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on December 17, 2009
This keyboard is the most comfortable slim keyboard I've ever used. It only requires 2 AAA batteries for the keyboard and one AAA battery for the number pad.

- Extremely Slim profile
- Number Pad is separated from the keyboard for high mobility and great for any netbook and laptop without number pad. It is also great for saving a crowded desktop space.
- The ergonomic curvature allows less stress on the wrist
- Comfortable tactile feedback but at the same time feels like the keyboard is integrated on your table due to the slim form factor.
- Extremely easy to pair up with my Asus Laptop that comes with built-in Bluetooth and Windows 7.

- No dedicated HOME and END buttons on the keyboard but on the Number Pad 7, and 1 keys when Num Lock is OFF.
- Limited Multi Media Controls: only Volume Up, Down, and Mute.
- There are no secondary functions printed on the Number Pad, instead it gives you a tiny piece of card for you to memorize. But the good part is all number pad functions are the same as any other number pads on the market.
- Slow Bluetooth wake up time. It takes around 1 second for the keyboard to respond after 8 to 10 minutes of inactivity. You only need to press once and don't keep repeating the same key otherwise after the Bluetooth reconnects to the computer, you will see all the repeated typed strings.

If you don't mind the bluetooth slow wake up time by all means get this! It's very slim yet comfortable! It is way better than Logitech's DiNovo or Apple's Bluetooth keyboard.
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on January 26, 2010
Verified Purchase

Fantastic design and feel for the keyboard. Great key action, it's very similar to the Microsoft ComfortCurve keyboard in layout and key motion. High responsiveness could be used for games although it is certainly not built as robustly as a gaming keyboard. Bluetooth connectivity is a problem from time to time and turn-on delay can be significant after it goes into power-save mode (sleep state). Wonderfully small form-factor fits perfectly inside my smaller laptop bag that houses my ultra-portable 13-inch-screen ASUS UL30VT.

Build Quality and Design: 8 out of 10

The entire external shell of this keyboard is made out of plastic. The bottom is white, not silver or black. I would prefer a silver colored bottom if an accent color was necessary, or just a continuation of black. The top shiny black bar of trim sucks up fingerprints easily but is also easily wiped off. The black area immediately surrounding the keys has a rubberized texture to it like many Logitech mice have. Time will tell if this coating will rub off or not, but it feels robust enough to hold up to lots of use.

If twisted while grabbing the edges, the keyboard flexes a bit. Since it's so thin I would expect this. It does not feel fragile, but this isn't your father's old IBM weapons-grade keyboard. The smaller edge is almost axe-like although not sharp, it does end in a nice blunted taper. This small leading edge along the palm entirely eliminates the need for a wrist rest of any kind. It has exceptional ergonomics if used on a desk or flat surface. Easily one of the most comfortable keyboards I've used.

Contents of Box: 9 out of 10

The product box is surprisingly small and has a nice weight to it.

Other than the keyboard and the 10-key keypad there is a protective pouch for the keypad that is made out of a gray denim material included in the box. The pouch material isn't particularly amazing and the color choice seems odd since it matches nothing on the product, but at least there's something to put the keypad in. There is no such cover for the keyboard included in the box, and I haven't seen one sold as an accessory.

There are three AAA Energizer batteries in the box. The first round of batteries is on Microsoft. They are difficult to locate since they are tucked in a small white box wedged into the efficient packaging.

The oddly folded "Getting Started" manual is understandable enough and has more languages than I ever would have guessed was required.

Function: 10 out of 10

The keyboard can be used without ever using or connecting the keypad. Or just the keypad can be used without the keyboard, for those in need of an expensive 10-key solution. Each device registers as its own Bluetooth device. The keyboard responsiveness is great, even good enough to play FPS games with from 10-feet away. Although I can't say this is a gaming keyboard it could work for that purpose.

The on-off switch is perfect for shoving this keyboard into a laptop bag. But it does add some conscious effort on the part of the user. If the physical switch is not shut it off when the keyboard is shoved into a laptop bag the keys will inevitably get pressed and batteries will not last.

Connectivity: 5 out of 10

It takes a long time to wake up from a sleep state. I've measured as much as 5-10 seconds. One time so far the keyboard never woke up at all after going into sleep mode. I had to cycle the power switch on the bottom of the keyboard to reconnect the device. I find this unacceptable for the price tag. It's related to the Bluetooth technology, which I still have not seen work as flawlessly as the industry claims. That considered, I've used a few RF wireless keyboards that loose keystrokes and have been unreliable. I would take this keyboard over any of those units. As far as choosing the lesser of two evils I'd go with this Bluetooth unit over the RF devices I've used any day.

