Customer Reviews: Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard for PC and Xbox 360 - Black
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on March 14, 2010
Microsoft Arc Wireless Keyboard Light & Sexy
I tried this keyboard for a week, this Arc keyboard is much lighter and slightly smaller than Logitech K340, very compact with a very sexy arch, I'm not a heavy typist so I got all the keys that I needed,
Although I used Photoshop & publishing program more than any other program, I find it easier to navigate with the Logitech K340 because of the full separated arrow keys, the combined arrow key on the Arc works, but needed getting use to. Aside from no number pads and cap lock indicator, this is an amazing keyboard from Microsoft, it's a keeper for me, and hits my soft spots for sexy compact keyboards.

Super compact & light, even lighter than Logitech K340
Nice Soft Edges
Arched typing surface is very user friendly
On & off key is nice
Small & concealed almost compact receiver
Better battery Life (Still too early to know)
USB plug and play, no software require
Clean with no complicated special multimedia keys
Find this receiver from responsive than Logitech K340, need more time to really know.

Glossy Black finish is nice but it's a thumb prints magnet (but easy to clean LOL) same as Logitech K340.
No Unifying Receiver to combine with Arc Mouse, less USB clutters.
Some key location needs getting use to, same as Logitech K340.
No Cap Lock light indicator.
Combined arrow key is a letdown.
No number pad.

One of the best compact keyboard around, very similar to Logitech K340t's, but lighter and more compact, K340 feels too heavy next to it, Good job Microsoft !
Its better than: SlimBlade Media Set & Logitech DiNovo Keyboard.
For the heavy typist, I recommend try it out first before getting one.

U Wish !
Universal unifying receiver for less for all manufacturer, WHY NOT !!!
Optional number pad with separated arrow keys.
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on July 15, 2010
A: Let it be known that I am not a gamer nor am I a MAC user. If I were either I would have purchased differently as this keyboard is not designed with gamers or MAC users in mind. Furthermore, I find it rather disconcerting when gamers purchase products clearly not designed with the gamer in mind. Clearly, there are many products on the market designed specifically for gamers. I have no doubt that if I purchased a gaming keyboard and gave it 2 stars because it had all these bells and whistles for which I had no use and only served to convolute the layout, I would be overwhelmed with the onslaught of outraged gamers politely telling me to purchase something else designed for non-gaming.

B: I've been using this keyboard for several days and I'm completely satisfied. The arrow key, however, takes just a little getting used to but was expected because I had sense enough to look at the photo before I made my purchase and decided, although I love using my arrow keys, the remaining features make the purchase worth it.

C: I purchased this key board because, as it was described, it is compact, light weight, and wireless. I wanted such a keyboard and with no mouse as I already have several to which I have grown accustomed. Moreover, I can use this with either my desktop or my laptop. I may purchase another just to use for my desktop. Sure, I would like a keyboard and mouse combo; however, I have yet to find a set that I like. Nevertheless, I like this keyboard. I do not like the arc mouse. I like that I can purchase them separately.

D: So far I can say that I like the responsiveness of this keyboard. It is tight with little noise but just enough feedback noise to let you know you are hitting the keys. The keys themselves are well spaced and firmly positioned. The design is somewhat ergonomic; good or bad I cannot attest as I am not a traditional typist, although I can hold my own if I can look at the keys while I type. It has a nano USB transceiver that also stores conveniently on the underside of the keyboard. It is equipped with PgUp, PgDn, Home, and End, mute, volume up and volume down; one Ctrl, two Alt buttons, a Function (Fn) button to activate f7 through f12, power, ins, and print screen; all the keys I've ever needed with the exception of the arrow key - its one key for all four directions.

