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VINE VOICEon June 11, 2010
I was in the market recently to replace my aging Bissell bagless upright, which was a mediocre product even when brand new. I did a bit of research and purchased a Dyson DC17 Animal - what I thought was a top of the line vacuum. I used the Dyson for 2 days before returning to Amazon - I was very disappointed with the product - it was bulky (though this was known before I bought it), poorly constructed, and was too harsh on my floors and rugs - the harsh beater brush frayed one of my rugs after 2 uses, a design flaw in my opinion. I had never heard of Miele before seeing the name mentioned a few times while researching the Dyson. Also, a friend had the S4212 Neptune and recommended it. So I went with the Miele (ordered via Amazon) to replace the disappointing Dyson.

To give a quick background - I have a 2000 sq ft single story house, with mostly wood floors and rugs and some tile (kitchen and bathrooms), and I have a dog that sheds profusely. While I did not realize it at the time, it turns out the Miele-style canister vacuum is much better suited to a situation like mine, with hard floors and rugs (as opposed to wall to wall carpeting, which I don't have anywhere in my home).

The Miele is an excellent product. I find that it has strong suction power, but the ability to turn the power down for small area rugs, drapes, and furniture is a huge advantage. It's extremely lightweight and maneuverable, and I can get into tight spaces and under furniture that would be a big problem for an upright (and would require transitioning to the wand, which is a pain). The included parquet attachment does a great job on my hard flooring, and I don't have to worry about it scratching my wood floors. The turbo brush is powerful enough to pick up the dog hair from my rugs, yet not so strong as to damage them. The build quality is solid, the included attachments are useful, and (unlike the Dyson) the Miele includes very useful and easy to follow instructions.


~ Strong suction

~ Adjustable suction (huge plus), allows it to be used on delicate items like small rugs, curtains, some furniture etc. without damage

~ Retractable power cord (much more convenient than having to fumble with the cord on an upright. Some complain the Miele power cord is too short, I find the ability to retract it is a worthwhile tradeoff)

~ Small form factor, easy to store and easy to lug around

~ Relatively quiet

~ Extremely maneuverable - follows me with no problem, parquet brush gets in corders and under furniture with ease

~ Excellent build quality, construction materials, and fit & finish

~ Excellent included tools - Parquet attachment for hard floors, turbobrush for rugs, and a dusting, furniture, and crevice attachment

~ Excellent aftermarket support - company has been around for a long time, shouldn't be hard to get parts if anything breaks, attachments, bags, filters etc.


~ Lacks the capability to accept a powered attachment. Because the S4 cannot accept powered tools (like the powerbrush), it's probably not the best choice if you have wall to wall carpeting. In that case, I'd look at the Miele S2180 Titan Canister Vacuum - Chili Red, which includes the powerbrush. The lower tiered S2 lines don't include a power-brush, but unlike the S4 they are compatible with the power brush if you decide to purchase one in the future

~ The biggest con is, IMO, Miele has too broad and confusing of a product line and it's difficult to figure out which one best suits your needs. The S4 line does not allow for the use of a powered attachment (like the powerbrush), while the similarly priced S2 does (the S2 also accepts bigger bags - why doesn't the S4?). But the S2 has a shorter cord. Aside from those differences, I can't even figure out what else is different between the S2 and S4 lines - seems like it would have made more sense to just combine the two into a single line, with the ability to accept powered attachments across the board, and not make the customer pick and choose between pros/cons in a similarly priced product (do I want the bigger bag or the longer cord?? ... why can't I have both?). On the other extreme, some of the S5 models are extremely expensive, and I can't quite figure out exactly what makes them worth the premium vs. the S2 and S4. In short, they have too many models and they don't make it easy to compare them to one another.

