Customer Reviews: Midnight Club: Los Angeles - Greatest Hits - Complete Edition - Playstation 3
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on October 28, 2009
I just got Midnight Club Los Angeles Complete Edition the other day. I played the first Midnight Club for the PS One and wasn't a big fan. I didn't much care for the PSP Midnight Club either. But Los Angeles is a completely different story! I have to go to work early and I've been losing sleep because I can't put the controller down - it's that much fun!

I think Need for Speed games have a lot going for them, but my big gripe has been vehicle physics and controls which are too loose, floaty, and unpredictable. Midnight Club LA is an arcade game and the physics are far from realistic, but they got the controls right! Dodging oncoming traffic at 150pmh is possible - if you don't blink - and long drifts around corners are easily controlable. Acceleration from a stop is a little cheesy (makes for more drama off the line when starting a race), but once up to speed the handling is smooth and responsive.

I used to live near LA so I see familiar sights when cruising or racing, which is cool. The sharp detail and high resolution world just waiting to be explored is gorgeous! What's really amazing is that, once you get into the game, there are almost no load times at all! With a high resolution, 3D world like this, that's amazing! The developers are really showcasing what the PS3 is capable of here.

This is not the first racing game to feature reputation points, but the way building reputation unlocks cooler cars and upgrades is neat and motivates you to keep racing. You don't earn large amounts of money from early races, but there are a lot of different types of races which keeps things interesting. You hit paydirt when you come across the chance to win your opponent's car, which can be sold for a lot more than you'd make from a series of races. The game seems to be structured around picking a few favorites from the available vehicles and upgrading them, rather than collecting all the cars. There is a good mix of car classes and the car models are beautiful and nicely rendered.

The upgrade system is not as in-depth as some Need for Speed games or Gran Turismo but that's fine for a game like this where fine-tuning suspension settings wouldn't produce a noticeable difference. The fact that they are there, unlockable, and make your car go faster and turn better is enough. I'm not a big fan of the vinyls but I do like the paint and wheel options, which are easy to use for giving your vehicles a unique and customized look.

The best thing about this game is the nicely detailed graphics of the open world, and outrageously challenging and fun gameplay. I lost quite a few races from slamming into traffic or just plain going too fast to avoid obstacles on the last lap of a race, but I don't mind because it's so much fun! Cutting through a corner gas station doing an 85mph drift, then blasting through the fence on the other side of the street into an ally way shortcut with your opponents reving right behind you... Now that's fun! It's like they took the best parts of Burnout: Paradise and Need for Speed and put them in one game!
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on March 24, 2011
Ok if you want to play the game read one of the many fine posts written by true gamers. I am not a gamer per-se. I am just a dude who has cerebral palsy, autism and a ton of other disabilities that will forever prevent me from driving a real car. Trust me save the pity party because; I honestly don't want or need it. I love my life just as it is thank you. However I always wanted to know what it was like to drive. I always wanted the experience of seeing the world from behind the wheel of a car. I always wanted to drive in a virtual environment where I could not hurt anyone while enjoying what it was like to drive.

I love this game because; it lets me drive and the experience is just life like enough to make me want to visit different parts of LA. I know it sounds sort of stupid but, driving in this game gave me a chance to feel a little closer to normal if only for just the all too fleeting time where I let myself live my driving fantasy in this virtual world. Yes the game wants you to race and the game voices are built around racing. However this game is programmed loosely enough that it lets you drive around the streets of L.A. looking at the sparkling buildings, bridges and such. The game is programmed loosely enough to just let you drive by nice houses and seedy parts of LA town too.

So many video games are so driven by their stories that they do not allow the person to just drive around. Of course I have the option to drive like a maniac or drive like Miss Daisy is in the back seat barking out orders. Sometimes I drive like a mad man and other times I drive like a gentleman of both quality and breeding. The best thing is the cars are in effect indestructable. The cars DO break down after lots of abuse but you always have the option to "Fix" them. The overall quality of the "friends you have in the game are of a thuggish gangsta playah sort". The cars are all extremely nice, sporty and powerful too. You drive during the day or night. As a dude with fairly moderate Cerebral Palsy playing video games is generally a disaster but with great effort I can generally keep the car on the road. Oh I do make some really BAD mistakes which is why I don't drive in reality. Oh I CAN AND DO drive on the sidewalk. The people in this game rarely get killed by a car because; lets face it people in LA are too kewl to be hit by any car even one driven by a reckless half blind autistic werewolf with cerebral palsy.