E: While many a consumer might think of a plethora of uses for which this keyboard might come in handy, I use this keyboard to type documents and surf the web. This keyboard has not locked up on me nor has it demonstrated any delay in response. It comes with a brief manual that explains how to turn it on and off (Fn+Esc). Windows recognized it immediately and I was typing in seconds with no trouble. Obviously, no troubleshooting guide is needed as there is nothing you can do in terms of software or hardware adjustments or corrections. It either works or it doesn't. There is no software tweak that I know of that will magically enable the use of this keyboard if it is not recognized by your computer as it uses standard keyboard protocols for most operating systems. It is a Microsoft product. If I were a Mac user and need troubleshooting instructions to enable the use of my hardware, I would not be very computer savvy. I might even consider myself computer illiterate. If I had any common sense I would not buy a Microsoft product for my Mac, but I digress.

F: Lastly, I went to the other side of my apartment and into the next room and was still able to input with no delay. Thus, I have no placement problems. I hope this review was helpful.
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on October 6, 2010
This is a really nice keyboard. The keys have a good amount of travel, some click, and good tactile feedback. Every key is reachable without moving the hands. The four-way arrow key switch surprised me - I expected to really dislike it, but instead I find myself wishing every keyboard had one, maybe in addition to regular arrow keys. It's really fast for navigating text and saves a lot of hand movement. The curvature of the keyboard is very natural and didn't disrupt my touch-typing at all.

The keyboard doesn't have:
a right-side Ctrl key, so Ctrl-Alt-Del is necessarily a two-handed operation, and Ctrl-arrow is a little awkward
a Break key... which probably bothers no one other than me, but I really miss it
a hard F8 or F10 key - F7-F12 are Fn-key chords, and so my often-used Shift-F10 is a three-key chord
a Menu key, which would have mitigated lack of hard F10

My employers arranged for an ergonomist to come in and see if I could alter my behavior to minimize my risk of RSIs. I'm very keyboard-centric, so mostly she watches me type for a while. Then she asks, "Have you considered a compact keyboard?"

I hadn't. I've been touch-typing for 25 years! Change is scary. I tried several compact devices before settling on this one, which I've been using as my only work keyboard for two weeks now. It's very pleasant, and I can recommend it with little reservation.
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on April 26, 2010
I wanted to go minimalist and save space around my desk so I bought this keyboard. It turns out that it is a little small for my hands and the up, down, left, right button is a 4-way rocker switch which is cool in concept but if you use often, will slow you down. I ended up given to my daughter and buying Microsoft's compact Bluetooth Keyboard - which is slightly bigger and perfect for my needs. It has a separate 10-key pad to boot - perfect!
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on December 17, 2010
I bought this after seeing it at Best Buy and also because I wanted a small wireless keyboard that I could use with my Wii for gaming online and to occasionally use the browser on it. I love everything about it. It's very slick, the design is very nice and compact, and it's not so small to where I struggle to type. It's also portable and very quiet too. You definitely hear yourself typing, bit it's not loud and clunky like most big keyboards.

Another great thing that I love is that the rubber pads keep the keyboard in place. I had problems with my last keyboard always sliding back and forth if I gave it a bit of a push by accident. Not with this one.

If there's one thing that I can complain about, is that there's no light notification to tell you that you have Caps Lock on. You can obviously tell it's on when you're typing, but what about when you accidentally turn it on and you gotta put in your password? Happened to me. Typed in my password correctly, website said it was wrong. Puzzled, I put in other passwords that I may have used, and still nothing. So, I had no choice but to go to the reset password option. When filling my e-mail, I noticed that the caps lock was on. I could have avoided this confusion if the keyboard had the indicator to begin with.