Most laptops ship with Bluetooth built in but might not have that connection turned on. There will be no extra hardware needed to connect this device to such laptops. Desktop systems do NOT usually have Bluetooth built in and will require a Bluetooth USB adapter. That adapter can be found anywhere from $8 to $25 depending on where they are purchased. Keep that extra expense in mind if you intend to use this for a desktop system.

Score: 4 out of 5

I had to subtract one point for the sometimes frustrating connectivity that afflicts all Bluetooth devices, this one included. Otherwise this keyboard is solid, designed well and functions great.
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on March 4, 2010
***Newly Edited 03.26.09

So although I am a Mac, and not a PC, I still inevitably end up using Microsoft products. Most recently, their Comfort Curve keyboard, which I chose over the Logitech Wave. I pretty much refuse to use Microsoft's mice because a number of them have died rather early deaths.

This time Microsoft has come out with something to make even Apple and Logitech jealous. It's this splendidly, sleekly stylish bluetooth keyboard and number. It's about as thin as the instruction manuals that came with it. It also is the perhaps the only keyboard of its kind (ultra-slim, designed primarily for mobile/laptops, bluetooth, very portable) that I've ever seen to have an ergonomic layout.

(If you, like me, get pain & cramping after even short typing sessions with "regular" keyboards, trust me the ergonomic keyboards on the market are well worth it.)

It is PRICEY, but relative to its competition of this genre of keyboards, it's priced fairly reasonably, though it does lack many of the multimedia and hot keys that I've gotten accustomed to (likely sacrificed to keep it compact.)

One final note: regarding infamous delay time. It occurs with "startup" and "power save" mode, which it does quite often. Everyone seems to have a more negative opinion of this, but the time it takes to "wake" on my older Mac from start to type is less time than connecting my bluetooth headset to my phone. I'd estimate about 2-3 seconds to wake up, and when it does, it instantly types out whatever keys I have begun typing. I'm a pretty impatient person, but I enjoy this keyboard enough that it's relatively minor to me personally.
review image review image
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on December 16, 2010
Verified Purchase
Straight out of the box, this is a phenomena; keyboard. The packaging was intuitive, the setup was intuitive, and it's very easy to use. I was considering several other bluetooth keyboards (in my experience, bluetooth has better connectivity/reliability than 2.4 RF devices), and from a price and space perspective, this keyboard seemed to be the best option, and I wasn't wrong. In reading some of the other reviews, three complaints seemed to be prevalent: the key layout/size is awkward, wake-up time is slow/unacceptable, and there aren't many secondary key options. On the first complaint, the key layout is a little awkward at first, but one quickly gets used to it. Frankly, this complaint seemed overly nitpicky. Any new input device takes getting used to, and the curve to the keyboard is a more natural position for your hands to be in.
The second claim in the reviews was that the wake-up time was excessive. I've had the keyboard for several days now, and have used it in a lot of common applications: word processing, web browswers, spread sheets, e-mail, etc. About the only application I haven't used it in is gaming, but for everything else it worked fine. There is about a 1 second wake up time after more than ~10 minutes of inactivity, but it's more of a key delay than a funciontal delay. After the keyboard has gone to sleep, resume typing, and all the keystrokes are recognized, they just don't show up for a second or two. Bottom Line, WAKE UP TIME IS NO BIG DEAL! Some reviewers act as if they can make a cup of coffee in the time it takes for the keyboard to wake up, and that is just not true in my experience.
Third, some complain about the lack of accessory keys on the keyboard. True, this keyboard does lack a lot of the accessory keys my previous keyboard had, but frankly, I never used them anyway. It does have volume keys, mute, and most of the other standard keys on a basic keyboard, and if you know the shortcuts for Word, and have a multibutton mouse, you're pretty much set.
Bottom line, this is a great keyboard, with great feel and design. It's incredibly slim, and so you can stick it in a drawer or alongside your desk to get it out of the way. The key orientation takes a little time to use, but isn't an overly large obstacle. Wake up time is very quick (1-2 seconds), and it has pretty much every key you'd use on a daily basis. The included number pad is also a huge bonus over other bluetooth keyboards, and while not essential, is nice for the occasional data entry task. Give this keyboard a try, and if you don't like, becuase of the intuitive packaging that you don't have to destroy to open the product, you can easily return it. Best of all, it's $50.00, while a comparable logitech keyboard is more than three times the cost.
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on May 31, 2011
The design of this keyboard is very nice. I love the size and the fact I can place the keyboard on the right side of my mouse - That's where the good stuff ends.
I also work in IT so get to try out a lot of keyboards.