Overall, the Miele Neptune is a 5 star product. The product line is a bit confusing, with some Miele's better for hard wood floors and others better for carpeting. If, like me, you have mostly hard floors with some area rugs (including large area rugs), the Neptune is an excellent choice. If you have a lot of wall-to-wall carpeting, you may want to consider a model that includes a powered attachment option, such as the S2 Titan.
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on November 2, 2010
This vacuum is really quiet. Which is nice. And it seems to work fairly well. Which is also nice. And it is very light. Which is also nice. But then there is the bad. Not bad enough that you should avoid buying this vacuum, but you should at least be aware of the vacuum's faults:

1) The cord is short. MUCH shorter than any other vacuum I have ever owned. I constantly have to stop the vacuum, unplug the cord, plug it back in, and restart the vacuum. This is, in my opinion, the biggest fault with this vacuum. It does not seem like it would have been all that hard for the manufacturer to make the cord 10'-15' longer.

2) There is no on/off button on the vacuum handle. The button is on the canister and you have to use your foot to turn the vacuum on and off. Since the button is a bit curved, and your foot can easily slip and miss turning the vacuum on and off, this is a pain.

3) The vacuum blows hot air up, out of the top of the vacuum canister, not out the back of the vacuum. So you quite often get a blast of hot air in your face as you move the vacuum around.

4) The bag is small. Very small. And expensive. So if you have pets that shed, you will be spending a LOT on bags.

5) The Turbo Tool, while it works, is powered by suction, so it does not work as well as electric-powered carpet heads.

6) Because of a useful-sounding swivel feature, the regular vacuum head is too tall to fit under many furniture pieces. So you either have to skip vacuuming under dressers and such, or switch to the very smallest head (intended for furniture). Either way, a big flaw.

I am in many ways happier with this vacuum than with my old Kenmore or Electrolux. It is very nice that it is quiet and light. But I really don't know what the manufacturer was thinking when they failed to note, or fix, the faults mentioned above. If they did, this would be an unbeatable vacuum. As it is, it is a decent vacuum.
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on September 1, 2009
I could not decide between the Polaris and the Neptune...the main difference is that the Neptune comes with a turbo brush and the parquet twister. I just received it today & have been anticipating it's arrival since I ordered it on Saturday...I am crazy in love. I have never owned a vacuum that has setting controls...I cleaned the velvet drapes in room on the lowest setting, works like a charm. I vacuumed all the window sills, door & window moldings, 1731 sq ft of wood floor, bathroom tile & vacuumed the stucco walls in the kitchen. Oh by the way the maids were just here yesterday...I did not care. The house looked perfect but now I know it's perfect.

I vacuumed while my daughter was napping...I could have never done that w/the upright Kenmore I'm retiring. I'm so happy with this purchase. I will update this review in 6 months (writing reminder in my Franklin). Yes, yes love is in the air. XXOXOO

Six months is around the corner. I am still in love. Can I just tell you that my cleaning habits have changed...I once vacuumed once a week maybe twice, since I received my Miele I vacuum every other day (it's crazy I know)I'm so addicted to the clean feeling plus I want to share this scent secret with you...when I change the vacuum bag I put 14-18 drops of my favorite essential oil on cotton ball vacuum it up & every time I vacuum that scent is distributed thru the whole house. My favorite scent right now is Lemongrass by Aura natural. I don't know about you but we have 2 pooches and after a few vacuums you can get a musty rank smelling vacuum air...well the essential oil prevents that smell completely.

