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on April 7, 2008
I purchased this set for work because I enjoyed using them at home. I have a desk job where I use a computer all day. In brief, I love these ergonomic devices.

The mouse I give 4.5 stars. Both the mouse at work (and the one I own at home) are amazingly comfortable to hold and use. When you let your hand lay over the mouse, it positions your wrist in what I think of as a "handshake" position rather than flat on the desk. This takes about a week to get used to, but after that it's amazing how much better that angle is. It's a mouse that has a bit of "meat" to it, so it's better for my big hand to hold on to.

The mouse has a smooth-scrolling wheel, great for productivity (though bad for FPS games). Pressing the scroll-wheel for a middle-button effect is very hard to do with this particular wheel, but that's not much of an issue, as one of the two thumb buttons can be reassigned to the middle button functionality via the Microsoft software.

The keyboard I give 3.5 stars. It's wonderfully ergonomic and comfortable to use, but the "wireless" part of the equation makes it work a bit erratically from time to time. I type very quickly, and the keyboard will occasionally just lose keystrokes... or briefly stop receiving input altogether. I much prefer my home setup, where I have the Microsoft Natural Mouse hooked up wirelessly, and the Microsoft Natural Keyboard hooked up via USB.
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on December 3, 2007
I have used MS ergonomic keyboards since they came out with the original. I ordered this set to replace my Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 which is the same keyboard except that it isn't wireless. Since I wanted to get the Natural Ergonomic Mouse 6000, I thought I'd upgrade the whole shebang.

The mouse is fabulous. It is responsive, smooth, quick, and places my wrist at a more natural angle. No pain. I have never been happier with a mouse. Did I say I am thrilled?

The keyboard. I didn't play with the keyboard for a while since it is identical to the 4000 that is my favorite keyboard. I was more concerned with the mouse. When it came time to get back to work, I was in for a surprise. They have changed the design of the spacebar.

To press the spacebar, one has to move one's hands out of the ergonomic position to reach the center of the spacebar with one's thumb. The sides of the spacebar do not work. Even then one has to pound the spacebar... a light touch won't get it. It doesn't have the smooth feel of my 4000; instead it makes a loud thunk when depressed. What's the point of ergonomic if one can't maintain the correct ergonomic position?

I called MS tech support thinking the keyboard defective. After going through 3 people before finally getting someone with possibly some knowledge, I was told that I wasn't used to ergonomic keyboards. Obviously, that is their pat answer. When I finally got it through the guy's skull that I have used ergonomic keyboards for years and years, he said the keyboard may be defective.

I've filed a return request with Amazon. I was going to try to continue using the kb until the replacement arrives, but after an hour of pounding the space bar with my thumb, the thumb was cramping, my wrists hurt, and I had to yank out my trusty 4000. It may have a wire, but it's the best keyboard on the market, imo.

I'm hopeful the replacement fixes the problem, but after reading the sticky key issues here, I have my doubts. I now wish I'd done a return instead of a replacement.

If this is the norm for this keyboard, I do not recommend it. The mouse though, I give a 5.
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on October 2, 2007
The microsoft desktop comprises of two things, the natural laster wireless 6000 (baseball mouse) and the natural wireless keyboard. The keyboard is really well built; it's not too loud and just like any other microsoft ergonomic keyboard, is a real joy to use. They even fixed the 'F-lock' problem that plagued previous models. The mouse is also really well built. However, its really different from any other mouse in the has a baseball like shape that curves the wrist when you grasp it. Initially (for two or three days) it actually hurts the wrist, but after that it becomes quite comfortable to use. The only gripe about the mouse is that it is a bit heavier than most other mice, even wireless ones. Even without the 2 batteries, it's quite heavy. Lastly, after 2 months of daily use (8+ hours/day), the battery still shows up at about 70 to 80% so thats good.
As a whole, one problem that has emerged recently is that sometimes the pointer or keystrokes lag. It wasn't a problem earlier on, but lately it's quite noticeable (and annoying). Maybe its a driver conflict, but it seems like wireless interference.

Overall, I'd recommend the mouse/keyboard combo to anyone if they are willing to pay the steep price for it.
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on March 28, 2011
I've finally been forced to replace my old Wireless Natural Keyboard, which has worked great for almost ten years. This seemed to be the closest wireless model made today, and my sometimes painful mouseing wrist encouraged me to try this new idea in mouse design. I went into it with high expectations and confidence that MS would come through.

