Customer Reviews: Midnight Club: Los Angeles (Platinum Hits)
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on November 30, 2011
I tend to find linear driving/racing games extremely boring. It's just the way I am. But I LOVE open world games and open world driving games are no exception. The thought of being able to go wherever you want-left, right, North, South-in a video game simulation is just such a thrilling idea. MCLA is all that and soo much more. I originally bought this game because I just wanted to cruise around in fancy cars like in GTAIV. I, however, HATED the way the cars in GTAIV handled. Luckily with MCLA you get the great handling that GTA lacked and a fantastic variety of cars and bikes. Not only is there millions of ways to customize vehicles but the racing is superb. Granted the racing can tend to be on the harder side, but THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT!! Who wants to race with AI's that are way too easy or dumb! With the patch the AI's are not impossible to beat and they give a real sense of competitiveness like in the real world. They drive hard enough to satisfy my competitive edge, but also aren't lacking in the ability to fail like crashing into other cars. People that reviewed this game tend to say that the AI's are too hard even with the patch, but for me it's just fine because I really do not get bored re-racing. By re-racing your opponent, you will get much better at driving and beating the AI's gets easier. Trust me, the driving experience itself is just plain fun!

Some features I love in the game:

Weight Distribution-This is one of my favorite things about this game. This allows you to tilt your car to one side and drive on two wheels. For motorcycles you will drift. This allows for much tighter turns without losing much speed. Very fun to play with!

Car Customization: This can be a con for me because I am an indecisive person. There are just so many ways to customize your cars that I have a hard time deciding exactly what I like and takes up a lot of my time. For example, the rim of your wheels can have 3 or 4 different areas to modify your color!

Cruising on Xbox live-this allows you to really practice driving or race with friends without the hinderances of traffic. There are no cars on the road and you can pretty much do most if not all your achievments (like 15 miles of wheelies with your bike).

Graphics-although the graphics are not as good as Driver SF, it's still pretty fantastic. Nights and days are just beautiful to play in.

Controller setup-Yes, there is the ability to choose manual or auto. Unlike a lot of xbox games I've played, you can setup each button on your controller to whatever function you want. This is great especially because I tend to have a feel for buttons at certain areas only. I like to have my shifters on the bumper buttons but you can even set your right analog stick to shift up and down kind of like a real manual shifter in a car.

Features that I wish they added:

Map GPS:

Finding the best route is hard especially during a race. It's hard enough to keep track of the road but you also really have to keep an eye on the map. If Rockstar implemented a customizable highlighted route, this game would be perfect. Before starting a race we should be able to highlight the routes (shortcuts included) because it can be annoying to have to frequently look at the map.

Better car selection:

I really like a lot of the cars on MCLA. But this game can do without cars like Chevy Impalas. Does anyone really dream about racing with one of these?? Ford, BMWs, Toyotas, and Hondas would have been nice.

After reading reviews I bought three of what I thought were the top open world driving games for the Xbox 360. Burnout Paradise, then Midnight Club Los Angeles, then finally I bought Driver SF over the black Friday sale. MCLA is definitely my favorite. To keep things short, I like MCLA because it really provides a realistic open world driving experience (aside from being able to tilt your car) for the competitive driving we all are pretty much not able to do in the real world. Cruising is also really fun. Burnout Paradise provides more of a toon style of game play since its mostly about crashes and jumps. You also don't get the cockpit view which I don't like. Driver SF is beautiful to play in, however, I don't really like the driving mechanics as much as MCLA. You tend to burnout a little too easily in the game. Also the car diversity is pretty bad in that game.

In my opinion MCLA is the best open world driving game for realistic game play and superb car dynamics. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I really wish they would add the GPS highlighting system. Get this game!!
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on January 15, 2014
My son lives on the spectrum and is very hard to please. (make happy w/ his time) He loved this game and puts many miles on this. I am very satisfied w/ this product. Thank you for directing your attention where needed... :)
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on April 30, 2015
This game landed in 2008 and it still holds up next to the likes of next-gen's (Xbox One) Forza 2 and Playstation 4's Driveclub. Like Forza Horizon 2, it has appreciable physics, deep car modifications including paint layers, wheels, custom body types, etc.

This game has weather, and it has day/night cycles.

The races are lovely, the cars are lovely, the graphics are, and the sound is.

Ignore the storyline except to unlock things. It's pretty bad, but fun enough if you dig that; however, I reccomend turning off the people talking while you race, it's horrible. Set the sound to mostly atmosphere followed by dim engine sounds. The atmosphere sounds of this game are wonderful, the sound of L.A., the sound of rain, the sound of pavement, and heat.

Every car has multiple views, including in cockpit and this is one of a very few games which allows you to even change the interior of the car. You won't see that on any next-gen Xbox One or PS4 game.

