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on January 16, 2008
this product worked really well. I needed to get to sleep to wake up for an 8 am class..and thats almost impossible in a college dorm. I couldnt fall asleep for like 2 hours and it was already 1:30. I had previously bought these thinking i might use them sometime if needed and so i took one. I felt drowsy really soon and fell asleep definately within 25-30 minutes. I woke up before my alarm even went off and didnt feel sleepy the entire day. It worked great!
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VINE VOICEon June 14, 2010
I'm updating this review to reflect what I have experienced since they changed the formula. It is now a hard, crunchy pill that does not dissolve softly in your mouth, and tastes like a strong breath-mint instead of the nice, gentle flavor of the old formula. But that's not the part I'm unhappy about. What made me stop using it is that something in the new formula causes my throat to feel irritated - almost like an itch, which is awful since you can't scratch the inside of your throat! - and the itch spreads up my throat and into my ears, and lasts for the better part of an hour. This feeling keeps me awake more than my insomnia could ever hope to do. Also, it scares me, so after two doses and nights of itchy throat/ears, I threw the rest of my new package away! I'm really bummed that I've lost part of my arsenal in the battle against insomnia, but if the new formula doesn't give you this reaction, then it should still be able to help you get some sleep.


I haven't slept through the night since I entered puberty, so I have quite an arsenal of sleep aid products in my medicine cabinet, including the Benadryl-based ones and plain, old Melatonin. I try not to take any of them every single night, because I know that if I do they'll lose effectiveness. In addition, melatonin over time will supplant the body's natural ability to produce serotonin, so it should definitely not be taken every single night. Benadryl products should also not be taken every night, because they are an antihistamine and vasoconstrictor, and, well, you just shouldn't do that to your body constantly!

Midnite contains melatonin, which is the real active ingredient. It also contains Chamomile, which helps normal people sleep, but I am not normal, so Chamomile does nothing for me except maybe smell nice in its natural state. Midnite also contains Lavender, the fragrance of which is emotionally calming and which I also use to help me sleep, but I had never heard before that it's also supposed to be soporific when ingested - I suspect it isn't really, but what the heck, it's harmless and frequently used in candy and pastries as food flavoring.

What I like about it is that it is 1) chewable, so I can keep it beside the bed, which is great (it also tastes pretty good,) and also that it is 2) low enough in dosage that I can take it later in the night when I wake up and not have to worry that I won't be able to get up and function by the time morning rolls around. The other products I use must be taken early enough that they'll wear off by the time the alarm goes off, or I'd be a complete zombie.
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on March 20, 2012
I've tried almost every OTC sleep aid out there and MidNite is my favorite:

1.) It uses all natural ingredients like melatonin. Your body naturally produces melatonin as you get tired and is what causes you to start feeling sleepy. The melatonin in MidNite naturally reproduces this affect.

2.) It only stays in your body around 2-3 hours. So if you need help *staying* asleep it may not be the right sleep aid for you. But I don't have trouble staying asleep so this is perfect because I can take it if I wake up at 3am and not worry about it causing me to be tired/groggy at 9am.

3.) Another benefit of it only being in your body for 2-3 hours is if you need help taking a quick afternoon nap. I can take a midnight and sleep for 2 hours and wake up feeling energized.

4.) I never feel any side effects the morning after. Again your body naturally uses melatonin to make you sleepy so MidNite is not doing anything to your body that doesn't already happen naturally. it just gives you more control over *when* it happens.

5.) It's a small dose and sometimes I need to take two pills. But I like having the option of only taking one if that's all I need. My girlfriend on the other hand usually has to take two. Keep this in mind when trying the product, you may need a higher dose.

I've noticed most of the 1-star reviews are complaining about ordering the two pack but only getting a 1 pack. First of all the reviews are for the product not the seller. (Amazon has a separate review system for sellers). Secondly I always order it shipped by Amazon and I've never had a problem. I actually do the subscribe and save and I get a two pack every month for me and my girlfriend.

I also notice some complaints of "side affects". While I'm sure it's possible to have side affects I've never experienced anything and since melatonin is part of a natural sleep cycle you would likely experience the same side affects if your body was naturally producing the melatonin you needed for sleep. So it seems unlikely to me that they would be caused by MidNite/melatonin.
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on September 13, 2009
I had taken MidNite for years, only on an occasional basis, always getting a good, long and deep night's sleep. About a month ago, I started taking the herbal supplement regularly on a nightly basis. Again, I was getting wonderful, beneficial sleep. I was even able to cut the dosage of my usual prescribed sleep aid medication by half.

However, after about a week of continued use, I started to have swelling of my left foot and ankle. I had flown back east and attributed this to the heat, humidity and flying. Once I returned home, the swelling continued to the point where the condition would not go away, became very uncomfortable, for in addition to the swelling, my foot and ankle were very hot. I used ice packs and elevated my leg, but the relief was only very brief, with the edema returning.