As a dude with cerebral palsy the main thing to remember is the primary purpose of playing any video game is to have fun. I figure if a video game can deliver on its promise of fun to all people able bodied and disabled alike then it is a true gem. This video game is a true gem because; I was not SOOOO locked or forced into completing the races that I could not just drive around and have a good time doing so. What made this game fun is that I could choose to just ride around the city and enjoy the trouble I got into. What a joy to have cerebral palsy and still DRIVE around like Joe solid citizen to see the sights OF THE great LALA aka LOS ANGELES. The graphics in the game are great. The realism of the game is first rate. I did not see any glitches or flaws at least not big ones that took away from my driving experience. For the price this game was "The Bomb Biggity!" Too bad this game does not let you just commit mindless acts of mayham from behind the wheel because it would have been so much more added fun. Yes I would have loved the opportunity to be a psycho mad driver with road rage being chased by police car and feared by pedestrians EVERYWHERE! I WOULD HAVE LOVED HEARING THE GAME'S POLICE OFFICIERS BROADCASTING THE FOLLOWING ALL POINTS BULLITIN...



I am happy I brought this game. It is just plain fun even if you are so disabled you will never spend time behind the wheel of a real car. Hey this is the next best thing to real life driving. CRASH ON!
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on November 17, 2010
This game is closest to in terms of content is burnout paradise. Its filled with endless amount of races, every time you finish one you'll most likely get a phone call telling you there's a new race available. So you'll never have anything not to do because there not all races some of the are delivery, payback which you smash up a rivals car which might I add usually takes forever, but they're varied enough. Now how the game looks, its pretty amazing what they did the world is a living breathing L.A and all very detailed even the npc cars have enough detail to warrant just stopping to take look at their detailed car models. Soundtrack is pretty ok a couple good songs I've added to the playlist but thankfully it has custom soundtrack so its always nice to have an option to play your own music.

The difficulty in this game is insane, everything you heard about this game being difficult is true. Stay away from this game if you get easily frustrated you'll cuss this game more then any other game in your collection unless you have ninja gaiden games then forget it. AI drivers in this game is brutal they'll always beat you off the starting line unless your playing it on the easiest difficulty which this will probably wont happen. There are difficulty levels but you can't beat the game just doing the easiest races sometimes you'll have to do a hard or very hard race to continue. There is a auto-difficulty adjustment, basically whenever you lose a race the game gets easier, whenever you win it gets harder.
This is fine mechanic but its silly and how you'll most likely intent on loosing a race on purpose just to make it easy. Its not like you lose cash or reputation or your car unless its a pink slip race then you'll probably reset the console in frustration. So what it ends up to is the game forces you to drive perfectly without hitting anything but hitting traffic is something that will happen to you constantly if your rushing to get the lead, as hitting traffic will slow you down completely while spinning car the other way.
This game in general is great, but the difficulty is whats going to turn people. I'd recommend renting it and trying out if it fits your need for a arcade racer I'd say this is one of the best just don't expect an easy one though. P.S the reward for beating the story is well worth it.
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on February 14, 2012
Let me put it to you this way: I had been playing the game for about 40 hours and i was only 15% of the way through in Mission Mode. The races are truly difficult. Many of the missions require you to win 2 or 3 races in a series. I can usually win one race, but nearly impossible to win the 2 or 3 required to complete the mission. Even if i avoided hitting any of the damn cars or trees or buildings, even if i made quick turns without much of a skid/glide, and even if i used all of my nitrous boosts, i would usually lose the race. This game should have the option to play at various difficulties. Easy, medium, hard, advanced. But there is only one mode and it appears to be advanced.
You WILL get frustrated by hardly ever winning. It's just the way the game was made. But you have beautiful scenery, realistic cars, a great soundtrack, and fun driving to enjoy. I use the logitech g27 and it makes for a very realistic driving experience. But you will still need to use the controller to do some things in the menu section, like zoom in on the map.
After playing the game for 8 months, i was 90% done with the game. Funny thing is, as you progress throughout the game, the races get easier because you can select the difficulty of some of the races. This isn't possible early on. It's just a super long game to complete. And you don't really care about the character. I can't even remember his name. So there's probably not going to be a great joy once the game is completed and he becomes the racing king.
It's been a year since i completed this game, and i still look back on it with fondness. I'm bummed i sold it. If you guys get stuck in the races and are determined to beat the game, i suggest buying the game guide. They're hard to find nowadays though.
I remember one night when some friends came over, guys between 25 and 35 yrs old, having a drink before we all went to a bar. We were very late to the bar because the guys couldn't stop playing this game. Using the logitech wheel, playing with the volume turned up and just cruising around l.a. was too much fun. As soon as we got home from the bar at 3am, what do you think the guys wanted to do? They again played this game till 5am. so yes, it's a difficult game, but a lot of fun too. And i love the soundtrack as well.
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on May 13, 2013
I've never played Midnight Club before so when I bought this, I wasn't sure what to expect.
The camera angels took some getting used too being that there kinda close to your car but what started pissing me off is the faster the car, the harder it is to see ahead and control, maybe i'm just slow to react.
The classes go from C, B, to A and if you upgrade a C class vehicle too much it becomes a B class until you downgrade, so no cheating, racing a B class against a C but you can upgrade an already fast B car just enough to give you an edge over the other B's.
The cars are really customizable, even the dimensions of the tires and rims. everything from paint, interior, lights inside and underneath, different parts and vinyl packages to make your car look awesome and unique. The vinyl editor could've used some more tweeking but not bad.
I like that your not rushed to do something, you can just drive around if you want and sight see until you're ready to race.
All and all, I like this game a lot but they really should've offered a farther back camera option. You can hold the right stick up and get a slightly higher view but its a pain and doesn't help much.
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on August 13, 2012
I'll admit it, this game becomes absurdly hard after awhile to the point where even with the best cars, I could only win medium difficulty races. I'll take my lumps for that as I haven't seen anyone else making that complaint so maybe it's just me but I consider myself to be an average video game player and I just don't think it should be that hard for someone with my skill level.

