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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 20, 2014
I have the Surface Pro and really enjoy it -- one of the problems, however, is that because of the high PPI (1080p on a 10" screen), some programs have really small icons! For those, I wanted to pick up a mouse. I've tried the "mini-mice" before without luck (I just can't get into the super-small mouse!) -- I was skeptical of this one because of the weird design and high cost.

I picked it up and really do enjoy it! Not quite perfect, but very nice.

First of - it appears to be the same as the "Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse" -- the difference is that the Surface version uses Bluetooth instead of a USB dongle.

This is nice for a couple reasons; No USB dongle to lose! No USB dongle to take up a USB slot! (Surface Pro has 1 USB slot).

The mouse takes 2 AAA Batteries (included). I can't comment on the life because mine are still going just fine.

The mouse folds flat and takes up VERY LITTLE ROOM - this is important for use with a Surface or Laptop as it fits easily in a bag (no bulky mouse). When in the flat position, it's OFF (also very nice since I've had USB keyboards randomly turn on while in my bag, and drain the battery).

Folding it into mouse shape automatically turns it on.. with the surface pro it connects in about 1 second (unlike some Bluetooth devices that take their time)

The mouse appears to be very basic, but does include many 'features'.

The left/right mouse buttons are clickable -- with a name like "Touch mouse" I wasn't too sure before I tried it.

The "scrollwheel" is a touch strip. I was expecting Scroll up, Scroll down. Fortunately it does a lot more! The scroll up/down works very nicely and it makes a "scrolling noise" (speaker in the mouse?) with vibration to give the feel you're scrolling. Tap the top part to page up (bottom part to page down), double tap the middle to to middle click. I believe there is also a Home/End function possible on it. Whats also nice is that it reacts to the speed you scroll -- scroll fast and it will scroll fast.. slow and it will slow slowly.

My only complaint is that it seems a bit "iffy" at times.. smaller details like adjusting the volume in iTunes (on surface) seems to be very jumpy (going from 100 to 80 instead of smoothly transitioning). Other than that, it does work very nice and highly recommended for a surface pro!
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on November 21, 2013
OVERALL: The addition of Bluetooth to the Arc Touch Mouse at last was the only glaring feature missing from the previous generation. $70 is a bit pricey, and the simulated haptic clicking got annoying quickly, but was easily turned off. Battery life, connectivity, and all of the basics are very well executed.

I have been using the mouse 4 - 6 hours daily for over a month and have only grown to like it even more.

USE & COMFORT: The mouse does take a week or two to get used to because of the flat touch-based scroll wheel, and equally flat buttons. Once that has passed though, it is plenty comfortable for extended use. Over time, I've come to find the page up/down feature very useful.

DESIGN: This mouse seems to be generally unknown to most people. Its design is unusual enough that it tends to grab the attention and curiosity of those nearby. A number of times I have had people, without saying a word, snag it from my desk and start closely examining it, as if unable to resist, had been overwhelmed with curiosity. Usually when they discover that you bend the mouse to turn it on/off, the goofy grin comes out and they ask to play with it some more.

SUMMARY: The Arc Touch Mouse SE is one of the best mice available for travel by somehow combining form and function in a way that is nothing short of inspired, even brilliant.
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on November 15, 2013
I love my Surface, and one of the greatest things about it is how productive I can be on it. But with only one USB port, I cannot connect many peripherals to it. That's where this mouse comes in. A newer version of Microsoft's signature Arc Mouse, this one comes with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, which means I get to use my Surface like I would any other computer and I still have the USB port for flash drives and other things.

Another reason to love it is the unique design. Flatten to turn it off then curve it into an arc to turn it on. Even Apple's products aren't as cool, not to mention I never accidentally leave it on. Plus, the finish of this newer version matches my Surface Pro perfectly.

This mouse is really for people that are constantly on the move. With the mouse in its off position, you could stick it in your jeans' pockets easily, or in the same case as your Surface. That doesn't mean you can't use it at home. In fact, this is now my daily use mouse at home and on the go.