Other than that inconvenience, I recommend this keyboard to anyone that wants something compact and portable.
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on June 15, 2010
the keyboard is a great size and very cool looking (aesthetic not as important, but nice, and it doesn't eschew function for form). Keys have a nice snappy tactile response, and the USB dongle is really discreet. The battery life seems to be keeping up so far, particularly as I tend to log a lot of hours typing while working. Turning the keyboard on and off is easy too, making it simple to power down if I plan on being away from my desk for a while.
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on August 22, 2012
I am frustrated that Microsoft, supposedly one of the most sophisticated companies in the world, is incapable of replacing a nanotransceiver for this device. Their customer service person told me that, if the transceiver is lost or damaged, there is no option except to throw the keyboard into a landfill and buy an entirely new one. What a waste of resources and money! If I have the model # and serial #, it should be easy to send me a replacement transceiver with the same specs as the one that was damaged. I hope Microsoft remedies this problem. Nanotransceivers are tiny and easily lost or damaged. This is an increasingly common problem now that people are using wireless keyboards, wireless mice, and other wireless accessories. It's terrible to think of landfills filling up with perfectly good electronics while Microsoft makes more money buy selling us replacement devices for no good reason.
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on March 25, 2011
I have had an Arc Mouse for a while now and I saw this cheap in a store a few weeks ago, although not nearly as ridiculously cheap as it is here (but they won't ship outside the US), and decided to buy one to compete the set. I've been using it several hours a day since and I quite like it. It is comfortable and takes up very little space on my cramped desk. It took me no time at all to adjust to the curved surface and the main keys are comfortable and responsive. The top row of keys - F1 to F6, Home, End, etc - are positive-click keys, like a phone keypad or mouse buttons. You get used to them very quickly and they work fine. Some of the peripheral keys are in non-standard places but that is something else you get used to very quickly, because the layout is still logical. Holding down the "Fn" key gives you access to less used keys like Print Screen and F7 to F12, which is also easy to get used to.

Less successful is the 4-way rocker pad, again like on a mobile (cell) phone, that replaces the arrow keys. It requires a kind of click and roll of the fingers and sometimes you get left and up, or right and down or whatever, at the same time. It is also completely missing the numeral pad keys. I think they could have put them in somewhere, using the "Fn" key, like they do with laptops, but I knew that going in so I cannot complain about it now.

Like the Arc Mouse, the USB receiver has a little recess in the underside and is held in there magnetically. It's a cool feature that makes it very portable, although the receiver is so tiny that many won't bother to remove it from the USB socket, I would imagine. It comes with a cheap feeling carry bag, nothing like the nice suede leather pouch that comes with the Arc Mouse, but it is effective at keeping dust out.

Overall, I quite like it and even though I have several full size keyboards that I am also happy with, I find myself persevering with this one because it works perfectly well. Sometimes I miss having a numeral pad but not so much that it is a deal-breaker. I thought that would get annoying after a while but I actually got used to it pretty easily. If you look at it and think it might be good, I am sure you will be happy with it.
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on November 27, 2011
I have had this on my desk at work for the last 10 months and I have come quite accustomed to it.

Due to the "arc" the keys do not align quite like a normal keyboard, which does take some getting used to.

If you are after a smaller keyboard for work that is especially portable for laptops and don't need the number pad - after who really uses that anyway? - then this is a great option. This would also be great for those who want it for a media PC in the living room etc due to the small size for that task.

The only thing that annoys me are the directional arrows - just a bit too hard to be accurate and push the right direction when needed.

Encouragement award for Microsoft - just fix the directional keys.
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on January 12, 2012
I really, really wanted to like this keyboard, but in the end the cons outweighed the pros. I like keyboards without numeric keypads to avoid clutter and improve ergonomics. I currently use the Microsoft Bluetooth 6000 keyboard, which is OK, but the main problem is it takes too long to come out of sleep mode and start typing.

- Very well built, solid, stays put on your desk
- Easy installation
- Quick (seemingly immediate) typing even when returning to the keyboard after not using it overnight
- Cool design features like having the nano the receiver attach to the back via a magnet. Pretty slick.

- Escape key is very hard to press. If you use Escape all the time like I do, this makes this keyboard very frustrating. It is like all the other keys, but since it is small and off to the upper left, you really have to "nail" it to get it to work.
- Keys themselves are very tightly spaced, and don't have the angle that makes them comfortable for me to type. I have kind of large hands.
- The arrow keys are very tough to use... even when I got them to work, they only seemed to, say, move left a few characters and then you'd have to release and press again.
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