But I guess my biggest complaint is the way they hold back on letting you upgrade your vehicle until you've got the next, better class, of vehicles unlocked. You want to modify your current car but by the time they unlock all the mods for your ride, the game goes ahead and unlocks the next level of cars which are all better than your current car even if you purchase every mod available (and as I said, the game is hard enough that it was critical to have the absolute car available).

Another gripe, you do these races where at the end of them, you win your opponents car and the AI in the game makes even the wimpiest car your opponent drives, seem awesome. Then when you finally win your opponents car and get to drive it, you find out that it handles and accelerates nothing like what the computer was able to get out of it. That was pretty frustrating.

I miss Midnight Club Dub Edition. I had a souped up old Buick Grand National that I was able to hold onto for 2/3 of the game and still win races with.

I guess at this point, you can get the game for under $10 used so it might still be worth it but I'd look around and see what else is out there because this game was a pretty big disappointment.
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on May 4, 2014
I gave this game 1 star because Rockstar always makes almost near perfect games. GTA, RDR. and other games. but this. this didn't change anything about racing games and why they'll never be a big thing if they kept going this track. it really didn't change anything. and the way this game is. made it worse. here is why.

1) Opponents do 90º turns at max SPEEDS. and without slowing down and they never fail at it. ofcourse. you see that at almost all racing games

2) Opponents will not stop or lose control on their car even if they hit a car. while your car will go off control and start doing 360º turns when you hit another car

3) the ending of every game is filled with spots to hit, walls, cars. sometimes cars drive from the side for no reason and you'd get hit

4) as an open-world racer. lol. too many cars. its almost impossible to not get hit. while enemies. never hit cars. absolutely never even at max speeds unless you try to tackle them with your car to hit a car. and nothing happens there. the other car flies off and nothing will happen

5) trying to push off the opponents car with yours is almost like trying to push off a tank. it won't move

6) at the end of the race. you will see the opponents driving past you so fast. so fast. its like they're at 600 miles per hour

7) just like other racing games. only 1 opponent beats you. the others are slow and let you take the 2nd spot. always . either first or second unless your terrible.

8) upgrades are useless. its costs more to upgrade then buy a new car that is better than your car with upgrades which make this FUTILE.

9) escaping from police is impossible. yes. it is impossible. Today. I was chased twice from the police. one time. I was driving around the city and being chased by the police for TWO HOURS. two hours. until i just gave up and let them fine me.

10) you get so little money. I am getting something like 300 dollars. SERIOUSLY. 300 dollars if I win or lose (you get a little less) and you have to repair your car. really.

11) control delay. there is a slight delay. I'd say about 0.1-0.2 seconds that it takes for your controls to work. even tho this doesn't sound much. it is. it is essential for accurate control in a high speed racing game around a city and USUALLY ON A HIGHWAY WITH 200 CARS AROUND YOU.

12). getting hit. even if your car touches something else by 1 centimeter makes you go turn 360º flips . I said that before but its fraustrating.

13) other cars get to burn rubber before races. while you don't makes you ALWAYS. every single time start off the last. every single time.

