's Bugaboo before getting our Toro, and we found it a nightmare to manage in the city and small apartment, especially getting in and out of cars -- ugh! Such a bear to break down each time. The Toro has been ideal for our needs, but I can't say it would be so for everyone. If you have space to store a bigger stroller and don't need to fold it up often, condsider other strollers. However, if you're on the go and need something cruise-y, cool, and easy to handle, this is your stroller.

Last note: If you get this stroller, the absolute best diaper bag is one of Fleurville's narrower bags -- it hooks perfectly onto the handlebars with its O-hooks. You can't cram it full of a million things, but it easily fits two bottles, food, dipes, wipes, formula or small pump, burp cloth and keys, ipod, etc. I have another larger diaper bag for big trips or days out, but this one is perfect for strolling.
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VINE VOICEon May 8, 2010
We've had the Toro for 4 months for our 1-year-old, replacing a Maxi Cosi Foray. It looks great and rides pretty well. It came with some good extras and has a line of optional accessories. Unfortunately, we could tell my son just wasn't comfortable in it. It also has some minor design flaws/frustrations that bothered us enough to buy a different stroller, a Bugaboo Bee+, which we (especially my child) are more happy with!
- Great look! Contemporary, eye-catching color options (we got the yellow one). Too many compliments and inquiries to remember...
- Pretty nice ride due to the large, air-filled rear tires.
- Car seat adapter worked well with our existing Maxi Cosi Mico.
- The sun visor on the canopy is an understated feature.
- Stands up when folded. It's also thin; good for cramped places.
- The large rear wheels are removable for easier storage.
- The boot muff comes with it and attaches without hardware.
- The bumper bar is not detachable (safety +).
- Can't make seat rear-facing.
- Leg room could be longer or extendable (My child is short, and his feet were already on the foot rest.)
- It is fairly easy to fold, but the front wheels have to line up perfectly within the larger wheels in order to lock easily. Otherwise, you'll have to reposition the front wheels and/or squeeze the frame firmly to lock in place. (This frustrated my petite wife a lot.) Also, the basket essentially needs to be empty to fold easily.
- The standard handles can adjust positions in one rotational direction only. They are not height-adjustable. Even the multi-position handles (optional) don't fully address the need to adjust handle height. Because of the position of the handle locks, it was very uncomfortable to hold it behind the stroller to push it; we had to hold it on the sides, which was an uncomfortable position to push a stroller.
- It's pretty long when folded; bad for small trunks.
- The front wheels stand wider than the rear wheels, so it takes some practice to navigate narrow spaces and not bump into things.
- The brake system is not easily disengaged if wearing flip flops/sandals because you have the use the top of your toes/foot to lift up the brake bar. That's a pretty sensitive area!
- While the bumper bar is not detachable, we felt it gets in the way for easier placement/removal of our child when having to slide him up or down behind it. This shouldn't pose a problem for stronger people and lighter children. Also, the bumper bar is pretty high and blocked my child's line of sight even at the most upright seat position.
- The basket is not easily accessible when seat is in the most upright position because the foot of the seat blocks it.
- It EASILY tips backward if you put any weight on the handles, even a standard diaper bag with just the necessities.
- The Maxi Cosi Mico car seat adapters worked as advertised, but you have to remove the Toro's seat before mounting the car seat.
- The current sun and bug shield is only compatible with the older canopy that has the zipper under the canopy's front lip. Our Toro had the new canopy version, but Micralite hadn't released the sun shield for it, so the distributor has to send us an older canopy. It still looked cool and functioned well!
- See Cons for comments about the multi-position handles.
- The fleece seat liner appeared to keep my some warm. It would be nice if it had a side for use during warmer weather.
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on January 20, 2009
In response to the other review the stoller will tip if your bag is on the handlebars and you remove the child..however this is true of every Maclaren and umbrella stoller out there. You have to take your bag off

The virtue is it truly is lightweight. I live in the city and I can carry my big boy in his stroller up the subway stairs by myself..unlike several luxury or full size strollers. AND I can also walk my weimeraner and steer the stroller with one hand..unlike many umbrella types. So it works for me.

And it's small in my small apartment.

My two criticisms are that the front wheels have a pretty wide spread and I slammed into a lot of curbs and chair legs and stuff before I got used to it. But now I do it well.

Second I don't know on what planet it is a "one handed fold" It definitely takes two hands unless I'm missing something. I'll have to check youtube for a demo!