In terms of features, this is a solid replacement for most desk mice. It has both left and right click, as well as a touch wheel (in place of a traditional scroll wheel) which relies on haptic feedback (vibration) and audio feedback. Everything works perfectly, especially when you take into consideration the form factor of the mouse!

Overall, a great deal. There aren't a lot of Bluetooth mice out there, and the ones that are look like something that belongs on the desk of a gamer or an office worker. This one fits the bill, and does it in a unique way
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on December 7, 2013
I have used many mice and this one I must say that it is a very attractive convenience design but not for daily use or gamer. I will talk about the Pro's after I mention the Con's.

First of all, I have small hand and this thing does not allow my hand to rest comfortably on it. Having said that I must mention that using it for a good period of time not for like 2 min and put the mouse away. I am talking about playing a little video game or designing a website. My hand get cramped up just like Magic Mouse from Apple which was horrible. Using the Logitech V470 never give me that.

Secondly, this mouse is Bluetooth which is very nice and works with my MS Surface Pro 2 beautifully. One flaw about it is that it loses connection very often, sometimes I must remove device and add device to get it to work again. I know Bluetooth isn't perfect and all but it drops often enough to annoy the crap out of me.

Third, this thing has a Windows App that allow you to shut off the scroll wheel artificial sound to simulate wheel rolling as you scroll. That's nice but the design of the mouse that when I scroll without the sound, I have no idea where my finger is since all surfaces of the buttons are very similar feeling. That mean I have to look down to my mouse every time I want to precise scroll. Having the sound on is very annoying especially in meeting environment which can cause some unwanted attention or put you on the spotlight.

Here are the Pros that you have been waiting for:
1) it is the lightest and fit almost in anywhere you put it. I place mine in a padfolio
2) run on AAA batteries (I used rechargeable Envelop from Sanyo)
3) on and off mechanism is perfect. You don't have to worry about leaving it on and drain all your battery.
4) No USB dongle which is perfect since MS Surface Pro 2 only 1 USB and I'd like that to use for my external HD or USB stick.
5) My son dropped this thing from 4 feet and everything comes apart but still work. That's durability for you.
6) Connect to Surface Pro very fast (Logitech V470 takes at least 3-5 sec. It matters when you have very little time)
7) Look and feel awesome.
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on October 2, 2015
I love the mouse except for one thing. It constantly loses the ability to scroll. It will start scrolling again within 30-45 seconds, but it is highly annoying. I'll be browsing a web page or in a document and it will be scrolling fine when all of a sudden it just stops. When it stops, it quits giving the haptic feedback and everything. I've tried changing batteries, searching forums, etc. It seems as though it's a known problem, but it's big for me because I use scrolling constantly (I think most people do).
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on December 12, 2015
The sleek fold-flat design and light weight works well as a portable mouse. The shape and size is.....almost like a full size mouse. Much better than most mice designed for travel. The haptic feedback for scrolling isn't bad. And the symmetric design allows it to be used right or left handed. It's a pretty good experience.

The one thing that I find annoying is that if the computer or mouse go to sleep, the mouse will stay paired but lose it's connection to my Windows 10 laptop. I have to open up settings on the computer and turn Bluetooth off and then on again. Once I do that the mouse reconnects instantly. I'm not sure if that's a Windows issue or an Arc Mouse issue. That's why it gets one star deducted. I'll play around with Windows 10 and the mouse setting to see if I can eliminate the issue and update this review with "how to" instructions if I'm successful.

One added bonus that has nothing to do with performance is the fact that the Arc Mouse is a conversation starter. A lot of people are attracted to the look of this mouse. You'll get lots of questions and requests to play with it.
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on April 12, 2016
I bought this item to replace a two year old Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse (Grey) that I have been using with my Macbook Pro. I know this says for the Surface, but have always loved the feel of the mouse, but had some issues.
Mouse would disconnect from Mac when it when into sleep mode. Only way to wake up was to cut Bluetooth on and off.
Scroll Function would randomly work.
These were issues that I had from the time the mouse was new.