14) too many cars in the street. I understand its an open world racing game. but its too fast to try to avoid 23 cars right in-front of you. hundreds through the whole race. how am I suppose to do that?.

15) the game uses checkpoint race system. means there are points on the street that you have to GO THROUGH TO WIN. some of them are outside of the mini map. and you just don't know if the road is going to lead there or not. makes it so CONFUSING.

16) your only chance at winning is by racing through a straight street. no turns. because opponents are slow even if they're driving with a Ferrari and your driving an old chevy. They probably did that to give you a chance. but even with that. after the first few races. its almost impossible to win races.

17) the city your at is so boring. just cars moving around. the while atmosphere is the same. no different areas. just large streets and large buildings. very bland and nothing special about the enviroment.

18) using breaks for acute turns sends your car sliding until you hit a wall. hopefully. even if you tap the breaks for a second. or hold the button .you go off controls anyways.

19) opponents drive around the city. to start a race. you have to drive all the way through. and about 99% of the time. they're on the highway. driving so fast makes it hard to catch up. and you will usually get caught by the police before you even start the race

20) all races are in the north-east side of the map. which i really don't know why. and if you highlight one to go to. it shows you a point on your mini map. no highlighted route. there are no highlighted routes in this game. makes it frustrating to go there.

21) Some upgrades are COMPLETELY POINTLESS. they should add speed or control. but they don't do anything.

22) there are different car pieces brands. which is stupid because they're all the same.
and here is why this game is just an average racer. you will say why did I give it 2 stars. BECAUSE ITS ROCKSTAR. they make good games. this is not Rockstar. this is something else.

23) A.I knows all shortcuts. and shorter roads.

24) Races are designed so YOU CRASH AT THE END. YEAHH. just 10 seconds before the END. every single time. you get to the point where you just have to go max SPEED to beat your opponent before the end. use Nitro and all that because you have to. the enemy will double its speeds at the end for no obvious reason. and you will crash at the end because the road before the end is RIDDLED with obstacles. its virtually impossible to turn on max speeds and not lose. one of two will happen. either you will crash into a wall sideways. and THE CAR WILL ROLL. HOW? IDK its against physics. or . Crash into an object because there is many of them

25)few game mechanics work and not work whenever they want to. for example there is a powerup ability which let you choose of 4 power ups. they don't work when the meter goes full. sometimes they do sometimes they don't, and there is a boost meter. goes up and down for NO REASON. and sometimes it tells you to use it but when you click. it uses the nito because they're in the same BUTTON


this is the most frustrating game I've ever put my hands on. this is basically. win the race until your 50 ft from the end. and then there are almost inevitable obstacles that you will hit and you will lose. every single time.playing this game is gambling. I just played a pinkslip mission. which i basically had to play because everything else was impossible to win and i will tell you why later. so a pinkslip race means that you get your opponents car if you win. or the other way if you lose. so i had a 28k car with about 20k worth of upgrades. and i was winning the race. and ofcourse i crashed about 3 seconds away from the finish line just like every other time. and i lost. i had a cheap 4k car. and i was sick of the game. i quit the game and took it out of the try and threw it away to collect dust. won't play this anymore. now why was everything else impossible. hmm. well. when you upgrade your car. the difficulty increases. exponentially. the opponents turned from hard to beat to practically impossible to beat. haven't won a single race since i upgraded my car from Class C to B. that makes the joy of having a great car futile. whats the point of buying better cars and upgrading them if your going to make the game EVEN HARDER? whats the point Rockstar. what is IT??????. this is a waste of money and more importantly. time. please stay away or you will regret this when its too late.
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on March 10, 2012
The Need For Speed. this is a great series and this installment is funtastic. This version has multiplayer, so you can build up your rides and go online and show off. I bought a new copy for 9.00 dollars, what a steal as these games cost about $60 brand new. I never purchase off the shelf products anymore; as I don't like bieng ripped off while bieng harrassed by filthy little queers in the GameStop, lol.
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on March 5, 2014
It was fun at first but as you get deep into the game it starts to get boring. All you do is race again and again, until who knows when the race stops. I'm not saying the game is bad or anything like that, but if your looking for a real racing game and with extreme fast cars go check out need for speed most wanted. Or grand tursmo 6 I'm not sure how to spell it, but those games are non stop racing. If that's the case you're looking for. But overall the game is okay and I'm giving it a 3 star.
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on July 26, 2013
This is a very fun racing game the story is what it is just fodder to get you into your races but the action is very intense. This is only the second racer I have bought the first being Gran Turismo 5 and those are two totally different racers.
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