The mouse itself is fine. it tracks well and is comfortable after the learning curve. The thumb buttons are poorly positioned, you really have to pick your thumb up and move it far to hit either of them. I don't use them as much as I used the ones on the old Intellimouse Explorer because of this. The scroll wheel feels the same as my old one, so that is fine, but for some reason it seems to scroll at a glacial pace on the Mac even with the speed turned all the way up. Presumably this works on Windows much better. Overall, the mouse is fine but not worth the $80+ they ask for as a standalone item. The value just isn't there.

The keyboard is pretty lousy. The keys are a little mushier than the old Natural, and the slightly padded wrist rest is actually quite nice and soft. I'd be happy using the keyboard except for one critical flaw -- the space bar. The switch for the space bar seems to only be in the center, because if you hit the space bar on either end it just doesn't move down smoothly. The space bar is designed to be used this way, since both ends have larger spots for your thumbs to rest on, and I don't know how the designers could possibly have messed this up so badly. I thought it was just a different feel and I would get used to it, but after a few days I just can't put up with the space bar anymore, it is terrible. Half the time I'm typing I either have to pound the space bar with my thumb, or actually pick up my hand so I can hit it in the center. There's no key i need to be able to use more quickly and easily than the space bar, and for that reason alone this fancy keyboard is completely useless to me.

The wireless receiver is a small USB adapter that has a very small range. I tried using this setup on a desktop computer with a tower sitting on the floor under my metal desk, but the keyboard had too many dropouts. It was less than a foot between the receiver and the keyboard, but the metal desk between was too much to overcome. I moved the whole setup to an iMac, where the receiver connects to the back of the machine that stands on the desk, and it works just great.

I'm quite disappointed if this is Microsoft's top of the line. They've always been legendary for great peripherals, but it seems they've forgotten the basics. I couldn't recommend this combo to anyone who needs to use a space bar or has a tower computer.
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on December 6, 2009
I've used a wireless keyboard/mouse combination for a couple of years now. My prevous MS wireless keyboard had become worn so I picked this up as a replacement. The feel of the keys and natural hand position is excellent. My issue with the keyboard and mouse is that they frequently stop working. To get them to work again I have to re-sync them with the usb transmitter. I am checking to see if I can replace the usb transmitter or return the whole package. I am going back to a wired keyboard for now.
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on March 5, 2008
I've been using my 7000 wireless for approx. 4 months now and have had no problems with it at all. In fact, I'm delighted. I use the computer 7+ hours a day so the keyboard has had pretty heavy use. I find the positioning extremely comfortable. It took me just a couple of hours to adjust to the shape of the keyboard and now I can't do without it. The keys have a nice touch - positive but not at all "clunky". I like the feel and positioning of the mouse better than my previous logitech ergonomic mouse. It's solid, reasonably heavy but glides perfectly well with little movement on a mousemat. Performance of both deteriorates when the batteries get low but there are warning lights that tell you when battery level is low. Batteries last for me approx. 2 months.

Only quibble is that 3 of my letters have started to rub off already - as a touch-typist this isn't crucial for me, but if you don't touch-type you might want to bear that in mind. Keyboard and mouse travel every day between home and work (in a musical keyboard bag!) and are none the worse for wear. The keyboard hot keys are useful - mail, web, volume, and my particular favourite, calculator. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied and have found these to be great value for money.
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on October 17, 2007
I ordered this keyboard and mouse set to replace an older Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. I was quite pleased with how comfortable the keyboard felt, the hand rest on the keyboard is leather-like vinyl and soft to the touch. The noise from the keyboard is more muted than the previous version that I had. The mouse looks like it would be awkward, as it is stubby and tall, but I found it very comfortable to use. The thumb cavity on the side of the mouse is a textured plastic which provides a bit of gripping ability.

Among the strong points in the keyboard and the mouse:
-There are five buttons at the top of the keyboard which can be customized to run a command (command line with agruments even) to open a program or perform an action. This was a pleasant surprise
-The mouse controls (scrolling wheel which can also be pushed side to side, L and R mouse buttons and two buttons above the thumb) can be customized. Mine are set to copy and paste which I find convenient but there are an array of options.
-The single RF receiver handles both the mouse and the keyboard, so only one USB port is taken up by the two devices. The absense of clutter on the desktop is great!
-The scroll wheel on the mouse doesn't feel like you scroll in 'notches' or clicks.. but is a smooth scrolling experience

