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I have had my Xbox 360 for a couple years, but I never had invested in a chatpad. The live voice chat, I thought, made typing messages fairly rare. But as I played more online co-op and versus games, the occasions come up when you want to thank another player for playing honorably, or finishing the campaign despite the late hour, or whatever. Picking letters using the joystick and screen is a fairly laborious process, so I bought the chatpad.

At first, I thought it didn't work. I had attached it to the controller, but the chatpad did not seem to work. Make sure it "Clicks" on both sides of your controller. The fit is very snug, and I do not think it was intended to come on and off regularly. Once the chatpad was snapped into place properly, it worked brilliantly.

The chatpad is a great add-on for your controller:
1) the chatpad has an access point for the standard xbox 360 wired headset.
2) the chatpad is very light and does not in any way interfere with the controller.
3) the chatpad letters/numbers are backlit when you start typing.
4) the chatpad works fine with the Xbox 360 Black Play & Charge Kit and also works with Xbox 360 Energizer Power and Play Charging System - Black. You do not have to remove the chatpad to charge your controller. NOTE: CHATPAD WILL HAVE TO BE REMOVED TO CHARGE YOUR CONTROLLER WITH Xbox 360 Charge Base - Black
5) the chatpad is compact with green shift and red shift which allows each key to function as 2 additional signs or symbols (great for creating names for aliens, elves, or other characters)

I frequently use the chatpad eventhough I didn't think I would. Generally speaking the chatpad is most useful for:
1) leaving players a quick "thank you"
2) entering the MS points redemption codes
3) creating your bio/profile
4) easily creating custom character names in various games.

The xbox 360 chatpad is a surprisingly useful add-on. I can't believe I used the xbox for so long without one. I can whole-heartedly recommend the chatpad to most xbox users and all xbox players who play online.
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on September 27, 2010
I've been looking out for this item for a few months now, and shockingly I found it here on Amazon. I couldn't find it online anywhere or in stores. I refused to buy the White Chat Pad kit thats been out here on online stores, and on the shelves in retail stores. I wasn't sure if this was really the original black Chat Pad at first, and was thinking twice about purchasing it. I just took my chances, and I'm glad I did. This matches great with my new Xbox 360 25O GB Hard Drive Console. Looks great, matches, easy to use, keypad lights up for use when playing with the lights off, and most importantly relieves me of the time it takes to reply to messages from friends, and posting messages on my facebook. Great product, highly recommend it. This isn't the knock off "White" playback Chat Pad that they custom paint Black that you find on e Bay that people are selling for like $50.00. I Got my product on time and for a great price, with free shipping, I was satisfied. Can't say anything bad about this Chat Pad, it's great and ofcourse this comes complete with the new all black live headset. Great way to get your game on, and save yourself lots of time.
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on October 5, 2012
well, I broke my husband's headset and got into an argument blah blah :D I got free gift codes from swagbucks (if anyone wants to know what it is just reply) so I ordered a Chatpad as a replacement because it is cheaper, and convenient to use. Hubby was at work when item arrived so I set it up but the Chatpad wouldn't work and I almost panicked. I had to reconnect the chatpad a few times and it worked after I pushed it hard and it snapped in place.

So when you set up your chatpad make sure to push the chatpad onto the controller with even pressure until they snap together. There should be no gaps. - from Xbox support :)

Product works great after set up. Will update review if there are any issues with it which I hope not!
review image review image review image
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on December 30, 2010
I wanted to play Xbox Live online with my friends on Christmas Day with my new 4GB Xbox 360, but I hadn't realized that it doesn't come with a headset. For just a few dollars more than the headset, you can get a headset and a nice, backlit QWERTY chatpad.

The layout is a little awkward- for example, apostrophes are square + J. Not that it's a big deal, you get used to it quickly. Oddly enough, when it's attached to my controller, it looks like a modern Atari Jaguar controller.

The chatpad isn't limited to Facebook and Twitter as the box may suggest; you can use it anytime the on-screen keyboard pops up. I also noticed that pressing A, B, X, and Y on the chatpad do the same as their colored button counterparts when there's no on-screen keyboard.

Bottom line: if you need a headset, just get this. On the occasion that you need to type something, it's so much better to tap it out on the chatpad than using the D-pad at 4 words per minute.
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on September 9, 2010
I've been waiting for this chatpad since I saw it on the box of my new xbox 360 slim. I just got the chatpad today and I can say so far so good. Mic works through the jack. Everything works just as expected. No regrets, buy now and match your black 360 controller with this awesome black chatpad.
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on July 19, 2016
Chatpad [A+]
This is the exact same chatpad as the old XBOX 360 classic white chatpad. This black version has hard keys that are easy to find with your fingers without having to look at the chatpad and the keys don't go sideways on you like the soft key chatpads I've tried (and regretted). The individual letters light up just like the white version. It also has the light behind the orange and green symbols and buttons. If you like the old white chatpad, this is the one to replace it with.