Then 5 days ago, my right foot and leg, as well as my hands and arms began to show signs of swelling. At that point, I tried to look back at the previous month and determine if I had done anything different from before that time. At that point it occurred to me that nightly intake of Midnite might be the culprit. In researching online some of the symptoms of the ingredients, I saw that a possible side effect of melatonin was impaired blood flow. At that point, I quit taking the supplements. Now, four days later, my arms, hands, right let and ankle have returned to normal. The swelling in my left foot and ankle has greatly subsided, but at the rate it is going, I anticipate several more days for my left left and foot to be back to normal.

In doing the online research, I also learned that melatonin can interfere with prescription drugs. I take a diuretic for high blood pressure. Perhaps the melatonin was canceling the benefit of my diuretic and causing restricted blood flow; hence, the edema.

I would recommend that anyyone taking MidNite do their own research or talk to their physician regarding any possible drug interactions with MidNite.
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on November 24, 2012
I started taking this product about 2 months ago when I started a new job and needed to change my sleeping schedule. The good is that it really has worked for me. I usually fall asleep anywhere from about 30 mins to an hour after taking it and don't feel groggy in the morning. It says non-habit forming, which it is because I have been taking it less and less and haven't felt like I can't sleep without it. So in that aspect, it works well.

Now for the bad. I experience vivid dreams to borderline nightmares every time I've taken it for the past three weeks or so. In fact I'm writing this review now because I awoke from what I can only describe as my first Nightmare on Elm Street type of dream where I literally remember screaming at myself to wake up before I did so. I looked online and I'm not the first to have had nightmares from the product so there is some kind of trend. But of course, not everyone who takes this will have the same kind of experience. So I gave it a 3 out of 5, because it did work for me but, well, I'm probably not going back to sleep anytime tonight after taking it, so I moved it to the middle. I'm probably not going to be taken it again.
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on January 30, 2009
I have been sleeping aid therapy for over 5 years, from benadryl to ambien to tylenol PM, almost every single nite.

It's like putting an elephant down to sleep!~ Anyway, the first time I tried it I got really drowsy but haad to follow with a tylenol pm

the next time I tried, I immediately realized I needed TWO of these, I cut the caffeine by 5 pm, took a very hot bath and read before sleeping

I did sleep straight thru for over 9 hours. This is absolutely unheard of for me. Without serious medical help. Last nite was nite 5 and I am sleeping much better than I have had before. I have gotten used to that foggy sleeping pill daytime effect, I do NOT have that now and I am going all day long not at all tired...

I feel like crying because I didn't realize the hazy feeling I was getting used to. My life has been slipping right by me and I am in a hazy sleep problem funk.

I do want to add that I also saw a herbalist and not only am I taking two of these at nite, I am now on Acai Berry supplements, and drink tea that has lavendar, chamomile and etc in it thru out the day. The herbalist is convinced I am one that needs to be gradually made sleepy starting at 5 pm so that by 10 pm I cant stand to be awake. This regimen also include 20 + minutes of aerobic conditioning done by 12 pm so that my brain sends the stress cortisol out of my body and then gives me all day to recover. Etc etc.

I am totally a sceptic and only saw her because my husband made me.

Did want to lastly mention, that you could also add a generic "melatonin" tablet, just one to this to give you a bigger dose.

Thank you midnite, I have tried ALL the herbal concoctions on the internet and this is working the best for me!

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on August 18, 2007
Great product!! First good night's sleep I've had in a long time. The best part is that I wake up totally energized and refreshed.
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on March 30, 2008
This product does just as claimed, and I recommend it highly. It encourages me to fall asleep promptly, and even if taken at 3AM, I can function in the morning without drowsiness. The chewable formulation is a fantastic idea. Dependable, natural rest is a great comfort.
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I am new to Mid Nite, but it came very highly recommended. I tried a few of my friends, and I was hooked.

I bought a box of my own, and I had a great couple months sleep. Then when I went to buy a couple new boxes, I noticed they look different and didn't dissolve the same.

After reading about the product on the internet, I heard they changed an ingredient.
The key is to be sure you buy the right type because it is still out there and it still works!
Good luck!
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on October 14, 2013
I have struggled with chronic insomnia since I was a teenager. My mind doesn't seem to "shut off" like other people, and if I miss my window of opportunity to fall asleep, I will inevitably be up all night. I have tried Unisom (works well initially - but then leaves me feeling groggy after I have to up the dose), Ambien (just plain scary stuff), Calms Forte (no effect), Ignatia Amara (still leaves me restless), and Nature Made Sleep Aid (worst groggy hang-over effect of all the things I have tried). That said, this stuff doesn't leave me groggy at all, dissolves quickly allowing me to not get up for water, tastes great (no acrid after taste), and is all natural! Highly recommend it.
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