All in all a great stroller at a great price (especially if you skip the carrycot and just get a car seat adapter. I got the carrycot and barely used it).
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on May 17, 2012
I had to convince my husband to buy this, I dont know how I stumbled upon this stroller online, but the reviews were quite good. You dont see this as part of the usual popular floor sample models in big stores nor have I seen this stroller being used by another parent for me to ask how they like using theirs. I wanted a stroller that takes care of my son and my needs. I had a checklist and I didnt want a sales person telling me stuff, I wanted a stroller that was both child and parent friendly. One small store had an actual model and that was the only way for me to see this, too bad that store no longer exist...

My Toro traveled as much as my son, from 6months to 2yrs old from various countries for short business trips, and pleasure trips--museums to outdoor parks. I can maneuver the stroller with one hand,and a luggage with the other, it's that light-weight and smooth! Who knew you can do both in a hectic international airport traveling alone with a kid? Or weaving your way in a carnival? From concrete pavements to dirt, it runs great- stress free! You can brisk walk or jog with it and your child does not feel the bounce.

It reclines fully like a bed, and in a restroom without changing beds, this Toro will be your best friend. Kids see it recline smoothly and him sound asleep,and you hear other kids say "I like his stroller,can you buy me too?"...when you hear that from another kid, you know your stroller is worth it and cool. It comes with a foot muff and a rain shield for those sudden weather changes. The overhead shade can be adjusted to shield the sun's glare. Closing and opening has its learning curve but you never need to use your foot to operate and end up damaging your Manolos! It stands upright when folded, you can be in a tight restaurant without bothering others. The over-all design is very modern. A dad wont mind pushing this.

My son has out grown his Toro, and now I have to settle with an umbrella kind. It's not the same. But the journey we had with this Toro was great.
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on April 17, 2011
I wanted to wait to write this review until my son was older. He is now 2 years old and we still love this stroller. I live in downtown Seattle and have to go up and down sidewalks, this stroller is a dream! It handles so well and is so easy to maneuver. The rain shield is also easy to use. I remember seeing my friends fighting with their Bugaboo rain shields in the pouring rain. Now that my son is 2 years old the stroller is so light it is still easy to push. We did not use the infant insert, just folded the stroller all the way down. The con's of this stroller are that you really can't take it on the bus with you, it's too cumbersome. The basket is small and it's hard to go to the market. Lastly, you cannot face the infants backwards to face you. That being said, I still highly recommend this stroller and would buy it over again.
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on October 19, 2011
Things I love:
Smooth ride. Any stroller can glide through the mall, but the large back wheels are perfect for the very bumpy sidewalks in my neighborhood.

Folds into standing position. Great for walking to local restaurants. I didn't want to have a stroller that was in 2 pieces. Also fits nicely into the back of my car.

Sleek design that not everyone has.

Not too expensive- plus since it's not too common no one knows what you spent. I don't like the idea of spending $800+ on a stroller and having everyone know it.

Wider front wheel base can be brought in without removing your kid from the stroller- makes it easier to get through tight spaces.

What I wish it had:
I wish you could make the seat face you.
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I bought this after being frustrated with the way my Bugaboo Frog folds and takes up so much space in the vehicle. Felt a little guilty, as the Frog is an amazing stroller (still great even on it's 3rd child, now 18mo.) and I have a Cybex topaz also, for when a smaller fold is required. HOWEVER, this was some of the best money spent in baby gear! The Bugaboo now stays unfolded, ready to go on walks in the garage!! The Toro fits PERFECTLY lying down, upright, boot on, folded behind the 3RD seat of a Sequoia with seats somewhat reclined!! LOVE THIS! How wonderful it is to be able to very quickly grab a stroller, plop the baby, without her shoes on (which come off the minute we get in the car) inside the boot, in the cold of Colorado and run a quick errand or run in to drop her sister at preschool! Genius! Can't say enough about it! Drove a Lexus GX470 SUV before getting the larger Sequoia (with walk through) now that we have 3. ONLY concern was space for a stroller, as I wanted to be able to leave both sides of back seat up! Now not an issue at all!! (I think width is 14-16in.) Love this stroller and how much more quickly and easier getting kids in and out is! Also, the performance seems equal to the Bugaboo! Haven't tried to hang a big bag from the handlebar and know it could easily tip. Wouldn't mind if the handlebar could flip the other way or if the brake was up on the handlebar either. Other than that, no complaints!
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on September 22, 2011
I did a lot of research before purchasing the Micralite Toro, and I have to say, it does everything I hoped it would: It's lightweight, maneuverable, portable, comfortable for my son to ride in, easy to fold and park, and beautiful.