Back to the vacuum itself. It really does perform like all the 5 stars it's rated to be. Good luck I hope you do invest in one of these beauties. Your gonna be in love.
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on November 27, 2009
I love this vaccum. I live in a 3 floor townhouse with mostly hardwood floors and tile. I was trying to keep on top of my cat's shedding with a swiffer but it just wasn't enough. I bought this vacuum in may. I use the parquet floor tool constantly. The vacuum sucks up all the pet hair,dust, cat litter, cast food, dirt etc. You can extend the metal bar. That has been very helpful when vacumming my stairs and also allowing as big a distance as possible when sucking up bugs. The vacuum is light and is more quiet than the average vacuum. (my cat is deathly afraid of vaccuums. and he is just slightly afraid of this one) The bags are a great size. I have been using the first one since I got it in may and it is only 1/2 way full. I would recommend Miele to everyone. The people at the vacuum store told me that out of every 20 vacuums that come in for repair 7 are Dyson and they very very rarely get miele's in for repair. (they sell both miele and dyson) Another bonus of owning a miele is that you can order parts even for vacuums 10+ years old. For other brands you would have to just buy a new vacuum. They are quality machines. You can check out [...]. There is a guy who makes video's and will show you just how good the air filters on the miele's are.
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on October 4, 2009
Wow, I had a very hard time spending this much money for a Vacuum. It was worth every penny. I have vacuumed every surface it my house twice! Save money someplace else. When you look at how long you have a vacuum then this is money well spent. It moves easy, is super light, the tools give you an option for every surface. The normal floor tool rotates in a way that lets you get into tiny spots under furniture. It is so quiet. Love love love the retractable cord. I wish all appliances had that feature. Oh and it's pretty. I am sold on Miele.
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on January 10, 2010
I purchased this vacuum for my wife whose older vacuum was starting to fall apart. My first source was consumer reports, and after researching their top rated canisters I was dismayed to see some of the negative comments by other reviewers. While these top rated models performed well, my other concern was quality and durability - something which consumer reports doesn't really focus on. If I am going to spend good money on a vacuum, I'd rather avoid anything made in China. The problem with the hoovers and Kenmoores are they use Chinese motors and components. There were too many reviews about the potential problems with cheap motors, and the fact that too many people complained about the cheap flimsy feel and the heavy weight.

I decided to go with the Miele Neptune with Turbo tool based on the reviews here and I was not disappointed! While the body is made of plastic, it is of high quality. The knobs, button and trim are like that of an Audi automobile. The main tube is made of metal, while the flexible portion is plastic. I can't really tell what the longevity of the plastic of these parts will be - but I am assuming they will be better than than the numerous complaints of flimsy and easy to break parts of the Kenmores and Hoovers.

Turning on the vacuum is like starting a jet engine. A nice gentle whine, and when fully revved it's remarkably quiet. Again, big advantage verses the mainstream models. A powerful 1200 watt motor and light weight makes this easy to use and effective at all the applications I've used it for - mainly hardwood and carpet. The turbo tool uses air to drive the brush and it has done a great job (just need to cut the hair that it collects from time time to time) especially on carpet, and works/sounds just like an electric powered model.

All in all - a top quality product, excellent performance makes this a vacuum of choice. Plus it's made in Germany by a company that's been around for over 100 years. I personally rather avoid purchasing Chinese made products with lots of moving parts intended for long term use.
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on February 6, 2010
I used a cheap, poor-performing upright vacuum for years, but finally got sick of seeing the dirt and dog hair that it failed to pick up. When I started looking for a high-quality vacuum, I started off my research by checking out the top-rated vacuums on Amazon, and immediately saw the Miele vacuums at the top of the list. I had never heard of them. After reading the reviews and discussing the options with my wife, we decided to purchase the S4212 Neptune, and we LOVE this little machine. It is light, powerful, and does what it is supposed to do - it sucks up dirt, dust and dog hair off of my floors with very little effort. The only complaint I have concerns the vacuum bags - they are small, and a bit on the expensive side (the four-pack of genuine Miele bags is about $20.00 from my local store). The Miele is so good at getting up dirt and pet hair that I am replacing bags more frequently than I ever have in the past. Overall though, the bag issue is not significant enough to alter our opinion that this vacuum deserves a solid five-star rating, and we are VERY happy with our purchase.
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on October 20, 2010
I was looking for a vacuum to clean 2600 sq feet of polished concrete floors, in Palm Springs California, in an area that has a very dusty environment, steady traffic from many areas of the house to the back patio, and floors that show every dusty footprint.
I lived in Europe for a number of years and had a Miele there, so I was familiar with the brand.
I did extensive research trying to find a quality vacuum that would do a good job on hard surface floors, but there isn't much out there. Having another house with half carpet and the other half being tile and hardwood, I have already learned that Eureka, Hoover and Dyson are terrible on hard surfaces outside of picking up dustballs and large particles, and absolutely useless at getting at that fine layer of dust that you can see looking sideways across the floor into the light. With 2600 sq ft, there was no way I wanted to vacuum and then Swiffer for an hour getting that fine layer of dust off.
After a lot of research, I decided on this model for 3 reasons-
1) it comes with an excellent parquet brush, much better in use than the standard brush that is normally shipped and that I found somewhat useless in Europe
2)the carpet turbo brush that is ships with this model as well, which I needed for use on a few area rugs
3)the variable speed to enable cleaning things other than floors and carpets

