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on September 26, 2012
We purchased two pairs of these radios so four of us could stay in touch during a large event on two levels of the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale. The radios worked flawlessly. A BIG bonus is that they are small and lightweight. We are buying two more pairs today, for a total of eight radios.

We charged for 24 hours before first use, used them all day/12 hours, and batteries are still at full power. We were advised by a Midland rep NOT to leave the radios on the charger as a matter of course, but only to charge the radios when they actually needed it. It is on our checklist now to check radio battery life two days before event.

When you buy: They need a 24-hr charge before first use; and if you are running a large event, buy enough to give one of your radios to the venue rep for the duration of your event. It will save you a lot of running around looking for that person when you need them to act.

Love these radios.
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on November 18, 2012
I decided to buy a pair of these.
I tried them out 11/03/2012 ref'ing a paintball game on a 2 1/2 acre field (mostly trees - about 10% open space - about .2 miles from one end to the other) with no difficulty on a FRS channel (Channel 9, CTCSS Sub-Channel 11). They also communicated well with my uniden radios.
The real test was yesterday (11/17/2012 [...]) when I was be ref'ing a much bigger event on a field that is almost 20 acres (mostly trees - about 5% open space - over 1/2 of a mile from one corner to the opposite corner)

They worked great! On the field they reached cleanly from one side of the field to the other (on channel 9, no sub-channel)... the longest line of sight thru dense wood that I had a chance to test was over a 1/3 mile... but better than that i had to run an errand and on the way back i used one from inside the car on the way back... they worked great from inside the car across about 1/2 mile from the responder at our registration area. About 1/2 that distance was woods and a large church building line of sight between us (That is much better than the uniden I have). I have no doubt I would get at least a mile thru dense wood. I probably won't get a chance to try them on a larger field until January. (If I don't post an update by Feb. 2013, ask for an update) (If I remember, I'll post a video of part of our field.)

Yes, I would buy another set.
The reason for only 4 stars is I haven't tried them at a really long distance yet. The largest field I've played on is Wayne's World (about 1/2mile x 1/3mile)([...])

Review Update:
January 19, 2013
I did order more radios.
We liked them so much we ordered 2 more radios. They went into use today.
I HUGE motivator for getting more of these radios is their battery life!
When we use them they are on continuously from just before 9am until about 2pm
The charge is lasting us 4 - 5 game days before they run out of a charge.

If I could bump my rating up to 4.5 stars, I would.
The reason for only 4 stars is still the same... I haven't tried them at a really long distance yet.

Review Update:
February 17, 2013
I now have 6 of these.
I tested them for distance yesterday (2/16/2013). On channel 11 (no sub-channel this time), I got 1.2 miles away in a mostly open area with some trees, and a hill preventing line of sight. There was an elevation difference too... about 100 feet. from the downhill radio the hill went up 100 feet over a distance of a 1/2 mile. I traveled level for a distance of almost 3/4 of a mile beyond that. At that distance the communication had a lot of static, but it was still very usable.
There's a picture of the test location (Fishhawk, Florida)in my facebook photos (facebook dot com /RickLiebespach)... The album titled "WFC Fields)
(There is a thin blue line from radio to radio, so you can see what was between us at our most distant conversation)

I suspect I could have gotten 1.5 miles, but I think my partner turned off his radio. This was using channel 11 (no sub-channel this time). This will serve my needs very well. (I play and referee paintball games on large fields)
As a result of this test, I am now upping my rating to 5 stars.
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on November 18, 2012
I originally purchased one pair to stay in contact with my lead man on our shift in a manufacturing facility. Our department is extremely noisy, as we have numerous machines stamping out metal parts, forklifts beeping and driving by. I use the AVPH3 surveillance headset because my job entails that I use both hands working with pneumatic tools to set the dies to stamp the parts. When my Lead calls, I have no trouble hearing him, and answer him with the push-to-talk button clipped to my shirt.

