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Style: Ferret Nation|Size: Single Story|Change
Price:$147.44+ Free shipping
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on October 19, 2013
- Make sure you get a good deal: I recently purchased this cage online from Petsmart. They were having a great sale and I was able to get this cage for $145 (including shipping), which is the best price I've ever seen for the double unit. The first thing I would say about this cage is to look around for a good deal for a month or two before you buy it for $200 or more.

- Other cages: I am a total cheapskate, but this cage is more than worth it. I started out with the All Living Things Rat Luxury Home. It was a nice cage and a decent size, but it was a terrible pain to clean and decorate. I started looking for other cages that had bigger doors, but there were few options. I ended up trying to decide between a single level Critter or Ferret Nation and the Prevue Feisty Ferret. I opted for the Feisty Ferret as it's a little bigger than the single level, and it can be separated into two sections. That was a horrible mistake. I was astounded that I could pay over a hundred dollars and get a cheaply made, rusty nightmare. I sent it back and then saw the sale at Petsmart and snapped this cage up. I wish I had simply started with this cage.

- Assembly: This was relatively easy to assemble and decorate. Some of the pieces don't want to fit together, so I'd recommend a rubber mallet or hammer to help with assembly, and a real screwdriver (phillips head) is better than the one included. This is much easier to build with two people. The directions are decent, and it's not hard to figure out how this goes together.

- Bar spacing: The bar spacing on this is an inch, so this cage will only work as is for male rats that are at least a few months old. If you have girls or babies, I would opt for a Critter Nation, instead. This cage seems to go on sale much more often, though, so it may be worth it to buy this and wrap it with hardware cloth, chicken wire etc. I imagine the spacing is a good size for bigger pets like ferrets, chinchillas, sugar gliders and so on.

- Ease of cleaning and decorating: This is probably the simplest cage for cleaning and decorating. The pans on the shelves and bottoms lift right out, and it's easy to tuck a liner around it and put it back in the cage. I really like that the bottoms of the shelves have hooks to make it easy to hang hammocks or toys. This cage is pretty heavy (about 100 pounds), so putting it in the shower to rinse off isn't likely. But it's so easy to wipe down on a regular basis that this is totally forgivable. The access this cage offers is most of what sells it. It's three times the size of my old cage, but still takes less time to clean and decorate.

- Quality/durability: This cage is well made and very sturdy. The bars are coated metal rather than plastic wrapped wire, so it will stand up to chewing. I have seen that some older units have had rusting on the screws, but the rest of the cage remains in great shape. I anticipate this cage will last many years. Given how quickly other cages need to be replaced, this cage is worth it for its durability alone.

- Pans: I intend to keep my pans covered at all times, so I doubt chewing will be a problem for me and it's unlikely I will have to replace these. But without liners and/or with avid chewers, replacement pans may need to be ordered in the future. These aren't deep enough for bedding/litter so if that's the way you want to go, I would recommend one of three things:
1)Buy or make scatter guards. These are easy enough to make with wood, plastic, coroplast or cardboard.
2)Buy the specially designed metal pans that Bass makes for these cages. They are a bit pricey, and I think they need to be sprayed with Rustoleum before use if they are to last.
3)Buy a plastic cement mixing tub or plastic bin. The cement mixing tubs seem to be thicker and cheaper, and there are several on Amazon that are the perfect size for this cage.

- All in all, this is a fantastic cage that offers lots of versatility when it comes to setups. It's huge and can easily be separated into two cages. It can house up to twelve rats (though I would limit it to eight to ten depending on size), but is certainly a good option for less. Unlike other cages, this will stand the test of time. Cleaning is a breeze. The only downside, in my opinion, is the weight. Don't waste your money on other cages. Buy this one.

I'll add some pictures of my cage. :)
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on July 9, 2012
I purchased this cage at Petsmart in Westlake Village, California. I love this cage! It has four levels (2 big, 2 medium), and 3 fleece covered ramps. There are 2 doors per level that open together with knobs that go vertically toward each other. You squeeze them together and the door opens. Very nice!

There are four things that I don't like about the cage.
1. When I was putting it together it was hard to get the pieces to fit together smoothly. The top level of the cage is up about 1/2" because it would not go into it's slot. It doesn't affect the sturdiness of the cage, though.
2. The fleece covers on the wire ramps are secured by velcro, and if you take the fleece off, there is just wire bars for a ramp. This is kind of dumb to me. My chins like to rip off the fleece unless I have it secured super high up so that they can't get their cute little mouths up high enough to eat it.
3. The ledges are made of textured plastic. What I mean, is that there are grooves. I'm not a fan of this because that leads to their unrine collecting in the small grooves and lets bacteria grow, and it will stink. If you clean their cage 1-2 times a week this will not be a problem.
4. The urine from your pet WILL STAIN the black plastic ledges.

Things that I love.
1. Super easy to clean. All four of the ledges can be simply picked up and taken from their holder. You can then scrub them as clean as you please. You can block off the 1st or 2nd level with a chinchiller (That's what I do) or some other object, and clean one level at a time without having to let your pets out. I use a pet-safe cleaner from PetSmart that also has a deodorizer in it.
2. Space Saver. This cage may seem huge, which it is, but it takes up less space than you'd think. It has a wire storage rack under the actual cage to hold things like hay, food, and bottled water. It's convenient.
3. Easy to move! This awesome cage is on wheels which means you can easily slide the cage around your house as you wish.
4. Sturdy. This cage is made of quality metal.