I ordered the unit from Mr. Vac & Mrs. Sew, with standard (free) shipping, and it arrived in a lightening fast 4 days, undamaged and ready to go. Excellent service from this firm.

Unpacking it I was surprised how much smaller it was than my old Miele in Europe, but it had a full set of tools, and the colour was great! The usual Miele quality in that it has a telescoping STEEL wand, that is very sturdy and clicks surgically from one stop to the next, and a substantial relatively crush-proof plastic hose, that has a lot more substance to it than what you see on the cheap PVC hoses on uprights and the cheap canisters and shop vacs.
The bag and bag area were correspondingly small, and that was of some concern. I managed to use the vacuum for some time, and I can tell you that the vacuum operates with excellent suction to the point the bag is quite full, and that small bag has a compacted mass of very dense dirt, dust a debris.
The power control for suction is a great feature, in that you can use it full blast for doing the floors, but turn it way down to do more delicate jobs like lampshades and drapes without having them ripped away like some cartoon. This has turned out to be a way more useful function than I believed, and we've enjoyed cleaning all kinds of articles you wouldn't turn the "tools" on an upright loose on.

The parquet brush is excellent. It has a fine bristle brush about a 1/2" along the perimeter, with regular gaps that allow debris to get into the suction area of the tool without having to lift and place, or "aim" at getting at debris. To get under the couches and chairs, the brush can be turned fully sideways and the steel wand swept back and forth under furniture and beds, allowing you to very quickly clean under these items without much strain. This allows me to do the whole house within about 15 minutes, giving me a vigorous workout in the process. We don't have a lot of furniture for the cord to get wrapped around, and the standard cord is a bit short, which I've overcome by buying a 15' extension cord. That let's me do the whole house with only 3 plug changes. A small thing, but it makes the experience a lot less painful. The reel-up cord is a great feature, so I am willing to trade off using an extension to make the cord disappear when I am thru with the press of a toe.

The turbo brush is fine for lower-pile area rugs, and it really gets a head of steam up considering it is purely vacuum, not electrically, driven. We have one very thick wool rug, and I simply drag it slowly back towards me to clean it sufficiently for occasional cleaning. For really deep cleaning however, I do use a refurbed Eureka Boss purchased for $90, but I wouldn't dream of using it on the floors.

The large sectional couch was the victim of a renovation that regardless of covering, got an absolute ton of fine cement dust and sandblasting sand into it, so that a slap of the hand generated Pigpen-like clouds of dust. I turned down the power to just under half, as the material is a bit sensitive, and gave the couch a good vacuuming, that resulted in no dust at all even with great slaps against the light to see if I was imagining it was cleaner than it really was. Excellent performance once again.

I find the Miele bags on the very pricey side, like so many other users, and I just ordered a 5 pack of the Envirocare, to see how they perform. I can say that I vacuumed up a plethora of aggressive debris with the genuine Miele bag,like long wood splinters, metal and glass shards, screws, nuts and bolts, but none of them punctured that bag. Not sure what they are made of, but we'll see if the generics are up to snuff. Again, I managed to put a great deal of dirt into that tiny bag, with no noticeable reduction in the performance of the Neptune Vac, nor any dirt or dust out of the vacuum.

Being able to clean the floors to the point you can walk on them barefoot without feeling that slightly gritty/dusty feeling has been a real blessing. Threw away the fine 24" broom and swiffer that I used to use, and said good-bye to all the residual dust and grime and time to do it that old fashioned way.