After we used the 1st pair for a few days, we realized just how much more efficient we were working, so I ordered a second pair to give to operators so that we can be in constant contact with each other. Now, if there is a problem with one of the machines, I can ask them what the problem is, and avoid wasted time walking the 50 to 75 yards to survey the problem, and then walk back to get the necessary tools to fix the problem.

The in-ear headset also doubles as a sound-reducing ear plug, but still allows me to communicate with the crew. However, the clear plastic behind-the-ear spiral looks rather CIA/Secret Service, and I have had to put up with some ribbing from some of the other workers in the plant. If they only knew just how comfortable, and, convenient this headset is, they wouldn't rib for long.

Midland Radios has long been a leader in radio manufacturing, and that was one big selling point for my purchase. These are NOT cheap little toys, but, well-constructed, solid radios.

I would suggest to follow the instructions to give the units a 24 hour initial charge, and then to charge them only as needed, every 2 days or so.

All in all, I am very pleased with the quality, the performance, and the range that these radios provide. We may even decide to purchase a third set.
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on February 20, 2014
I purchased the Midland LXT600VP3 radios for hunting and hiking. When I made this purchase I did not have any unrealistic expectations regarding the alleged 30 mile range as advertised, however if the radios would work at 1 ½ to 2 miles I would have been satisfied. The radios were shipped very quickly and arrived within 2 to 3 working days. After I allowed them to charge for 24 hours as the instructions directed I selected my preferences such as the channel, privacy code, eliminating beep tones, etc. One of the two radios would not remember my programming preferences and would retain its factory settings each time I powered it off and back on. This alone was disappointing but it simply meant I would have to go through the programming ritual each time I decided to use them. It would be inconvenient but not really a deal breaker. We live on a rural gravel road which is only ½ mile long and this was used as our test area. With one radio at the house I walked down our road using the other radio. It was clear and worked perfectly............when I was standing in front of our home. Once I traveled approx ¼ mile the radios started to break up and it was difficult to hear the other party. When I reached the end of this half mile stretch of rural road all communication was lost with the other radio. Approx. 10 years ago I owned a much earlier version the GMRS radios (Motorola Talkabout's) with an advertised range of 5 miles.......and they worked great up to 1 mile. These were the most disappointing purchase I have made in many years and I will be returning them tomorrow. Other reviews are much more glowing than mine and maybe I just got a lemon, but for my purposes (communication at 1 to 2 miles) the Midland LXT600VP3 radios were useless and I would not recommend them. NOTE: The radios came packaged in such a way that you practically have to destroy the packaging to remove the contents so I hope this does not cause my any issues when returning the equipment. (It should also be noted that the radios were on the same channel, same privacy code, both on high power and on a GMRS channel)
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on June 2, 2013
My husband and I were moving 300 miles away. He was driving a UHaul and pulling a truck, I was driving a rental car with our puppy and cat in it. We used these to communicate back and forth during the trip and they were PRICELESS! Much easier and faster than calling one another on the phone. I could tell him when the dog or cat was fussy and we needed to pull over, he could tell me when we were coming up on the next turn or exit. Once, the truck he was towing started to bounce and sway and I was able to let him know quickly so he could pull over and check that things were secure.

The radios have great range and the batteries last for quite a while. They perfectly suited our needs and I'm happy to have them.
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on May 27, 2013
I purchased these walkie talkies to use on a European cruise so that my wife and I could communicate with each other on the ship and when onshore. Since we didn't have cell phones that would work while we were in Europe, we needed to have communication devices that would be dependable. We weren't disappointed with these walkie talkies.

Before we left the U.S., I experimented with these units to see how they'd perform in a city environment. We live in Tucson. My wife stayed at home (inside the house) with one unit, and I drove away from the house with the other unit. I stopped and got out of the car at various distances away from the house. The units worked well within 1 mile. Between 1 and 1-1/2 miles, the quality of signal began to deteriorate. At 1.5 miles, it was hit and miss. Over 1.5 miles, there was no reception.