The soundtrack is wonderful and varied, but you should turn if off, only to turn it on when you want to cruise, listen to the stereo. But during racing I just want pure race, and what happens is, you're following these cars, catching up, and it's extremely dramatic, Rockstar has always understood the use of blur and vibration, and you're watching that Chevy that you're creeping up on, but there's also a turn coming up.

But you know your car so well, and the game connects you to it, so well, that you respond appropriately, nail the turn and flash past that guy, you look back and see him flounder to a pole, he didn't judge the turn as well as you did, and you never hit him.

Allows for self-narrative, open-world gameplay. Excellent, time-tested game design. My nephews from ages of 10-14 still love this game, it's that good that old people like me and kids can both like it.
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on May 31, 2013
This game was kind of hard to locate
Ive looked here and there

There are the regular game versions for the 360
It seems the Platinum hits was like a GOTY version, with all the DLCs were included
This is a great game, and saves a lot of MS points for the DLC because this version has it

Relatively easy to play, there are challenges but if you persist, those achieves will unlock
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on March 9, 2016
I had high expectations after loving the ps2 version and pc version back in the day. Now it's not so great. I was hoping it was multiplayer, or at least two player but it was not. There is not much fun to be had in just driving around in this game like I remember having with the old ones.
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on October 22, 2015
I got this game for my 4 and 6 year olds. They saw their dad play GTA V, and that game is horrible! MCLA is great because you can still test drive different cars, turn on cop cars lights/sirens etc. I wish it had more game interaction like GTA though. You can't get out of the car, so all you do is drive...and drive. I am glad they didn't fill it with murder and tons of bad language though! Overall, very happy with this game, but I they came out with one that had more interactions, I would definitely trade up.
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on July 27, 2013
I am a huge forza fan and love simulation racers, but this game is still one of my favorites. It is very much an arcade racer that allows you to drift around every corner and stay in the lead while taking ridiculous hits and continue on your way. I prefer is to the need for speed franchise hands down. It was a nice selection of cars that will have something for everyone and the different cars handle very differently. It feels very satisfying to drive in this game and has a good sense of speed. There a nice balance in difficulty where beginners will be able to pick it up and succeed, but more skilled drivers will be noticeably better. The only minor complaints are due to it being older: the graphics do suffer a bit (it still looks good) and at high speeds you can get some fairly bad texture pop in and the occasion invisible car that you'll run into head on. The only other problem I have is that many cars in the same category ie. tuner/ muscle sound very similar. All in all this is my favorite arcade racer that i've played and still one of my favorite racing games. I would highly recommend that you pick it up if you are any sort of fan of racing games.
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on May 17, 2013
Think of everything good in a street racing game, that's almost what this game has. The only things to bring up negatively are the police pursuits, people, minimap, and traffic. The police pursuits are nearly impossible to evade in a short time unless you get lucky, and if you simply don't run at all you only get a $100 fine, where if you do run you're looking at a couple grand being risked for hardly any reputation. The people the cutscenes are corny and ghetto. It doesn't bother me personally, but it may bother some. The minimap is too zoomed out when you're driving, unable to tell when you're supposed to make a sharp turn or keep going straight when you're driving over 200 Mph.

The only thing that made me give this game four stars and not five was the traffic. No matter how much practice you have or how well your car is tuned, traffic will be in your face. If you're going over 130 Mph on local streets, traffic can potentially spawn faster than your ability to see the traffic before you have time to react. This problem arises once you're going about 200 Mph or more on the highways. Be prepared to rage and restart races.
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on December 6, 2014
Old now but still one of my favorites Yes the game is tough but so what.. It's also awesome. All the bad reviews saying it impossible to win or it's too hard. Have you ever considered the possibility that you just suck at racing.. This game has it all and rockstar is good at making games entertaining.
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on August 17, 2011
I absolutely love the graphics in this game and it is a load of fun to modify your vehicles and customize them. Beware though because you will find a an unforgiving AI programmed into the game. I had read other reviews before buying this game that stated Rockstar released a patch to make the game a little easier early on but I must say I still found some difficulty in it. Once you begin buidling up your rep and earning more money you can buy better cars that handle much better. I have been finding the game more forgiving as I have ranked up but it still tends to punish you harshly for 1 mistake Throw in the fact the computer controlled competition rarely makes a mistake and seems to drive flawlessly ...... when they do mess up they miraculously recover !! I do like a challenge and hate when games are too easy but Midnigh Club:LA tends to push you to play to near perfection. Overall it's a fun game and modifying cars in the shop is one of the "side things" to do that I love. I recommend buying it since it is one of the best racing games out there, just don't expect an easy time. If you can get through that aspect of the game you won't be disappointed. One final note, the Cops in this game are among the toughest to outrun in any game I've played so be advised: Learning your way around the streets is mandatory !!
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