This keyboard is so intermittent that I have to have a second keyboard plugged in permanently for when this one goes wrong.
1. At random times, and for minutes at a time, the keyboard will become extremelly laggy. My search on the internet for Microsoft mobile keyboard 6000 became "Microsoft mobileeeeeee kkkkkkkeybbbbbboarrrrrrddddddddddd 600000000". After numerous attempts to retype it, I had to use my fallback keyboard.

2. Sometimes it just stops working. This is not it going to sleep - I could literally be typing away, and it will just stop working instantly. It wont work again until I reboot. Again my fallback keyboard is required.

3. Then there's the delay where it sleeps if you don't use it for a minute. This alone stops me using the keypad part at all. By the time I wait for it to wake up, I could have typed it on the main part of the keyboard.

4. Less important, but still causing me to keep a fallback keyboard on hand is the fact you can't use the keyboard while booting. This includes going into the BIOS, pressing F8 to get to safe mode, or pressing F12 to boot to a CD say.

I'm using a dell E6520 with a fast SSD, the PC is not slowing down at all and is a fresh install of Windows 7.
I've even tried using the Internal bluetooth, and also a separate dongle, both have the same problem.
To add to that, we initially bought 2 of these keyboards, and the two of us using them share the exact same issues outlined above.
The laptop itself is about 1 meter away from the keyboard in both cases.

Quite simply, I wish the was a wired version with the same exact design. Either that or just include a dongle similar to a mouse would have.
I use a Logitech VX Nano and it's as responsive as any wired mouse - I'd even use it for gaming.
Wireless is pointless for a keyboard if you sit at a desk all day as it never moves around like a mouse does.
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on June 16, 2010
Verified Purchase
After two years, this keyboard is still a gem. Works great. OS X support is fine, iOS is fine. I use it with my iPad at home now. Reliable, respectable battery life, comfortable. What more can I say?

I write a lot.... I've used ergonomic keyboards since the early nineties, and have had numerous Microsoft, Logitech, and even Apple boards. But I've never been a fan of Apple's keyboards. In the past 15 years Apple has utterly failed to produce a decent keyboard. They are either thick with sticky keys, or the new minimalist design lacks essential tactile feedback. But I absolutely love Mac OS X. What to do?

The Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 is a lovely blend. The keyboard size is just right for matching with my 13" Macbook Pro. The the keys are full-sized (except for the arrow keys), and the curve is just what I'm used to with other ergo keyboards. The thin design is as portable as it is stylish, and they keys have a quiet, shallow travel with a perfect, gentle 'snap.'

One must remember that this is a MOBILE keyboard, not a desktop replacement. Although home/end are under the control of the Fn+PgUp/PgDn, I feel it is a logical adaptation. I especially appreciate the "Del" key beside the standard location for the "Backspace" I found all of these portable adaptations very intuitive. Even the volume controls were reasonably placed. The other machine controls on the function keys, (brightness, media controls), don't work, which would have been very nice, but the laptop keys aren't far away, and not so frequently used. In all, the choices Microsoft made to put the essentials literally "at your fingertips" where great. And I must say that the smarts of having a separate number pad are just too cool. It works. It is there when I need it (at home, doing spreadsheets and accounting), but it isn't a bulky dead weight when I don't need it, (writing prose at home or away).

As far as wireless goes, it was as easy as it gets for Bluetooth. No problems for me getting it paired, along with the number-pad, and the Microsoft Bluetooth mobile mouse. No manuals needed, it was all intuitive (Mac OS X 10.6.3). OS X deftly handled swapping the "Windows" and "Alt" keys to behave like the Mac layout for "Command" and "Option" through the System Preferences Keyboard pane under "Modifier Keys," while leaving the laptop's keys untouched. A seamless integration.