Since I knew we would never be more than a few blocks apart while we were on land on our trip, I was confident that we could depend on these walkie talkies to keep us in touch. In fact, they performed well in a number of different city and topographical environments on our trip.

At one port, our ship anchored offshore and we had to take tenders to get to shore. My wife went ashore ahead of me, and I was able to talk with her from inside our cabin while she went ashore on the tender, and then I spoke with her once she got to shore. It was great.

The only time that they failed us in an important situation, was when the batteries were too weak to transmit a strong signal. (FYI, I was using 3 fresh Energizer Advanced Lithium AAA batteries in each unit.)

IMPORTANT: When the units failed, this was the situation: Even though the battery indicator was at 3 bars while the units were in standby mode, as soon as either of us would press the PTT button (the button you press to transmit when you want to talk into the walkie talkie), the battery indicator would show the empty battery shell icon (zero bars)! Of course, we didn't know that it worked that way. (The documentation doesn't describe how this works.) We were lulled into a false sense of security by the 3 bars, while in reality, we needed to change the batteries! If you buy these walkie talkies, be sure to periodically check the battery level by pressing the PTT button so you will know the true battery level. We learned the hard way. Luckily, I knew where my wife was located when this happened, but it could have been a more serious problem if we didn't know where to look for the other person. We were on a 3 week cruise and this occurred during week three.

I didn't expect these walkie talkies to work at all on the ship due to its metal construction, but I was very happily surprised to find out they worked reasonably well, even when we were separated by several decks and while I was at the back of the ship and my wife was toward the front of the ship -- even when one of us was in our inside (no porthole) cabin at the back of the ship. They didn't always work, but they worked more often than we could have hoped for. In the cases when I wanted to find my wife and my signal wasn't reaching her, I'd just start walking through the ship and keep pressing the CALL button (it emits a loud alert signal), and eventually the signal would reach her. I never failed to find her using this technique. It was really helpful.

I can recommend these walkie talkies for the types of limited situations described above. The price I paid at Amazon was a good value for the performance we got. As far as their ability to transmit 26 miles -- dream on!!
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on October 8, 2014
UPDATE: 11/11/14
From 3 stars to 1
Just came back from my 14 day trip with these radios and they are garbage. I wished I had saved the packaging so I could return them.
Not only the radios doesn't have a good range as I pointed out earlier but the batteries got depleted and do not hold charge any longer. I have to now use three AA batteries in each radio....10 days and they are still holding charge.
So in combination of limited range even in fairly open space (range around .3 nautical miles), battery issues (after following charge instructions) and radios resetting all custom settings to default (has happened 3 times now in less than a month)....I'd say these are garbage even for lesser price and you should stay away.