This is a great cage for my babies and I plan to use it until it needs replaced (which it shouldn't any time soon!)
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on June 17, 2013
This is by the best made cage I have found. I shopped all of the pet specialty stores and a lot of the cages i found were junk. I found that this very same cage was much more expensive than what I was able to get it for on Amazon via Wayfair store. Many of the reviews stated problems putting it together, but I found it quite easy and I'm a grandma. You might need someone else to hold up the side while you pop it into place but it was pretty cut & dry. I was skeptical at using an outside store such as Wayfair, but they were an Amazon approved store. And they proved to be easy to buy from. They even delivered my cage by Fed Ex in 3 days after ordering at no charge, which was quite good. I only have one ferret right now and this cage is perfect. It would actually accommodate two, but I will get the add-on for that later.
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on August 2, 2007
I am very impressed with my Midwest Ferret Nation Single-Level cage. It's very heavy duty and extremely easy to clean. I've got one ferret and there is plenty of space for her to play, sleep, eat, and use her litter pan...

I got this cage because I thought it would blend into my homes' decor and I was right. It has a green/black tint to it and looks very nice on my wood floors.

I'd reccomend this cage to anyone looking for a decent sized home that is easy to clean for their ferrets!
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on November 24, 2012
We already had a 2 level habitat, we just wanted to give our ferrets more room to play. The durability of the addition is the same quality as the original cage. Plus, the ramp covers are a life saver.
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on December 13, 2015
I ordered this cage late in the evening and it showed up four days later! It was not scheduled to show up for another week! This came in one big box, good condition with all the parts in perfect shape. Everything went together really fast and could be done by one person but it is easier and faster with two people. My husband and I set it up in 20mins going slow. The cage is heavy and sturdy, not rickety and squeaky in any way, and is a nice charcoal grey color with easy to clean black plastic floor covers. The screws used to attach the latches that hold the top of the cage on were too small and loose so we did not use them. It is not really needed with my ferret anyhow and the top of the cage is really secure and heavy. The sides of the cage had to be hammered in by a mallet because it was a tight fit, but this is very easy to do and not damaging to the cage if you are gentle. Nothing was bent nor scratched and the rest went together with ease. The latches on the large front doors are so simple to use and they are extremely quiet as to not wake my baby ferret. I also love that it comes with the ramp cover because the ramp is wire. The doors and the wheels move with ease and are very quiet and also sturdy. Two wheels have locks you can use to keep the cage in place. I don't use mine right now because I love moving my ferret around the house with me (in my pictures he was in the living room with us). I almost went with a two story cage that had terrible reviews because it was slightly cheaper but I am so glad I chose this one! You will not regret buying it I highly recommend this cage and brand to anyone! It is so large, high quality, and my ferret loves playing in it. Not to mention it is super easy to clean and the shelf below is great for all my ferrets supplies. Ferret Nation Habitat Model 181 Single Unit
review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on January 5, 2016
Very sturdy product! and with the help of another person when needed, and a rubber mallet, it was put up just fine. I wouldn't recommend a hammer because it would be more time consuming trying not to bend, scratch, or deform the product. We only had one chinchilla for it, and yes for one pet I would say a MANSION. We could have use this same product but half the size, but just means I need another chinchilla. :P I like that it offers easy slip-on padding for wires if wanted.
THE DOORS! Amazing! They open on the left or right side, and top or bottom, which is super convenient when placing/moving items or pet(s). Also GREAT for clean up, because you can open whichever doors you need and they open all the way, and the trays work wonderfully. I didn't put bedding everywhere, just in his potty-tray, for those wondering how that would work - but they made trays with deeper area for bedding if needed. I also like the wheels, makes it easy to move when needed. Also the storage shelf on the bottom is super handy!
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on September 10, 2015
Got this several days before it was scheduled to be here and I'm very happy about that! I really love this cage for my two ferrets. There is plenty of room, it's very sturdy and well built.

Very large and there's plenty of room for my ferrets
Door lock system is great
Unlike some other brands, you don't have to worry about your little fizzy's feet getting caught when closing the door
Lots of places to hang things, even underneath the small platforms
Comes with ramp covers
Note: Exit ramps are sold separately
Generally just an awesome habitat for animals

Mine in particular is having an issue with one of the doors not closing properly, I may be contacting manufacturer to see if they have a warranty on any of the parts.
It is also a bit difficult to put together, but not so horrible that I couldn't do it by myself. The cage slides together like a puzzle piece. I would personally prefer the cage be secured by bolts instead. But to each their own.
Supposedly doesn't need tools but you will most likely not get this together without a rubber mallet.
Screws for ceiling locks aren't tightening. This may or may not be user error

Overall, pros outweigh the cons considerably. No other cages I've researched have been this well designed and have as much space. For smaller animals like rats, the Critter Nation is built best for them.
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on August 7, 2008
I use this cage for my buns. They love it and so do I! It is so easy to keep clean, and with the nice wide open doors they can go in and out easily for play time! I haven't found a single negative yet for use with buns, and we've used this cage for many months now.
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on June 21, 2012
I have had this cage for my chinchilla for over four years now and it's still going strong! The doors open all the way, making cleaning much easier than in her old cage. It's also pretty easy to assemble (I did it myself!)

The only issue I have is with the pans, as they are plastic so I had to replace them (chinchillas and all rodents chew constantly and can get sick from plastic)... However, seeing as the cage was designed for FERRETS, it's not a huge problem.

Over all though, I couldn't be happier. Thanks for reading!
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