I have no regrets about this purchase, and the fact I can get down and take an angled view across 40' of polished concrete floor and see no dirt, dust, sand or debris means I am getting exactly what I was looking for in terms of a vacuum that could do a good job on hard surface cleaning.
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on March 24, 2010
OK, so I don't love it, but it's so much easier than with my old Kenmore canister. This vacuum is lightweight but powerful, and does everything from bare floors to low pile rugs. A word to the wise - if you're trying to decide between this vacuum and the Polaris, spend the extra money and buy this model if you have any area rugs at all. Even though the Polaris says it will do low pile, it doesn't, and I returned it for that reason.

This vacuum is quiet and makes the chore go faster. I could even talk to my husband while vacuuming, that's how quiet it is. The suction is powerful - you'll never need the high setting unless you're trying to get pet hair out of crazy glue or something. The only negative is the exterior tool caddy - it's a bit clunky. I just remove the tools I'm not planning to use. Also, put some velcro or foam on the outside of the canister in case you bump into furniture - kind of like a homemade bumper guard. Other than that, great vacuum!
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on September 20, 2011
I'm a long time Amazon customer and product reviews are generally very helpful,but in my case the Neptune S4212 vacuum was a total bust. I unpacked the machine read the directions and eagerly went to work. I spent 4 hours putting it through its paces using all the tools. I live in a modest split level house in the country with a combination of hardwood floors and low to medium pile carpets and Orientals. Our German Shepard,spends most of her time outside. After reading all the reviews on the Neptune S4 this item seemed destined to fit all my needs,including pet hair. There are many good features on this machine, but as I started my testing, I knew within one hour this vacuum was going to be impossible to live with.

Why? I'll start with with the the most maddening problem, shutting the machine off. The location of the shutoff switch is located along the left rear top edge of the canister. Because of the narrow three caster wheelbase and edge design shutoff it caused me major headaches. First, 40% of my shutoff taps had no result or caused the machine to tip to the left resulting in more misfires. At first I thought it was me but after 4 hours of tap dancing practice, I realized it wasn't me. For this reason alone I would reject this machine. The turbobrush is an air driven non-electric rug/floor brush that I thought it was doing the job as advertised, it was not. The bag capacity is small especially if your dealing with pet hair.

It became very apparent that I could not live it's shortcomings. I was discouraged and confused as to what would work for me. I called Amazon and no problem returning it. I spent a few hours doing online research not really getting very far. I decided to call a Miele online retailer and talk to sales. When I explained my Miele S4 problems to sales and I really got some good advice. I was told the Miele S2 Titan came with the electric 217 rug/floor brush, a parquet floor brush, an ergonomic handle with an on off switch for the 217 powerhead,a larger capacity bag, a redesigned on off switch that works every time, overload motor protection, and came with both a Clean Air and a HEPA filter. All this for $100 more than the Miele Neptune S4. I told the salesperson that I would think it over. I went back to Amazon that day and found the same machine,a Miele S2 Titan and decided to buy it even before I returned the Neptune S4. Two days later I was putting the Miele S2 Titan to the test, it exceeded my expectations to say the least. A light carpet in the unused spare bedroom that I had cleaned three days earlier with the S4 was transformed to new. A single push and pull pass laid down a perfect white lane of clean carpet on the just cleaned carpet. The S2's on/off hand powerhead switch handle is perfect and because the S2's canister's on/off switch relocation to the corner/rear, it tapped off and on every time. The telescoping metal wand is larger in diameter and extends to a longer reach. The S2 replacement bags cost the same as the S4 and in time the extra bag holding capacity will cover the extra $100 cost of S4 Titan over the Neptune S4 alone.

The Miele Neptune S4 meets or exceeds the needs of many Amazon reviewers, but the Miele S2 Titan is a steal for $100 more,not to mention the added hardware included, an ergonomic handle, 217 Powerbrush, Clean Air and HEPA filter . I believe the S4 Neptune has a 4 year warranty, the Miele S2 Titan 7 years. I don't normally write product reviews,nor do I work in the industry. I could blame it on the coffee morning but I really think I got some great advice and a super product that fits my needs.
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