First of all 36-Channel is just a marketing ploy, I wished I had known before buying. For all the amateurs out there like myself who are new to two way radios, you cannot use channels 1-7 and 15-22 without getting a FCC license. The license cost could vary but it is in the $70-$100 range for 5 years.
The channels 8-14 are low frequency as stated on the paper and I am not yet going to comment on it because I haven't had the chance to test it.
The only channels I have tested so far are 23-36 and they are garbage. The range would be slightly higher in comparison to the radios you would buy your kids for $9.99. To be specif the range i got was .368 nautical miles. Obviously i didn't test it standing on a mountain with a valley in between. One radio was held by my wife in the kitchen our house and another radio was with me in the car. There were exactly 5 house in between us (line of sight) and spaced apart in the .368 nautical mile range and no other structures.
So I am sure the radios would work fine in a wooded area or on a filed and would give a higher range. However, the reason for my purchase was to use the radios in a resort which has Villa's and hotel building and range of at-least 1.5KM. So far it has been a complete fail on channels 23-36.
I am going to try the free low frequency channels soon (8-14) and will update/or keep the review same accordingly.
Also in the short time I have had the radios, one of the radio forget the settings and cleared my preferences including channel just by turning it on.
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on April 9, 2014
I used to be extremely active and do all of our shopping. I have since had a stroke and become severely disabled and legally blind. Now I can only be helped into the car for the ride, but cannot go into the stores due to being able to only walk a few steps, or see prices, weights, etc due to poor eyesight, but my mind is still active and I can speak clearly and make the right decisions when given the basic information. All the shopping has fallen on my husband's shoulders, and while I am teaching him how to do it, he still needs some on site help from time to time. We tried using two cell phones to communicate while he was in the store, which didn't work out very well. He had to constantly call me on the cell phone to ask a question to be sure he was getting the right thing at the right price and size. Then he had a eurika moment and thought "walkie talkies"! He looked on Amazon and was impressed with the specs on these and ease of use. We were worried though that with all the metal in buildings would prevent good reception. Wrong. When we get to the store, we turn both radios on, and he goes inside. Every call has been crystal clear, no matter where he is in the store. And these are big box stores, Krogers, Marsh, Meijers, Wal-Mart Super Stores, etc. The rechargeable batteries don't last nearly as long as regular batteries. We take these radios everywhere we go if I am in the car. Think how frustrating it is when my husband goes in for sandwiches to carry out, and he forgot to ask what I wanted on mine. He has had to lose his place in line and walk all the way back to the car in all weathers to ask me, even though I would have never asked him to do that. Now he just calls me on the radio and gets his answer instantly. These wonderful radios have made a major difference in our lives. Once we evidently were close to an interstate because we were picking up trucker's conversations very clearly which surprised us. These are incredible radios and we are very happy with them.
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on February 12, 2014
I switched from Motorola to Midland and have not regretted that decision. These are very compact, but the smaller size has not compromised the functions other than lacking vibrate, which for me is not an issue.

Sensitive Receiver:

I have many radios to compare these to, and surprisingly even with the more stubby antenna, they seem to receive better than my other radios with longer antennas. I have a local GMRS repeater to listen and compare this with. I'm also licensed in GMRS and Ham Radio.

Battery Recommendation:

The rechargeable pack that comes with these has very little capacity. But one great feature of this particular design vs other Midlands is the ability to charge your own Energizer rechargeables inside the radio with the desktop charger. You'll get 3 times the use with your own batteries, but don't expect much more than a day of use before recharging. The battery meter is only accurate while transmitting, hence it may die unexpectedly when it was just showing a full bar.

Actual Use:

Don't expect any brand of FRS radios to be very effective beyond a half mile. Consider these to be 'site' radios, not cell phones. Be sure to discover their range limit in your area before you trust the safety of a child with one. Even classifying them as a 'neighborhood' radio is a stretch, depending on your terrain. Hills and trees decrease range more than anything else.

Easy to Carry:

These have excellent belt clips, but I always carry them on my pocket, not my belt. The smaller speaker actually sounds louder than the larger Midland GXT 760 radios I own. The LXT 600 is considerably lighter weight than the GXT, but if you want or need more battery life, go with the GXT models using AA batteries rather than the AAA of the LXT. You may forget you're carrying the LXT. I have larger professional radios that are bulky and heavy making them uncomfortable to carry all day in years past.

Overall Opinion:

I actually spent $135 recently on ONE FRS/GMRS radio from Amazon- (Blackbird Products RR5000 Pro Grade 15-Channel GMRS Radio) and in my opinion, the LXT600 out performs this expensive radio in many ways! Would like to see Midland add repeater capability to their lineup, and would make for a more expensive radio of course.
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on November 10, 2014
My husband and i went on a cruise and these worked awesome. We watched people trying to find members of their family for hours while my husband and i could meet up in seconds. They worked perfectly for the entire length of the ship. They weren't so great in our neighborhood however. Pretty much just worked around the house and in the back yard. I don't know what made these work awesome on a giant cruise ship and not so great in our neighborhood but they were worth the purchase for the cruise alone which is what i bought them for.
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