Headset [A]
You'll probably need to bend the headband to stretch it out. After a while it will feed like you're not wearing it. It's very lightweight compared to some of my headsets (that have two speakers). You can wear it on your left or right ear - the mic wand rotates all the way around to both sides.
It's decent. The Friends in the Parties I've been in have all said it's fine and sounds just like the headset I normally use. I like the one-ear when I want to hear other things that are going on in the room, when I have music playing, etc. If you don't want to hear anything except the game and people in chat, then get a two-ear set and keep this headset in a drawer somewhere for when you need a backup.
Complaint About Plug:
This headset has the new standard single audio plug - not the old style plug with two plastic things on each side. The mute switch is large and slides On/Off. It's on a dongle in the middle of the audio cable along with the rotating volume control dial. I prefer the old style where mute and volume were at the base of the plug and you always knew exactly where it was at instead of having to look down and try to find the dongle on the cable like you have to with the new style.

Overall [A]
I'm very happy with the purchase. I would've paid $20 for the chatpad by itself. It's easily worth that much. Having the headset thrown in is a nice plus.
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on February 19, 2012
What an amazing device. It installs to the controller as if it was built in and then it has backlighting as well. For the functionality it offers, this price can be considered dirt cheap. Youd think a device that installs beautifully, then lights up in the dark, then does all where typing is applicable, then turns heads, it'd be priced like $80 to $100. This one doesn't but does all that.

I'm not sure about the competition seen here on Amazon but I can vouch for this device that you'd like this.
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on March 18, 2011
+My main reason for buying this one is well 1st ofcourse because I had the black controller so buying the white one would be a stupid mistake (atleast for me). and because it took quite some time to write even a sentence with moving the cursor around and clicking on letters\numbers,etc.
So since I bought this I started replying\sending messages so fast and with extreme ease. sometimes even during play I could find a safe spot or when I spawn and type fast and get back into action (ofcourse this chatpad is used with the thumbs only).
There is also a nice touch which is the back-light (like some pc keyboards or high end laptop keyboard). it`s very convenient for those very smart who plays in the dark (yes sarcasm, it`s very bad to your eyes to play in the dark or even a low dark room). anyway back to the review, the back-light is`t on always. its automatically turned on when you press a key on the chatpad and then automatically gets turned off after few seconds of not typing on it. so it`s great for not consuming the battery of the controller.

-There is 1 draw back for me with this chatpad, it`s with 1 button the problem that is (for me it`s the V button, and others have same problem but with other button\s). it`s not that it`s not working, it does work but it requires more pressure than the rest of the keys, so for example if am writing fast "it`s very nice to meet you Victoria" it would come out like this "it`s ery nice to meet you ictoria". so it`s annoying when you have a sentence with some "v" in it and then you have to move back and type the "v" because it did`t register when you pressed the button. so depends on your luck if you got this problem which makes you press the "usually" one button hard to register. or if your lucky and your chatpad had no problem with any key.

Now to the somehow tricky install of this chatpad (only for the 1st time though).
1st align the chatpad male rca to it`s socket at the bottom of controller.
2nd turn the controller to the back side (where the battery is).
3rd do you see the screw socket on the bottom right and bottom left?. push the chatpad up so that it "click" by click I mean the plastic screw in the chatpad with the it`s socket on the controller. the right and left side both have to click and when you look you`ll see that it`s connected perfectly and when you press any key on the chatpad the back light will light up.

5th to unplug the chatpad. turn the controller upside down (Y button down and A button up). and push the chatpad up with your thumbs to unplug it. OR hold the controller normal like if your playing, and with your thumbs on top of the chatpad frame push down. but do it on a table preferably so the chatpad dos`t get thrown up\down and gets damage when it hits the floor.

have fun texting.
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on July 1, 2011
I like this item a lot! It works very well! I got it for $12 total with shipping and I have to say it was well worth the money! The keyboard lights up that way you can even use it in the dark. The padded keys are firm and are risen up that way you do not press more than 1 key at a time too. It comes in black or white to match your controller and feels like the keypads on your phone but a little bigger.

However, be careful when plugging it in... I thought mine was defective at first but it turns out you need to use a good amount of force until you hear a complete clicking sound for it to work. My item clicked once and only one side was working. Also you cannot use a controller skin with the controller if you have this device ... The skin will push it out and not allow the pad to lock into place!!

I would not pay more than the $12 I did for it ... It should be about $8 to be honest
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