Among criticisms I have:
-The 'B' key gets partially wedged from time to time under the faceplate. The key can still be depressed and this 'stuck' position doesn't result in stutter B's, but still can be annoying.
The space bar is curved and can be a bit clunky when pushed on the extreme left or right side by a thumb... works but is it makes it the noisiest key on the board.
-The function keys on the keyboard start out mapped to commands but this can be shut off by depressing the F Lock key (thank God!) so you can have regular F1, F2, F3... behavior

I spend a lot of time at the keyboard and this one is definitely the most comfortable one I've used.
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on September 23, 2007
Keyboard - great design, feel, functionality -- the negitive is the wireless function kept losing connection -- I had to move my move my computer from the floor to on top of my dest for it to stay connected. The mouse is good - I am use to the MS trackball which I like better - but my trackball is not wireless so I am giving the mouse a try.
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on November 13, 2008
I wanted two desktop features: 1) Wireless and 2) Split ("ergonomic") keyboard. I've been using the "Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro" keyboard and mouse combo (ASIN=B0000AOWVP) for a couple of years, and have been pretty happy. However, my old desktop set was starting to show its age, so an upgrade to the Desktop 7000 looked good. Since I've got somewhat large hands, the idea of a "baseball" mouse has appeal. And this newer keyboard seems to be well-received. It costs more, so it's probably better, right?

Here's my reaction:

There was one VERY ANNOYING problem, and other reviews have commented on it also: Mouse lag. This was not, as some have suggested, a matter of the USB receiver being too far away. I placed the USB receiver less than 2 feet from the mouse. I have no reason to believe my hardware was defective or that there was any external reason that might have caused the mouse to function less than optimally. I suppose it's possible my problem was local, but I don't see how. The lag was sporadic, and I noticed it in particular with the scroll wheel. That is, I start to spin the wheel, and there's a distinct pause. So I stop and start my wheel spin, and then it picks up, as if it had gone to sleep and needed a poke. I'm guessing this is some sort of a power-saving optimization, where it hibernates and takes a moment to awaken. This is a small thing, but it annoyed me; I found myself developing a sort of nervous twitch every time I accessed the scroll wheel, so as to kick it out of its slumber. It interfered with my easy use of the PC.

Otherwise, I found the keyboard and mouse no better than my old Wireless Optical Desktop Pro. The baseball mouse was okay but didn't really make my mousing more comfortable in long use; the keyboard has some supplemental keys and controls, but nothing that mattered to me.

So I'm back with my older desktop. I found no reason to prefer this desktop, and a big reason to avoid it. Maybe it's a good choice for others; some people don't seem to encounter the mouse lag, and maybe they like the baseball mouse and the different keyboard. The question is somewhat subjective; there's no way to know unless you try. But my experience wasn't satisfactory.
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on March 3, 2013
I was experiencing severe wrist pain in my right wrist, so I thought an ergonomic keyboard might be my solution. Unfortunately, I was very dissatisfied with the quality of the product I received. I use the keyboard for my work, for around eight hours each day.

The Mouse

Fortunately, the mouse works well. I bought a wrist support brace of sorts and I use it while using this mouse. You have your hand at kind of an angle in a more natural position. The mouse fits my (big) hand perfectly, and the travel is very nice. I didn't notice any lag in the wireless technology. For a complaint, the scroll wheel seems abnormally stiff.

The Keyboard

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I had to re-learn how to type using the ergonomic design, but I don't believe this is well-thought out to begin with. For one, it's a split design, which isn't required for it to be ergonomic, but that's the way they've decided to go.

Unfortunately, the placement of the keys seems to totally random. They expect you to use your pinkie to use a period, and they have random keys larger size to fit the split design. Why is the 'N' key the one that is gigantic, but the period button is not? It just doesn't make sense.

Then we get to the spacebar. There are two spots you're meant to hit the spacebar on either side of the split design, but the point of pressing is actually in the middle. So it's hit or miss whether or not it's actually going to register. It's loud, loose, clunky and feels bad. It's one of the worst spacebars I've ever used.

On top of that, the whole thing feels like very cheap plastic. Of course, I'm used to cheap-feeling keyboards, but this is the first one that cost me nearly $80. The support is thin, the elevation device underneath feels like it might snap at any moment, and the keyboard itself feels more like $10 than $80.

Overall Pros:
- Well-built mouse
- Lots of extra function buttons

Overall Cons:
- Cheap keyboard
- Bad spacebar
- Questionable key design
- Bad padding on keyboard support
- Big wireless receiver
- Stiff scroll wheel on mouse
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