I have been using the new mouse for a couple of days now and what an upgrade. Whatever issues that they had before are gone. Mac goes into sleep mode and when I start it back up, mouse starts working immediately. Scroll Function is working great and not randomly like before.

This device is not for everyone. I like it because it travels well. Connects easily through Bluetooth. Is comfortable to the hand. Works as intended. Have tried the Mac Mouse and do not like it. While I still use the track pad on my Mac Book Pro - I like the ability to use the mouse when trying to work on large projects or needing to move quickly.

I would recommend a try.
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on March 28, 2016
It's ok. I have many great experiences with BlueTrack technology mice and I never doubt its quality and this Arc mouse also gives me a great experience on moving but the connection keeps drop on my Mac Pro(El Captian - 10.11.3). :( It might be just my case. As I looked at Bluetooth panel in System preferences, I can see it drops almost every 25 seconds or much more shorter sometimes when I don't use the mouse. The connection doesn't stay connected. So I should shake the mouse every time it drops then it starts moving in 1-2 seconds. It sounds very short time to reactivate the mouse but very annoying. I doubt some kind of energy saving feature is running itself but I can't stop it on my Mac since there is no option for it. As I know, there is a option for battery save on Windows but not for Mac. Or maybe it's because signal failure really because there are amny 2.4GHz devices around my Mac Pro so I should arrange them or remove some maybe. I really want to find a solution but I have no idea for now. Is there any one has a solution for this? I googled a lot for this but they are all about Magic mouse on Mac or Arc mouse on Windows, not Arc mouse on Mac.

Summary: This Arc mouse works on Mac but not good for Mac because of the drop issue. It might be just my case.
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on March 23, 2016
I really wanted to love this mouse as it is convenient to carry but the truth is after I had the 1st purchased replaced the 2nd one is having the same issue. The scroll working intermittently and sticks more regularly that not. It's functionality is more frustrating than it's worth and unfortunately now I can't return the replacement. So I'm out the money I spent on this one as well as the money for a new mouse. Disappointing!
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on April 1, 2016
I've been using this mouse for about two weeks. There is much to like about it, but one big negative is that I don't seem to have as much control over it as I do with other mice that I have used.

Comfort - I find the curvature of the mouse just right for my hand (small to medium). My thumb and ring finger can rest on the sides of the mouse. This might not be the case for someone with a larger hand. My mouse of choice is/has been Logitech's anywhere MX. This one feels about the same as far as how my hand curves over it.

Design - the design is pretty nifty. It certainly catches people's attention. I love that it goes flat and can easily be transported. For traveling, this is a huge plus as compared to a regular mouse that will leave an egg shaped bulge in a laptop sleeve or small purse, etc. Easy to turn on and off (by flattinging or making it curve). Pairing it was a cinch.

The "flat wheel (strip) on top" is interesting. It gives gives tactile and sound feedback when you move your finger over it, making it seem like you're using a real wheel. I like the sensation, and the noise does not bother me. For those that get bothered by it, there is a way to turn off the sound.

Though I find the strip interesting, here is where I have not been able to achieve complete control over the mouse. You can tap the upper part of the strip and the lower part, to move up and down in smaller increments than if you run your finger over the length of the strip to "scroll." But how far you scroll when you tap is a little unreliable. Worse yet, a double headed arrow mouse pointer keeps appearing/making it hard for you to select your target. In short, the strip is a great idea but could use a lot of improvement when it comes to giving the user control. I admit, it could be user ineptitude on my part, and perhaps a few more weeks of use will fix my issue. I should add, the mouse is very very precise in selecting things when I'm not using the strip. It is also not so bad that I've thrown it across the room, or stopped using it.

I like how compact it is, but if I don't learn how to control the strip/wheel, I will probably go back to my logitech. Although, the reason I bought this one is the bluetooth - so I would not have to use the usb port on my sufrace book. If I decide to go to logitech, I may need to find a blue tooth version of the one I have. I will, however, use the arc for travel - the fact that it goes flat is a huge plus for transport.
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