If you're new to bluetooth, this may not satisfy. There is a reconnect delay of a second or two, but that's Bluetooth. The 2.4ghz are speedier in this regard, and can explain why they remain popular. But I wasn't ready to sacrifice 1/2 of USB ports on my Macbook Pro for a 2.4ghz dongle. I have backup drives to connect, iPod cables for syncing and so on. I just tap the keyboard as I'm sitting down, and it's reconnected before I'm ready to type. No worse than waking a screensaver.

If the compact key layout is a problem for you, then you should instead consider a real desktop keyboard with full media keys, home/end and the works. The compromises made on the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 are very thoughtful, keeping priority on the most used/necessary keys, while adapting to the demands of mobility. (It is a mobile keyboard, after all.) I would have preferred just slightly larger arrow keys, but in all, Microsoft has achieved a great balance.

For me, this is a perfect pairing with a MacBook Pro and OS X. It has exceeded my fairly high expectations. (I even synced it with my PS3 and iOS devices without a hitch.)
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Verified Purchase
I'll tell you I bought this keyboard for my new desktop that replaced the one that was blown up by a lightning strike. I wanted a clean uncluttered look.

At the end of the day this keyboard did not work with that machine because it has a x64 bit Windows 7 and try as I might, I could not get it to connect. I wound up getting a Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard with Backlighting...the backlighted logitech goes better with my Alienware anyway.

So I almost returned this keyboard but I was setting up an office at work and took this keyboard in. It gave my desk a very uncluttered look because the lack of wires. It connected to my laptop no problems. I love it.

On the wakeup thing that people keep slamming this keyboard for. Yes it takes about 5 seconds for the keyboard to first wakeup when I first bring my laptop up in the morning. All day it's very responsive and there is no delay. 5 seconds at the beginning of the morning is a very small price to pay for not having yet another USB dongle with sticking out of my laptop.

The other thing I'll say is that I've been using this keyboard daily for over a month and it's still using the same original batteries and I type a lot so that's another plus.

The keys feel great, good range a motion for such a thin keyboard and I love that the numberpad can be placed off to the side and I can bring it out when I turn on Excel.


If I'm guessing right, this keyboard will be worth four times what I paid for it in 3 years when it can no longer be found.
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on January 9, 2010
Verified Purchase
I purchased this keyboard for my mobile office. It fits nicely in my standard size briefcase. It is extremely light weight however it is very durable (I use it 8 hours a day). Very easy to use and I love the slim profile (no need for a wrist pad!).
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on February 23, 2010
Verified Purchase
Purchased this keyboard for use with an HP Mini311 netbook I use for travel. HP Mini 311-1000NR 11.6-Inch Black Netbook - Up to 6.25 Hours of Battery LifeThe computer's keyboard is adequate but lacks the "feel" of a good full travel keyboard. The Microsoft 6000 bluetooth mobile keyboard is an excellent addition and eliminates the problem of accidentally engaging the trackpad with the palm of my hand.

() Very slim and easy to pack.

() Easy bluetooth pairing with the Mini311 running Windows7.

() Excellent feel.

The keyboard includes a separate number pad and small pouch to hold it. My only complaint is that there is no corresponding pouch for the keyboard. That would make it perfect.

Edit: Since the initial review I've used the Microsoft Keyboard with a Dell Notebook (Precision 4500) and an iPad 2. Excellent performance with both. And after many miles of travel and thousands of keystrokes it remains as durable and responsive as the day I bought it.

Other reviews that complain about the keyboard's slow response refer, I think, to the fact that the keyboard "goes to sleep" if it's not used for awhile. But the condition lasts for only about 2 seconds and the keystrokes (in my experience) are never lost. The condition may contribute to the long life of the batteries I've experienced. I believe I've replaced the batteries either once or not at all in a year.

All in all, I'd recommend this keyboard very highly. It's superior to the Apple Wireless Keyboard I typically use with my iPad in feel and is slightly larger and more ergonomic (thanks to the "wave" design.) In addition, it's about $25 less expensive.
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on April 22, 2010
Verified Purchase
I bought this for use with m Macbook Pro. I liked it quite well at first. My only complaint was that since it was a Windows keyboard and i was used to the Macintosh keyboard layout, I couldn't get used to it. I ended up buying a regular Apple Keyboard and kept the Keypad for when I'm on the go. I do heavy data entry and prefer having the extended keyboard.

Features that rock are the little switch to turn it on and off. You don't have to worry about the battery draining when you stuff it in your bag. There is this little bag for the keypad too.
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