BUT! Micralite has the worst customer service I've ever encountered, anywhere. They no longer have a US distributor, so if you call Scandinavian Child (which purports to be the US distributor) with any warranty/parts questions, they won't be able to help you. If you try to contact Micralite in the UK, you'll never hear back from them. (I've written them three polite e-mails over the course of three weeks, and haven't heard a peep back -- and I'm having a real problem with the stroller, one that prevents me from using it.)

If you're going to spend $500 on a stroller, you should be able to contact a human being -- preferably a friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful one -- when something goes wrong, as something inevitably does.

I also have a Bumbleride Indie, which is too big for urban use (in my opinion), but which is a far better-designed stroller overall, and I've always been thrilled with the laid-back helpfulness of their customer service. I intend to chuck the Micralite and get another, lighter-weight Bumbleride instead. You'd also be much better off, in my opinion, with a Bugaboo.
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on July 30, 2011
When my husband received this stroller from Amazon, before I joined him in our new home (we moved just after our baby was born and I hadn't been able to join him right away), he called me and said he never thought he'd speak these words, but, "this is a really cool stroller." Aside from good looks, the Micralite Toro is functional and lives up to the manufacturer's description. It's is a smooth ride with a great turning radius, easy to steer with one hand, and folds like a dream.

Other reviewers have complained about the size of the basket/the nylon strip running down the centre of the basket - well, to them I say, "It's not a shopping cart." It's meant to be a small city-sized stroller. You can't have it all. Having said that, I regularly manage to fit all of our groceries in the bottom of the basket (i.e. 2 cartons of soy milk, fruits and vegetables to last 2-3 days, bread, salsa, tortilla chips, canned tomatoes, rice, beans) in addition to a stroller blanket and water bottle. It does take a little patience, but it's not impossible.

As for complaints about it tipping, we are still using it with the car seat adapter, so I can take the baby out with the diaper bag still attached to the handle bars (Skip Hop) and it doesn't tip over, but if I'm collapsing it to put in the trunk of our car, I take the diaper bag off before removing the baby seat. Again, if you want a tank for a stroller, go for a Bob's or a Graco, this one is designed smaller and lighter and that requires some sacrifices.

My only complaint is the cost of all the add-ons. Everything from the sun/bug shield (which is great), to the extension handle bars, and car seat adapters, seems to be $45+. Considering the cost of the stroller, it would be nice if at least the sun/bug shield was included. We don't use the included rain shield because it appears to be made of vinyl, which is toxic for children and we didn't want to encase our daughter in a toxic bubble (our solution so far has just been to cover the stroller with one our our gore-tex rain jackets, but that's obviously not going to work once the car seat is removed, so we'll have to figure something else out).

We have the Maxi Cosi car seat. It works with the adapters, but it's not a smooth process getting it in and out. You have to release and pull one side out and then the other, which takes some practice, but once you get it, it's fine.

The steering is a dream, though as other reviewers have pointed out, the wheels being wider at the front than at the back does take some getting used to. It's still great for weaving through the produce aisles and tight spots at our small local grocery store.

All in all, we love our Micralite Toro - I would give it 4.5 stars because of the vinyl rain cover (manufacturers of children's products should know better by now) and the excessive cost for some of the add-ons, but since I would recommend it without hesitation, 5 stars is still appropriate.
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on December 22, 2008
After reading rave reviews, I purchased my Micralite Toro and waited 4 months for delivery. The carrycot newborn system was wonderful, but now that we are in the regular stroller seat, there are SERIOUS TIPPING PROBLEMS. Company representatives tell me that because of the large rear wheels and small front wheels, there is a tipping hazard that is exacerbated by adding any weight at all to the handlebars. Therefore Mom cannot hang a diaper bag or coffee cup or anything on the frame. There is also very limited under carriage storage because, in the distributor's words, "it is not intended for storage."

Each time I take my baby out of the carriage I have to steady it so that it doesn't tip. My boy is only 4 months now; I wonder what will happen when he is big enough to move around and shift his own weight. Will it tip over on its own???? If you are buying this stroller strictly for walking around with no need to carry diapers, wipes, bottles, etc, then this is your product. Otherwise, I advise you to consider other options.
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